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SEO Audit, Software for Content Marketing Strategy

SEO Audit is  software that can help you take a look at your whole Content Marketing strategy, including your 6 main areas: Blogging, Traffic, Social Media, SEO, Links and Authority. With it, you get to do:

– An audit score for your content strategy and it is execution

– Insights about the 6 main areas of your content strategy

– To-do lists with actionable tasks to help improve your content strategy

– PRO Tips from us included in this site audit

– Videos and articles from Matt Cutts, Moz and other authoritative figures

– Insights on how to fix every issue that appears over time

– Weekly SEO audit by email

– Send to team members (directly from the report), by email

– Download as PDF, to help keep track of weekly score improvements

– Easy to follow guidelines, explanations, and heavy documentation

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