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Boost Your Engagement, Traffic & Sales

Gone are the day of expensive monthly subscriptions to social media tools! Today you can get lifetime access to PostPlanner, an useful platform designed to manage, automate, and take the guess work out of social media content. This specialized tool will help you find, plan & post the top performing content relevant to your niche to boost your traffic & sales quickly & efficiently.

PostPlanner’s powerful Recommendations Engine will find niche-specific images & updates that have gone viral & serve them to you every time you log in, providing you with top curated content & post ideas; you can pick the content you want to explore from a variety of topics & industries, keep tabs on trends, get status ideas to keep your audiences engaged, queue updates, search facebook pages, twitter accounts, instagram hashtags or blog RSS feeds, get analytic reports on your posts/updates & much more, all in one place.

Schedule your updates & posts ahead of time, queue up to 300 posts, link up to 3 social media accounts, identify your best content and save it to repost later, organize your recommendations feed, manage all your posts through one dashboard, & start making data driven decisions based on the metrics that matter.

We have limited codes! What are you waiting for? Start using PostPlanner today for just $79.99. Pay once, use forever!

You Will Receive:

  • Discover top-performing content for your niche
  • Link 3 social media accounts
  • Automated posting, up to 12 times per day
  • Queue up to 300 posts
  • Get insights & analytics on your posts & updates
  • Updates ideas to engage your audience
  • Social management dashboard
  • Social media analytics
  • Star rating algorithm to predict a post’s performance before posting!
  • Content discovery engine
  • Recycle your top performing content
  • Custom posting plan
  • URL shortener
  • Upload photos or videos
  • Bulk media upload
  • Pay once, use forever

Interface Previews

Discover Irresistible Content:

Discover the best content on the web with their content recommendation engine.

Search the database to add any Facebook page, Twitter account, Instagram hashtag or blog (RSS feed). Curate and share relevant content with the click of a button.

Never Run Out Of Ideas:

Their recommendation engine sources top-performing content across the web, serving it up to you every time you log in. Never waste another minute curating, managing, and posting content.

Predict Your Performance:

The Post Planner 5-star rating system makes it easy to predict the popularity of your content BEFORE you post. Take the guesswork out of social media.

Cherry-pick Top Rated Content:

We recommend 4 stars and above! Choose the best photos and articles, then add them to the composer to create your posts and tweets.

Organize Your Favorite Social Feeds Into Collections:

“Streams” (collections of content) are great because they let you see the top performing content from 10, 20, even 100 feeds… all in one location!

Feeding the constant stream of social media can take hours. PostPlanner can help you automate the process with a custom publishing calendar that pairs the perfect type of content to your best times.

Review your best times to post, add them to Post Planner, and serve up your content when your audience is active and online.

You Choose The Type Of Content:

Pick the videos, photos, and links and then tie them to your best time slot. This automates variety so your fans and followers don’t get bored.

You Choose Your Exact Schedule:

Sometimes you need to publish posts outside your weekly plan. In that case, you can use the scheduler to choose a specific time and date, and even repeat as needed.

Optimize Your Posts:

Post Planner will optimize the format of your posts for Facebook or Twitter and ensure it’s perfect for each social channel… all with a single click.

Recycle Your Best Content:

Extend the reach of your content by using their Recycle feature. Recycling revives top-performing content and keeps it feeding into the social eco-system again and again!

See All Posts In One Place:

PostPlanner includes a simple but powerful dashboard to manage all posts in one location. Edit your posts on the fly and make decisions based on the performance metrics that matter.

View, manage, and edit your posts (planned and posted) in one convenient location with your most important analytics.

Control The Order Of Your Posts:

Easily drag and drop the order of your planned posts. PostPlanner can even visually show you the best place to add video, images, links, and more.

Edit Your Posts In Real Time:

Change the text of a planned post or update that unsightly typo with ease. Their editor puts control in your hands.

Evaluate Performance Metrics:

Sort your posts by Likes, Comments, Shares or Clicks. Make data-driven decisions about future posts and edit posts based on previous performance.


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