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JavaScript / jquey Timeline tool, with zoom and pan options

When you want to keep track of events to further ahead show them in an event or a class, the best way to do this is making timelines. Simple, organized and easy to use, timelines are certainly the most suitable options to represent time events.

Timeglider is a JavaScript-powered timeline with zooming and panning properties that can help you make astounding timelines. It comes as a jQuery plugin ready for download and with commercial versions coming soon.


According to the official site, “the timeline can be zoomed by dragging the vertical slider at right: up for zooming in (less time shown) and down for zooming out (more time shown). The mouse wheel also works as a zoom controller. Any white area on the “stage” of the timeline can be dragged left and right, as can the blue “ruler” which marks out different units of time. Clicking on an event brings up a small modal window with a description and links if any are provided in the data.”


On the site you’re going to find a working progress documentation, installation instructions (download links included), every option carefully explained and more. This is surely a really nice timeline plugin that you definitely must take a look at, among some of its other features we can list:

  • Functionality on iPads and other touch devices.
  • Easy integration into HTML/JS-based applications and interfaces.
  • Complex layout possibilities with customized blocks of HTML for
    any given event.
  • Open-Source.

Original link: Timeglider

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