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You can recommend useful freebies, resources and code snippets


In By People you can recommend every graphic design, code snippet or general resource that you create or find in the web, whether they are your own creations or from other people. You have 4 different types of resources to add, listed below:

  • CMS / frameworks, which include WordPress, Magento, Tumblr, Drupal, Shopify, Prestashop, Bootstrap and many more resource categories for improving the quality of CMSs and frameworks.
  • Plugins / Resources, classified by jQuery, Ruby, CSS, NodeJS, Android, HTML5, PHP, iOS and more, with the goal of providing tons of useful development resources for improving websites, apps and more.
  • Graphic freebies, including buttons, templates, widgets, icons, forms, GUIs, illustrations, interfaces, accordions, alerts, backgrounds, badges, charts, checkboxes, dropdown menus, navigations, ribbons, search, slideshows, patterns and a lot more to choose.
  • Services / General, which include Analytics tools, inspiration, testing and real time tools.

You can add them directly into the required list just by clicking on the list and suggesting an item. A modal will appear with all the options for adding them.


Remember that after adding a resource, it will need to be approved by a curator (if you’re not one already).

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