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Web Design Jobs, fresh list of resources

We all know how difficult is to get quality jobs. Basically, due to the actual situation with the global economy, finding new jobs gets quite hard. Very often, people have to rely on their own experience and work on their own. However, there are a lot of business and people who are actually hiring. That’s the main reason why we wanted to show you today this list of 40 web design jobs’ websites, with three categories: Standard, Freelance and Contest Jobs. We also included a category called Other Jobs, which features icon, graphic design, illustration and photography jobs for you to choose the option you like.

Standard Jobs

This category is for those who want financial stability. Great part of our selection have lots of options in web design and categories dedicated to it, but these are job search pages, so if you like mobile development, for example, you can also check them out. With the rise of freelance and contest jobs, this option is becoming almost a burden for companies, but we can say for sure they still have a long life before they vanish, since many people do not see the benefits of other types of jobs or because there are jobs which require physical presence of the worker to be performed.

Smashing Jobs


Smashing Jobs is part of the Smashing Magazine franchise and it is constantly updated with new offers (every day). Its Alexa Rank is 578, their pagerank is 7 and they have a Twitter account, which surprisingly has very few followers compared to smashing magazine… you can post a fulltime job for $225 and a freelance job for $75



Wired is a widely known publication covering tech related topics and stuff. Has a great Alexa Rank of 616 and a Pagerank of 8, with Wired you have two options if you want to post a job: publish it in the JobThread network (charged only for the amount of matching views your post have) or by publishing it in wired directly, which costs $50 for a 30 days ad.



Slashdot is a news site dedicated to show techcology advance. Its Alexarank is of 1486 and has a Pagerank of 8. The site also has presence in social networks such as Facebook and Twitter with almost 90,000 followers in both. The only way you can post an offer is by registering and paying for a $295, 30 days ad.

37 Signals


37 Signals is in fact a very effective network if you want to add a job, otherwise they would not charge $400 for a 860x35px, 30 days ad. But that’s not all, since you have the option to pay 50 more, just for your add to be highlighted (that means, adding a pale yellow color which will make it more visible). Its Alexa Rank is 3324 and its Pagerank 7.



Arstechnica has a much more conftable offer than the last one. Your option to post an add does not go beyond the $150, and the add does not disapear until your possition’s been filled. That’s actually a very good offer, considering its Alexa rank of 1784 and its Pagerank 7.



Monster is a highly recognized jobs finder. Its Alexa Rank is 582 and its Pagerank of 8. Their Twitter account (http://twitter.com/#!/MonsterWW) shows tips on how to get a job and they also have a Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/monsterww).

Authentic Jobs


Authentic Jobs was created in 2005 and since then has become an excellent website for getting a job. It has four options for business and people to post jobs: the first 2, Full-time and Contract with a value of $249, and freelance and internship with a value of $99. Its Alexa Rank is 39280 and its Pagerank of 6. They can be followed on Twitter, Facebook and RSS.



ReadWriteWeb is a blog which focuses on social media, blogging and writing skills and tips. It makes part of the JobThread network, with options of paying 49 cents by any matching view, $99 for 30 days or 129 for 60 days. Their Alexa Rank is 1916 and their Pagerank 5.



Coroflot is a job finder service which has a wide range of categories like a gallery, a portfolio area, an employer directory, and many others, making it easy to find candidates and jobs. The website is updated daily with fresh jobs, and it’s focused to get top quality profiles. That’s why its prices go to the roof: for a single job the ad costs $265, the 3 job pack costs $695, the 5 job pack costs $1050 and the 10 job pack costs $1750. Its Alexa Rank is 7358 and has a Pagerank 5. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.



Ajaxian is a web development and web design blog. To post a job in Ajaxian costs you $99 for 30 days and to get a featured job you just need to add 59. Its Alexa is 16092 and they have a Pagerank 5.



Dribbble is a showcase of small previews for graphic, web designers, illustrators and every artist in general. Its jobs section is updated daily and people can post offers at $199 for 30 days. Its Alexa rank is 39280 and has a Pagerank 6. You can follow Dribbble on Twitter.



Mashable is one of the most recognized technology news blog in the world, with more than 20 million monthly unique visitors. Its Alexa is 181 and has a Pagerank 6. Posting a job costs you $199 for 30 days. You can follow the official Mashable Twitter, Facebook and Google+ accounts (if you haven’t.)

Sensational Jobs


In sensatioanl jobs you can search jobs by its name, the name of the company and the location your at. If you’re an employer you have two listing options: full-time, with a base value of 150 for a 90 days listing. The other one, freelance, costs you 65 for a 60 days listing. If you want it to be highlighted, add 45 more to the one you select and if you want it to be between at the top of the list, add 25 more. Its Alexa Rank is 330947, has a Pagerank 4, a Twitter account and a Facebook account.

Crunch Board


In Crunch Board is the jobs section of TechCrunch. Here you can search through 15 categories or by keywords and if you want to create a listing, it will cost you 200 (1 listing, 30 days), 895 (5 listings) and 1495 (10 listings). Its Alexa Rank is 55415 and has Pagerank 7.

Freelance Jobs

Most people nowadays are opting for this kind of jobs. Freelancing is not only good because you can control your time, but also because if you do a great job, you’ll get to charge even more for what you you do, mainly because you gain a reputation as a designer. Also, with the rise of connectivity, people can do the job they used to do at the office in their homes, so it brings benefits like enjoying more doing what you like.



iFreelance is a database for freelancers of all kinds. You can register and publish your portfolio, your skills, the projects you’ve been part of and other details. For employers, they have the option to post a project so they can find the best freelancer for it. Its Alexa Rank is 22,534 and a Pagerank 4.



With ODesk you can hire and find projects as a Freelance as well. If you’re an employer you have the option to hire a person, check the time worked and the results and estimate a price for the time worked. Its Alexa is 460 and Pagerank 6. Find them on Twitter, and Facebook.



Elance is a freelancer network where you can register as a freelancer, and as an employer you can find thousands of freelancers by posting a free project. The Alexa Rank for this page is 352 and you can follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.



Guru helps you search through profiles and website, see the reviews others have given to an specific project or freelancer. You can also look at the work history of someone, their portfolio or their skills. You can also post a project for free. Its Alexa is 2593, Pagerank 4, and you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.



Freelancer is an outsourcing marketplace for any job you need to be done. The first project you post is free. Its Alexa is 348 and its Pagerank 6. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Smashing Jobs Freelance


Smashing jobs has also a place dedicated to freelancers, where they can opt for the best offers. Its Alexa Rank is 578, its pagerank is 7 and they also have a Twitter account.

People per Hour


People per Hour has an Alexa rank of 4370, a Pagerank 6. You can login through Facebook and LinkedIn directly in the website.

Freelance Auction


People per Hour is a great site that allows people work on small projects or few hours jobs. Its Alexa is 4363, Pagerank 5. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Freelance Projects


Freelance Projects is a website focused in finding good options for freelancers design related. it is updated daily and Its Alexa Rank is 169561, with a Pagerank 3. Follow them on Twitter.

Freelance Switch


With Freelance Switch you need to be registered if you want to post a listing. They’re actually a blog, part of the envato network, so regularily they post great content helping freelancers expand their knowledge and be informed. Alexa: , Pagerank: , You can follow them on Twitter and via RSS.

Design Crowd


Design Crowd is an amazing website to get freelance projects. They focus on general graphic design, Its Alexa is 14801 and they have a Pagerank 5. Follow DesignCrowd on Twitter.

Project 4 hire


With Project 4 Hire you can find jobs on custom web design, graphic design, programming, coding, writing and many more. Its Alexa is 61398 and has a Pagerank 5.

Simply Hired


Simply Hired is a big network for all kinds of jobs; it has a good coverage in all continents and mayor countries. its Alexa rank is 1563 and their Pagerank 7. You can find the on Twitter and Facebook.

Career Builder


Career Builder is another highly recognized jobs search service. you can use keywords, location and categories to find jobs and post listings starting at $419. Its Alexa Rank is 532. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Contest Jobs

This kind of job is good and bad depending the person. Most designers are considering this type of job since they offer the possibility to compete with others and earn money as well. This is considered a new way of earning money called crowdsourcing. The downside: some designers consider it a devaluation of its creative power.

99 Designs


99 Designs is the most recognized and used crowdsourcing site out there for logo, website and graphic design. Its Alexa rank is 1881 and its Pagerank 4. Be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.



Hatchwise allows you post a contest starting at $29. you can get hundreds of custom designs for logos, posters, websites or any graphic content you want. Its Alexa rank is 76660 and its Pagerank 4, Find them on Twitter and Facebook.

Design Crowd Crowdsoursing


Design Crowd also has a contest option. Anyone can post a project with an estimated price for it, an you, as a designer, choose if you want to enter in it with your design. Its Alexa Rank is 14801 and its Pagerank 5. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Crowd Spring


CrowdSpring is one of the best websites to enter graphic, web and logo design contests arround the wolrd. Their Alexa rank is 10359, their Pagerank: 6, and they have a Twitter account and a Facebook account for you to know when there are going to be contests.

Jade Magnet


Jade Magnet is an india based company which helps design professionals participate in contests specifically for web designing. Its Alexa is 304768 and its Pagerank 5. Follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Freelancer contest


Freelancer also has a contest option, where thousands of designers can participate. It has an Alexa rank of 348 and a Pagerank 5. follow them on Twitter and Facebook.



Design Contest have categories ranging from Logo design to Business cards. Designers have the option to browse contests and employers have the option to start contests. The minimum budget must be 275. Its Alexa rank is 40424, its Pagerank 5 and you can follow them on Twitter and Facebook.

Other Jobs

This category has logo designing contests, pages that allow you to sell design products (like photographs, illustrations or general art) and timed design creation.

Logo Tournament


Logo Tournament is a logo design contest website, which purpose is to get the best logo designs for people who requiere them. Its Alexa is 27835 and its Pagerank 4.

Logo my Way


Logo my Way is another logo design contest which gives up to 1000 per logo, depending on the sponsor. Its Alexa Rank is 20618, its Pagerank 6, and you can find them on Facebook.

48 Hours Logo


48 Hours Logo is a logo design contest website aiming at giving sponsors of a contest the best design in less than 48 hours. Its Alexa is 74630 and its Pagerank 6.

Graphic Competitions


Graphic Competitors is a Contest website for graphic designers and photographers. Its Alexa Rank is 278007 and a Pagerank of 5. Find them on Facebook.

How Design


How Design is a website with lots of competitions on design areas like business, logo, web design and photography. Its Alexa rank is 30126, its Pagerank 5, and you can find them on Twitter and Facebook.

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