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Quick Tip: How to use recolor artwork, working with color on Illustrator

recolorart Knowing how to work with color is something that not all people is able to, and those who can are usually graphic designers, web developers, artists, etc. They know how to work with duotones, monochrome, CMYK, RGB and more. Of course there’s also a group of virtuous persons that have a great sense of color without ever studied it. On this tip we will show a Illustrator tool that can help those guys who have problems working with color, let’s see how to use the recolor artwork.

Normally what we do on Illustrator is work with swatches and most of all act in a very intuitive way in terms of working with color. This method works well for graphic designers and creative groups, but for those who have a little conscious about color management, there’s a great resource, you can find it at the color guide menu, which you can unlock from the Window menu.


Once you have selected the objects that you want to adjust, you can proceed working with the Recolor Artwork.


You can automatically see the preview of the changes you make from this window, which works basically on two ways, the Edit menu and Assign menu. Assign is the most technical way to work with color and it’s where you choose how art is colorized. On this part you can make adjustments using a lot of buttons and tools, make sure you check the Recolor Art option to preview your changes.


On Edit you can make a more manual management of color, from monochrome to complimentary families, this is definitely the part you will enjoy the most of Recolor Artwork.


You an add color handlers, lock them, use color wheel or bars to work with, choose the amount of colors based on basic color theories and a lot more. This is definitely a great way to help you work with color, even if you’re a graphic expert.

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