Vizologi: Lifetime Business Strategy Analysis & Planning Software – One-Time $69 Payment

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Get lifetime access to Vizologi, an AI powered business strategy planning platform to search, analyze & visualize the business models of hugely successful companies like Amazon & Spotify to help build your startup’s business model.

In less than 20 minutes you can learn the strategies that big businesses are using, find the key ingredients they are missing, and create your business model canvas, all without leaving the Vizologi webapp that combines the simplicity of the business model canvas with the innovation power of mash-up method to play with different business strategies that can seem disconnected, but together help you invent creative and invincible business models.

Regularly, Vizologi would cost over $684, in subscription fees, so save up and start innovating today, get lifetime access to Vizologi with this deal for just $69!

In Short

  • Access to premium business strategy data
  • Reduce risks analyzing the strategies of your market niche
  • Create unique & innovative business models for startups

You Will Receive:

  • Lifetime access to Vizologi’s Unlimited plan
  • Advanced insights into 5000+ successful companies’ business models
  • Business model Canvas designer
  • Business model mashup functionality
  • Premium business strategy data
  • Business intelligence network
  • Market analytics
  • Search engine & filters
  • Creation of companys’ playlists
  • Business intelligence network
  • Management of innovation portfolio
  • Business Model Canvas design
  • Unlimited SWOT analysis
  • Project export and sharing
  • Unlimited Project exports
  • Unlimited access to premium strategy data
  • Unlimited access to data analytics
  • Unlimited access to market analytics
  • Unlimited business model mashups
  • All future updates included

Check out the Interface!

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