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Seb Lee-Delisle

Seb Lee-Delisle is a very unusual guy, especially for this post. He’s not your usual webdev, in fact he’s no web developer at all, instead, he is a digital artist and game designer who uses HTML5 and JavaScript as his canvas and platform to develop interesting and fun games, as well as works of art. On his spare time he’s also a great trainer and gives courses in JavaScript for creative people and beginners, which, according to those who have attended, are way more fun that traditional JavaScript studies.

If you are interested in his works of art you can watch his PixelPyros, an incredible and awe inspiring showcase of programming and visual art in which participants actually create the fireworks by moving and walking past a giant screen. Lunar Trails, meanwhile, is an interactive installation in which attendants collectively create dynamic and visually arresting paintings by playing the classic arcade game “Lunar Lander”.

As part of his effort to bring JavaScript to the masses he has a blog called Creative JS, which offers many extremely helpful video tutorials on creative and innovative uses of JavaScript for beginners. Some of his most useful tutorials are his two parter on advanced uploading techniques, which will help you code an uploading interface with full functionality and, if you wish to learn some of the basic techniques used in Seb’s artwork, the JavaScript fireworks tutorial is always welcome.

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