Text Layer Styles Bundle: 250+ PSD Text Styles Including ASL & PSD files

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Literally hundreds of text layer styles you can apply to any of your projects in Photoshop to spice up those boring titles. The effects include shadows, textures, patterns, colors and much more. It could be a lot of fun to see all the possibilities available with this resource. If you're really into modifying your text and making it look sexy, our 3D text effects package could be another good option. Have a good time with this! Text Layer Styles

3D Style

View All Size 3d_1 3d_2 3d_3

Bevel Style

View All Size Bevel_1 Bevel_2 Bevel_3

Glass Style

View All Size Glass_1 Glass_2 Glass_3

Metal Style 1

View All Size Metal_1 Metal_2 Metal_3

Metal Style 2

View All Size Metal_4 Metal_5 Metal_6 Metal_7

Pressed Style

View All Size Pressed_1 Pressed_2 Pressed_3

Texture Style

View All Size Texture_1 Texture_2 Texture_3 Texture_4 View All Size

Texture Style 2

Texture_5 Texture_6

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