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Sylius: PHP eCommerce Framework

Sylius is a PHP framework built on top of Symfony with component-based architecture and format-agnostic rendering. (HTML/JSON/XML). The highest quality of code, strong testing culture, built-in Agile (BDD) workflow and exceptional flexibility make it the best solution for application tailored to your business requirements. Powerful REST API allows for easy integrations and creating unique customer experience on any device. It uses full-stack Behavior-Driven-Development, with phpspec and Behat. It supports all the eCommerce features you’ll need: Sell on Multiple Channels, Product Options and Attributes, Shopping Cart, Orders and Invoices, Customizable Checkout Process, Multiple Currencies, Taxonomies, Taxes, Promotions, and Discount Coupons, Localisation, Customers & Groups, Shipping, Many Payment Methods, Products Catalog, Address BookImage Cropping, Social Logins, etc.

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