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Zootool and the best designers to follow on it

Have you ever thought about what would’ve happened if Delicious had not stayed in a moat during the past few years?, it probably would’ve ended up like Zootool, one of the best and fast-growing bookmarking websites nowadays. Every day new designers, photographers, artists and more decide to join the network to share their work, recently we discovered a big list featuring the best designers to follow in Zootol.

At simple view, Zootool is just a bookmarking service similar to Delicious, but in fact it also provides some other great features such as importing images and video, visualizing through thumbnails instead of plain texts and just have a better user experience.

Another aspect that takes Zootool one step ahead of Delicious is that it has a better social engine, making easier to follow and bookmark works from other designers. Every time you log in you will find at one side of the stream the people that you’re currently following.


On the original post you can find a great list with 50 of the most important designers and artists around the world that you should be following in Zootool.

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