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    • CSS Hover (90 submissions)

      Give your social interactive elements an attractive appearance by applying CSS hover and animation effects to them.

      • Responsive Background Images CSS Accordion

        A simple accordion made in CSS with the capability to adapt to any screen size. It uses the images as backgrounds and implements nice hover effects. You can use it on any project for free. Created by Michael Ferry.

      • Pure CSS Questionnaire Concept

        A compelling questionnaire made in pure CSS with hover effects and a material design. It consists of a medium-size widget with a featured area that changes when you select an item of the menu. It is a free snippet, easy to implement in any project and created by Nikolay Talanov.

      • Pure CSS Stylish Hover Effects

        A set of ten hover effects for multiple purposes. The effects included are scanning, piano, burn, movement, comet, bent, bridge, wrecked and beat. It's a free code snippet, ready for implementation and created by Renan C. Araujo.

      • CSS Material Design Social Buttons

        These are a set of gorgeous social buttons made in CSS with a material design appearance. When hovered over, they show the effect, perfect for recent types of websites, and the buttons included are for Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Dribbble and skype, although you can add any social network since it uses FontAwesome icons.

      • Pure CSS Dropdown Menu

        A simple flat menu with smooth effects made in CSS format. It follows the mouse when you hover over one item, and it displays a submenu. The animations were carefully crafted with CSS and it can be implemented on any website. This was created by Codepen's user Robert.

      • Favourite Outlined Flat CSS Button

        A beautiful button with colorful outlined and flat styles made entirely in CSS. This button has nice effects on hover and click, making it ready to be used in any web or mobile project. It was created by Jamie Coulter.

      • CSS Bubbly Faces

        A set of bubbly faces made in CSS that can be used to create a menu. These faces blink randomly and they move when the user hovers over one bubbly face. It was created by Codepen user Yurippe.

      • Animated CSS Twitter Button

        An animated button for Twitter made in pure CSS. It was created having in mind the material design trend and its characteristic animations. It is perfect as a standalone element, but it needs a little tweaking if you are going to integrate it with other social networks. It was created by Scott Marshall.

      • Jelly Letters: CSS & JavaScript Hover Te...

        A CSS and JavaScript text effects that resemble jelly. It is a lightweight creation that also has a reflection. It can be implemented as a decorative element in any website or mobile app. It was created by Mauricio Allende.

      • Cool CSS3 Link Effects

        A set of effects for links made in CSS3, including left to right, right to left, start centered, different top and bottom options, cool square and more. You can integrate these link styles in any project and modify them if you want. The effects were created by Brenden Palmer.

      • CSS Button Hover Styles

        A code snippet made in CSS displaying three buttons with hover states and transitions. This is a lightweight creation that can be implemented in any web or mobile app project. It was created by Galen Strasen.

      • CSS & JavaScript Mouse-follow Hover Effe...

        A hover effect made in CSS and JavaScript that creates a bubble effect when hovered over, similar to the effect of the dock in OS X. It can be used perfectly in any website or even a mobile app. It was created by Hieu Huynh.

      • Scotch Digital: Exploding CSS & JS Logo

        A beautiful logo that explodes when you hover over it, made in CSS and JavaScript. It can be used in digital presentations and other public events as a decorative element that baffles your audience. It was created by Nicholas Cerminara.

      • Hobert Hovers: CSS Hover Effects Set

        Hobert Hovers is a set of hover effects made in CSS. The featured animations are all using SCSS, including left-to-right animations, right-to-left, fade slide from top, fade slide from bottom, fade in and out, fade and fill and flip to uncover. It was created by Martin Hobert.

      • Hover.css: Open Source CSS Hover Effects Plug...

        A set of hover effects for buttons, logos, SVG elements and links made in CSS3. You can modify them easily, and take advantage of its availability in CSS, Sass, and LESS. It is an open source creation licensed under MIT and it was created by Ian Lunn.

      • Animated CSS Business Card Mockup

        A business card made with pure CSS transitions that animates when you hover over. At first, it shows the logo and the basic information (name and occupation). When hovered over, the card displays the social and contact information, like phone number, website and Twitter account. It was made by M. Alex Junaedi.

      • CSS & jQuery Grid Zoom Effect

        A cool effect for zooming content, especially when it's in a gallery. The magic of this snippet relies in its smooth hover effect, which lets the hovered image flow through the container (thanks to the movement of the mouse). This is an easy to use snippet, made with CSS and JavaScript by Codepen's user Marco Barría.

      • Slide In: Intuitive CSS & jQuery Hover E...

        A simple CSS and jQuery snippet for creating a hover effect. It has the quality of identifying what element is hovered over next and that way it goes towards that direction (only up, down, left and right); this makes this hover effect kind of intuitive, although it is just a mind trick. It can be uses, modified and implemented freely.

      • CSS-only Calendar App Concept

        A simple calendar concept made with pure CSS. It is composed of a flat iPhone mockup showing a calendar in which you can select a date range, and then select the task you want to add to that date range. It is a compelling and useful creation by Codepen's user David Khourshid.

      • Hover Image Scale CSS Snippet

        A useful code snippet that shows us how to make a scale effect when we hover over the image. This code snippet not only shows the scaling, but it adds another layer with a simple caption. It has been created with HTML and CSS. This code snippet was created by Larry Geams, who also designed the images you see within.

      • CSS Rollover Menu States & Effects

        A set of rollover states entirely created in CSS. They are composed of triangular menus that activate different effects when hovered over. It includes logo reveal, grow regular and opposite, rotate right and left, and grow rotate. This code snippet was created by Andy Fought, who uploaded to Codepen.

      • CSS3 Funny Menu

        An excellent CSS menu created by Wagner Moschini with the appearance of stacked boxes. We can include it into our websites to make them more beautiful and striking, making it the main menu of a website, with the idea to drive users' attention to it.

      • 3D hover effect in CSS – CodePen

        Also see: Tab TriggersLike, at all. Sorry. If you enable it and reload this page you'll be good to go. Need to know how? Go here.

      • Creative Link Effects jQuery Plugin

        A plugin made with jQuery that allows you to make a good number of creative link effects. By using pseudo-elements, we can add wonderfully animated transitions on hover, click or even as initial animations. The effects come in all sorts and shapes, so you’re bound to find one that suits your needs and looks amazing.

      • Simple Icon CSS Hover Effects

        A CSS snippet to create clean, classy hover effects for your icons using CSS transitions and animations. The results are quite different from each other, including highlights, slide animations in all directions, rotations, fades and much more.

      • CSS Images Caption Hover Effects

        A set of CSS effects to create a fancy hover effect for image captions. In the example, images are displayed and on hover, a caption appears giving us information about the author and a link button. Many effects are shown in the article, making it a great source of inspiration for new creations.

      • Original CSS3 Hover Effects

        A pack of effects made in CSS that demonstrates how to create slick thumbnail hover effects with amazing CSS3 animated transitions. When moving the mouse over the images, an animation will reveal a text about them and a link for further information. There’s a good amount of examples in here, a perfect starting point for even more designs of your own!

      • jQuery & CSS Hover Click Trigger Effect

        A jQuery and CSS plugin that allows you creating a plugin that ensures the element can only be hovered over and clicked inside the circular area. It plays with the circular element with the border-radius property, in which is common to see that the active area of that element does not match its shape, since it has stayed as a square.

      • jQuery & CSS3 Thumbnail Proximity Effect

        A stylish thumbnail proximity effect made with jQuery and CSS3, that scales the images when hovering over them. The cool part is that not only the selected image is enlarged, but also the ones close to it relative to their distance, giving a smooth result.

      • Circle Transitions CSS Hover Effects

        A set of CSS transitions for creating interesting hover effects on circles with CSS transitions and 3D rotations. You will be able to experiment with hover effects applied to circles and try different uses for them, such as the creation of circular thumbnails.

      • Blueprint: Responsive CSS Icon Grid

        A CSS icon grid created by Mary Lou that adapts and rearranges its columns depending on the size of the screen. The grid can be customized by applying hover and/or click transitions and animations which will give it a polished look.

      • Responsive jQuery and CSS List Flip Effect

        A responsive list organized as a grid with multiple elements on the same line made with jQuery and CSS. When hovering on top of the elements, they flip with a fancy animation and light up in different colors. Once we click the element, it takes the whole space on top of the others by sliding in from the side.

      • Social CSS Sliding Buttons

        A sliding set of social buttons made in CSS and created by Marius Balaj, inspired on a Dribbble shot by Paul Flavius Nechita. It includes buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

      • Hover CSS Social Buttons

        Created by Marius Balaj and uploaded to CodePen, this code snippet creates cool social media buttons with a hover slide effect applied with pure CSS. The buttons look really well and provide a more visually appealing alternative to the classic social media buttons.

      • CSS3 Responsive Navigation Menu

        A responsive menu that includes dropdowns on the design, created with pure CSS3. The elements on the menu are intended to resemble those on the periodic table. This menu was made and also uploaded to CodePen by the user Jeremy Cloutier.

      • CSS Sliding Menu Tiles

        A centered group of colorful icons with smooth slide animations made in CSS. It features mouseover effects for big screens and focus effects for smaller devices. As a fun little detail, an extra menu can be seen after entering the famous Konami code.

      • After-Effectsy CSS3 Transitions

        An awesome set of ten different transition effects created with CSS3 and activated on hover, perfect for applying them to images and/or icons. Their inactive states include overlays in circles and square shapes, in diverse variations. Created by ksk1015 and uploaded to CodePen by Joakim Wimmerstedt.

      • Twitter Logo CSS Animated Button

        A pretty circular icon displaying the Twitter logo over a white background. The surprise comes when moving the mouse over the element, which causes the logo to rotate, invert its colors and make the logo grow considerably larger. Uploaded to CodePen by Saurav Tomar.

      • CSS Sliding Border Navigation Menu

        A navigation menu created by CodePen's Marcello Africano. Styled with bright colors, it highlights elements on hover with a bar at the bottom of the selection, making use of a super smooth animation. Everything you see in the demo is coded with CSS.

      • CSS Unwraping Menu Hover Effect

        An interesting menu that features a contracted piece of "paper" that expands on hover by using a neat transition. After this, it displays a set of icons that can be used by the reader. Created by Nate Cohen based on a Dribbble shot by Adis Hasanic.

      • Pure CSS Trapdoor Hover Reveal

        The idea of this CSS snippet is to show pictures and be able to raise them on mouseover, showing a caption underneath. A cool shadow effect ensures the effect remains convincing for the visitor. This nice initiative comes from Joshua Hibbert.

      • Tagging & Navigating CSS Breadcrumbs

        A code snippet that creates a CSS-only set of tags, although the result is pretty limited if you want to take it any further with transitions and stuff. It has a hover state in which the color changes and the tags get adapted to the size of the text in the label. The code is well organised and teaches us how to create both the triangles and the inner circles.

      • CSS Books Collection Showcase

        A code snippet that displays some book covers sorted by category, adding a little animation when the mouse is over, showing a book stock; this is achieved by using the CSS box-shadow property. You can edit the book covers and place any image so its integration gets easy, for instance, into an online store or a catalog. This experiment was created by Grant Zabriskie.

      • Red & White Dots CSS Social Buttons

        A beautiful concept for a trio of social buttons that come with a rather particular (but very attractive) style: Red and white dots. These polka-dressed buttons have noticeably different states, expanding on hover and becoming darker when clicked. Coded by Chris J. Lebron.

      • CSS Animated Social Icons

        A cute set of animated social buttons, perfect to promote yourself at the end of any website, for example. The icons appear with a simple gray style, then sliding to full color once we move the pointer over them. The sites provided are Dribbble, Behance, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This snippet was created by Ryan Bishop.

      • CSS Hover Icon Flip to Text

        A simple code snippet for a circle containing an icon that flips to text on hover. It was made using CSS3 transformations and transitions, and it can be used in any website to present simple information or even add links to it. It was created by Andrew Do and uploaded to CodePen.

      • Simple CSS Split Text

        Split real-life text in twain, reveal some stuff inside. Could probably done with less code and not have the crazy FUC, but I've only got so much time this morning to get this out of my head so I can get on to real work.

      • Stereoscopic CSS3 3D Text Effect

        A stereoscopic 3D effect with CSS3 only. The author was just created playing around but then realized it actually works. Basically you just need one line of CSS. A text-shadow with a red and cyan offset and the trick is to use “em"s for the text-shadows. That way, if you change the font-size, the text-shadows change in the same proportion.

      • CSS3 Animated Social Media Icons

        A nice set of animated social buttons for four different social alternatives: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and RSS Feeds. Initially, they come in a dark gray appearance, but when hovering over the icons, a slide moves down, revealing the logos in full color. It was uploaded to CSSDeck by Emilios M.

      • CSS Animated Sliding Social Buttons

        A nice couple of social buttons for the two most common networks: Twitter and Facebook. Hover over any of the two to see a "like" or "tweet" option animate from the bottom of the designs. Coded by Gonzalo Fuentes, based on an original Dribbble shot from Caleb Andrews.

      • CSS3 Inner Animation Social Buttons

        A fantastic set of social icons styled with a strong blue color. Their main attraction comes in the form of a smooth animation triggered on hover, which makes the circles lose their blue color, inverting the color palette on the buttons. There are five different websites to choose from.

      • Dark Social CSS Navigation

        A pleasing and subtle navigation menu created with pure CSS. It starts with a tiny block, including a minimalist icon, when you hover over this element, a set of icons with social networks appear, but with a much softer tone than the initial button. Pointing over each icon will pop-up a bubble with the name of each social service.

      • Animated CSS3 Downloader

        LukyVj from CSSDeck has decided to apply a recently-found effect to this full-screen loader, with neat results. It shows three screens in total: A simple "download" button with a white background when inactive, switching to black on hover. Finally, when clicking on it, a spiralling couple of glowing arrows signify the start of the download.

      • Interactive CSS Mega Shadow Text Effect

        A wonderful interactive shadow effect that can spread to huge proportions, taking the whole screen. The mouse works the magic: Left and right movements control the shadow size, which can go all the way to the frame of the page. Up and down movement manages the vertical position of the shadow.

      • CSS3 Box Shadow Transitions

        An amazing set of hover transitions created by Shinji Yonetsu. It contains everything you can think of: Masks, gradations, floating effect, slides, accordions and more. It even includes advanced effects for the most skilled developers or those wanting to create truly impressive designs.

      • CSS Flip Menu Perspective

        A sleek menu by CSS Deck user José Barcelon-Godfrey. He provides a nicely designed menu with smooth hover animations that show a description of the option we are highlighting along with a pretty background picture. Webkit browsers are recommended in order to get the most out of this tool.

      • CSS Flat Animated Menu

        A nice idea for an animated menu written in pure CSS. In order to make it work, simply hover over the "menu" button to see all the options come up with a lighting-fast movement. As you move the cursor over them, the selections will animate further to confirm they are active. 

      • Pure CSS3 Hover Vertical Menu

        A cool experiment generates a menu with a neat flat design and interesting animation effects. When hovered over, the items will perform a smooth transition as the corresponding icon spins around itself. Created by user Jitendra from CodePen using HTML and CSS.

      • CSS Radial Menu Experiment

        A cool experiment that uses only CSS with their option for radial menus. Based on an older pen, this is a recreation of that original project. The menu starts at the top corner and, making use of a transition, it displays a set of selections on hover. It was uploaded by Codepen's user Anonasaurus Rex.

      • CSS3 Circle Path Menu

        A beautifully styled CSS3 menu with animated circles. The idea is to have a big element floating around that releases smaller ones when we hover over it. While the process happens, the elements spin and move in an attractive manner thanks to the nicely applied transitions.

      • Animated CSS Ring Menu

        The CSS3 Ring Menu is just a simple unordered list with one superior link and four links as the list items. It activates on hover and uses a spiralling animation to show and hide the list elements. You can edit the code to improve its looks, functionality or even add effects.

      • CSS 3D Text Shadow Effects

        A project that provides a way to apply awesome effects to a piece of text. When hovering on the sentence, it moves forward and separates from the background, with a shadow accentuating the illusion. Also, the letters gain a 3D appearance, which gives them more presence.

      • CSS Hover-Activated Accordion

        A fantastic accordion styled with pure CSS. It expands and collapses its sections by just hovering the mouse over them, showcasing a smooth animation in the process. Also, it goes back to its original state right after moving the cursor away. Uploaded by CodePen's Cory.

      • Simple CSS Hover Marquee

        If you need to display a long line of text but don't have the necessary space, this little code snippet made in CSS can do wonders for you. It allows you to create a marquee that scrolls text on hover, gradually upping the speed as you keep it pressed. This pen was created by Ren Walker.

      • Unorthodox CSS Links Hover Effects

        A super original set of seven different hover effects, all applied to regular text (which could be displayed inside your usual blog entry, for example). They include blurs, cloning, underlines and much more, all styled with the power of CSS. Uploaded to CodePen by Mateusz Kocz.

      • Blurring CSS Hover Effect

        A visually attractive experiment that makes full use of CSS to display a piece of text and apply a blurring effect plus an animated line going below it at the same time. Bring the mouse back to view the text again in normal circumstances. Uploaded by CodePen user Monkey Raptor.

      • Circular Motion jQuery & CSS Effect

        A nice jQuery and CSS plugin made by Mary Lou from Codrops. It helps you create a menu formed by floating circles. One main element will display options that, when hovered, will have a smaller circle complementing the information. It is created using the jQuery.path plugin for the animations.

      • 3D Thumbnail CSS Hover Effects

        A useful and complete Codrops tutorial is going to explain you an amazing set of techniques used to create appealing hover effects on a set of images. When touching the cursor, CSS 3D transforms are triggered, "bending" the image and revealing hidden information behind them.

      • Images Dropdown with CSS

        This fantastic design provides a very stylish way to display pictures through a dropdown menu of circular thumbnails that activates when hovering on the list icon on the bottom. It uses Sass with Compass to handle all the animation and overall operation of the snippet. Brought to life by CodePen user Alex Lime.

      • CSS Flat Calendar Template

        A CSS calendar design that originated from Dribbble and looks like some color-filled version of iOS 7, this cool calendar will allow us to schedule tasks at specific times of the day, conveniently marked with a red dot on their respective date. Simple, appealing and, above all, useful. Just the way we like it.

      • Creative CSS3 Animation Menus

        A truly impressive set of animated menus created with CSS3. We dispose of 10 examples with gorgeous transitions using blurs, slides, turns, zooms and more, applied either alone or in combination. If you want to have a good looking site with awesome menus, you won't find many choices better than this.

      • Navigation Dropdown With Unfold Effect

        Here we have a beautiful concept for a dropdown menu where the options unfold out of the main button like a piece of paper. Everything is styled with the power of CSS. The only downside we found was that the selections come down a bit too slowly, which may annoy some users.

      • Pure CSS Spin-Out UI Menu

        A very cool menu created in CSS by Billy Crist from CodePen. All you need to do is hover over the main menu icon, this will trigger a beautiful and smooth animation that displays all options available around the circle. Perfect for showcasing short or basic info in a tight space.

      • CSS Rounded Social Icons

        A pretty trio of social buttons created with pure CSS, perfect to promote yourself through every corner of the net. These buttons animate slightly on hover, raising from their original positions a little bit in order to represent interactivity with the user. They come in different colors, depending on the website they are attached to.

      • Fancy CSS Hover Icon Fonts

        A set of icon fonts that also come with a tutorial for teaching you how to get the most out of icon fonts, which are an amazing way to ensure high-quality viewing on retina displays. Apart from using the font, the author applies a wonderful hover effect to the set.

      • Alternative Select Element CSS

        This cool Pepsized tutorial will show you a nice alternative to the common select from tag applying only pure CSS. It provides a simple and user-friendly result, including a subtle fade animation to show the options on hover. It is important, however, to add some fallback for mobile devices and/or IE8.

      • Simple CSS-only Breadcrumb

        A cool light gray breadcrumb that has been created just by using CSS3. It is a beautiful code experiment that lets you know where you are on the website, and also, guides you through it with the help of a relevant blue color on every level when the breadcrumb is hovered over.

      • Colorful CSS3 Animated Navigation Menu

        With this thorough article, TutorialZine's  Martin Angelov is going to teach you how to create a beautiful navigation menu using pure CSS3 and the Font Awesome icon font. The dropdown will also include neat animations that will show options when hovering on the large icons.

      • Vertical jQuery & CSS Scroll Menu

        A scrolling menu created with jQuery and CSS. The menu has a very long list of elements on a medium sized box, which scrolls up and down as we hover on the respective section, all done with supremely smooth movements.

      • Responsive CSS Retina-Ready Menu

        An amazing menu that comes boosted with a number of very useful options that make it versatile and attractive. Is responsive design has three different layouts depending on the screen size, including a tablet-optimized version. Also, it is Retina-ready, this is achieved by using an icon font instead of images to avoid pixelation when zooming in.

      • Spinning Logos Fading CSS Effects

        A code snippet with spinning logos, perfect to animate a website or a mobile app. On hover, the jQuery logo spins and fades out while the jQuery-ui logo fades in. When you move your mouse out of the logo, it happens the same but in the opposite direction. You can edit the code to make it even more functional than the original.

      • CSS 3D Facebook Button Concept

        A button is created in 3D by using the Webkit-perspective property (that only works in Webkit browsers, of course). Then, it uses the transition property to trigger the transform animation when the button is hovered, which reveals the number of fans (that can be replaced by any other piece of information).

      • CSS Flying Twitter Bird Follow Button

        An awesome little social button that allows you to link visitors to any given Twitter profile with a smart animated element. It starts with a simple Twitter bird located on the top corner of the screen, when the user hovers over it, the bird moves to open space to a "follow me" button, while it begins to move its wings in flying motion.

      • CSS Social Media Instant Titles

        Social media buttons bar for sharing, liking or following purposes. It displays tooltips on hover.

      • Incredible CSS Share Button

        A fantastic bar intended to provide links for social networks through elegant hovering mechanics. When moving the cursor over it, the button opens up, revealing links to four different social services. It makes use of a few CSS properties such as box shadows, transitions and transforms.

      • jQuery & CSS3 Related Posts Slide Out Bo...

        The idea behind this jQuery and CSS3 plugin is to show relevant posts that might've been lost with time. A list of related posts with their respective thumbnails comes out of the edge of the screen and a shuffle button on the bottom allows you to repopulate the list with new entries.

      • Vertical CSS3 Drop-down Menu

        A vertical menu design with only HTML and CSS3. It includes some new CSS properties that might only be supported with the latest browsers, so keep that in mind when implementing it. Also, it features an attractive set of animations and multi-level navigation.

      • CSS Twitter Button Concept

        A fantastic code snippet that provides a great way to promote your Twitter profile, attracting more followers and interactivity. The idea is to have a simple button with the Twitter logo and then make it animate whenever the visitors hover over it, revealing a button linking them to your desired profile.

      • CSS Social Flip Cards

        A fantastic set of twelve different flip cards, each linking the user to a different social network (including  Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Dribbble and many more). They are visually very appealing, featuring smooth hover animations that reveal the full-color versions of the icons. Uploaded to CodePen by Charlotte Dann.

      • Icon Fonts: CSS Social Count Meets Style

        A cool set of buttons to promote social sharing, carrying neat icon fonts and hover effects that allow the visitors to use their social credentials to tweet, like or +1 a piece of content. Everything is styled with the power of CSS3 by CodePen user Tim Pietrusky.

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    • CSS Forms (56 submissions)

      Gather information from your users with a beautiful CSS form, avoiding the boring default look and making user experience a little bit more enjoyable.

      • CSS & jQuery Hidden Form

        A subscription form made in CSS and jQuery that is hidden in the first place, but it gets revealed once a button is clicked. It has a flat style and is really lightweight, making it easy to implement. The code can be used and modified freely, and it was created by Drew McConville.

      • Single Input 3D Form Code Snippet

        A crafted CSS and JavaScript form, perfect for any website owner that wants to include a subscription input field or style the one already in place. It is cool since it looks pretty normal when you first look at it, but once you hover you'll see a 3D effect; the users type their email address, and after that they'll see another 3D effect for confirmation. It was created by Son Tran-Nguyen, and you can tweak the code to match your sites styling.

      • Pure CSS Flat Login

        Here we have a flat login interface with a various simple design elements. It has an icon on the top, a label, username and password areas, a "forgot password" link, a button that changes color when clicked, and additional labels for new members. This code snippet was created with pure CSS, using crafted fonts from Google Fonts, and it was made free to download by its creator Tim Bogdanov.

      • Animated Upload Button

        This is a simple upload button created by Nathan Butler. It features a simple upload button right in the middle, displaying a range animation in order to inform the status of the upload process (a small progress bar). The beautiful background is definitely not easy to overlook, either. This is a code snippet that you can edit and improve to integrate it into your next creation.

      • Embed Base64: Client-Side Encoder

        This extremely simple, client-side base64 encoder provide a neat and straightforward interface. You can use it for small images, for example; since fewer requests can make your website load faster. Another possible use is if you want to pack everything in a single HTML file.

      • Simple Upload Form with Queue

        A basic upload form based on a Dibbble shot by Designmodo. It allows the addition (and deletion) of multiple files on queue while a glowing progress bar/percentage bubble provides a classy status update. The skin is quite simple, with a nice background texture as a stand out.

      • Paper Login Form

        A piece of paper stuck to the wall with sticky tapes that will allow users to access your website in a different way. Everything is styled with CSS through gradient and box shadow effects. This form, created by CodePen’s Carl Calderon, supports all major browsers in their latest versions.

      • Secure 3D Login Form

        A set of 3D-styled fields that form a login interface. The multi-dimensional effect is achieved by applying the box shadow CSS property. Also, the boxes present a delicate "pushed" animation as soon as they are clicked, this same detail has been applied to the final “login” button.

      • Solid and Minimalistic Login Form

        A simple login interface featuring a basic flat design and pop-up notifications in case the information entered is not correct. Of course, the always useful “forgot password?” link is available for those confused users. Uploaded to CodePen by Marco Biedermann.

      • Sleek Sign Up Form

        This is a gorgeous sign up form design developed by Emil Andersson from CSS Deck. First thing you will notice is the smooth blue gradient background, truly polished. Then it’s time to move on with the actual form, which carries a clean style with subtle yellow borders for selected fields. A pretty button finishes the already pleasant experience.

      • Floating Admin Login Form

        Here we have a useful login form that displays the password when switching a control, this double check avoids possible mistakes (particularly on mobile devices) so the user does not have to start all over again. A “Forgot password?” button is also available for troubled users.

      • Orange Solid Edges Login Form

        A stripped-down login screen design, providing only a couple of boxes for fast access. When it comes to styling, the boxes come with a thick orange border going around them, plus a solid, dark login button to wrap up the process. Uploaded to CodePen by user Baylor Rae’.

      • Apple Developer Login

        A cool login form inspired by Apple's design, created and styled in pure CSS. It features a nicely contrasted orange and black skin with an interesting background texture. Also, the input and login buttons feature attractive hover and click effects. Uploaded to CodePen by Christophe Benoliel Molina.

      • Minimal and Colorful Login Form

        A small and straightforward login form design to validate users while taking little space on the webpage space, in the hopes of providing a quick, uncomplicated experience to whoever tries to access. The violet skin stands out, given the simplicity of its design.

      • Simple Transparent Input Boxes

        A login box with wonderful styling, coded by CodePen user Tyrus. First, it features a colorful blurred background that can be seen through the transparent input forms where we enter our login info. When selecting each of the boxes, a nice glowing effect comes up, as well.

      • CSS3 Badge-Like Login Form

        A pretty login form created in CSS3 based on a Dribbble shot by Ionut Zamfir. It features an office-badge-like interface with a great pair of icons for e-mail and password, styled with nothing but pure CSS. The login button also carries neat shadow when the user clicks on it.

      • Facebook Login Form

        A basic login form design with HTML and CSS. It aims to connect people using Facebook and help them access your site with their information from the social network. Also, password recovery services are included within this project. The original PSD is available for you, as well.

      • Fun with Pattern and Pseudo-Selectors

        This login form notifies the user if the information entered is valid or not in a pretty original way. When the e-mail is correct, the whole page turns green, but if it  is wrong, red is what they’ll see. It gives a bright look to the site while providing a useful feature, so well done!

      • Ubuntu Inspired Login

        A wonderful login form inspired in Ubuntu. It features a bright and colorful background along with a translucent box included a couple of input boxes. The fields become opaque (with a sweet transition in between) when clicking on them, and the “remember me” button saves the credentials for future usage.

      • Mobile Twitter Login Design

        A great interface for allowing users to login socially with Twitter, focusing on mobile devices. Just like any handheld form should be, it is simple and straightforward with buttons for signing up, recovering the password and remembering the credentials for future use.

      • Black Login Form

        A flat-styled login form for basic and fast user access. Its dark interface keeps everything as stripped down as possible while the classy logging in animation provides the always needed touch of glamour to this login interface after entering the proper information.

      • HTML5 and CSS3 Login Form

        A two-color login form design that includes gradient backgrounds for styling. Apart from the login info, this tool provides password recovery and additional assistance options. It only applies HTML and CSS to handle its operation. Created by CSSDeck user LukyVj.

      • Simply Login Form

        A simple login form created with the help of CSS3 only. The form itself is rather straightforward, using basic CSS properties for styling and an easy markup. The colorful background is also styled with CSS3, providing a very marked contrast that lights up the whole design.

      • Login Form 3D Animation

        A neat double login form for both admins and average users. The transition between logins is triggered by a button on the top left of the design that activates a smooth rotating animation. It features a simple design with subtle effects that should blend well with most websites.

      • Flat UI Login Form

        A fork from a similar project by David East, this menu provides a complete from that not only allows users to login, but also helps them with their password in case they lose it thanks to a password recovery tab. Moreover, it welcomes new members right away with another tab including a sign-up form.

      • Login Form On HTML5

        An attractive login form with an interesting “stacked paper” effect created with pure CSS by Vladimir Banduristov. This look provides depth to the design while focus highlights attract attention towards the input forms. Finally, registering and password recovery options are included.

      • Iron Man Login Form

        A sharp login form that recreates the one seen on the Iron Man movies. A constantly circling element goes around the gradient-including main box containing the input forms. A few more details are added, like the bright border and the patterned background design.

      • Simple Login-Subscribe Form

        An attractive login panel created entirely in CSS by Hugo Giraudel. If the user doesn’t have an account, a big “register” button guides them through the process of obtaining a brand new profile for your website so they can make use of this login form to access.

      • LESS Flat Form

        A simple login form created in CSS (LESS) and uploaded to CodePen by Joe Richardson. It features a flat look with highlight effects on its input fields. Also, the login button includes a cool animation that gives it an attractive 3D style, but nothing over the top.

      • Basic CSS Login Form

        A basic login form with a cool shadow underneath that gives it a “floating” effect. Also, the login button implements a sweet transition when clicking on it. The username and password fields have been left simplified and straightforward. Created by Julio Donoso from CodePen.

      • Flat Semantic Form

        A pretty set of input fields and selection elements, all styled with a flat two-tone design. Everything has been simplified to the max, to the point where dropdown menus don’t have arrows or signals, which can be a bit confusing at first. This project was developed by CodePen user Emily Young.

      • Flock Login in Pure CSS

        A classy login form that provides additional options by clicking on the settings button on the top left, which comes down when hovering with the cursor near it. A password recovery button is also added at the bottom of the design. Uploaded to CodePen by Mojtaba Seyedi.

      • Unmask Password On Focus

        A cool form that displays the password a user just entered when focusing on the box. This is a great option for double-checking purposes, and will surely avoid mistakes when logging in. However, these mechanics are not the most secure ever, so you should be careful with their implementation.

      • Changeable Background Login PSD Template

        A beautifully styled login form features a full-page slideshow of colorful blurred images sitting behind a smooth, transparent pair of input fields and a login button with neat shadow effects. It also includes the option to log in with Facebook or Twitter. The original PSD is available in case you’d like to experiment.

      • Custom Login Form Styling

        A complete Codrops tutorial on how to create compelling login forms for your websites. Here, we are provided with five beautiful designs we can use as guidance and inspiration. They feature all sorts of effects, including transparencies, hover animations and more.

      • Login Form Using CSS3 and HTML5

        Here we have an article from Red Team Design that goes through the whole creation process of this nice login form using only HTML5 and CSS3. The interface itself features some cool focus effects and a smooth transition when interacting with the final "log in" button.

      • Red Flat Login Form

        This stripped-down version of a login form was based on a Dribbble shot and developed in pure CSS by Marco Biedermann. It gets right to the point with its presentation, featuring just user, password and login buttons in order to get you through the signing in process ASAP.

      • Login Form Testing HAML and SASS

        A joyful login form created with HTML (HAML) and SASS. The login box itself floats around with a subtle up and down animation, while clouds make their way through the background at various speeds. This awesome design was created by CodePen user Martin Wolf.

      • Forgot Your Password?

        If your users are having issues with their login information, making them go through another page load can be quite a pain for them. Avoid this annoyance with this login form that automatically brings up the password recovery options when clicking on the “Forgot your password?” button.

      • Connectez-Vous Login Form

        A pretty login form with an attractive color palette and great overall styling. It serves as a simple interface for users to access their profiles easily. It comes with a good few effects, like the blurred background, hover highlight on the login button and shadows when clicking on the input boxes.

      • Blue Gradient Login Form

        A simply styled login screen designed by Josh Green from CodePen. It displays a subtle and appealing glowing effect when clicking on the input forms and a shadow when performing the same action over the login button. Everything is contained within a nice blue gradient background.

      • Minimal Style Login Form

        A minuscule and clean login form, ideal for cases when you don’t intend to take too much space in favor of a reduced, stripped-down design (or just ’cause you like simple stuff, right?). It features cool icons next to both input fields and violet details. Created by Tony Montemorano.

      • Amazing CSS3 Login Form

        A smoothly styled login form created in pure CSS3. Its little details separate it from the rest and make it a very attractive tool: Sliding icons come out of the sides when clicking them and soft edges decorate the login button on hover. Plus, a register button is available (with effect included) to welcome new users.

      • All-Blue Login Form

        A showy login form created with CSS3. It features an entirely blue design with nice and subtle effects, this is particularly noticeable on the login button, which has an attractive shining look. Also, pop notifications are included in case the information entered is not valid. Created by CodePen user 2ne.

      • Login Form Flat Red

        A simply-styled login interface developed by Marco Biedermann from CodePen. It does not contain any animations or effects, focusing on providing a fast, non-complex experience for the user. The flat design features a bright red header and a green sign in button.

      • Transparent Login Form

        A fantastic login form with a translucent skin and randomized background provided by LoremPixel. It is based on a Dribbble shot posted by Bojana, with the inclusion of Open Sans Condensed Hope instead of the good old Helvetica font. Coded by CodePen user Thomas Bertok.

      • Transparent Upload Form

        A beautiful upload form with drag and drop functionality. It carries an awesome transparent skin which mixes really well with the abstract, colorful background, while the glowing progress bar displays the percentage through a small bubble. Multiple elements can be added to the queue.

      • Social Login Form

        An easy login interface with a flat look that offers the option to access the site with registered information or use a social network (Twitter, Facebook and Google+) to enter. This project was developed and uploaded to CodePen by the user 91bananas.

      • Login with Facebook or Twitter

        Marco Biedermann from CodePen brings us this classy login screen that allows users to access the website with their registered credentials or socially with either Twitter or Facebook. It features a simple and flat design that goes well with the colors of both social networks.

      • Black and Pink Login

        A basic login form with a nice dark skin and a pair of icons positioned next to every input field. The theme is nicely contrasted with the pink login button that stands out above the design. It also welcomes new users with the sign up link below. Created and uploaded to CodePen by Marco Biedermann.

      • Welcome to Jamrock: Flat UI Form

        A login form without too much to get distracted about, except the nicely animated login button. Forgot your password? There’s also a button included for that. All wrapped up in a nice bright red background. Uploaded to CodePen by Joe Richardson.

      • Flat and Detailed Form

        A clean and really good looking set of forms and selectors. It styles a flat design with lots of details that come up on hover and focus, like the lit-up icons (when there’s any) or the colored borders that appear when clicking on an input field. Created by Abhishek Hingnikar.

      • Slide to Reveal Password

        This concept coded by Nicolas Slatiner is a login form with a slider that reveals the hidden password when activated. This is particularly useful for mobile interfaces since making mistakes when typing on smaller screens is a lot more common; with this tool, the user can be sure they won’t have to start over.

      • Login Violet Form

        Here we have a beautiful login form with a clear and simple interface. The background features a nice violet-to-blue gradient that blends really well with the login button and the soft effects applied to the input fields. Created by Tyler Fry and hosted at CodePen.

      • Batman Login Form

        This pen by Hugo Giraudel intends to recreate a Dibbble shot designed by Virgil Pana. The main idea was to generate that good-looking shiny light effect seen on top of the form with pure CSS. Apart from that nice touch, it displays a couple of hover effects and a dark, sober style.

      • Admin Login Form

        This simple login form allows the user to unmask the password they just entered by clicking on a switch control. This reduces the chances of making a mistake and having to type the whole thing again. Plus, a cool CSS shadow gives the form a smooth “floating” effect.

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