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Project Management Tool with Backlogs

VivifyScrum is a compelling tool for project management. It is easy to use and to configure, providing product and sprint backlog, with features like:

– Team organization.
– Constant updates.
– Single page tool.
– Easy use.

Among the things that make this tool stand out are:

– It has an easy registration and login.
– A great flat design that makes elements easy to interact with and find.
– You can create a board with a single click.
– Tasks have title, description, checklists, additional details, and attachments.
– You can add values, points and priority to every task, keeping a good record of the importance of a task.
– You can search for tasks.
– You can filter by Asignee, Type, Priority, Reviewer and Value.

On the other side, one of its downsides is that one requires some time to find out how to add a task. However, this is a friendly tool that can make your workflow organized and clean.

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