Top 10 T-Shirt Design Packs for Print on Demand Businesses

Last update on Jan 31, 2022 by Juan Pablo Sarmiento
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When it comes to Print-on-demand, coming up with designs can be a hassle, especially when starting out.

It costs a lot to get a decent custom design made, and even then, there’s no guarantee of the design bringing in sales after launch.

Thankfully, with the help of design packs, any POD business owner can skip the hassle and cost of hiring designers and testing designs.

A design pack is simply a bundle of professionally created designs that you can use without limit for Print on Demand purposes. Not only are design packs relatively cheap, but they are also easy to use and normally contain a lot of popular, well-made illustrations with a track record of driving sales.

This article has compiled the top 10 t-shirt design packs for any Print-on-demand business with designs ranging from fictional characters to editable text.

But before that, let’s go through some useful information about designs to help you better choose what design packs would suffice for your print-on-demand target demographics.

Features of a Quality Design

When it comes to design for print on demand, there are three major things to look out for;

  1. File Types and compatibility
  2. Editability
  3. License and copyright

File Types and Compatibility

There are basically two image types, vectors, and rasters/bitmaps.

File Types and Compatibility

Ideally, for print-on-demand purposes, you would want Vector files.

Vector files are scalable, which means they can be printed at any size without losing quality; this is perfect for t-shirts and other apparel that come in different sizes.

Some common Vector formats include; Ai, SVG, EPS, PDF.

 common Vector formats

On the other hand, Raster files are resolution-dependent and lose quality when scaled up or down.

While vector files are always the best option for print-on-demand, it’s not to say that raster files are completely unusable.

Just make sure that the file type you are using for designs in Raster is either PNG or PDF, as these formats support transparency and can be easily printed without any loss in quality.

 common Vector formats

To determine whether the raster images in a design pack have a suitable resolution for printing on t-shirts, you need to check their pixel density.

You can easily spot this on the design pack sales page or check with a program like Photoshop.

The number of pixels in an inch of the image is known as dots per inch (DPI) or pixels per inch (PPI).

The recommended dots per inch (dpi) for printing designs in both vector and raster format is 300DPI.

While not all design packs come with vector files, most of them would include high-resolution raster images that are still suitable for printing on a range of apparel.

Most design packs will come with both vector and bitmap files, but make sure to double-check before purchasing.


Most good-quality design packs come with editable text, which is an incredibly important feature as it allows you to change the text to fit your brand, language, or target audience.

Editability is not only concerned with text-based designs; in some cases, you might need to edit other attributes like color, size, or alter positions of design elements.

Design Editability

Designs provided in vector format are always 100% editable; make sure to check design packs if they include vector versions of designs they feature; it’s quite difficult to edit designs in PNG or other raster file formats.

Another important factor to check for when it comes to editability is typography, font family to be precise.

While some design packs come with fonts installed, others don’t; it’s important to check this before purchasing.

You may have to purchase fonts separately if the pack you’re looking at doesn’t include them.

License & Copyright

It’s very important to check if the design pack you’re considering buying has a license, especially if it’s for commercial purposes.

You don’t want to buy a design pack that isn’t allowed to be used commercially after all.

Almost all design packs will include copyright information on their purchase page or inside the product files. Still, some might not include license information even though they allow commercial usage of designs (in such cases, simply contact the designer or store).

Some commonly offered licenses include;

  • Creative Commons Non-Commercial
  • Creative Commons Attribution
  • Commercial License

Each license allows a different degree of usage and should be duly followed to avoid any form of legal issue. 

If you can’t find the license or copyright information for a design pack, it’s best to avoid it.

For the use of copyrighted images on design packs, make sure to double-check the license of the design pack you’re purchasing if it covers it.

If the design pack license doesn’t cover the use of images, you’ll have to get an individual license for each image featured in the collection or avoid the design pack altogether.

You can also switch existing copyrighted images not covered by the design pack license with free-to-use alternatives online.

If you go ahead without making sure a lawsuit can be launched against your business, be ready to pay a hefty fine to resolve.

Now that we’ve gone over the basics of what to look for when choosing a design pack, let’s look at the top 10 t-shirt design packs for POD currently available on the market.

Top 10 T-Shirt Design Packs for your POD Business

Anime T-Shirt Design Pack

Anime T-Shirt Design Pack

The anime community is one of the easiest to sell any form of merchandise, with anime t-shirts being at the top of their interest pyramid.

This design pack is handcrafted for anime enthusiasts. It includes 50 distinct anime t-shirt designs, featuring characters and depictions from popular anime shows and media like Naruto, Bleach, and One Piece.

The design pack also comes in high-resolution full-color prints that you may immediately add to your design portfolio and sell to clients without the need for edits or customizations.

Anime T-Shirt Design Pack Sample

The Anime Design Pack costs $24 with a 100 percent commercial use license.

Vector T-Shirt Designs Bundle

Vector T-Shirt Designs Bundle

Another unique brand of T-Shirts is Vector design T-Shirts. The request for Vector T-Shirts in today’s market cannot be emphasized further as the Demand has always been on a fly-high, Perhaps, because of the simplicity and uniqueness that follows it.

This Vector Design pack contains 500+ Wonderful T-shirt designs that would create Unique looking T-shirts & even Hoodies.

These beautiful Vector designs include illustrations such as bicycles, Vespa motorcycles, cars, nature themes like mountains, bugs & animals, vintage objects like typewriters & pocket watches, badge elements, rays, shields, and a whole lot of other beautiful elements. 

A Fascinating thing about the Vector T-shirt Design Package is that all its designs are delivered with a 100% vector source that you can modify however you want.

You can change the color, add or remove any elements, change a text, font, size, Scale-up & down. 

All these can be done without losing even a tiny bit of the Vector image quality, Great Right!

Vector T-Shirt Designs Bundle Sample

You can get this Vector T-shirt Design package for as low as $24 With a full commercial usage License., Right 

Retro T-Shirt Designs Pack

Retro T-Shirt Designs Pack

This Package contains 100 editable T-shirt designs with an authentic Vintage illustration style Designed with distressed and gritty textures.

The Retro T-shirt package covers vast design packages ranging from Adventure T-shirts, Cars and Bikes T-shirts, Sexy T-shirts, Gym T-shirts, Sports T-shirts, Nurses T-shirts, Motivational T-shirts, Christian T-shirts, and lots more. 

Its designs mix both traditional and modern styles, giving you a good range of options to choose from.

Its vector files are in Ai & EPS formats; with this, you can scale up/down, change colors, add or remove elements without losing any quality.

The text is also fully editable; you can change the slogans to any other slogan or phrase of your choice and the font size to your liking.

This flexibility helps individuals get the desired taste and preference they wish to attain

Retro T-Shirt Designs Pack Sample

Skull T-Shirt Designs Pack, Dark Collection

Skull T-Shirt Designs Pack, Dark Collection

Another Top-notch category of T-Shirt Designs is Skull T-Shirts. These designer brands give a special type of vibe when worn.

A Lover of Skull T-Shirt was asked why he prefers Skull T-Shirt Brands, and this was his answer.

 “It gives some sort of a different dark vibe charisma, Perhaps probably because most Skull T-shirt designs contains dark characters & villain illustrations from known movies and characters world wide.”

Where is the lie! Truly, this special vibe comes with Skull T-Shirts brand can’t be found in any other T-Shirt design brand.

This package includes t-shirt designs with files delivered in EPS format; they contain

Fully editable vectors that you can Scale, recolor, and modify without losing any image quality

It encompasses different Variety of character designs and illustrations from Dark characters, villains, skulls & more.

Another fascinating feature about this package is Its full-color design made in a neat illustration style with a dark spin on several popular culture characters from comic books and media and original designs from the author.

It is a complete package you would not want to miss out on if you have a skull design-loving audience.

Skull T-Shirt Designs Pack, Dark Collection Sample

The package is going for a sale price of just $24, Along with a Commercial use license.

Coolest T-Shirt Designs Pack

Coolest T-Shirt Designs Pack

This package comprises 50 cool T-shirt designs featuring different amazing pieces of astonishing artwork of animals, monsters, nature, characters, and more.

These Cool T-shirt designs are delivered in fully editable Ai, EPS & PSD file formats without any loss or reduction in Quality. 

The fresh and colorful sensation that comes with these Cool T-shirts designs makes Cool T-Shirts always trend in the Clothing market. 

The vector files of this design pack are fully layered and neatly organized, with each of its layers properly named and each effect separated so that you can be able to work on the designs easily. 

Every design also includes a large high-resolution transparent PNG file and a print-ready at 300dpi, allowing an immediate print fresh out of the box.

Coolest T-Shirt Designs Pack Sample

This design pack collection goes for just $24! Inclusive of a Commercial use license Right

Vector T-Shirt Designs Pack – American/USA

Vector T-Shirt Designs Pack – American/USA

This Vector T-Shirt Design collection is packed with 100 beautiful American-themed illustrations, including Calligram flags, war veteran Illustrations, nice country quotes, and lots more.  

Every design in this bundle package is available in various file formats, making them usable no matter the scenario.

This makes it easier for you to work on them using any vector editing software of your choice having any of these formats (EPS, SVG, CDR, PSD, AI & PDF).

The Vector Designs are Fully customizable, layered & well organized; you can also change the colors, shapes, add or remove any elements without losing the image quality.

Each one also includes a PNG file that you can export on transparent background with a high resolution and a full-color print ready at 300dpi, making it easier for you to make these illustrations available to Clients fast.

Vector T-Shirt Designs Pack – American/USA Sample

You can with this amazing deal for just $19 along with a Commercial Usage Right.

Vector T-Shirt Designs & Prints, Editable Texts

Vector T-Shirt Designs & Prints, Editable Texts

This package contains 237 unique design features and illustrations comprising several designs and styles such as Watercolors, Sports,  typography, halftones, and a whole lot more. 

This design package is available in Ai & EPS vector file formats and PSD & high-resolution transparent PNG rasters with a  print-ready feature at 300dpi.

What’s great about this package is that Its texts can be editable, and every design includes .txt with a link to the font used in it.

This would really help you when you want to modify or adjust a design to your desired taste and liking.

Vector T-Shirt Designs & Prints, Editable Texts Sample

This Design pack would normally cost you more, but now you can get this exclusive deal for just $39! Attached with a Commercial use license 

T-Shirt Design Cartoons Pack

T-Shirt Design Cartoons Pack

This T-shirt design Package consists of 270+ colorful, beautiful cartoon characters collections featuring original characters from popular media like TV shows, Video Games, and more. 

Every design in this package is delivered with a vector source file and a use-ready file that can allow one to start printing as soon as possible.

It is delivered in Ai, CDR, EPS, PSD & SVG source formats and Includes a transparent PNG file format for each design done, the text is also Editable, and the links to fonts are included.

The 100% vector source allows you to recolor, resize and modify however and whenever you want, without losing the image quality.

T-Shirt Design Cartoons Pack Sample

You can grab all of these illustrations now for just $29 with a Usable commercial license.

Vintage T-Shirts Bundle

Vintage T-Shirts Bundle

This bundle comprises 200 fascinating, unique Vintage features with beautiful illustrations perfect for t-shirt prints.

The Illustrations include various themes such as sports, vintage motorcycles & cars, boxing, airplanes, etc.

The package is delivered with a 100% vector source and a print-ready full-color file that can allow you to start using it immediately on your products. 

Every design in this package contains five different vector source files that can help you fully customize any design of your choice. 

You can recolor, change the shapes, add or remove any elements of your choice and scale up & down without losing any image quality.

Its texts are also editable, giving you more creative freedom and reusability.

The package also includes links to the font files used in cases where you might choose to retain the original typography.

The package also has a high resolution and print-ready feature at 300dpi, allowing you to start offering to your customers immediately.

All these outstanding features make the Package bundle a tempting offer that is hard to resist. 

You will not want to miss this deal if your customers are fervent Lovers of Vintage T-Shirts Clothing.

Vintage T-Shirts Bundle Sample

Get the entire vintage T-shirt bundle package now for just $29! Commercial usage license also inclusive.

Cute Animal Illustrations Pack

Cute Animal Illustrations Pack

This Cute Animal Illustrations package contains a massive collection of cute animals designs featuring 16 different themes with a beautiful cartoon design style.

These Designs style ranges from astronaut dogs, cats & mice to funny cats, house pets wearing Christmas costumes, dogs playing guitar to wild & polar bears, and a whole lot of others.

Every illustration included comes with a 100% editable vector source file format that can help you recolor, scale up or down and add or remove any element.

All these can be done without losing even a tiny bit of the Illustration quality, Cool right?

Every design includes a high-resolution PNG file exported on a transparent background print ready at 300dpi.

If Your Customer Fanbase has shown to have a soft touch for cute, furry, and fluffy animal clothing, then you would not want to look past this wonderful Package deal. 

Cute Animal Illustrations Pack Sample

You can get this Package bundle with a Commercial use license for just $19! Only 


When choosing the right design pack for your t-shirt business, it’s important to consider the factors mentioned in this article.

By doing so, you can be sure that you’re getting a high-quality product that will help take your Print on Demand business to the next level.

The designs listed here are all proven to convert, so no matter what level your POD business is at, these should give you a considerable advantage and make your first couple of sales more probable.

Just make sure to double-check the license and copyright information before purchasing to avoid any legal issues.

We hope you found this article helpful and informative; if you have any questions or any personal experience with a design pack that worked great for your POD business, feel free to leave a comment below.

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