A Definitive Deal: The Complete Smashing Magazine eBook Library for Only $29 (69 eBooks, 93% Off)

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This week we’re proud to work with one of major web authorities from all this time! Smashing Magazine has been the main source of inspiration for every designer, developer and freelancer out there. Exclusively for ByPeople Premium, we present a deal that we guarantee you won’t find somewhere else: The Complete Smashing Magazine eBook library for only $29! It’s time for you to scroll down and get immersed in this useful and valuable resource for all webdevs out there!

Smashing eBook Anthology (7 eBooks)


Front-end eBook Bundle (11 eBooks)


UX eBook Bundle (13 eBooks)


Mobile Design eBook Bundle (6 eBooks)


Web Design eBook Bundle (9 eBooks)


WordPress eBook Bundle (5 eBooks)


Business eBook Bundle (9 eBooks)


Content Strategy eBook Bundle (3 eBooks)


Let’s mention this huge bundle highlights again!

This right here folks is the ultimate knowledge treasure regarding Web Design. Take into account that you’re taking home all the Smashing eBooks including Hardboiled Web Design, Making It Right (which became the #1 bestseller in 3 categories on Amazon), Apps For All by Heydon Pickering, Smashing Book #5, Smashing Book #4, and other books featured in the ebook bundles on the same site! These are the main features if you’re still doubting about it!

  • This eBook Library contains 69 web design eBooks worth $363
  • You can save 99% off from their regular price
  • You get immediate access to all eBooks
  • These eBooks work on all eBook readers and each one of them is available in PDF, ePUB and Kindle format

Grab your collection right away! This is an exclusive deal for ByPeople Premium, remember, only available for a week!

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