Vector Cartoon Characters Builder, 39 Kits for Men, Women & Children

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A massive, brand new deal featuring 39 vector cartoon character construction kits, over 800 elements that you can use to generate unique characters and avatars, with everything from individual eye, lips and nose elements to different hairstyles, accessories, face/head shapes and more!

The collection contains cartoon character kits for a diverse set of ethnicities and age groups as well as kits for male and female characters, you’ll be able to create avatars for children, teenagers, men, women, seniors, etc.

Each kit is delivered as a separate EPS file that contains every asset for a given character, you’ll be able to create great looking avatars and cartoons through drag and drop simplicity using any vector editing software you want!

Purchased separately these kits would set you back over $300, so grab this huge collection today with this limited time deal, get all 39 kits today for just $29!

You Will Receive:

  • 39 vector charater kits
  • Over 850 assets: hairs, eyes, lips, noses & more
  • Files delivered in EPS format
  • Includes men, women, kids and seniors
  • Create unique characters easily through drag & drop
  • Diverse collection with different genders, ethnicities and age groups
  • Commercial use license

Vector avatar kits included:

  • Girl face
  • Boy face
  • Woman face
  • Man face
  • Old woman face
  • Old man face
  • Homeless face

Vector Character Builders

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