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Introducing VectorStyler, a vector editing software for Windows and Mac that professionals and beginners alike can use to create stunning illustrations and drawings, using all of the advanced tools available in popular graphic design software like Adobe Illustrator and Affinity Designer but also jam-packed with it’s own set of unique tools and features to help your graphic design projects shine like never before

VectorStyler has an intuitive and familiar user interface where you’ll have no trouble navigating and finding the tools you need, it supports multiple Artboards in a single canvas as well as multiple canvases in a single document, you’re also able to import .Ai files and retain all the editing options as well as brushes, patterns, gradients and more

You can freely rotate the canvas and continue drawing/editing on the rotated canvas, it has advanced collision snapping, and you can also create and rotate guidelines at any angle you want – objects will snap correctly to the rotated guidelines!

It also has advanced typography options, a huge amount of features that allow you to create and draw shapes, apply hundreds of effects to objects, true vector brushes, batch selection/editing of elements by attributes, sketching tool, artwork masking and clipping options and much more!

Whether you’re a professional designer or a beginner that’s only getting started, VectorStyler will definitely be one of the best choices for you to work on your projects, and the best part is that it is delivered with a perpetual license + 1 year free updates that you can use on up to 3 machines!

VectorStyler can handle everything from simple to highly complex design projects at a fraction of the price of an Adobe subscription, so make sure you don’t miss out on this offer!


  • Advanced illustration & drawing software
  • Your license on both Windows & Mac machines
  • Perpetual license, no subscription fees
  • Perfect for design professionals as well as beginners

You Will Receive:

  • License for VectorStyler
  • Activate on up to 3 machines
  • Software for MacOS and Windows 10 machines
  • License key can activate both OS versions
  • Perpetual license, no subscription fees
  • Includes 1 year free updates
  • Native to Apple Silicon, Apple Intel, and Windows 10
  • Supported file formats for importing: AI, PDF, EPS, Postscript, SVG, EMF, WMF, PNG, TIFF, PSD, JPG & WEBP
  • Supported file formats for exporting: PDF, EPS, Postscript, SVG, EMF, WMF, PNG, TIFF, JPG & WEBP

VectorStyler comes jam-packed with amazing features for professional designers and beginners alike:

  • Open native Adobe Illustrator files, preserving all editing options
  • Shape builder tool to create complex shapes
  • Freely rotate the canvas and draw / edit on the rotated canvas
  • Supports a large number of artboards on a single canvas
  • Multiple canvases in a single document
  • Advanced collision snapping, rotated guidelines and grids
  • Export selected assets, batch export artboards or regions of the canvas
  • Artistic, pattern, scatter and bristle brush types are supported
  • Collection of nondestructive vector shape effects, editable live on the canvas
  • Bend distortion: stretch groups of objects along curves, using variable width for stretching
  • Adjustment layers and adjustment objects to apply image effects on object backdrop
  • Advanced typography options with multiline paragraph composer
  • Sketch tool to easily draw complex closed and open shapes
  • Mesh and envelope distortion
  • Multiple fill and stroke on objects
  • Artwork masking and clipping options
  • Object blend and contour effects
  • Pencil and brush stabilizer modes
  • Dynamic freehand sketching mode, to erase and join at shape intersections
  • Offset path both dynamic live, and destructive modes
  • Vector tiling pattern fill with multiple positioning options
  • Many more tools!

You can check out a full list of features here

Open Native AI Files

VectorStyler is capable of opening/importing native Adobe Illustrator CC and CS files (not just PDF), and the best part is it retains the high level artwork attributes. Vector brushes, tiling patterns, gradients are also imported!

Snapping Options

VectorStyler provides advanced snapping options so you can accurately position your objects and shapes exactly where you want them. Collision snapping uses collisions between the moved objects and two other shapes to precisely position objects at touching location to the shapes or at some preset distance.

Guidelines at any Angle

Create guidelines and rotate them at any angle you want. Objects will snap correctly to rotated guidelines, considering the object shape and guideline direction!

Artboards & Canvases

VectorStyler supports multiple artboards (large number allowed) on a single canvas as well as multiple canvases in a single document.

Vector Brushes

Paint with real scalable vector brushes! The vector brush shapes and contents remain editable. You can create vector brushes from artwork, and dynamically link brush content to editable artwork. You can also import AI brush collections from Adobe Illustrator!

Advanced Typography

Flow text in and around any shape, and balance multiple columns inside a text frame. Use multi-line paragraph composer for better text justification.

Japanese Typography

Enable support for Japanese typography in preferences. Select Warichu, Tate-chu-yoko, Shatai, Kenten and Ruby formatting. Setup Kinsoku and Mojikumi options. Automatically rotate Roman characters inside vertical text flow.

Text on Path

Place and edit text on any shape. The text on path alignment can be linked to the shape, to dynamically update as the shape is changed. Drag the baseline of a point text into a curve using the Node tool. Text on path can use the bend effect for smooth glyph distortions.

Color and Variable Fonts

Full support for OpenType color fonts (SVG and COLR) and variable fonts. Use color fonts with any of the existing text options. Select variable font parameters from the Character panel.

Shape Effects

Apply non-destructive shape effects to vector objects, groups and point text. Edit the shape effect parameters interactively, or set them in the Shape Effect panel. Create envelope, mesh, elastic warp and other distortions, or dynamically offset the shape of objects.

Shape Bending

The shape bending effect stretches the objects along an editable shape, using variable width profile to control the width along the shape. The shape used in bending can be edited with the Node tool, and additional options can be set in the Shape Effects panel.

Elastic Warp Effect

The elastic warp shape effect can be used to distort shapes by moving pin-points on a mesh grid. The mesh can be edited with the Node tool, or using the shape effect editor tool of the Shape Effects panel. Additional options can be set in the Shape Effects panel.

Image Effects

Add live image effects to vector objects and groups, choose from over 100 image effects, each one with multiple options. All of the image effects are non-destructive, and can be changed or removed at any time. Adjust image effect parameters interactively on canvas, for better visual control.

Image effects can be created and edited using the Image Effects panel. All image effects are live, with the vector objects and shapes remaining editable. Combine multiple image effects to create custom filters compositions. Import and use SVG filter compositions directly from the Image Effects panel.

Adjustment Effects

Turn any object, group or layer into an adjustment effect layer, using any of the image effects. Adjustment objects use the object shape, group or layer content as mask of the adjustment effect.


Add dynamic bevel image effect to vector objects. Vector objects remain editable, with the bevel effect updating live as the vector are adjusted.

Inner/Outer Glow

Add inner or outer glow to shapes and objects. The glow effect parameters can be edited in the Image Effects panel. The shape and style of objects remain editable.

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