Atomic UI Design System Starter Kit for Figma, Sketch & Adobe XD

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This design system starter kit is the perfect kickstart template for SaaS-focused digital products and brands. It features ready-made Atomic components and template samples that will provide robust building blocks for any web or mobile project.

Instead of a checklist you’ll have a design file primed with everything you’ll need to start your project the right way: scalabe Atomic components and sample templates for dashboard, categories, calendar, kanban boards, file management, e-commerce and many more, mobile and web layout options, iOS and Android framing components for presentations/mockups, email templates, social media templates, vector icons and more.

With 20+ atoms elements, 20+ molecule elements, 10+ Organism Elements, and 10+ Objects you’re instantly ahead of the game. Apply these elements with ease to the 30+ layout options (both web and mobile) using a scalable 4px grid system.

All you need to do is edit colors, fonts, and styles and you’re off, and you’ll be able to work with this kit using your platform of choice since the package includes files for Figma, Sketch and Adobe XD.

Check out a live preview in Figma

Regularly this neat design system would be priced $50, however with this limited time deal you can get it today for just $20!

You Will Receive:

  • Styles layouts for Colors, Typography, Icons, Grid, Illustrations, and Photography
  • Bonus 300+ Design System Icon set (replace with your own or material, font awesome, iconic, etc.)
  • 60+ scalable atomic design components
  • Best practice accessibility UI out of the gate (AA/AAA approved color contrast levels by ADA)
  • 30+ Mobile and Web nav and layout options
  • Bonus iOS and Android framing components (for presentations/mockups)
  • 50+ Mobile and Web app template samples
  • Template samples include dashboard, category, detail, calendar, kanban boards, file management, chat, article, e-commerce and more
  • 6 responsive sample email templates
  • Social element templates for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube
  • Bonus data set samples (people, locations, and objects) for your mockup needs

UI Design System

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