Tomkin Font Family: 54 Sans-serif Fonts, Matching Italics, 9 Weights & 3 Variations

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Get the entire Tomkin font family today and get the entire pack with 54 sans-serif fonts delivered in OTF file format

This typeface features 9 weights ranging from thin to extrablack and 3 distinctive variations including normal, narrow & condensed as well as matching italics for every font

Regularly this pack would cost over $160, so grab them with this limited time promo today for just $12!

You Will Receive:

  • The complete Tomkin font family
  • 54 sans-serif fonts
  • Files delivered in OTF format
  • 9 weights, thin to extrablack
  • Normal, narrow & condensed variations
  • Matching true italics
  • Commercial use

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