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WordPress File Monitor Plus Plugin

WordPress File Monitor Plus is a plugin that monitors files under your WP installation for changes in added, deleted, or changed files. When a change occurs, it notifies you via email. This plugin is a fork of the WordPress File Monitor.

Its features are:

– Monitors file system for added/deleted/changed files

– Sends email when a change is detected

– Administration area alert to notify you of changes in case email is not received

– Ability to monitor files for changes based on file hash, time stamp and/or file size

– Ability to exclude files and directories from scan (for instance if you use a caching system that stores its files within the monitored zone)

– Site URL included in notification email in case plugin is in use on multiple sites

– Ability to run the file checking via an external cron so not to slow down visits to your website and to give greater flexibility over scheduling

– Ability to set file extension to be ignored or only scanned.

– Multisite support.

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