200+ Photography Photoshop Actions Pack

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A brand new collection of Photoshop Actions specially made for both professional and amateur photographers, featuring 200+ Actions that you can use to easily apply effects to portraits, photos and stock images through an automated process that’ll yield amazing looking results with a single click.

The collection contains 20+ sets with different effects like double exposure, HDR, X-Ray, vintage film and many others, you’ll simply have to open the ATN files with Adobe Photoshop, add the image you’d like to process, and run your desired action. The process is fully automated, non-destructive, and outputs a layered editable image that you’ll be able to fine tune separately or export easily and hassle-free.

Purchased separately these actions would be priced $78, but with this limited time offer you can get this photographer’s bundle for just $29!

You Will Receive:

  • 200+ Photoshop Actions
  • 22 sets, variety of different effects
  • Double exposure, X-Ray, HDR, Film and many others
  • Easy to use, 1 click automated actions
  • Non destructive process
  • Editable output
  • Works with Photoshop in any language
  • Commercial use license

Actions included:

  • Sseej
  • Bleach
  • Summer
  • Anaglyph 3D
  • Caramel
  • Charcoal
  • HDR Action
  • Urban Shift
  • Double Exposure
  • Light Leak Kit
  • The Film Builder
  • Chocolate Action
  • Ash
  • Magazine Looks
  • The Matte Collection
  • Autumn Action
  • Infrared Action
  • Cherry Fields Action
  • Photo Paint Action
  • Silvershadow
  • Haunter
  • X-Ray

Photography Actions Pack

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