CSS Boxes

(21 submissions) | Sep 27, 2017

A nice hand-picked selection of snippets and sets of CSS boxes featuring different shadows, designs, and compositions.


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21 comments for CSS Boxes
  • Awesome work!
    Reply · 2017-05-09T01:23:28+0000
  • wow brilliant, this is exact what i want. Bravo!!! Great work... keep it up
    Reply · 2016-10-23T23:52:33+0000
    • Yay! We're glad to have helped out! Stay tuned for more awesome resources!
      Reply · 2016-10-24T09:38:26+0000
  • useful
    Reply · 2016-10-04T07:31:43+0000
    • Thank you for your feedback!
      Reply · 2016-10-21T17:50:14+0000
  • If I could find words... To tell you I'm so lucky to know you... THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Greetings from Spain.
    Reply · 2016-07-31T07:22:32+0000
    • Thank you very much for visiting us! Muchas gracias!
      Reply · 2016-08-01T11:38:25+0000
  • Thanks so much!
    Reply · 2016-07-13T16:35:01+0000
  • I couldn't find the best words to thank you . Accept my warmest regards
    Reply · 2016-07-02T22:49:30+0000
  • Really enjoyed myself here...thanks so much for sharing.
    Reply · 2016-06-27T08:36:55+0000
  • Superb Collection. And thank for make it open source.
    Reply · 2016-06-22T00:02:52+0000
    • Thanks for the comment. You're welcome!
      Reply · 2016-06-22T08:33:58+0000
  • thank you so much, hope for further suuport ;)
    Reply · 2016-06-21T13:41:39+0000
    • You're more than welcome mate! Don't worry, we'll add more withing time. Keep and eye open ;)
      Reply · 2016-06-21T17:27:41+0000
  • Awesome, thanks for the open sources!
    Reply · 2016-06-17T17:50:49+0000
    • You're more than welcome! Keep tuned for new updates ;)
      Reply · 2016-06-21T08:54:46+0000
  • Wow beautiful templates i really like it ....
    Reply · 2016-06-14T09:12:04+0000
    • Thanks pal! Don't miss any updates ;)
      Reply · 2016-06-17T11:33:35+0000
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