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Seth Godin

Seth Godin is another strange addition to this list because he is not a web developer, neither is he a graphic designer, artist or related. He is a Marketing expert, writer and speaker and, as a marketing experts go, he’s on the bleeding edge and one of the best. A pioneer in web marketing and web distribution, he’s got over 12 best selling books to his name, including one of the best selling eBooks of all time, so he’s not exactly a “rising” writer, more like a “raised” writer, but still quite worthy of mention. His ideas are usually the ones leading the march, he prescribed the future, instead of describing it so if you want to know how things will turn out in a few years, listen to the man, because we already do.

Whenever he writes a book, he makes a blog for said book, so it shouldn’t be necessary to note that he has a lot of blogs (oops,just did it), all of which you can access from his main page. He also has a main blog, which is the one he uses to write about anything he likes and is filled with useful advice regarding the web, marketing and life. His latest book is “The Icarus Deception: How high will you fly?” which talks about becoming a vocal in a world filled with consonants, becoming your own man and the end of the industrial age; in short, it’s a must read.

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