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Get lifetime access to Luumy, a simple and lightweight customer feedback tool that you can use to request and receive feedback from your users to improve your websites, products and services – it’s super easy to embed by adding a few lines of code to your pages, and light enough that it doesn’t negatively impact your website’s loading speed

You can receive notifications for new feedback via Email, Discord, Slack and Microsoft Teams, and Luumy offers a quick and easy way to export your customers’ feedback from your website to your BI app of choice

You can create separate projects as well as teams, and have multiple team members on each project. Invite unlimited team members and manage unlimited projects concurrently

Installing Luumy is as simple as adding a few lines of code to your website’s <head> element, and you can implement a fixed button on your website, or you can use existing elements on your page that you can style to your liking – nearly all of Luumy’s features can be enabled or configured simply by adding HTML data- attributes.

With this deal you can get lifetime access to Luumy Pro for a one time payment instead of a monthly subscription, so if you’re looking for a simple feedback solution for your projects, look no further, and get lifetime access to Luumy today for just $49!


  • A simple customer feedback tool
  • Embeddable website widget
  • Easy to implement with a few lines of code
  • Unlimited team members

You Will Receive:

  • Lifetime access to Luumy Pro
  • 1000 total responses/month
  • Multiple team members
  • Widget customization
  • Email notifications
  • Receive notifications via Email, Discord, Slack & Microsoft Teams
  • Custom data fields
  • CSV & Excel Exports
  • Hide “Powered by Luumy” label

Embeddable Feedback Widget

Embed the tool and receive messages, ask requestions, request feedback about products, learn where your customers get stuck in your website and what types of content they like – develop your platform based on feedback!


Luumy is easy to install and start using in 3 easy to follow steps – the library is light and doesn’t affect your site loading time.

Feedback Metadata

After installing the widget on your page, you might want to know who currently is logged in, get details like username or email

Team Collaboration

You’ll be able to invite as many colleagues or coworkers to your team as you’d like

Feedback Notifications

Get notifications when your customers have sent you new feedback, you can receive notifications via Email, Discord, Slack and Microsoft Teams

Export Data to CSV or XLSX

Export the feedback and import it into your favourite BI application. Export it and import it in your email service of choice, this gives you a lot of ways to get more out of your customer feedback. Especially with the help of the feedback metadata.

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