Skaffolder: Automated Fullstack Development Environment, Build Better Custom Web & Mobile Apps

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Meet Skaffolder, hands-down-hats-off the best code generator out there: create working custom prototypes using several programming languages in just a few clicks. A perfect SaaS tool for web & mobile developers to code up to 40% faster, produce beautiful & standarized code, and generate code incrementally without conflicting with your own business logic.

In Short, Skaffolder Offers:

  • Skaffolder-CLI – Generate code from your IDE. Create your own generator. Interact with the platform
  • Define data models, APIs and pages of your project from the GUI or from the command-line
  • Import existing databases and APIs
  • Get the code locally or on your own repository
  • Easily create working CRUD interface
  • Customize & manage all the generated code
  • Create your own template generator in any programming language that fits the best practices of your company/team
  • Generate code incrementally without conflicting with your own business logic

With Skaffolder you can generate code for backend and frontend. This is the DevOps tool that brings automation in the code implementation phase. It helps to close the gap between requirements from the ops team and implementation from the dev team.

The dev team will always find the documented code in sync with the technical documentation. Skaffolder helps to respect best practices, keeping the code quality high also in complex projects. Developers can easily reuse previous boilerplates improving the reuse of the code into the company that can set an automated company standard that can be assured also in case of talent attrition.

All the code is easy to understand and to customize allowing the development team to keep control of the code.

Generate code from your IDE. Create your own generator. Interact with the platform.

Jam Packed With Features

Choose your stack from a comprehensive library, including MEAN & MERN templates as well as others like NodeJS, React, Angular, PHP, Redux, Java, Spring, Webpack & several more.

Check the stacks description and a complete documentation on how to initialize it – everything is neatly documented & arranged to speed up your workflow

Skaffolder integrates seamlessly with GIT and allows you to connect your GitHub repository with your Skaffolder project

Generate APIs’ endpoints & CRUDs quickly & easily – you’ll save tons of time and bring the quality of your work up to a whole new level

Manage database models from a clear & intuitive interface – edit database tables, modify it’s structure & generate database relations

Get Model, API & Page documentations automatically – everything gets generated in an intuitive interface

Create & manage your web aplication’s pages, and link them with others as templates or nested pages

More Stats for Geeks

Skaffolder is jam packed with amazing features & functionalities you’ll love:

  • Define API, database and pages
  • Create specifications of your application on our cloud platform, defining APIs endpoints, methods and parameters. Insert your database models with attributes and relationships and link them to your application pages.

  • Roles Based Security
  • Define roles for your APIs and pages and control them with JWT or your custom security mechanism

  • Import existing database
  • Import your database models from an existing source and add APIs to interact with them

  • Visual Interface
  • Collaborate with your team sharing the documentation through an intuitive visual interface

  • Command Line Interface tool
  • Interact from the command line, generating code on your local device, add and document database models, APIs, and pages from your console, instantly synchronized to the cloud.

  • Multiple programming languages
  • Pick one of our certified templates, which implement best practices in multiple programming languages. Templates are based on common frameworks without any proprietary SDKs

  • Generate Code
  • Generate initial code and subsequent iterations with one click on a GIT repository. Documentation is also generated in the code comments, keeping it synchronized

  • Switch Language
  • Simplify the portability of your code to different programming languages using your own already defined components. Facilitate the benchmarking of different technologies

  • Custom Template
  • Craft custom templates that reflect company standard guidelines. Create a reusable asset for all your developers to ensure continuity and quality control

  • Integrate Legacy Projects
  • Create a customized template that fits in your legacy projects, without interfering with your existing business logic. Progressively modernize your applications by wrapping your legacy data with web APIs

  • Get APIs and DB Documentation
  • Get your documentation page of APIs and database schema and share it with your team and customers. The documentation page is generated automatically from your metadata

  • Prototyping
  • Create your application prototype using the intuitive interface in a few clicks. Refine the prototype with multiple iterations as you finalize your application for production

  • Get Code on Repo
  • Take the code to your GIT repository, generate multiple iterations without conflicts in your custom logic. Use your private GIT repository and own all your code

  • CRUD Interface
  • We generate a fully customizable master-detail structure. This baseline can be used for your custom web and mobile project developments

  • Docker application
  • We provide a fully containerized application, running on certified Docker images. The provided applications are easy to deploy in multiple environments

  • On-Premise
  • Run Skaffolder on your own server as appropriate to your security and privacy requirements, allowing you to respect any NDA and privacy agreements

Available Plans:

Today you can grab an exclusive 5 year plan deal to Skaffolder’s Developer or Business plans, or if you’re not ready to make that commitment, you can get a 3 years plan instead

Developer Plans:

  • 2 users
  • 5 projects
  • Private GIT & SVN
  • Select repository branch
  • Private documentation
  • Remove branding on files

Business Plans:

  • 6 users
  • 10 projects
  • Import database
  • Manage users in teams
  • Reporting
  • Manage roles
  • User access permission
  • Everything from Developer plan

What are you waiting for? Get your 5 year plan to Skaffolder today with this limited time promo, we have a very limited amount of coupons so don’t miss this opportunity!

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