150+ Procreate Brushes Pack – Realistic Fur, Inking & Foliage

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All new collection of premium quality Procreate brushes featuring realistic a selection of unique effects that you can apply to your designs to turn them into stunning works of arts easily, including Fur brushes, dozens of Inking styles & different Foliage effects for leaves, moss, lichen, grass & more!

The Fur brushes set features a variety of different fur textures and viewpoints, including tufts, tangles, strands, frizzy and smooth, fluff as well as long & short variations, side views & more

The Foliage set includes a variety of leaves from different trees in various sizes, as well as grass of various lengths and sizes, moss & lichen of different genuses and densities, and leaf carpets that you can use to create forests, leaves, trees, grass, mosses, and save your time while outputting high quality imagery

The Ink set is a great resource for drawing and calligraphy. The brushes imitate such real instruments like sharp nib pen and flat nib pen, bristle, round, and flat brushes loaded by ink, ruling pen and folded pen, some of them make some nice spatter like real instruments do. A number of spray and splash brushes are to give liveness and fine naturalness to your art.

These brushes will help you easily add awesome, professional looking effects to your drawings & concepts – brushes with different hair length/growth direction as well as fur texture & patterns, inking with real pens, brushes, sprays, and splashes as well as leaves, carpet foliage, conifer, pine needles, grass, moss & lichen & many more!

Regularly this pack would be priced over $150, but for a limited time only, you can get all 150+ brushes in one pack for only $14!

You Will Receive:

  • 150+ unique brushes for Procreate
  • 28 realistic fur brushes
  • 63 inking brushes
  • 60 foliage brushes
  • Dozens of different brush stroke styles
  • Instructions & usage tips included
  • Commercial use license

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