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Vintage photo effect

Mastering the vintage technique is something that photographers dedicate lots of time in order to find their own style. Exploring with different programs, using different cameras and trying every Photoshop filter, but what happens when you’re not a Photoshop expert and you want to give a vintage look to a picture?,with VintageJS you will now be able to do this through a simple and yet fantastic tool.


VintageJS is a tool that lets you upload your images and apply a custom retro, vintage look to them that looks just like a professional process and best of all, 100 % free. Just upload your photo, apply the vintage effect and share the resulting image with your friends via Facebook or Twitter.


The tool gives you all the essential handlers that photographers usually employ to achieve the vintage look. With vignette you can darken or lighten certain zones, adjust curves will give you the exact vintage chromatic palette, screenlayer adds a subtle magenta layer, through the viewfinder ‘damages’ the picture by adding some grunge elements to it. Finally you can desaturate the image and add some blur at the edges.


Definitely an incredible tool that though cannot emulate the spectacular vintage effects that some photographers and designers can achieve, certainly offers a handy method for the less artistic people that through a simple interface will be able to achieve a pretty decent retro look.

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