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Get the Most Out of Your Business with these 600 Templates by Template Shock

front For everyone who works for an employee, as a freelancer or in a company, there are certain design elements that cannot be ignored. These elements enclose every aspect of their professional lives, as the logos they create to give life to brands, the business cards and flyers to promote their abilities, the invoices and quotations to keep a record of their sales and other components that make a business thrive. That’s why here at the Shock Family team (yeah, the same that has brought you brands such as IconShock and Design Shock, and creators of countless free and premium design resources) we have created Template Shock, a compendium of great templates for logos, business cards, posters, proposals, CVs, flyers, quotations, folders, menus, invoices, tri-folds and letters, fully editable and free to download. These are the characteristics of each template set:

100+ Free Logo Templates to Give Your Company a Fresh Look

logo As the most important design element of a company, the logo has the purpose of creating a constant visual reference that will impact every single part of a brand’s identity. This set is composed of 100 logo templates with fully editable vector files in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

Over 100 Professional Business Card Templates

business-card The main personal design element once you establish a brand’s identity is the business card. The goal of it is to communicate the necessary information to a single person, who will keep it at all times in order to contact you when needed. This package has 100 business card templates that can be bulk downloaded or as individual elements.

30 Poster Templates to Promote Events and Businesses

poster As additional design elements that can boost brands popularity, commonly posters are used to introduce shows, conferences, and any other type of public event. However, they can be used as informative tools inside and out a company. These templates come in different styles and can be edited from head to toe in InDesign.

Neatly Styled Print-Ready Proposals in PSD, AI and INDD Formats

proposal Every once in a while you might need to present a project to a capital investor, client or even your boss. A well-designed proposal shows the effort put in it without leaving content aside. This set includes 30 proposal templates perfect for many different businesses. They range from dark and sober to bright and colorful, besides being easily editable and printable.

30 CVs (Resumes) for You to Grab that New Job

cv If on the other hand you are looking for a new career opportunity in a company that’s not your own, chances are you need a resume. A carefully designed CV helps boosting your abilities, knowledge and experience in a way you can’t imagine, and there lies its importance. These CV templates are easily printable and editable in InDesign and other tools.

Promotional Flyer Templates for All Purposes

flyer Now, start-ups and freelancers usually don’t have the economic resources to launch an ad campaign through traditional channels like TV, radio, or even through the Internet. That’s when a flyer comes in handy, which ends up being the least expensive advertising element. This set of 30 flyer templates can be easily downloaded, edited and printed.

Surprise Future Clients with Neat Quotations

quotation Along with invoices, quotations are that specific design element that lets you speak directly about money. This is where you establish the price of your product or service and the delivery times, creating a trustworthy relationship with prospect clients. The templates in this set are fully editable in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Time to Pay, these Invoices Could Make it a Little Less Traumatic for Your Clients

invoice Once you’ve sold a product or service, the final step is to provide an invoice, so the clients know they’re dealing with a responsible vendor. More importantly, invoices give power to clients by making them aware that any problem related to their purchase can be solved. These templates come in a great variety of styles and shapes.

Classy Folders for Business Branding

folder Institutionally, folders have become an omnipresent element in any company. They serve the purpose of creating unity within the company, as well as showing professionalism to an outsider. With a handful of templates, this set can be edited, bulk downloaded and printed without fear of losing quality.

Print-Ready Menus to Show Your Restaurant’s Recipes in Delicious Fashion

menu Specifically created for restaurants, cafes and clubs, a menu is the one element that cannot be missing, and a good presentation of it can help food and drinks stand out. These menus can be easily editable, changing the colors and even adequate its style to match your restaurant’s ambiance.

Present Data with Tri-fold Templates

trifold This design element is complementary to the flyer, but it’s one that you don’t release that easily. A tri-fold helps you present complete and concise information in a reduced space, informing the people who receive it about different alternatives or trying to convince them to get a particular product or service. This set includes 30 tri-fold templates, which are fully editable and print-ready.

Good Looking Letter Templates for Professional Communications

letter Lastly, whether an important announcement needs to be made or you just have to excuse yourself formally for any unexpected situation, a letter is the best way to do it, and a beautiful design can help you out of trouble. These letter templates come in various styles like flat and minimal, and include all the necessary elements to deliver the correct message. So there you go! Now you know how to take advantage of templates for every part of your business. We will constantly update the Template Shock site with fresh and trendy designs to make freelancers and entrepreneurs’ lives easier, and the best of all: the resources are free! So be sure to grab the one you like and share it, too.

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