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Get lifetime access to Sales Simplify, a powerful sales management software that provides sales teams with a range of tools to manage and covert leads as well as manage products, organize workflow, and get insights and reports to make smarter decisions down the line!

Sales Simplify does exactly what its name implies: it simplifies workflows by helping sales teams organize leads, contacts and activities, track and schedule tasks, maintain notes & logs, improve pipelines and more!

You can connect your inbox to track email opens and clicks, and get insights about when and how often to send follow-up emails, sync your calendar to avoid missing important events or deadlines.

Every action can be organized through drag & drop simplicity in a user-friendly interface that provides you with all the necessary fields but also allows you to create custom fields so you can get up and running in just a few minutes.

Sales Simplify features several modules that help keep everything organized and accessible:

  • Leads – a module to manage your prequalified leads before adding them to your pipeline – see your active and your junk leads, decide which leads are qualified and add them directly into your pipeline.
  • Deals – this module features a Kanban board where the ongoing transactions you are pursuing with people or companies are tracked as a Deals to be processed through the stages of your pipeline until it is either WON or LOST.
  • Activities – in this dashboard you can manage the tasks associated with closing a deal such as meetings, followups, deadlines and others. It has premade activity types but you can also create custom activities.
  • Contacts – the module where you can keep your customer’s data, organized as People or Companies.
  • Products – the place where you can organize your products/services and add them to your dealsto help you keep track of your supply and demand.
  • Insights – the dashboard where you can get reports on the progress and performance of your team and products so you can make better decisions in order to reach your goals.

They also have a ton of features and integrations in the oven right now, you can check them out in their public Roadmap here.

With this offer you can get a lifetime account with 3 users, 10 pipelines with up to 20 stages each, and 50k records – the deal is stackable, so you can increase your account’s Records by 50k with each code applied to your account.

Regularly this kind of access to Sales Simplify would cost over $600, so what are you waiting for? With this deal you can get lifetime access today and up your sales team’s game for a one-off payment of $99!


  • Increase productivity, organize leads, contacts, activities, pipelines and more
  • Alternative to: Pipedrive, Salesforce
  • User-friendly drag & drop interface, get your sales team up and running in just a few minutes
  • Best for: Startups, Freelancers, SMEs and Sales Teams

You Will Receive:

  • Lifetime access to Sales Simplify
  • 3 users per account
  • 50,000 records lifetime access
  • 10 pipelines (max. 20 stages each)
  • 50 custom fields
  • Advanced Lead Management – Active/Junk
  • Multiple roles – Owner, Admin, Team Manager, Agents
  • Permission control – view, edit delete
  • Advanced filters – Segmentations, Drag n drop table view fields
  • Leads, Deal lost reasons and Activity Outcomes
  • Security & Privacy, Access logs, 2 factor authentication etc.
  • Import or export your data easily
  • Stackable deal: each code adds 50,000 records to your account
  • Only for new Sales Simplify accounts

Create and manage activities to increase the team’s productivity through sales follow-ups, schedule tasks, calls, emails and meetings

Maintain notes, logs, activity, emails with a complete 360-degree overview. Stay ahead of the competition with sales activity-driven approach

You’ll be able to easily manage your contacts through Drag and Drop table view, tags, advance filter, sort, bulk edit, delete, owners and more. You can even create custom fields to meet more specific requirements

Connect your inbox and track when your email is opened and clicked. Make better decisions about when and how often to send follow-up emails.

Organize your sales process with unlimited customizable pipelines, and get real-time insight into each deal. Drag and drop tasks, track deals.

Eliminate guesswork and make smart decisions by improving your entire sales funnel with interactive, pre-built, and customizable sales reports.

With the sales activity reports you can see how your salespeople are approaching their deals, the number of activities happening and where the efforts are going

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