Signage Fonts

(7 submissions) | May 24, 2017

A package containing the best signage fonts found over the web which points as quickly as possible, whether it´s promoting a product, providing directions, or previewing a brand.

  • Jellee is a fun sans-serif typeface with rounded edges and a soft overall look created by Alfredo Marco Pradil for posters, titles, and headlines, it features a large selection of symbols and special characters.

  • Noway font-family is a professionally made font which is packed in five weights: thin, light, regular, medium and bold, it’s perfectly usable in branding, packaging and editorial work, however, it will work perfectly in web and apps. The free version includes normal weight. It is also included a set of 160+ icons!

  • Anana is a beautiful and stylish typeface made resembling strokes of brushes. It is perfect to convey cheerful messages, including lowercase and uppercase characters to cover a wide range of uses. It has special glyphs and numbers as well. It was created by Mariana Leyton in Photoshop and Illustrator. Use them freely.

  • Sevillana is a generalized character typeface inspired by the lettering of commemorative plates which can be seen on the houses’ walls in Andalusia. This is a headline typeface that can be used in middle and large sizes, best suited for menus, concert posters, signage and similar. Includes uppercase and lowercase letters, accented letters, special characters and numbers.

  • Allerta is a stencil font designed to be used in signage, made to be easily read even at distance. Includes uppercase, lowercase and accented letters as well as special characters and numbers. 

  • Sweet Sorrow in an old fashioned font featuring a retro design style, perfect for diverse scenarios, for signage, T-shirts, logotypes, or any vintage or retro related designs.

  • Allerta tries to stand out each character in order to make every letter easy to distinguish, this helps the users immensely to have a comfortable experience. Useful in multiple font sizes.

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