Vector Brushes Pack: 50 Material Brushes

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This Vector Brushes Pack for Illustrator is a carefully and thoroughly crafted tool for your graphic projects containing 50 brushes of varying materials: pipes, chains, ropes, wood, and others. The pack includes some design complementary design elements to improve your creations, includes an ochre color palette in ASE format, and best of all, it’s fully editable in Illustrator.

This pack delivers the built pattern brushes with variant ends, and the pieces of the brushes themselves to be easily edited. The brushes go really well with these Poster Templates, so enjoy them, experiment with the full pack, share and let us know what you think in the comments below!

vector-brushesropes-vector-brusheschains-vector-brushes  plumbing-vector-brushes  wood-vector-brushesOther-vector-brushes vector-brushes vector-brushes vector-brushes vector-brushes vector-brushes

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