Photoshop Text Effect Templates Pack – Melting, Distortion, Psychedelic & More

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Check out this neat collection of Photoshop text templates featuring 30 unique editable PSD templates with distorted, glitched, psychedelic and melting liquid texts, with vibrant color palettes, highly editable layered files, and a large variety different effects that you can use to create awesome looking digital designs and prints.

The collection contains 3 sets of templates, with 30 PSD files in total – each file features a unique text effect ranging from colorful melting liquids, twisted spirals, deformed/distorted shapes, glitched text effects and many others. The templates are fully editable and contain several layers where you can manipulate every aspect of the effects: change their shapes, colors, sizes, fonts, texts, textures and more

With this collection you can create awesome looking aesthetic typographic compositions, psychedelic images, captions & quotes for t-shirt designs and other printed merch, posters and flyers, backgrounds, stickers, labels and more

Purchased separately these assets would be priced over $90, but with this limited time deal you can grab the whole package today for just $29!

You Will Receive:

  • 30 unique melting text effects
  • Files delivered in PSD format
  • Easy to use: simply open the template of your choice and replace the text with your own text
  • You can use custom fonts, modify textures, colors & shapes
  • Perfect for digital design, print, apparel & more
  • Commercial use license

This deal contains 3 collections of liquid melting text effects:

Melting Text Effects

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Liquid Text Effects

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Distorted Text Effects

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