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    • Professional Fonts (74 submissions)

      A curated showcase of fonts intended for professional use. These typefaces also support extended characters, useful for writing in multiple languages.

      • Inconsolata: Free Delicate Professional Typef...

        Inconsolata is a sleek and delicate typeface perfect for both writers and web developers. It is a simple font that relies on smooth and crafted lines to deliver great readability. This font includes uppercase, lowercase, additional characters and numbers. It is free.

      • Pathway Gothic One Professional Font

        A compelling font with a professional appearance, perfect for websites focused on large texts and creative writing. This font includes lots of uppercase, lowercase and especial glyphs and it just comes as regular. This font can be downloaded and used for free.

      • Tauri: Professional Sharp Sans-serif Font

        Tauri is a standard semi condensed sans-serif typeface, perfect for web environments and printed design. The font is readable, simple to use and clear. It can be used in any size, but it comes in one variation (regular). It comes in TTF format and includes 248 characters. You can use it both commercially and personally.

      • Fabiolo: Sober Multi-purpose Font Family

        Fabiolo is a sober multi-purpose font family with 6 variations, including light, regular, semibold, smallcap light, smallcap regular and smallcap semibold. It was created by Fabien Despinoy.

      • PIER: Free Elegant Sans Serif Typeface

        PIER is a simple sans-serif font for using in all kinds of media thanks to its elegance. It has uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers and lots of special characters and glyphs, fitting printed design, digital art, and web design perfectly. This font was made by Mathieu Desjardins.

      • Gidole: Free Sans-serif Typeface

        Gidole is an elegant sans-serif font for online presentations or printed purposes. It includes special characters, numbers, uppercase and lowercase. It is a free font that looks elegant anywhere and it was made by Andreas Larsen.

      • PT Mono: Sharp Professional Font

        PT Mono is a cool font that transports us to those early computer screen times, adding a touch of modernity. The font comes only in regular, but it has lowercase and uppercase characters, numbers and especial glyphs. This font looks great in any size, but it feels better in web environments.

      • Paneuropa Neue: Elegant Free Font

        The digital version of polish Paneuropa font after modifications. It is a simple but very beautiful sans-serif font for any kind of use. It includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters, elegantly arranged and useful for web, apps and print design. it is free to download and test, and it was created by Bartek Bojarczuk.

      • Aqua Grotesque Typeface

        The Aqua Grotesque is a compelling typeface with an elegant style and nice sharp shapes. It is a sans-serif creation that includes both uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as numeric glyphs. This typeface can be used in elegant posters and advertising, complemented with dark colors and imagery so it delivers a powerful impact on the viewer. It was created by Laura Pol and it's free to download.

      • Ahamono: Free Monospaced Font

        Ahamono is a free monospaced typeface, with a fixed-pitch and width. It is an uppercase and lowercase font that allows you can use for headlines and regular text since it is legible in any level. The typeface also includes numbers and special characters, making it a complete option for any project. This font was created by Alfredo Marco Pradil.

      • Arca Majora Sans-Serif Font

        This font called ARCA Majora is a beautiful font with uppercase characters only. This font includes Latin characters, punctuation symbols and a few accents. This font was created by Alfredo Marco Pradil and it can be downloaded and used for free.

      • Vollkorn: Creative Writting & Profession...

        Vollkorn is a beautifully created typeface that has four variations (regular, italic, bold regular and bold italic). It was thought for creative writers and bloggers, taking advantage of accurate line height and font proportions. The font comes in uppercase, lowercase, special glyphs and numbers, making it a complete and easily readable font.

      • Jura: Free Professional Font Family

        Jura is a sans-serif font family that comes from Europe. It includes the Roman alphabet using the same kinds of strokes and curves as the Kayah Li (font) glyphs, and it was expanded to include glyphs for Cyrillic and Greek alphabets as well. The font family is available in four weights: Light, Book, Medium, and DemiBold.

      • PT Serif Professional Font

        PT Serif is a professional font, great for web blogs, printed media and all sorts of design. This font includes uppercase, lowercase, additional characters and numbers. You can download the font or import it directly into the HTML of your next project.

      • Istok: Free Professional Font

        Istok Web is a beautiful typeface made for web environments especially. This is a sans serif font, easily readable, and ready to be used on any project. It is perfect for blogs or news sites since they depend a lot on texts. It is a complete font, including uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters. This typeface is free.

      • Ubuntu: Free Professional Font

        Ubuntu is the beautiful font of the popular Linux distro. It is a sharp yet curvy font, perfect for web environments, printed design and other types of creations. This font includes uppercase, lowercase, special characters and numbers. This is a free font.

      • Sorts Mill Goudy Professional Font

        Sorts Mill Goudy is a typeface with a professional look and it can be used in any sort of web or printed design. It is a revamp of the Frederic Goudy's 'Goudy Oldstyle' with Regular and Italic styles. This font includes uppercase, lowercase, special characters and numbers.

      • Nobile: Free Professional Typeface

        Nobile is a professional typeface made for web and printed creations. It is a nice sharp font, made in six variations (regular, bold, medium, italic, bold italic and medium italic). This font includes uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as numbers and lots of special characters, and it is totally free.

      • Nexa Slab Elegant Font

        A considerably versatile font, coming in three basic forms: Obliques, uprights and italics, each with eight different weights for you to choose. Based on other famous fonts, this design integrates well-thought, balanced bars that provide the letters with a geometric look.

      • HERO: Classy Rounded Typeface

        A fantastic font can be used for headlining purposes such as logos, posters, t-shirts and so on. Its 162 characters support dozens of languages around the globe. The design has rounded edges for a very attractive look. Courtesy of Font Fabric.

      • Prime: Detailed Sans Serif Font

        A basic font face intends to provide easy readability, but with enough detail to stand out in various sizes. These details come in the form of subtle curves in characters like the M or the W. Useful for body text as well as headlines.

      • Nexa: Multiple Weight Sans-serif Typeface

        Nexa is a large family of sans-serif types with eight different weights in both roman and italic styles, which are, unfortunately, commercial fonts. However, the designer released two of them: light and bold, as free fonts for use on desktop and web.

      • Zag: Ornamental Sans Serif Font

        Zag is a supremely elegant ornamental font that you can use for logos, portfolios, t-shirts and other big designs. Two of its weights are available for free: Regular and Bold, which you can use all over the Web.

      • Titillium Web: Open Font Family

        A font family coming from Italy, with dozens of students working on it every year. You can get the font and create your own variations at will, sticking with the Open Font License. It includes multiple special characters and numbers.

      • Source Sans Pro Modern Font

        Source Sans Pro was Adobe’s first open source typeface family, created and designed by Paul D. Hunt. It is a sans-serif typeface intended to work well on user interfaces. It supports the Latin, Latin extended and Vietnamese character sets and is licensed under the SIL Open Font License 1.1.

      • Roboto Condensed: Professional Sans-serif Fon...

        The condensed version of Android's font features a mostly geometric, rounded design that's very simple to read. A few grotesque touches distort the letters to achieve a rigid rhythm proper of humanistic and serif types.

      • Roboto: Sleek Symmetric Typeface

        A font that contains interesting elements in its shape since it is mostly symmetric but features attractive and open curves at the same time. It makes for a more natural reading rhythm, allowing letters to settle into their natural width.

      • Raleway: Slightly Curved Font

        Initially conceived as a single thin weight design, it has now evolved into a family with nine different variants. It features multiple details that make this a rich typeface. Created by Matt McInerney, Pablo Impallari, Rodrigo Fuenzalida and Igino Marini.

      • Quicksand: Thin Professional Typeface

        A beautiful typeface with thin, delicate lines and rounded edges. It serves better with bigger sizes, such as those of titles, posters and headlines.

      • Questrial: Geometrical Sans Serif Font

        A quite comfortable font to read thanks to its geometric approach. Its tabular numbers give a neat final touch to the typeface, while full circles decorate the actual letters on the project. Heavily influenced by Swiss design, similar to Helvetica.

      • Poiret One: Art Deco-style Font

        An audacious font face with details of Art Deco and constructivism with a geometric grotesque look. Its design is based on attractive curves and sharp lines, loaded with pure elegance. It serves well with big projects such as logos and t-shirts or to headline texts in websites.

      • Play: Classic Geometrical Typeface

        A font created entirely with parts of geometric shapes, very similar to the one used for the famous Sony Play Station's logo. It masterfully mixes a corporative and friendly appearance, while providing a comfortable reading rhythm.

      • PT Sans Caption Multilanguage Typeface

        An open source font coming from the project "Public Types of Russian Federation" that created fonts that the Russian people could use to consume content in their native language, therefore, it supports multiple alphabets and special characters.

      • PT Sans: Elegant Sans Serif Web Font

        Yet another font deriving from the project “Public Types of Russian Federation” developed for the Russian people. For this reason, it supports the Western, Central European and Cyrillic code pages, which is advantageous if you want to write with special alphabets.

      • Open Sans Condensed Font

        A humanistic sans-serif font that supports the complete 897 character set, which includes Latin, Greek and Cyrillic character sets. This allows you to use the font in multiple languages, letting you write content for a vast amount of people around the globe.

      • Open Sans: Print, Web & Mobile Optimized...

        A fantastic typeface that features improved legibility thanks to its optimization for print, web and mobile interfaces. It supports the entire 897 character set that includes Latin, Greek and Cyrillic characters, useful for writing content for international audiences.

      • Oxygen: Open Source Professional Font

        A beautiful typeface intended to be used freely across the internet in desktops and mobile devices, basing itself on an open source license. It makes part of the KDE project, attached to the Linux operative system.

      • Oswald: Classic Style Web Font

        Oswald recreates a more classic style found in older fonts, but handling itself in a modern way through its open source licensing, which allows it to be used over all kinds of devices across the web. In comes in light, bold and regular weights and supports latin characters.

      • Numans: Modern Sans-Serif Font

        Similar to the Days One font, this sans-serif design features a modern "grotesque" style with open forms. It is useful for titles and big sized text as well as body writing.

      • Noto: Basic Multilanguage Web Font

        Noto's principal purpose is to support all languages on the planet and provide even styling across each one of them. Given its universal aim, the font itself is quite basic and familiar, making it easy to read and understand.

      • Nixie One: Thin Typewriter Font

        A font that is one of those mixes that are bound to end up awfully, but all of a sudden resulted in a great idea. Nixie One combines neon tubes and a typewriter for a delicate and thin design. This font includes a complete latin character set, free to be used in any kind or online or printed projects.

      • News Cycle: Professional Headlining Typeface

        A realistic typeface works better in big blocks of text, although it can also be useful for headlines on top of the pages. Its style is based on the 1908-era News Gothic. It supports various languages and comes with the SIL Open Font License.

      • Muli: Open Source Multi-device Font

        An open source font designed to be used for free across the web on both desktop and mobile devices, providing a sober way to display headers for the most part, although it can also work for body text. 

      • Montserrat: Free & Open Source Font

        A beautiful font named after a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, in which the posters display a similar style. The idea behind this project is to recover that style and release it under a free, open source license. It features good legibility in small sizes, and it has two weights. This font can be used freely.

      • Monda: Readable Multi-device Font

        A simple and familiar font created for easy readability across multiple devices, which is very important given its Open Source approach. It was created by Vernon Adams and uploaded to Google Fonts for everyone to use.

      • Molengo: Professional Sans-serif Web Font

        A font created with FontForge directed at document writing and carrying a Latin character set, which allows you to redact content in multiple languages and reach more people without false characters.

      • Merriweather: Low-contrast Sans-serif Typefac...

        A low contrast sans-serif typeface intended to be used in smaller sizes, providing a neat reading experience to the readers. The basic look is quite traditional, but it provides a few modern details. It comes in eight different weights, which makes for a versatile usage.

      • Maven Pro: Legible Modern Sans-serif Font

        A uniquely styled typeface featuring sharp curves and flowing rhythm, making it easy to distinguish and very legible when in context. Its modern design has touches of multiple great fonts and works well with any platform.

      • Lato: Crafted Professional Font

        A font created by Łukasz Dziedzic as a project for a big company that needed their own typeface styling, but they ended up going with another option, so Lato (that means "summer" in Polish) became available for open source release. Described by the designer as “Male and female, serious but friendly. With the feeling of the Summer.”

      • Kreon: Professional Serif Font

        A useful serif font design for newspapers, magazines and new sites. It provides a friendly, low-contrast feel that will make your readers feel comfortable when going through your articles. This font has three variations.

      • Karla: Grotesque Sans-serif Typeface

        A grotesque sans-serif typeface family features multiple languages, thanks to the inclusion of the Latin script and the Tamil script. Karla also features two weights: Regular and bold. Handed with an SIL Open Font License 1.1.

      • Josefin Slab: Elegant Geometric Serif Font

        Geometric and elegant slab serif typeface with a distinguishing x-height measuring half of the cap height, in both roman and italic, offering five weights. It contains the most familiar glyphs from the Latin script, including numbers and special characters. It is available under the SIL Open Font License 1.1.

      • Josefin Sans: Elegant Sans-serif Typeface

        A geometric and elegant sans-serif typeface with a distinguishing x-height measuring half of the cap height, in both roman and italic, offering five weights; it contains the most familiar glyphs from the Latin script, including numbers and special characters. A serif brother is also available.

      • Istok: Sans Serif Web Font

        An original typeface in development since 2008, created with the freely distributable font editor, FontForge. It includes manual and automatic hinting in order to display optimally on LCD displays. This font has four variations.

      • Inder: Art Noveau Style Typeface

        Inder is an interesting typeface coming from Europe, based on the German Art Noveau and the Amsterdam School of Architecture styles. It has been adjusted to the restrictions of the screen and features a wide array of sizes, showing great flexibility.

      • Imprima: Sans Serif Printing Typeface

        A beautiful typeface intended to be used for -yes, you guessed it- printing. The idea is to provide optimal quality and legibility even with cheap equipment. Each element has been crafted manually, including strong joints between stems, inktraps and broad counters.

      • Hammersmith One: Low Contrast Typeface

        A font based on the somewhat innocent and handcrafted designs that characterized the Johnston UK lettering tradition. It works well in both big and small sizes alike. It only has one weight, which is kind of bold, but still can be used in headlines and chunks of texts as well.

      • Enriqueta: Roman-Egyptian Hibrid Typeface

        Enriqueta is a serif typeface designed as a hybrid between the technicality and softness of a Roman and the strength of an Egyptian, containing the extended Latin character set of glyphs in regular and bold weights. Released under the SIL Open Font License 1.1.

      • Droid: Neutral Serif Typeface

        A humanistic serif typeface, designed by the Type Director of Ascender Corp., Steve Matteson. It features an upright stress, open forms and a neutral, but friendly, appearance. It counts with optimization for mobile devices in order to provide comfortable reading.

      • Dosis: Rounded Sans-serif Type Family

        A sans-serif type family that features a rounded design, mostly useful for bigger text. It features an extra light weight that only works at size 36pt or bigger, plus the Extended Latin character set that integrates a wide array of special characters. It was designed by Edgar Tolentino and Pablo Impallari.

      • Crete Round: Soft Slab Serif Font

        Crete Round is a warm slab serif providing a hint of softness to texts, both in the roman and the italic version. The tall x-height, low contrast and sturdy slabs prove to be quite efficient for web use. It has been released under the SIL Open Font License 1.1.

      • Comfortaa: Rounded Geometric Sans-Serif Type

        Mostly aimed at large text, Comfortaa provides a rounded, geometric sans-serif design that makes for attractive headlines and headers. This font is completely free for using across the Web or over multiple devices.

      • Chivo: Versatile Headline Typeface

        A versatile typeface family with tools for headlines (Chivo Black) and also continuous reading settings (thanks to its regular weight). Chivo (meaning "goat" in Spanish) features an Omnibus-type sans-serif look.

      • Cabin: Modern-looking Open Font

        Cabin is inspired by the designs of Edward Johnston and Eric Gill and comes with four different weights, including real italics. It features a modern look, with uppercase and lower case plus numbers, punctuation marks and special characters. Licensed with SIL Open Font 1.1.

      • Bitter: Contemporary Slab Serif Typeface

        Bitter is a simple contemporary slab serif typeface for the web that intends to provide a well-paced font for easy reading across digital devices, It was designed by Sol Matas and it can be used freely.

      • Arvo: Geometric Typeface Family

        A geometric typeface family, useful for both printed and digital publications. It comes in four variations: Roman, Italic, Bold and Bold Italic and includes a bit of contrast to its design. The name can be interpreted in both Finnish and Estonian.

      • Archivo Narrow: Grotesque Headings Sans-serif...

        Best suited for headlines and highlights, this grotesque sans-serif font from Omnibus-Type provides a good style for both digital and printed formats. It integrates Narrow and Black styles and was derived from the Chivo font.

      • Archivo Black: Grotesque Sans Serif Typeface ...

        Archivo is a grotesque sans serif typeface family, originally designed for highlights and headlines, containing the uppercase and lowercase of the extended Latin glyph set including numbers, special characters, punctuation marks, and accented glyphs. It's available under the SIL Open Font License.

      • Antic: Natural-looking Sans-serif Font

        Antic is the first result of a project that studies calligraphic forms for running text, Clark is the name of its serif counterpart. This font explores the possibilities of a simple, sans-serif style, including eight degrees of stress, for a quite natural look.

      • Anonymous Pro: Fixed-Width Font Family

        A typeface family that features four fixed-width fonts conceived with a particular focus for coding. Thanks to its international Unicode support, it can create text for most Western and European Latin-based languages. It comes in four different weights to adjust to different situations.

      • Alegreya: Elegant Sans-serif Font

        A humanist sans-serif font that provides a fantastic pace for readers, thanks to a comfortable calligraphic feeling. Its diverse atmosphere mixes all elements harmoniously while italics highlight roman styles, as well as the other six weights. Also, it features a wide variety of languages.

      • Advent Pro: Web & Print Elegant Typeface

        Designed for both web and print usage, Advent Pro takes the classic touches of a sans-serif font and combines them with modern styling, providing an edge to the typeface. It supports multiple languages including Geek, Turkish, English and German.

      • Abel: Newspaper, Headlines & Posters Fo...

        Abel was initially conceived as a font for newspaper headlines and posters, but it is also useful for Web writing. It contains sufficient flair to be attractive in bigger sizes and a comfortable design to read in smaller and longer texts.

      • ABeeZee: Clean Sans-serif Font

        An important resource for kids, ABeeZee helps children understand writing thanks to its definite shapes, while  the italics style reminds students of the changing nature of writing and encourages them to develop their own handwriting.

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    • JavaScript Frameworks (44 submissions)

      Picking the right JavaScript framework in which to build your creations is vital, this set provides you with a wide range of options to ensure a perfect fit.

      • ripple: Reactive Components JavaScript Framew...

        Ripple is a little framework for building reactive views. The idea with this is to have a similar API to Reactive to allow the composition of views, like React. However, the major difference for other view libraries is that this doesn't use globals. Each view has its own set of bindings and plugins, which makes composition of views really easy. It is licensed under MIT.

      • NativeScript: Cross-Platform Development Java...

        NativeScript is a compelling JavaScript framework for native development. You can create mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows Phone easily without using a different codebase. It is open source, easy, powerful and free.

      • Noduino: Arduino Controling JavaScript &...

        A flexible JavaScript and Node.js framework that allows you to access basic Arduino controls from any mobile application, thanks to HTML5, Socket IO and Node.js. With it you have easy Arduino access, both the client and the server are made in JavaScript, and it was built as a proof of concept.

      • Twee.IO: JavaScript MVC Framework

        Twee.IO is a modern JavaScript MVC Framework for Node.js and io.js based on Express.js. It has several important features like a modular structure, support for extensions, easy configuration, scalability and stability, support for and more. This framework is free.

      • webpack: Simple Module Bundler

        WebPack is a simple module bundler that splits the dependency tree into chunks loaded on demand, keeps initial loading time low, every static asset should be able to be a module, has the ability to integrate 3rd-party libraries as modules and customize nearly every part of the module bundler, and it is suited for big projects.

      • Konva: 2D Canvas JavaScript Framework

        Konva is a 2D Canvas framework made in JavaScript, perfect for creating and manipulating elements, and to create mobile apps and websites with canvas. Among its features you can find an object oriented API, node nesting and event bubbling, high-performance event detection via color map hashing, layering support and more.

      • Neft-io: Native Apps Javascript Framework is a simple JavaScript framework that supports the creation of native applications for phones and web environments. It handles dynamic styles, views, data-binding and more features. It was created by

      • Reapp: JavaScript Mobile Framework

        Reapp is a Javascript mobile framework that is fast and enables users to make hybrid apps quickly and easily. It can be installed really easy and it has several features that make it stand out against React, npm, Webpack and easy CLI, handling animations, styles, themes, views, components and mixins.

      • React Isomorphic Apps Development Library

        A library created with JavaScript that enables you to create isomorphic apps with React and Node.js. Is is really simple, and it comes with an article that explains the process, the things you might need. Just install it, run it and enjoy creating.

      • Ratchet: Mobile App Web Development Framework

        Ratchet is a minimal framework for crafting mobile apps using CSS, HTML and JavaScript component. It is easy to use, implement and creates compelling apps in no time. The code is licensed under the MIT License and the docs are licensed under CC BY 3.0. It was created by Connor Sears.

      • Riot: JavaScript User Interface Library

        Riot is a React-like user interface made in JavaScript that lets you create beautiful and fresh faces for web and mobile apps. It weighs about 2,5KB, including custom tags, an easy-to-understand syntax, a virtual DOM, full stack and multi-browser support. It is free and was created by Muut.

      • laroux.js: Simple JavaScript Framework

        A simple framework for JavaScript that simplifies the way you code. It has additional objects, it's compact, has organized libraries in smaller sizes (between 24K and 42K depending on your requirements), manages cookies and local storage, works great for mobile devices and more.

      • angular-kickstart: JavaScript Development Fra...

        An AngularJS development framework perfect for making your development and testing easy. To be able to run it you need to install node.js, sass, gulp and bower if you haven't yet. It was created by Alessandro Arnodo.

      • TuxedoJS: React-based JavaScript Framework

        TuxedoJS is a complete framework built with react and Flux for creating great web apps. It is a front-end framework that provides powerful opinionated React classes for sharing methods and building high-performance components, and among its features it has graceful degradation, a consistent and solid app architecture, semantic action creation, and a custom animation library.

      • Matreshka: Powerful Javascript App Framework

        Matreshka is a simple and small JavaScript framework for building web and desktop applications. It allows you to create data-DOM bindings, fire events when data changes, and have improved data types like Matreshka.Array and Matreshka.Object. It works nicely in most browsers but still has issues on Internet Explorer 8.

      • Aurelia: Modern JavaScript Framework

        Aurelia is a JavaScript Framework, pretty similar to React. It has some advantages such as the implementation of ES6 (Ecma Script), which includes new functionality for JavaScript. It also implements web components. One setback is the use of polyfills in all browsers.

      • Flakes: Open Source CCS & JS Frontend Fr...

        A simple, open source front-end framework made in CSS and JavaScript that allows you the creation of websites and apps easily. It takes care of both the design and the front end, helping you create apps simply and quickly. It is free and was created by Kumail Hunaid.

      • Suave: Angular.js UI Framework

        Suave is a UI framework that uses Angular.js for creating simple web applications. It consists of CSS definitions, directives and services that make the process of creation more effective and fast. It includes Font Awesome and Animate.css, and it's MIT licensed.

      • soma.js: Scalable JavaScript Framework

        soma.js is a scalable JavaScript framework for creating and maintaining upgradable JavaScript applications. It divides the creation process into modules, which make the overall project easy to modify if some piece goes wrong, and you can make it even bigger over time. It can be used without restriction as noted in its license.

      • Enyo: JavaScript Application Framework

        A cool JavaScript framework for building HTML5 apps for mobile and web environments with high-quality tools that can run everywhere. It is a cross-platform framework, tested in major mobile operating and desktop systems (and even not so very popular ones) and it's totally free, available under the Apache 2 license.

      • Semantic UI: Frontend Development Framework

        Semantic UI is a development framework that uses Less and jQuery to create, style, animate and manipulate user interface elements that focus on visual interaction to achieve results. It includes high-level variables and an intuitive system for changing the appearance and behaviour of any web component. It includes over 3000 CSS variables, more than 50 UI definitions and over 2800 commits. With it oyu can modify and enhance as well: - Elements - Collections - Views - Modules - Behaviors It can be downloaded and used for free.

      • Cylon.js: Robotics JavaScript Framework

        Cylon.js allows you to create and command robots for all sorts of purposes. It has an extensible system for connecting hardware devices. You can use it in several physical systems and software platforms, like ARDrone, Arduino, Arduino YUN, Beaglebone Black, BLE, Crazyfile and many more platforms, and many more devices that use inter-integrated (I2C). Also, it can be used directly in-browser thanks to the browserify NPM module, and other development options.

      • Ionic: HTML5 Hybrid Mobile App Framework

        ​​Ionic is an exciting alternative for creating hybrid mobile apps, taking advantage of all the possibilities provided by HTML5. Built with SASS and optimized for AngularJS, this framework is fast, features a wonderful design and is completely open source, being handled through GitHub.

      • Agile CSS3 Engine

        ​Agile uses JavaScript in order to generate pure CSS3 without the need for anything other tool such as canvas or webGL. It has a special care for mobile devices, providing striking performance on any device while letting you create and display amazing animations and effects.

      • WinJS: The Windows Library for JavaScript

        ​A JavaScript framework for Windows released as an open source project by Microsoft themselves. It allows you to create top applications (Windows Phone development is also possible) using HTML, CSS and JavaScript, offering advanced options such as List View, Flip View and Semantic Zoom. 

      • Riot.js: Client-side MVP Library

        ​A surprisingly small library that weights less than 1kb when gzipped and a mere 1.6kb when minified, containing only 3 public methods. The idea behind such small size is the ability to add things as you need them, not the other way around, allowing better control and understanding of you app's composition.

      • 3D JavaScript Framework is an amazing JavaScript framework that integrates its very own 3D layout engine, opening a whole new world of possibilities for developers. This 3D layout engine also has a physics animation engine built in, allowing you to create natural, physics based animations. If you need to get up to date, University contains a great amount of lessons so you can learn at your own pace.

      • Sammy.js: A Small Web Framework

        A tiny piece of software (16K compressed and 5.2K compressed and gzipped) that will allow you to build your next web project with style. Its modular approach allows you to extract your code and use it again in the form of plugins. Additionally, the clean interface is made to be easy and fun for developers.

      • Backbone.js: JavaScript MVC Framework

        A complete open source JavaScript framework,  featuring a rich API that has been used in well-known projects such as Rdio, Hulu, USAToday and many more. It is also hosted on GitHub for a fast-evolving environment and the developers offer a full test suite, tutorials, examples and other tools.

      • AngularJS: JavaScript MVW Framework

        AngularJS is a toolkit that allows you to create the proper framework for your web project development. The main problem it tackles is the complexity of handling dynamic views with HTML, letting you extend HTML vocabulary to make it fit with your application. Angular is also quite extensible, adapting to any development workflow.

      • KineticJS HTML5 Canvas Framework

        KineticJS is an HTML5 Canvas JavaScript framework for creating enterprise-class interactive web graphics. It enables high-performance animations, transitions, node nesting, layering, filtering, caching, event handling for desktop and mobile applications, and much more.

      • TodoMVC: MV framework Helper

        This is a project that offers the same Todo application implemented using MV* concepts in many of today's popular JavaScript MV* frameworks. Create JavaScript apps, compile to JavaScript, MVC extension frameworks, and more.

      • Appium: Open Source Framework for Test Automa...

        Appium is an open source, cross-platform test automation tool for native, hybrid and mobile web apps. It supports iOS, Android and FirefoxOS platforms. It works by driving various native automation frameworks.For iOS support, it drives Apple’s UIAutomation library; for Android, it supports the UiAutomator framework and Selendroid for both newer and older versions of the OS, and for FirefoxOS, it supports Marionette.

      • skel.js: Framework for Building Responsive Si...

        Here we have an online frontend framework that only weight 18kb in one file. Four dominant components: CSS Grid System Responsive Handler CSS Shortcuts Plugin System

      • The M Project: Mobile HTML5 JavaScript Framew...

        The-M-Project is a Mobile HTML5 JavaScript Framework that helps you build great mobile apps, easy and fast. It is an open source software published under the MIT License that gives you total flexibility for your development. Build great free and commercial apps with it.

      • Ember.js: Create Ambitious Apps

        Write dramatically less code with Ember’s Handlebars integrated templates that update automatically when the underlying data changes. It incorporates common idioms so you can focus on what makes your app special, not reinventing the wheel. This tool has been built for productivity and designed with developer ergonomics in mind, making it a friendly API to help you get your job done fast.

      • Derby: Framework for Realtime Applications

        Derby is a Model View Controller framework that makes it easy to write realtime, collaborative applications that run in both Node.js and browsers. The features it includes are realtime collaboration, client and server routing, HTML templates and more.

      • Lungo: HTML5 Cross Device Framework

        Here we have a framework for developers who want to design, build and share cross-device applications. The optimized apps created with the framework support open web standards, such as HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. It brings a consistent browser environment across mobiles, tvs and desktop devices.

      • iio Engine: HTML5 Application Framework

        The iio Engine is an extensive application framework that helps with the creation and deployment of HTML5 applications. It provides a feature rich SDK, an advanced debugging system, and cross-platform deployment engine. Also, it has no dependencies and can be interfaced with Box2D. Its core platform is open source and totally free.

      • Batman.js: Rails Development in Mind

        ​Batman.js was created with Rails development in mind, so if you're familiar with it, you'll be up and running in no time. Shopify is currently powered by it, this will give you an idea of how scalable the tool is. Additionally, it carries a good few features for user convenience, such as the familiar Rails conventions, data bindings and structured directories.

      • Dashing: Dashboard Framework

        ​Dashing is a framework that will let you create dashboards, friendly user interfaces based on individual widgets that serve different purposes. It offers a few advantages, such as premade widgets, an intuitive drag and drop interface and the possibility to host your dashboards on Heroku.

      • Flowtime.js: Dynamic HTML Websites

        Create dynamic HTML presentations and websites with Flowtime. This JavaScript framework makes use of CSS3 animations to make the projects move in attractive and unexpected ways. It is compatible with al major browsers and supports touch interactivity while the keyboard controls a good part of the behavior on PCs.

      • Flight: Twitter’s JS Framework

        A component-based JavaScript framework owned and used by Twitter to create their own web applications. The main difference between Flight and other similar tools is its lack of a default path in the way data is provided to an application, utilizing a fully agnostic approach, mapping behavior to DOM nodes.

      • Durandal: Single Page Apps Done Right

        ​​Durandal intends to make the creation and maintenance of single-page applications easy and enjoyable. This client framework bases itself on three principles: Comfort, providing familiar functions and mechanics; richness of features, everything you need to let your inspiration fly; finally its versatility lets you develop content for all kinds of devices and purposes.

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    • App Templates (25 submissions)

      Enjoy an easier mobile developing process with any of these app templates, created in Photoshop and provided for free in PSD format.

      • STYLE: PSD E-commerce App UI Kit

        STYLE is an e-commerce user interface kit for mobile apps made in PSD and JPG. This UI includes several screens for profile, settings, notifications, browse, collection, feed, and welcome. These are totally editable, and you can take advantage of its elements individually.

      • Multicolor PSD Photos App

        A nice PSD experimental file that includes an iOS app template. It has a colorful minimal style, including screens for different stages of the app like albums, camera, edit, login, people, profile and search. It layers are organized and it is totally editable. This nice creation was made by Virgil Pana.

      • App Landing Page PSD Template

        A freebie made by sumit chakraborty consisting of a landing page PSD template. It includes lots of elements like a big featured image header (that also includes a little description and action buttons), features area, app extended info, team and subscribe form. It is totally free for any purpose.

      • Zebra: PSD App User Interface

        Zebra is a cool user interface design for a mobile app made in PSD format. It has a great deal of crafted design elements ready to be implemented in your next project. It includes the core screens already designed, it's easy to extend elements to new screens, totally organized and Photoshop ready.

      • App Profile Page PSD Concept

        A PSD freebie containing a concept for a mobile app including a small grid layout on which to display media content, as well as a neat profile section where users can see info about the user and click on some icons to message and follow the person in question. Designed and provided for free by Alexander.

      • Dribbblr PSD Template

        A freebie from Alex Botic that comes in the shape of a PSD file including a pretty complete iPad template of an imaginary Dribbble application. It will offer you multiple GUI elements and icons that can surely be useful for your next project. The color palette is sober with bright orange details.

      • Dark Social Mac App UI

        ​A cool concept for a Mac application named iNotified by the user. The idea is to provide a single tool that provides updates for multiple social networks instead of having five or six independent apps for each website. It features attractive glow effects that contrast well with the dark interface.

      • Flat Weather App 

        ​A very attractive design for a weather app, showing all the wonders of flat styling. The idea is to show different boxes, each with their own colors and icons representing the current state of the clouds. The PSD is fully composed of vectors.

      • Football Search iPhone App

        An interesting concept for an application that allows users to look up footballers, teams and stadiums (each with their very own tab on the bottom bar), along with pictures of each one of these categories. Users can also favorite particular items and read lists with information. Grab the PSD file to make any modifications.

      • Fitness Leaderboard App PSD Template

        A fitness dark user interface app with leaderboard screen in an editable PSD, perfect for an app in which users can keep track of their goals and achievements. Even though it has a dark style, it is nicely complemented with bright color bars and user pics. This is a free template created by Dribbble user Tobs.

      • Saleapps iOS UI

        An old piece of work kindly shared by Jose Cruz from Dribbble. It features a neat concept for an iOS application, mainly intended for sales. However, thanks to the addition of the PSD you can change the elements and make them fit your particular needs.

      • Weather App Screen PSD Template

        A beautiful concept for a mobile weather app in PSD that displays news after selecting the desired city. Its appearance is very simple, but just as effective, splitting itself in half in order to show both current and future weather updates. The styling is flat, with bright green details highlighting the app.

      • Mobile Cooking App PSD Wireframe Template

        The Geckotree team bring us this neat PSD file with a mockup for a cooking app, including icons from Symbolset's Pika set. The design also includes high-resolution images for use on high-density screens.

      • Mobile Email Application PSD Template

        A flat-styled widget created by Regy Perlera, based on the designs of another Dribbble contributor, Julia Khusainova. The idea is to use this creation as an e-mail application, taking advantage of a sharp color palette and simplistic layout. Also worth noting, a space next to every message allows the showcasing of images.

      • Account Profile UI: Billing Modal

        A lovely user interface concept that provides a particular function for you and your visitors: Billing. The window comes divided into tabs, each with their own icons that signify different actions, allowing users to view projects and perform payments for a given service. Hypr Inc. has released this resource.

      • Travel App UI Elements 

        A cool group of elements that make part of a bigger travel application, perfect for implementation within a mobile project. The navigation bar on the design's lower part includes icons for sharing, calendar and GPS while the upper section features the obviously necessary map widget and navigation buttons.

      • Simple Task Manager

        This is the first part of a project, coming in PSD format that intends to provide a task managing application. The following part consists of translating that PSD file into HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, by using the Laravel framework. Created by Dribbble user Simon Jensen.

      • Clean Email App

        An amazing concept for an email application developed by Dribbble's Daryl Ginn. It has a left bar where users can navigate through different mail sections such as spam, inbox and sent while the top bar allows access to the user's profile and individual mail settings. There's even a slider to change font size, making this a pretty interesting design.

      • Web App Header PSD UI Kit

        A fantastic flat UI kit made in PSD, featuring strong colors that give an alternative look to the sometimes all-too-similar flat interfaces we see around today. He still manages to keep all elements well organized and recognizable for the user.

      • Layer Style Window Remix

        A complex UI kit that manages to keep things easy to understand for both users and designers. Among the many attractive elements found in this set, we highlight the transparent window that mixes well with the background, "shining" checkboxes and clever, organized build method. PSD by Jon Vlasach.

      • Dark UI Time-Lapse

        A dark UI design created by Jeff Broderick, showing a simple design handled correctly, resulting in a classy outcome. Based on Mac OS X's interface, the window shows a set of selectable elements to the left hand side, letting you highlight them in blue when hovering. A time-lapse video shows the whole creation process in detail.

      • Minimal Mail App

        ​This freebie comes in the form of a mail application along with its respective PSD file so you can make modifications. The styling is quite clean and colorful, leaving space for small avatars and offering a full control menu on the top section. Created by Aaron Sananes.

      • Compact iPhone User Interface

        This mobile UI kit manages to provide multiple elements within a compressed space. It features a good number of icon buttons, including camera, GPS, settings and more. Additionally, the middle sections displays a map, while a transparent tooltip provides extra information.

      • Media Player App

        A PSD file containing a concept for a clean and simple media player application, ideal for mobile touchscreen devices. The album's art takes over the top of the screen while the name and album are displayed below. The lower part features a thin progress bar and the usual playback buttons. Volume and shuffle are small and placed in the bottom corners.

      • Custom iPhone App UI

        Give your mobile app a distinctive feel with this custom app UI. The UI features a stylish navigation bar which you can place anywhere on the screen. The project is distributed in the form of a free PSD that you can modify and use at will. Created by Ed Cousins.

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