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List dashboards templates in PSD format.

  • A photoshop based dashboard, with a trendy dark style, it include several elements for your admin area

  • A user interface for a dashboard made in PSD including elements like bar charts, pie charts, icons and other design elements, it has a flat and sleek design, it is easily customizable and scalable thanks to vectors, and totally grouped and layered.

  • Kavina is a PSD design for an analytics dashboard. This is the light version that includes charts, graphs, sales, and other variables needed for store analytics.

  • An administration dashboard in PSD showcasing the most important information needed to achieve one or more objectives arranged on a single screen that can be monitored at a glance.

  • This clean and minimally crafted dashboard comes in PSD format, with a cold palette of colors mixing white, black and purple, with the Montserrat typography using tight-tiles to ensure a modern look.

  • A colorful dashboard design made in PSD format. It has a dark style, elements like sparkline graphs, bars and pie charts. It is perfect for analytics applications and websites. It was created by Vladimir Babić

  • A nice admin user interface made in PSD format, perfect for a mobile app (especially for tablet use) and has several design elements like icons for dashboard, course, exam, Q&A, and news, making it ideal for learning and such. The UI also includes widgets, with text and counters, and also an analytics dashboard so students can see their progress.

  • This admin bar can be used on your web application design or anywhere you want it to be. Also, you can use it the way you need because it comes as a fully editable layered PSD. It has several icons, including the dashboard, notifications, messages, chat, settings, search and login/log out, as well as the logo space.

  • A unique dashboard delivered for free: it is a beautiful music dashboard that comes as a well crafted and arranged layered PSD in a deep purple tone. It has icons for dashboard, friends, gigs, playlist, photo, messages, and more, all with a nice soft design for different elements like the monthly activity and the player controls.

  • An interesting flat UI for an admin panel made in PSD format. This time the dashboard/admin template is subdivided in a mosaic of widgets, each one displaying specific info, a sidebar and a search element in as well. The whole PSD is editable since it is composed of vector shapes. However, if you have CS5 or lower some appearances might not display properly.

  • This freebie is a two version – regular and slim – web admin/dashboard PSD design containing a top bar, sidebar, and various widgets with graphs and info displayed textually; all layers in them are well organized in groups. Since the original files were rather heavy because of the background, the designer replaced it to reduce the size.

  • This dashboard includes a user interface, as well as some infographics and charts. You will get a fully editable PSD file for Photoshop, created with vector shapes in a minimal style. The different elements will help you create a compelling an complete mobile app or website.

  • A crafty dashboard template comes as a wonderfully arranged PSD with all shapes editable; it contains top and side bars, plus a line chart and many modules for different information. Since the original file was too heavy, the canvas size was slightly reduced, and the original background replaced.

  • This quite complete UI is a concept for a dashboard interface, with beautiful icons, buttons, charts, bars and more. On top of the Photoshop, there have been included the Photoshop styles (.ASL) used in case you want to create some more custom elements, and for easily adding the theme colors and effects using these styles.

  • This is a carefully created dashboard interface, perfect for a web or desktop app. It includes a simple graph, progress meters, a table design and navigation, all in a dark minimal theme with flashy colorful highlights on the graphs. A useful design to use as inspiration for your own interface.

  • A nice user interface template created in Photoshop, perfect for admin dashboards, displaying a top bar, tabbed sidebar, line charts, beautiful icons and more, all in a simple and light style. It is very similar to the one MailChimp created for their dashboard, with simple lines for the graphs, a left sidebar which can, ideally, collapse, as well as other design elements as top icons.

  • A compelling dashboard template to control the main components of any application with a smooth flat design. This will be a quite handy tool for your web projects since it supports WordPress, HTML5, Magento, Joomla, PrestaShop, OpenCart, and Drupal. The design is also responsive.

    It was created by Asif Aleem, and you can download the free PSD.

  • A beautiful PSD containing a user interface design for a content management panel, complemented with clean and detailed elements. It is a dashboard user interface that can be used in your next web application or website. Also, it has a multi-level navigation and a beautiful layout.

    It is totally editable, free to download and it was created by Asif Aleem.

  • A concept for the WordPress dashboard with a flat and clean design. The admin template provides a dashboard that you can use to manage and run your web applications, and since this is a PSD file, you can play with the design freely and make any changes. You can design your own interface, the icons, and alter the design in general, but using the original colors, objects, and general layout will save you a lot of time.

    It was created by Asif Aleem.

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