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Resizable SVG icons sets, covering different categories and design styles.

  • Plenty of Material Icons in one huge vector collection, geometric color glyph icons grouped in themed sets and fully editable as Illustrator Ai, SVG and PNG, following Google’s Material Design guidelines to the letter. Created by Iconshock.

  • Modern Sketch Icons form Nitin Bhatnagar, this pack contains 29 unique free icons designed in Line style and featuring fun coloring. Includes basic actions for UI design and they are all completely free for personal and commercial use.

  • IT Icon set is a beautifully made Line icons pack containing 20 items, with animated variations. The download contains source vector files as well as PNG and SVG files.

  • Created by Behance user Anastasia Ogorodnik, this large pack contains 400 high-quality line icons to be used in web or apps for a variety of purposes. The download contains Ai, PNG, EPS, SVG and PSD formats.

  • Neat freebie designed by Vecteezy, this is a set of 20 high-quality free vector icons designed in a flat style with a medical motif. Includes several metaphors like blood transfusion, pills, dental health, heart rate, and many others.

  • A set of bathroom-themed, pixel-perfect icons made by behance user Aomam. Includes 12 line icons with colored variations, both for Ai and Sketch, and they are all completely free for personal use.

  • This bundle contains a total of 36 fun, colorful line icons made in Illustrator, they come separated in three categories with 12 icons each for transportation, kitchen, and musical instruments, and they are completely free for personal and commercial use.

  • A bundle containing 30 icons designed by Kanin Abhiromsawat in a flat style. Icons for consoles, controllers, handheld game consoles and other hardware related to the gaming industry. All the icons included come in Eps, SVG, png, and PSD formats, and are completely free for personal, as well as free for commercial use (with attribution license).

  • Devicon is an ingenious set of icons beautifully designed to represent the different programming languages, frameworks, design and development tools, popular OSs and software, etc. They can be used as font or directly as svg files.

  • This is a free bundle containing 300 monochromatic unique vector icons both in Line and Glyph styles, ideal for UI/UX Devs and Designers. All items included are consistent with each other and their line thickness, colors and sizes can all be easily edited.

  • A huge, pixel perfect icon pack (20×20 px) containing the full pack of 1800 icons with two backgrounds, they are packed in: .sketch .psd .ai .svg .eps and .png

  • A pack of 50 Vector Illustrations for onboarding screens, landing pages, marketing websites, as Illustrator, Sketch, SVG and Adobe XD files.

  • A free colorful set of 20 business icons made in Sketch. The icons are editable and ready to use on your website or mobile app. They were designed by Dimitry Miroliubov.

  • A cute avatar and icons set designed for boys and girls made in Adobe Illustrator. It has a nice kawaii style, including hundreds of possible combination. It has 150 icons, 150 avatars and all of them are fully editable.

  • A collection of editable vector elements with a flat hipster style. The pack includes 530 editable elements that you can download for free, fully editable in Adobe Illustrator. It includes 4 poster types, 3 kinds of badges, 2 versions of icons.

  • This package contains part of the Proximo Line icons set. It has 24 pixel perfect line icons that come in different file types including Illustrator vector ai and transparent png files. For personal or commercial projects.

  • This set contains 90 line and solid icons divided into three colors. The icons come in the three different tones and in editable files for both Sketch and Illustrator.

  • This set of vector icons includes a category for e-commerce and one for flat line UX. This set may be modified in size, color or shape of the icons. It can be used for commercial projects but no reselling.

  • This PSD icon set includes highly detailed and useful business and finance icons. They can be used in websites, templates, and more. These vector icons are easily editable.

  • This is a set of 50 icons that can be websites and mobile apps. They were designed in 32 x 32 pixel perfect and come in PNG, SVG, and EPS ready to use, and in editable AI. Good for personal and commercial projects.

  • Citysets is a collection of city-based icon sets. It has four categories: London, Paris, Sydney and New York. The package includes files for Illustrator, Sketch and SVG.

  • A cool icons set that uses cities as their inspiration, it includes 31 icons showcasing ways of transport, buildings, common places, outdoor activities, weather forecast, and much more.

  • A set of 45 icons with the theme of the Olympic Games coming in different vector formats like EPS and SVG (as well as PDF and PNG for which every sport is expressed with a corresponding icon, licensed under the Creatives Licence Attribution 3.0 Unported). The color, shape and size of the icons can be modified.

  • A set with 50 icons especially crafted for bakeries. It has SVG files, as well as EPS format files for easy edition. The icons are flat yet colorful, and this set can be used for personal projects.

  • A collection of 12 flat geometric designs available in PNG, SVG, EPS and Ai formats with a maximum dimension of 1080x841px, depicting every month of the year. You can modify the size, color and shape of the icons thanks to its vectors. The zip file is really lightweight.

  • Free version of Iconshock’s Simple Line Icons set, a huge pack of icons with more than 500 items. This free sample bundle contains 125 line icons in 5 sizes, all in png format.

  • A free sample bundle from Iconshock’s Isometric Icons Set, a huge pack of 150 isometric icons about the most popular topics in the industry, this set takes the beauty of flat icons from the 2D plane to a 3D space within 6 different sizes, also includes the vectorial files and the png files. This free version includes only half the files.

  • A set of 12 beautifully crafted fruit icons featuring a blob style and including the thick-line version of themselves. They are delivered in both vector Ai and Sketch.

  • A great site featuring a collection of 5000 icons that comprises icons for several platforms, iOS, Android and web applications including a downloadable free pack with 100 icons in different formats.

  • A set of beautifully crafted and carefully designed 40+ icons featuring rounded corners and internal angles, using a grid to obtain perfect forms and offered in negative version too.

  • A fantastic set of 84 icons beautifully crafted in PNG and SVG vectors, featuring defined lines, perfect for use in the web or app design, business, startups, corporate, and personal portfolio.

  • An amazing set of icons in PSD and Ai featuring diverse scenarios perfect to include in your projects. It is free for personal and commercial use.

  • A set of 52 colorful flat icons featuring different fun activities, easily to integrate into several projects due to all of them are available in multiple formats, Ai, SVG, Sketch, and others. The file weighs about 3 Mbytes.

  • A fantastic set of 50 carefully crafted vector icons featuring tools, grains, and all the stuff needed to experience the best atmosphere around coffee, dedicated to all baristas and coffee lovers.

  • An amazing set of 24 neatly crafted line icons regarding music studio items that come available in two sizes of PNGs, SVGs, Sketch file and Illustrator file.

  • A nice set of 40 color icons regarding features of apps and products delivered in vector Ai and SVG formats as well as PNG samples rangin from 32 to 512 pixels.

  • A nice and unique set of 12 lovely vector icons representing different stuff which you can find in a designer’s house. The icons are available in several formats: EPS, PNG and Sketch. It’s free for personal or commercial projects.

  • A huge bundle of around 80,000 icons counting on plenty of designs for more than 20 different industries available in vector PSD format as well as PNG samples in 20, 30, 40, 60, 72, 114 and 512 pixels.

  • A stunning bundle of more than 21,000 icons crafted in both line and filled style delivered in Ai, SVG, and PNG samples ranging 32 to 512 pixels including an add-on tool in Ai format.

  • Iconshock’s Material Design Icons is a huge collection of about 50,000 Material Design icons neatly crafted for 17 different industries including web, education, people, graphics, and more to see available in Ai and PNG formats. Here, you can download the free sample pack, or you can click the Source button to buy the full pack.

  • A huge collection of around 60k icons neatly crafted in a flat style for 20 different industries including general, education, people, food, and more to see available in Ai and PNG formats.

  • Complete set of 350 free icons following the google Material guidelines with lifestyle, travel and sports related designs (among others). This is a collection designed by Vincent LeMoign on Dribbble.

  • A cool wired-line icon font crafted by Josh Somers that includes an Ai file containing the icons vector format, as well as TTF format and all necessary files for using the font in CSS.

  • A set of almost 3500 icons regarding people professions or jobs crafted in a nice material design style that are available in Ai format and several PNG sizes ranging 24px to 512px.

  • A cool set of 280 line icons regarding office general items available in PNG, EPS, SVG, and Sketch formats.

  • A bundle of about 10,000 Windows 10 icons, neatly and pixel-perfect crafted in its original grid available in editable AI and SVG format files as well as PNG samples in 5 different sizes.

  • Inkallicons is a free set of 150 icons traced with a watery ink brush line featuring clean and realistic minimal effects. These icons come in Ai, SVG and PNG formats.

  • A pack of 450 vector elements in Ai format for Halloween decoration including icons, avatars and generators for both scenarios and characters.

  • A set of 100 color vector icons available in both PSD and Ai featuring miscellaneous things like phones, fruits, smileys, weather conditions and more.

  • Bitsies is a set of over 140 free for personal and commercial use icons in colored outline style. The icons come in icon font, Ai, SVG, PSD, PNG and EPS format.

  • A set of 92 icons regarding office and business topics that come in Ai, EPS, PSD, PDF, PNG, SVG formats. The whole pack weighs over 170MB

  • A set of almost 2000 icons in material design regarding security topics. These icons come in both Ai and SVG format, as well as several PNG previews ranging from 24 to 512 pixels.

  • An open-source project that features several types of SVG icons such as flat color, Windows 10, FontAwesome, Octicons, Fontelico, and many others.

  • An open source icon pack crafted by the PrestaShop design team that comes in a single EPS file and can be used under the conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. It contains several categories such as user interface, commerce, user, food, items, and more.

  • A set of 8 fully editable and scalable flat style icons that represent food ingredients. They all come in a single vector AI file in which you’ll find a carrot, steak, wheat flour bag, cheese, fish, and more.

  • A huge pack of 530 retro and vintage hipster elements including 320 icons, 40 posters, and 170 badges. All of them come in fully editable vector format featuring 2 different versions of icons, 3 types of badges, 4 poster kinds with which you can get up to 3700 possible combinations. You’ll also get 22 high-resolution photos and 4 realistic PSD templates.

  • A set of 15 icons crafted by Rena One representing touch gestures in outline style that come in both PSD and AI formats. All of the icons contained in this set are fully editable and scalable.

  • A set of 300 avatars and icons crafted in flat kawaii style completely editable, scalable and combinable in vector format featuring masks, 3 different line weights (1pt, 3pt and 5pt), a pastel, bright and base color ASE palette, and extra elements regarding sports, food and more.

  • A set of 6 icons that come in 10 different style such as flat, line, black, among others and combinations. This set crafted by Sam Mountain is delivered in both AI and EPS formats.

  • Socialoha Icons is a very fresh, pixel perfect crafted set of 756 icons of all the most relevant social media networks nowadays. You’ll find 6 different styles of Icons (clean, flat, material, black, filled and outline) in several formats (SVG, AI, GIF and PNG).

  • A set of 12 nicely done and completely scalable icons regarding vacations and beach elements. These icons are designed in flat style and delivered in both EPS & AI formats.

  • A set of 100 sports icons set that come in SVG and PNG format. These icons are completely editable and scalable allowing you to get them ready-to-use for any project.

  • A set of 46 universal web and mobile outline style icons that mainly contains office theme icons, like paper sheets, folders, books, among others. This set contains the icons in both SVG and PNG formats.

  • A pack with downloadable 5 icon-patterned tiles for Illustrator, the icons used to create them, and a bunch of ready to use wallpapers for desktop and iPhone. It has been created by Darius Dan using Swifticons, can be used with any CS version and weighs 15 MB.

  • A pack of over 50 gesture vector icons in AI format with an outlined style. The pack includes fully editable and organized layers. They’re licensed for non-commercial use. Created by Wassim Awadallah.

  • A collection of 152 line icons perfect for web developers and designers. The icons included range from user avatars, devices, arrows, e-commerce icons and many more categories in SVG, PNG and EPS for easy edition.

  • SVG porn is a big collection of logos, growing daily, made in SVG format, the logos are editable and scalable, making it a good option to add effects. There are logos for multiple design and development companies and services. To download just click and save as SVG.

  • Glyph is a collection of editable SVG icons. The icons are carefully hand-coded with semantic naming so you can change all or some icons color with simple CSS snippets. To use just copy the sprite.svg to a public folder of your project and start styling. They are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

  • Aionica is a big collection of more than 1000 icons divided in several categories. The set includes tons of icons, including animals, books, buildings, decorations, emoticons, food, nature and more. The icons can be downloaded freely as PNG and SVG.

  • Foundry is a collection of vectorial assets free for download. The collection includes creations specialized in web, technology and design, although you can find all types of vectors for multiple uses. The design of the items is flat and can be downloaded individually as SVG.

  • A gorgeous set of icons in multiple formats like AI, Sketch, PNG, SVG, and EPS. The icons were created with pale colors, and they have really thin outlines. the icons cover several topics, they’re fully editable, and they come in 180px.

  • A pack of 200 free journalism icons in SVG file format. The style is flat, resembling those old style system icons we used to see. You can download and use for free these icons in your personal and commercial projects.

  • A beautiful and unique set of vector icons with an outlined style and sharp edges. The set includes 100 editable icons, with categories like nature, animals, people, technology and more. The set is free and comes in SKETCH, AI, PDF, EPS, SVG formats.

  • A set of beautiful with 24 icons for food websites, apps or printed design. The icons are outlined including themes for breakfast, main dishes and desserts. They come in a single EPS file that you can open with any vector editor. Created by Kalina Giersz and Studio Smacznego.

  • A set of 312 free icons for personal and commercial projects in SVG format. The set is flat and colorful, including icons for multiple purposes, from the tiniest aspect of life to the most relevant. It is licensed under the Good Boy License.

  • A simple and useful icon set focused on organic food created in multiple formats (AI, PNG, SVG and EPS), totally editable and ready to use. In it you’ll find fruits and vegetables with a beautifully outlined style. This set was created and released by Wojciech Zasina and it has a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

  • A collection of 100 free spa icons in SVG file format. This set can be used for free in your personal and commercial projects. you can even modify them. They weight 4MB and it also includes JPG files.

  • A pack with 150 awesome icons in both PNG and SVG, where you get to choose a wrench from swimming pools to faucets for your brochure or web design. As always the icons are free for personal and commercial use for your next design project!

  • A gorgeous set of 100 free outlined icons for multiple purposes, made in three sizes and several formats like AI, EPS, SVG, PSD, so you can edit them (although they already look really nice). These icons can be used in weather, travelling, presentations, and many more projects. This set was created by Zlatko Najdenovski.

  • A set of 100 educational icons made in SVG, with outlined shapes and fully editable. They can be used in education websites as support or by teachers in their classes, on any printed material. These icons were created by Freepik.

  • A free icon set designed by Bryn Taylor. 77 icons in a minimal, outline style to satisfy all of your design needs. These icons are free to use for your personal and commercial use with attribution. Among its features you’ll find:
    – Scalable vectors
    – Pixel-perfect precision
    – Easy colour modification of any icon
    – AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, PSD, SVG and icon font included
    – Free download

  • A pack with 120 SVG icons ready to be implemented in any web or mobile project. They come in multiple colors and a flat style, comprising several industries and topics. The colors are blue, yellow, green, red and the set includes .AI, .SKETCH, .EPS, .KEY, and .SVG files. You can use it for any commercial and personal works.

  • A set of SVG Icons ready to be implemented in your next project. All you need to do is to choose the icon you need, and copy and paste into your HTML file. These sets are created by several designers, including various sizes, shapes and styles. You can also include your own icons.

  • The PuppetScientists icon set is a compilation of 100 icons with an outlined style and simple rounded shapes. It includes vectors in AI, EPS and PDF formats, and it includes 24px, 32px, 64px and 128px sizes.

  • A free set of 120 retina-ready icons for iOS 7 and iOS 8 design projects, fitting nicely into the native style. They’re quite simple, with an outline look and sharp gradients. This free package comes in PSD format, while the whole 1350+ bundle offers the content in more than five formats.

  • A free set of vector shopping icons with a retro style. They are flat, but the pale color tones used make them look like from another age. Of course, the design of the icons also matters, for instance, they resemble those old adverts from WW2 and post war. These icons can be edited with Photoshop, Illustrator and any other program that admits working with vectors.

  • A set of badges for the App Store, Google Play market and Amazon store created with a nice minimal style, loosely based on the one Apple provides for developers and designers. They have a black background, complemented with the logos of the respective stores. They are set to be used and edited with Sketch, but they are vector creations so you can edit them in other software like Illustrator and Photoshop as well.

  • A set that includes 56 beautiful vector icons for social networks. They are hand made, which can be used in children sites or as part of the portfolio of an illustrator. It includes icons for the most relevant social networks, some news aggregators, video providers, and it even includes icons for social communications. they come in EPS, PDF and SVG formats.

  • An awesome set of social icons in vector format (perfect for high-resolution displays and responsive projects). This is actually a rework of the first version, utilizing much better techniques to make the process faster and produce a polished result in the end.

  • This set contains 130 beautiful icons in a flat style and puffy shapes. They have irregular shapes, almost as if they were vectorized automatically in AI. They can be used in personal and commercial projects, made in SVG format so they can be easily edited. The set also contains versions in PNG.

    These icons were created by Freepik, and they are totally free to use.

  • This is a set of more than 100 icons showcasing different touch gestures, perfect for mobile application introductions or guided tours. The icons are unicolor and they have an outlined design that works perfectly with photography and blurred backgrounds, just like those effects in iOS.

    The icons were designed by Jeff Portaro and they come in different formats like AI, EPS, CSH, PSD, PNG, SVG. They are free to download but you need to add your mail.

  • One div is an initiative that aims to show the power of CSS by providing a full set of scalable icons with only one HTML div. Additionally, it provides a neat alternative to SVG. Some of them come with nice animation effects, while a lot of elements are created and uploaded by the community. Downloadable one by one

  • Stackicons is a vast collection of icon fonts for Web and app design. One thing that makes this set different from others is the multi-color option, which lets you use icons with colors instead of the regular unicolor SVG. There’s also an icon construction kit based on SASS, open-source as well.

  • This is a release of over 750 icons created by Google as part of the Material Design project. It is part of the system icon pack that has lots of different icons used in many mobile and desktop devices. Among them, you can find playback icons, communication, connectivity, content editing and more. It includes as well:

    – SVG versions of all icons in both 24px and 48px sizes
    – SVG and CSS sprites of all icons
    – 1x, 2x icons targeted at the Web (PNG)
    – 1x, 2x, 3x icons targeted at iOS (PNG)
    – Hi-dpi versions of all icons

    They can be downloaded but if you intend to use them for web and app purposes, it’s possible that Google updates the set regularly, so it’s a good idea to get the code. It has been released under an Attribution 4.0 International license.

  • This time there’s a great from Designmodo collection of vector icons that you can easily integrate in your design and the cool thing is, that there are so many of them, you will definitely find something you need in here.

  • The following is a set with 220 Handmade vector icons created with Illustrator. The files included: AI, EPS & transparent PNG. It’s sizes are 48 x 48px, 64 x 64px, 128 x 128px, and they are great for websites, devices, apps or other presentations. You can use these icons for your personal or commercial projects.

  • The set we can see here includes two beautiful creations inspired by Drupal. It is composed of flat-styled icons within drops and circles. The first group of icons uses drops and two colors (and its variations), and the second group is multicolor. They are in AI format.

  • A Creative Commons licensed SVG icon set which is part of a project to find a standard and reduced sign system for electronic communication.

  • A bounty of 3,000+ icons categorized in over 240 collections and designed in a 24 pixel grid with a minimal style that come available in SVG, PNG, PSD, and Ai format.

  • Open Iconic is a huge package with over 200 icons for use in web or design projects. They come in a wide variety of formats, including SVG, PNG, OTF and others. It’s meant to be extremely legible on any size and lightweight, taking almost a quarter of the space Font Awesome does.

  • Maki is a clean point of interest icon set made for web cartography. We designed Maki with the goal of creating an international, comprehensive, and stylistically unified point of interest icon set. In order to maximize crispness and clarity, we’ve made three size variations for each symbol.

  • Handcrafted pixel perfect icons tailored for the Modern UI style. Each and every one comes available in SVG and XAML formats carefully crafted in Expression Design with vector in mind.

  • An interesting icon pack designed by Sarfraz Shoukat for Smashing Magazine. These 100 icons come in four different formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF and PSD. They showcase a rather general selection with common UI elements, ready to be added into your next piece.

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