45 CSS boxes (imageless) with demo & code ready to download.

Hello friends, this is a huge compilation with 45 imageless CSS and CSS3 boxes ready to download, including source code in both CSS and HTML and a working demo to see how they work, to see the real power behind this fantastic compilation, please use google chrome or similar browser ;)

CSS3 frame boxes pack (imageless) By WordPressThemeShock

Box Shadows By Abhimanyu Rana

CSS3 Boxes By Chad Mazzola

CSS3 Box By Web-Gate // Luky_vj

Glosy Boxes By Bartos Lazarski

CSS3 Elegant Box By Simonpicos

Gray Box By Web-Gate // Luky_vj

Nice Box By Web-Gate // Luky_vj

CSS3 Frame Box By Web-Gate // Luky_vj

CSS3 Gradient Background By Kushagra Agarwal

Page Curl Box Shadow By Pixleight

CSS-Only Pinterest Style By Kushagra Agarwal

Fake border gradient By Christophe Gourmelon

Stacked Papers Using box-shadow By Anas Nakawa

CSS3 Lined Paper By Taufik Nurrohman

CSS3 Notebook Paper By CSS Creations

Single Tag Heading Style (Folded) By dossatack

Single Tag Heading Style (Folded) By Kushagra Agarwal

Slick Border Gradients By David Higgins

Slick Border Gradients By Michael Parenteau

Slick Border Gradients By Chris Coyier

Pure CSS folded-corner effect By Nicolas Gallagher

Sliding Doors By CSS Creations

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