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Review: Nice tool to recruit your own staff

In the past days, Zartis contact us and told us to take a view of their website, and asked if we could spread the word about it in our blog. Well, we made a research, and we found it pretty much a great tool, so we hope it can be useful in your future recruiting process.

We know how hard is sometimes to recruit staff for you company or organization. This websites makes things much simpler when is about recruiting staff. It makes something hard and boring into something you can just do with a few clicks. Easy right? Check it out and let us know what you think about it. We want to assure you this is not paid propaganda, we made this research with free will, paid reviews is against our publishing policy’s.

What’s Zartis?

Zartis helps small and medium sized companies find and hire new staff without using a recruitment agency. It’s a web based service that’s free for small companies.

Where and Why the idea came from ?

Like any SME in the tech sector we’ve found it difficult to recruit new staff. Recruit agencies are way too expensive. Once you advertise your position on a job board you’re also likely to quickly start drowning in emails. We built Zartis to help growing companies like ourselves to better manage the recruitment process.

Why using Zartis instead of some other solution?

Zartis is built by an SME for SMEs. Most of the other recruiting solutions are either built for large enterprise customers or they’re an offshoot of offerings from recruitment agencies or jobs boards. In those cases the software is usually expensive, difficult to use and unsuitable for an SME.


Pros & Advantages

The ultimate advantage is that we help companies find and hire better employees. Zartis is easy to use, secure, and free for small companies. It’s also available in 13 languages so works just about anywhere.

Which are the cons of your product?

We’re still an early stage company but we’re improving our service every single day. We are however fully funded for the next 12 months with our current funding. Apart from that I can’t think of any disadvantage.


Limitations, Things to improve, Bugs to fix.

Things we really want to get done asap: improve the onboarding experience for customers. Web developers and tech saavy customers tend to “get it” really quickly. Some more mainstream customers need a better onboarding experience. This is something we’re working to improve. We also want to improve the social media integration of what we’re doing. Right now Zartis lets companies post jobs to twitter and Facebook. What we really want to do is help unlock the social graph of employees so that referral hiring is made more efficient. Figuring out exactly how to do that is one of the really big things on our minds right now.

What about support, premium services, options and services?

We offer web based support. We’re very responsive and love to hear from our early customers. If a company is posting more than 3 jobs there are premium plans of $9 and $29 per month.


What’s the future of Zartis ?

We want to become the leading global provider of recruitment software to SMEs.

Who are you? (Team)

I was CEO of a company called Zartis in 1999. We sold the company for $18m in 2000 making us multimillionaires very briefly. The dotcom collapse happened and we lost everything. I then co-founded a mobile games company and we brought Frogger to Europe and the US on mobile phones. I got the domain back last year and now that’s the focus. We’ve got a small but very talented team of 5 people in Cork, Ireland.

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