130+ Professional Business Fonts Bundle, 23 Complete Font Families & Variable Fonts

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We’ve got a brand new bundle of absolutely stunning professional business fonts that’ll cover all your bases and typographic needs with 23 unique font families and variable fonts in different styles, including Serif, Slab-Serif, Sans-Serif, Cursive, Mono, creative display styles, Retro & Futuristic, mid-century vintage and others!

With this exclusive bundle you will receive a total of 130+ OTF fonts with several weights and matching true italics, jam packed with OpenType features and bonus content like vector illustrations, patterns and decorative elements that you can use to create typographic compositions for display purposes or apply on editorial designs, body-copy, titles/headlines and even logo designs, branding, etc.

Every OTF font features multi-language support and a variety of OpenType features like ligatures, stylistic alternate character sets, numerals, old style figures, swashes and more.

The package also contains 2 variable fonts, serif & sans-serif, with 11 Variable TTF fonts with different weights & heights as well as matching italics.

This collection brings unrivaled versatility for editorial and display projects on any medium, whether you’re working on digital designs, print or web, you’re guaranteed to cover your typographic needs with these professionally designed fonts from Unio Creative Solutions.

Purchased separately these fonts would cost over $320, but with this exclusive limited time offer you can grab all of these professional business fonts today for just $39!

You Will Receive:

  • 23 unique font families
  • 130+ font variations & weights in OTF format
  • 10+ variable fonts in TTF format
  • Regular fonts & weights with matching true italics
  • Fonts include vector shapes, patterns and decorative elements in AI format
  • Different styles included: serif, slab-serif, sans-serif, mono, cursive,
  • Multi-language Support: Central, Eastern, Western European languages
  • OpenType features – ligatures, alternate characters, numerals & others
  • Commercial use license

Font families in this bundle

Aeternus Variable Font

Aeternus is a geometric Sans Serif Variable typeface with matching italics that combines different heights and weights to provide versatility in any application context be it body-copy, titles/headings, or large display compositions.

Starting from two constant heights, Nano and Tall, this font family exploits the weight variation and delivers a full array of nine instances, including all weights ranging from Thin to Heavy.

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A functional modern-grotesk font, inspired by the aesthetics of 1950’s Swiss rationalism. The mono-linear solid design and the combination of sharp and rounded curves lead to a contemporary interpretation of the classic grotesque look, without compromising legibility, even at small sizes.

Conceptually rationalist, Argon has been designed to emphasize the harmonious variations and can be effortlessly applied in a wide range of text use, from advertising to book design.

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This irreverent font is fully loaded with slightly irregular chunky characters which can add a bunch of ballyhoo personality to any design project. Get noticed with an ad campaign or hype up any logo design, apparel, printed stationery, mugs and much more!

Ballyhoo contains more than 350 glyphs and covers several languages based on the Latin alphabet; the quirky experience is enhanced with OpenType (OTF) support including some neat ligatures.

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Belvedere is a mono-line font duo which has been inspired by the typography style of two important decades, the never outdated 40’s and 50’s. This vintage font family is composed by a mono weight cursive script and a complementary sans-serif. All the characters have been designed to enhance the overall smoothness, which is undoubtedly useful to maximize the readability.

Belvedere is a versatile font family which includes more than 400 characters and covers several languages based on the Latin alphabet; the whole font design has also been completed with extensive alternates, ligatures and swashes sets.

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Truly inspired by vintage ads, created with a real sharpie to display common hand-written imperfections while preserving typical glyphs style of that historical period.

This hand-made font is highly versatile and allows you to create stunning 1950s hand-lettered quotes, inspirational phrases and vintage designs in a matter of seconds

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A sincere tribute to Johannes Gutenberg who introduced printing to Europe with his mechanical movable type printing technique. Certainly one of the most important invention of the second millennium. Gutenberg is a sans serif font which presents sketchy edges with irregular scheme imperfections to simulate the transferred ink.

This font family includes 296 glyphs and the multi-language support, it also comprises regular rough and regular clean styles with corresponding true italics.

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Industrial Sans

Industrial is a visual contemporary sans serif typeface composed of three weights plus their matching obliques.

Industrial typeface includes over 450 characters with coverage for several languages using latin alphabet as well as the Greek alphabet. The font family provides advanced typographical support such as a significant number of neat standard and discretionary ligatures and broad support of OpenType features (OTF).

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Kinetic Typeface

Introducing “Kinetic” – a versatile wide typeface, inspired by motion and globalization. Suited for a maximum visual impact, includes two weights with true matching obliques.

Kinetic is a type system that embraces the minimalist look associated with neogrotesque, blending bold lines with high refined curves and iconic geometric shifts.

The “Kinetic” family includes two weights (Light and Bold) with their matching obliques and covers several languages based on the Latin alphabet.

Ideal for headlines, large-format prints, brand identities, social media, advertising, editorial design, posters.

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Let’s Jazz

Introducing “Let’s Jazz” – a playful typeface which is inspired by iconic midcentury American advertising and lettering.

With this project we wanted to homage the dazzling graphics of those booming years and the result is a jazzy typeface that provides a condensed aspect with a bouncy rhythm.

Let’s Jazz offers two versions, Regular and Stamp. Each version contains more than 450 glyphs and covers several languages based on the Latin alphabet; the jazzy experience is enhanced with OpenType (OTF) support for small caps and includes some neat ligatures and alternates plus the old style bouncy numerals.

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Inspired by the original 1927 Fritz Lang movie and based on a old classic design, Metropolis font is a classic revival, a combination of modern and classic art. Created to answer contemporary needs of 21st century projects.

This elegant and versatile serif typeface captures the essence of classic and modern city, the dualism between the working class and the city planners.

Through the elegant lines and sinuous curves this font works perfectly for a display reading or beautifully as a headline or as body copy.

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Milano Futuristic Sans

Milano RetroFuristic Sans, is a retro/contemporary all caps typeface designed with sophistication and elegance. This font features a renovated construction based on the modernist geometric
sans of the first half of the past century.

“Milano Sans” offers an extended characters set with more than 300 glyphs and covers several languages based on the Latin alphabet. Furthermore, the experience is enhanced with open type (OTF) support for small caps and superiors and includes some neat ligatures and alternates, as well.

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Macaw Serif Variable Font

“Macaw” is a welcome addition to our library, a modern serif typeface with roots in classical typography. Its forms are sober and delicate in its lightest weights and as the width increases to the boldest, it unleashes a powerful and distinctive emphasis on your project.

Developed in a range of four weights with a matching set of true italics, the design of Macaw takes its inspiration from the Italian newspaper market at the beginning of last the century, a time where roman typography was predominant.

In fact, the main purpose of this typeface is to preserve versatility and legibility, to prescind from any text size. A multilanguage serif family with a unique fluidity to modern and classic projects.
Particularly useful for any editorial need and seamlessly adaptable to any destination of use such as corporate identity, web design, and social feeds.

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Monolith Sans

Introducing “Monolith” – a contemporary type system which focus on clarity and legibility, developed in two weights with true matching italics.

Monolith includes, as previously said, two contrasting versions: Light and Regular with corresponding true italics. This font family combine modernist shapes with slight grotesque touches. Each variant was designed with an attentive optical evaluation; curves, details and spaces were specifically tweaked to better suit the requirements of a highly-legible typeface.

The end result is a family with full multilingual capabilities and a coverage of several languages based on the Latin alphabet; Monolith aims to become your next typographic companion.

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Moshi Moshi

Introducing “Moshi Moshi” – Inspired by Japanese street posters, this all-caps block typeface delivers modernness with some brushy imperfections.

Taking inspiration from Japanese hand-painted street art, “Moshi Moshi” has rough letterforms, but at the same time communicates a modern and minimalistic style.

“Moshi Moshi” includes full multilingual capabilities and a coverage of several languages based on the Latin alphabet. Ideal to add an eye-catching appeal to your logo designs, branding, quotes, product packaging, merchandise and social media posts.

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Feel nostalgic? OTTANTA recalls the “not-so-old” style of those past days. This wonderful font will add a touch of the eighties to your projects! Inspired by the typography showed on the “glitchy” commercials, magazines and movies of the ’80s.

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Plastic Sans

Introducing “Plastic Sans” – a contemporary distorted display typeface inspired by a digital glitch, designed to add a touch of creativity and abstract appeal to your next project.

Each letter has been distorted with an attention to detail; full multilingual capabilities and a coverage of several languages based on the Latin alphabet completes this modern unicase font.

“Plastic” is perfect to enhance any creative purpose: headlines, titles, poster, website, social media profiles and even branding.

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A modern and elegant signature font that has been crafted with gentle curves and sophisticated strokes. This fancy mono weight calligraphy font has been attentively designed to look as close to a natural handwritten script and it is undoubtedly ideal for any ecommerce brand, blog, social feed or any modern business that wants to appear distinctively. Use it indistinctly for adding a unique touch to any branding project!

“Riviera” also offers a beautiful typographic harmony with more than 400 characters and covers several languages based on the Latin alphabet; the whole font design has also been completed with several alternates, 57 whooping natural looking ligatures and some attractive swashes.

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Rosebay Slab

Rosebay – an unconventional slab serif that introduces some distinctive traits like innovative arched slabs and claw ink-traps. Excellent for any modern communication project.

This seventies-inspired slab has been designed with a sleek structure that supports its extreme weight. The unedited interplay between sharp and soft forms, that characterize the harmonic geometry, delivers high readability and originality for brands, highlights, and headlines.

“Rosebay Slab” includes its matching oblique and covers several languages based on the Latin alphabet

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Sailors Grave

A deep tribute to Norman Keith Collins also known as “Sailor Jerry”, whom influenced the art of modern tattooing. Sailor’s Grave is a retro inspired hand-drawn font family that has a raw and
authentic vintage american lettering look. It comes in regular and spurs version. This font family is versatile for use in packaging, logotypes, signage design, ads, posters and lettering quotes.

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Venice Serif

Introducing “Venice Serif – Font Family” – a functional serif type system with a sleek structure which gives a strong personality while still maintaining high readability. Developed in three weights with matching obliques.

Venice Serif, has been finally updated! The full set of weights (Light, Regular and Bold) has been adjusted and expanded to more than 350 glyphs, the end result is a family with full multilingual capabilities and a coverage of several languages based on the Latin alphabet.

This fashionable font family is the ideal choice for advertising, corporate design, packaging, editorial and branding.

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Vesper is the new all caps geometric sans in 2 weights plus matching obliques. Each weight features three exclusive styles that can be also layered together with harmonious appearance.

Inspired by unique stylistic elements from the 70s and the 80s, this font system has been designed with the highest attention to detail and its clean and stylized aesthetic is extremely versatile. In fact, simple forms make “Vesper” an iconic display typeface that can be used for any creative work.

Featuring an extended characters set with more than 200 glyphs and covers several languages based on the Latin alphabet.

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Vision is a contemporary geometric display sans typeface, based on a balanced construction of sharp angles with smooth shapes.
With this font we wanted to experiment with letters. In fact the research behind new shapes and different variations of the letterforms has given a futuristic look, ideal for catchy editorial headlines or logotypes.

This versatile all caps font family includes more than 430 characters and covers several languages that use the Latin alphabet, completed with an extensive accents and diacritics set.

It comes in Regular and Bold weights optimized for maximum adaptability. As a matter of fact each font features 36 attractive alternates and 30 ligatures, which expands the possibilities when composing

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