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Tizieu Rulez’s Never Ending Creative Flow

WDS: Hello Tizieu welcome to webdesignshock.com. Why don’t you start of by telling us a little about yourself, your professional trajectory and work?

Tizieu: Hey! I’m a French illustrator and graphic designer. After studying in several academies, I worked in an advertising agency for several years, where I learned to develop many aspects of my expertise, and perfected with passion my drawing, painting, wall painting, and custom toy design amongst many other abilities.

One my favorite things to do with my free time is Interior design. Also, I can count within one of my greatest prides the production of several custom toy models and the creation of two mascot designs.

Now a days, I work from a quiet home in the countryside and perform as a freelance professor in graphic design.

WDS: What are your artistic tools or mediums of choice?

Tizieu: I think pencil and paper will always be the first tool of choice for any designer. But sometimes with a creative mind the simplicity of a pencil and a piece of paper won’t always do, so I’ve learned to make use of everything around me, and I have learned to be innovative by creating pieces such as murals.

But in general, I can say that I’ll always be attracted to the artistic techniques and tools that are yet unknown to me.

WDS: With the evolution of graphic design into a future where technology enhancement is just a click away. Which would you say that you prefer and that suits best your line of work: the traditional and handmade techniques or the digital?

Tizieu: Hummm… I’m always working on my computer, but I never let the pencil and the piece of paper leave my sight. The computer will always be a great tool to achieve an effect like brush stroke or a line of spray paint. But I do have to confess; that the traditional design techniques may play an advantage when you have the chance to touch the piece of paper or the real thing.

I would say in a way I prefer the digital methods most of the time, especially for how challenging the traditional ones can be, for example you’ll never be able to click on undo or step back on a real piece as you would easily do on a computer J when you’ve realized that the result of your wasn’t what you expected, and you wish just to erase all the damage that has been done.

And in this sense, digital techniques can be really useful to help me to complete my project.

WDS: How would you define the style of your line of work?

Tizieu: It’s hard for me to define my style. What I can say, is that I have a thing for creating characters! But to talk about a particular style for all for my work would be a hard thing to say. You see the thing is that during my creation process I tell a story, through the spirit of my design, and for each design I find a matching personality and environment that suits them best. So sometimes I may draw in a French-Belgian comic’s style, while other times I might go for a more abstract approach, and others for a more realistic feel.

WDS: Now, let’s talk now about your inspiration source, where does it come from?Tizieu: I often like to observe and analyze the work being made during artistic movements from the past like Constructivism, Abstract Art, Bauhaus or Surrealism, not always necessarily in the exact moment when I’m about to create the piece, but as a constant task of investigation. The results can later be found when I look at my work and realize the importance I’ve given to the line and its movement.

Of course that spending time with my little entourage and reading comics, can always count as a source of inspiration.

WDS: When you begin a certain project, is there a certain method that you employ when you first approaching a design?

Tizieu: No… just to find the motivation to start with, this is actually the hardest phase to go huhu!

WDS: What projects are you currently working on, and what other endeavors are you planning to take on in future?

Tizieu: At the time, I’m working on a project of a series of observational drawings called “Curious”, which you’ll get to see very soon. Also I’m working on boosting my international professional network and getting a project of mine published. In the future I see myself creating a mass-produced line of limited edition posters, t-shirts and other goodies, and as always, I’m open to work in collaboration with other fellow designers.

WDS: Well Tizieu we’d like to thank you for granting us a few minutes of your time and giving us the chance to dig into your brain for a while, Is there anything else you’d like to add for our readers at webdesignshock.com?Tizieu: Thank YOU! …….and Amour, Gloire et Beauté is the french touch!

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