Lifetime Voicely Text to Speech Software, 70+ Languages Supported

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Get lifetime access to Voicely, an AI powered text-to-speech platform that will enable you to create unlimited customized voice overs from texts, with natural lifelike male and female voices, young and older, in over 70 languages

Voicely is fully automated, and allows you to customize voice types, pitch and speed. It also recognizes punctuation marks and pronounces words correctly based on the language and region of your choice, with multiple accents available, as well as an intelligent engine that identifies and adds breaks and punctuations wherever required in the voice-over to ensure it conveys soberness, jokes, or even sarcasm accurately.

With over 600+ voices, 100+ built-in background music tracks, 70+ languages, and the ability to convert an unlimited number of words into a realistic voice over, Voicely is the ultimate text-to-speech platform.

Regularly this software would cost $480 per year so why not grab this deal while you can? Get a lifetime account today for just $59!


  • Create voice overs from scripts easily
  • Settings for male or female voices
  • Supports 70+ languages, 600+ voices
  • User-friendly web app interface

You Will Receive:

  • AI powered web app
  • Turn any text into a natural lifelike voice-over
  • Unlimited number of words
  • Supports +70 languages
  • Supports +600 voices
  • 100+ built-in background music tracks
  • Three voice options: Basic, Standard and Neural
  • Control speed and pitch
  • Add breaks in between sentences
  • Add background soundtracks
  • User friendly interface
  • Unlimited use of Basic voices
  • GDPR compliant

Note: Voicely can generate 3 types of voices: Basic, Standard, and Neural. Standard and Neural voices require credits to generate. This deal includes 50 credits, which allows for roughly 20 hours of Standard voice, or 10 hours of Neural voice generation. Basic voices can be used without limitation. Learn more at Voicely’s help center.

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