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Scott Jenson

Scott Jenson is, as he calls himself, a battle scarred veteran of the interface design and UX industry. With just over 20 years of experience behind him, he’s a veritable patrician, a village elder of the field and it shows in his talks, in his writing and in his craft. Currently, he’s head of UX at startup Parlay labs and he has worked at Google, Apple and more.

He’s an advocate of smart devices and ubiquitous computing as he thinks that, with the possibilities of each and every single device becoming connected, in time, to the internet, we’re going to change our paradigm from app based smart device interaction to a set of established protocols and standards that every single smart device will use to facilitate a sort of “plug and play” interaction. You can read more about his opinions on smart devices here and here, as well. He’s clearly a forward thinking person with lots of opinions on the future and bent on moving the UX industry forward. You can also check out his view on omnipresent internet and how it will radically affect our notion of the internet and online interaction.

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