Tomkin Font Family: 54 Sans-serif Fonts, Matching Italics, 9 Weights & 3 Variations

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Get the entire Tomkin font family today, a big typeface that features 54 sans-serif fonts with a variety of weights and width variants as well as matching true italics for each font, a very versatile typeface that will have you covered for many diffrent use-cases: Tomkin looks great on large sizes for display compositions and headlines as well as on smaller sizes for long paragraphs

Every font in this family is delivered in OTF file format, with support for wester, central and eastern european languages, and features 9 different weights ranging from thin to extra bold & black weights, and 3 distinctive font width variations including normal, narrow & condensed.

Each font & weight also includes matching italics, so you’ll be able to use this work horse font in all kinds of typographical projects, ranigng from large billboards and signs to magazine headlines and paragraphs, branding, packaging and much more.

Regularly this pack would cost over $160, so grab them with this limited time promo today for just $12!

You Will Receive:

  • The complete Tomkin font family
  • 54 sans-serif fonts
  • Files delivered in OTF format
  • 9 weights, thin to extrablack
  • Normal, narrow & condensed variations
  • Matching true italics
  • Commercial use

Fonts contained in the package

  • Tomkin Thin
  • Tomkin Thin Italic
  • Tomkin ExtraLight
  • Tomkin ExtraLight Italic
  • Tomkin Light
  • Tomkin Light Italic
  • Tomkin SemiLight
  • Tomkin SemiLight Italic
  • Tomkin Regular
  • Tomkin Italic
  • Tomkin Medium
  • Tomkin Medium Italic
  • Tomkin Bold
  • Tomkin Bold Italic
  • Tomkin ExtraBold
  • Tomkin ExtraBold Italic
  • Tomkin Black
  • Tomkin Black Italic
  • Tomkin Narrow Thin
  • Tomkin Narrow Thin Italic
  • Tomkin Narrow ExtraLight
  • Tomkin Narrow ExtraLight Italic
  • Tomkin Narrow Light
  • Tomkin Narrow Light Italic
  • Tomkin Narrow SemiLight
  • Tomkin Narrow SemiLight Italic
  • Tomkin Narrow
  • Tomkin Narrow Italic
  • Tomkin Narrow Medium
  • Tomkin Narrow Medium Italic
  • Tomkin Narrow Bold
  • Tomkin Narrow Bold Italic
  • Tomkin Narrow ExtraBold
  • Tomkin Narrow ExtraBold Italic
  • Tomkin Narrow Black
  • Tomkin Narrow Black Italic
  • Tomkin Condense Thin
  • Tomkin Condense Thin Italic
  • Tomkin Condense ExtraLight
  • Tomkin Condense ExtraLight Italic
  • Tomkin Condense Light
  • Tomkin Condense Light Italic
  • Tomkin Condense SemiLight
  • Tomkin Condense SemiLight Italic
  • Tomkin Condense
  • Tomkin Condense Italic
  • Tomkin Condense Medium
  • Tomkin Condense Medium Italic
  • Tomkin Condense Bold
  • Tomkin Condense Bold Italic
  • Tomkin Condense ExtraBold
  • Tomkin Condense ExtraBold Italic
  • Tomkin Condense Black
  • Tomkin Condense Black Italic

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