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Reusable JavaScript Chart Library

C3 is a reusable JavaScript library for creating charts and graphs. This chart library is based on D3.js, another library that grabs digital data to create and manipulate interactive graphic shapes for web browsers.

The D3 code doesn’t have to be written again. This library allows the following:

– It gives particular classes to each element for defining custom styles.
– The D3 base allows to extend its structure.
– It provides a number of APIs and callbacks to access the chart.
– You can update the chart even after it renders.
– You have deeper integration.

The library is in its version 0.3.0, and it has regular updates like:

– Modifying the architecture of the library to keep it up to date and extendable.
– Splitting the source file into smaller ones.
– Fixing bugs.
– Changing its interface.

Its dependence on D3 makes it work only in the browsers that library supports, and it works under the MIT license.

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