100 Shadows Set: Amazing Pack Of Shadows Including PSD Sources

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A very followed trend was enhancing web elements with huge shadows, so that pages kind of look deeper, therefore pleasant to the eye. In this post we’ve created four very complete shadow sets, ideal for you to use with your elements. Additionally, within the set there are a lot of elegant boxes to polish up the creation even more.

Each set has source files and it’ll be very easy for you to incorporate the shadows in your own elements or modify the elements in there. On the other hand you can also change shadow color, to accomplish that, you just have to turn a color layer visible, from the 10 different ones available. It would be a great idea to mix this resource with a big GUI package such as the Apollo and get the most out of it.

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100 Shadows Set

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Closer view: See shadows in high detail

Color Schemes: 10 different shadow colors











Shadows Set 1 Preview

Shadows Set 2 Preview

Shadows Set 3 Preview

Shadows Set 4 Preview


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