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Login Security Solution Plugin for WordPress

The Login Security Solution is a WordPress plugin that helps you improve your security against brute force attacks by tracking the IP, name, password, and more. It requires very strong passwords by default. It is a simple way to lock down login security for multisite and regular WordPress installations. With this plugin you can:

– Block brute force and dictionary attacks without inconveniencing legitimate users or administrators

– Track IP addresses, usernames, and passwords

– Monitor logins made by form submissions, XML-RPC requests and auth cookies

– If a login failure uses data matching a past failure, the plugin slows down response times. The more failures, the longer the delay. This limits attackers ability to efficiently probe your site, so they’ll give up and go find an easier target.

– If an account seems breached, the “user” is immediately logged out and forced to use WordPress’ password reset utility. This prevents any damage from being done and verifies the user’s identity. But if the user is coming in from an IP address they have used in the past, an email is sent to the user making sure it was them logging in. All without intervention by an administrator.

– Can notify the administrator of attacks and breaches

– Supports IPv6

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