Vector Desktop Generator, 200 Editable Elements

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This time we present you this Vector Desktop Generator, a collection of 200 vector-based items to combine within work desktop scenes. Since all the elements are vector edit them anyway without quality loss, using the Adobe Illustrator .ai file provided and make the most of the included wood texture and the suggested pre-arranged scenes. Enjoy this outline styled and pixel-perfect set with a warm color palette, work with it, and make your projects pop to life.

vector_desktop_generator_200_intro desktop_scene-01 vector_library-02 desktop_computer-03 laptop_mockup_scene-04 desktop_scene-05 workplace_scene-06 photography_vector-07 photography_scene-08 vector_office-09 poker_vector-10 coffee_vector-11 coffee_scene-12architecture_vector-13 telephone_vector-14 designer_vector-15 girly_desktop-16 soft_drink_vector-17 workplace_scene-18 nightstand_vector-19 vector_plants-20 clock_vector-21 money_vector-22 vector_bust-23 study_scene-24 vector_cups-25 library_scene-26lamps_vectors-01 books_vectors-02 clocks_vectors-03 food_vectors-04 graphic_materials_vector-05 desktop_devices_vector_06 plant_vector-07 peripherals_vector-08 poker_vector-09 mixed_elements_vector_10 vector_papers_wall-11 vector_wood_furniture-12

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