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    • PSD Accordion Designs (14 submissions)

      A compilation of accordions designs created and styled with Adobe Photoshop, useful for displaying multiple options in a space-efficient way.

      • Simple Accordion with Notifications

        Ben Bate from benbate.com shares this elegant and dark PhotoShop accordion that can be easily converted into CSS or HTML. In includes icons for home, gallery and log out, and the design focus on dark tones with hints of bright blue.

      • Simple Photoshop Vertical Menu

        Ivo Ivanov from pixelninja.eu shares this nice accordion as a rebound of the menu created by Daniel Fass. It has dark colors and nice notifications, all within a simple, minimal box. It uses gradients and shadows for elements to stand out, the icons are simple and has readable typography.

      • Minimal Accordion Vertical FAQ

        From the website nextendweb, Daniel David brings us this nice vertical accordion with dark tabs and drop shadows, which comes with Full PSD Sources. It gives you the ability to present your content in a professional and visually stunning way. A perfect solution for Joomla, WordPress and Magento sites.

      • Dark Horizontal Accordion Slider

        This time, Daniel David from the website nextendweb brings a simple and dark horizontal accordion. The slider has a minimal style, making use of blue and black tones, complemented with colorful images. It comes with a full PSD source file so you can transform it into anything you need.

      • Elegant Accordion Menu in PSD

        The guys from icojam have made this nice accordion which comes within a fully editable PSD file. With a minimalistic design, it includes icons for the sections, like the ones for followers, favorites, projects, settings, trash and more. It also has a nice green color that illuminates when that section is active.

      • PSD with a Vertical Navigation Menu

        This minimally created accordion menu that comes from Premium Pixels combines dark and light colors to make it look awesome. It has icons for friends, videos, photos and podcasts, and also several counters so you identify the amount of items per category. It comes with a PSD source file that you can tweak as you like to integrate it into your next project.

      • Vertical Toggle Accordion Menu

        This freebie is a vertical accordion which content has a glass-like appearance. It makes use of transparencies when an icon is clicked. There are icons for gallery, services, portfolio, partners and downloads. The PSD is organised in its layers and is easily editable.

      • Dark Horizontal Accordion in PSD

        Featured content sliders are hugely popular in modern web design. That's why here we have a fully editable PSD of a horizontal accordion (or slider) interface. It includes five slides, one of them being the actual image. Also, when hovered it becomes a little brighter in order to identify where you are.

      • Sleek Collapsible Menu Navigation

        This is a gorgeous side navigation with a collapsible or expandable sub menu. It has light flat icons and shapes, decorated with some simple shadowing. Also, simple gradients have been added to create a relevancy effect on boxes. Icons included are specific for profile, messages, places, calendar and settings.

      • Stitched Fabric Horizontal Accordion

        This freebie consists of a stitched fabric SlideDeck skin. It is perfect for a horizontal accordion or slider, designed for clothing websites specifically. Also, the fabric is colored, generating an attractive appearance, complementary to any image you place in the slider.

      • Light Posts Accordion in PSD

        A nice free, simple little accordion PSD for using in the sidebar of your site. This PSD includes all of the elements on separate layers for easy editing. All of the styling was done to the vector shapes to allow for easing alterations. There is a hover state present in the form of a gray background on the second post in the recent posts panel. Feel free to use and enjoy!

      • Accordion Slider with Multiple Styles in PSD

        This exclusive freebie brought to you by Best PSD Freebies is a design mockup of an accordion slider that can be used to display content. It comes in 3 variations. Each slider variation has a unique texture design with a hover effect on the 3rd slider tab. This freebie comes in 3 separate and neatly organized PSD files that allow for endless customizable options.

      • 3 Levels Accordion Menu PSD

        Here we have an accordion with 3 levels: Main tabs, list items inside and sub items inside these too. These accordion menus have a basic design, relying on subtle gradients to make the boxes stand out. There are icons too, but their not as relevant as one might expect.

      • Accordion Menu Widgets in Photoshop

        These are two examples of accordion widgets themes that have been made in PhotoShop. Their design is dark, fitting well in business with a sober attitude. You can download this freebie and transform the templates into CSS or HTML code for using them in multiple websites.

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    • Sans-Serif Fonts (84 submissions)

      This package contains a hefty amount of choices in Sans-serif fonts for those looking to add a legible and comfortable typefaces to their website.

      • Bizon: Free Handmade Typeface

        This typeface, created by Alex Bizon, is a sans serif font that suits printed design and posters perfectly. It is a bold, uppercase-only font that includes a few additional glyphs like question and exclamation marks and some others. It is free and handmade. You can use it commercially and personally.

      • Anders: Free Sharp Font

        As a nice and minimalistic creation, Anders is a free and stylish font that can be used in any sort of project, whether it is web, mobile or printed. The font includes uppercase characters only, and it was created as an experiment by Tom Anders Watkins. You can use it personally and commercially.

      • Fins: Free Fluid Font

        Fins is a simple sans serif typeface that fits well with children-themed designs. Inspired by sea animals, with a fluid modern style, it is he type of font that can be used for logo creation. The font has both sharp and smooth edges, comes as uppercase and lowercase, includes numbers and special characters.

      • Azedo Elegant Font

        The Azedo font is a compelling creation for web and printed projects. It comes in 2 different font sizes: bold and light, and it only has uppercase characters, which makes it great for headlines and small phrases in posters and flyers. Its creator, Pedro Azedo, made it available for free, although you can donate to appreciate his work.

      • Frinco: Free Stylish Font

        Frinco is a compelling font with strange shapes. It is an elegant font, but at the same time, it's playful and wavy. It is an uppercase typeface that work correctly for headlines, and it can be used for posters, and includes numbers as well. The font is free to use for personal and commercial projects.

      • Moka: Free Sharp Typeface

        Moka is a free font created by Liz Withers. It is a sharp typeface that can be used in several design projects, preferably printed graphic design. The font comes in uppercase and lowercase versions, and although it is not a complete set, it is pretty handy in headlines. It is an outlined font that can be used freely.

      • Aqua Grotesque Typeface

        The Aqua Grotesque is a compelling typeface with an elegant style and nice sharp shapes. It is a sans-serif creation that includes both uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as numeric glyphs. This typeface can be used in elegant posters and advertising, complemented with dark colors and imagery so it delivers a powerful impact on the viewer. It was created by Laura Pol and it's free to download.

      • Ahamono: Free Monospaced Font

        Ahamono is a free monospaced typeface, with a fixed-pitch and width. It is an uppercase and lowercase font that allows you can use for headlines and regular text since it is legible in any level. The typeface also includes numbers and special characters, making it a complete option for any project. This font was created by Alfredo Marco Pradil.

      • Arca Majora Sans-Serif Font

        This font called ARCA Majora is a beautiful font with uppercase characters only. This font includes latin characters, punctuation symbols and a few accents. This font was created by Alfredo Marco Pradil and it can be downloaded and used for free.

      • Docker Free Font

        Docker is a free font that allows you the creation of cool headlines and logos thanks to the shape of its glyphs. It is an uppercase sans-serif font with three styles: Regular, Inline and Pseudo 3D; mixing them all gives you an excellent result you can use as a logo. Within you can find basic latin and cyrillic glyphs, numbers and other relevant symbols. This font is free for personal and commercial uses, and was created by Slava Krivonosov.

      • Scratch: Sans Serif Display Typeface

        Scratch is a display typeface that comes in Basic and Detail versions. It is uppercase only, and its particular use is for titles and headlines. The inspiration comes from previous fonts Gotham and Sans-Serif. It is strong and includes characters for english and spanish languages. The "A" and "Q" are the glyphs that stand out among the rest thanks to their tails, and they give a fun touch to an overall static typeface. Also, the break lines added make it a cool addition for decorative purposes. The typeface includes especial characters and numbers, is free to download and was created by Luis Palencia.

      • Smidswater: Free Font Family with 7 Styles

        Here's a free Sans Serif font family called Smidswater which contains seven styles. It is a neat experiment, with clean and sharp descenders and ascenders that can be used in different websites, specifically in media and modern magazines. This family is totally legible and includes the following styles: - Light - Regular - Italic - Condensed - Bold - Bold Italic - Condensed Bold This beautiful font family was created by Smidswater, especially for the agency. It reflects professionalism and cleanliness. It is efficient in smaller sizes, but it can be used for larger printed design. It is online, available to everyone to download, transform and use (non-commercial), giving proper attribution.

      • Archive Free Font

        A free font designed by Slava Kirilenko for Fontfabric, Archive is made out of strong geometric shapes, and it can be used in all sorts of projects —web, print, digital media, mobile, etc.—. It has characters in greek, created by George Triantafyllakos, and is a bold font by nature, making it perfect for posters, flyers and all sorts of advertising options.

      • Hans Kendrick Font

        ​The ​Hans Kendrick 3.0 is a geometric Grotesk typeface. A modern sans serif font that includes uppercase and lowercase glyphs, latin characters and other special characters. You can download the free regular weight font.

      • Stroke

        A free, stylish font with rounded edges, best suited for headlines. It comes in three weights: Bold, light and regular. Punctuation characters and number are included in this font. Brought to us by The Kinetic.

      • Varela

        A clean sans-serif font useful for both titles and body texts, due to its minimalistic approach. Its modern look is mainly provided by its vertical cuts on both lowercase and uppercase characters. This font is free and open source.

      • HERO

        This fantastic font can be used for headlining purposes such as logos, posters, t-shirts and so on. Its 162 characters support dozens of languages around the globe. The design has rounded edges for a very attractive look. Courtesy of Font Fabric.

      • Ubuntu Mono

        Ubuntu Mono is part of the Ubuntu Font Family, funded by Canonical Ltd. and designed by Dalton Maag. This font intends to provide the Ubuntu feel to any element, button and dialog it is applied to, all free and open source.

      • Ubuntu Condensed

        Part of the Ubuntu Font Family funded by Canonical Ltd. and developed by Dalton Maag, this neat sans-serif font provided a compressed version of its Ubuntu companion, taking the Ubuntu experience to any element. It is open source, so you are encouraged to experiment with it.

      • Ubuntu

        The main element of the Ubuntu Font Family financed by Canonical Ltd. and designed by Dalton Maag between 2010 and 2011. It carries the operative system's personality with a stylish sans-serif look. Its open source approach invites people to modify it at will.

      • Titillium Web

        A font family coming from Italy, with dozens of students working on it every year. You can get the font and create your own variations at will, sticking with the Open Font license. It includes multiple special characters and numbers.

      • Telex

        A fine font for filling your text bodies with a legible design. As the development process went by, this ended up becoming a multi-purpose typeface with low contrast, open counter forms, wide proportions and a fresh touch. Created by Andres Torresi for Huerta Tipografica.

      • Tauri

        A well-spaced, semi condensed font with a clean and rigorous look and feel. Its qualities reveal themselves slowly with usage, instead of flashing out right away. It is mostly intended for body texts, but it contains enough subtle details so serve with larger sizes.

      • Spinnaker

        A joyful sans-serif font with a slightly wide body and low contrast, mostly suited for medium and large sized texts.

      • Source Sans Pro

        Source Sans Pro was Adobe’s first open source typeface family, created and designed by Paul D. Hunt. It is a sans-serif typeface intended to work well in user interfaces. It supports the Latin, Latin extended and Vietnamese character sets and is licensed under the SIL Open Font License 1.1.

      • Scada

        This font was born with the need for an original font for a Latvian design studio named, fittingly, Scada. In 2011, it was released as an open font and since then it has developed into a complete family. It is best suited for small sizes.

      • Ropa Sans

        Ropa Sans was first designed as a homage to DIN and became a unique typeface during the work process. The step to a remarkable Italic with its extreme ink-traps caused a hard change of nearly all shapes of the first slices of Roman.

      • Roboto

        This font contains interesting elements in its shape since it is mostly symmetric but features attractive and open curves at the same time. It makes for a more natural reading rhythm, allowing letters to settle into their natural width.

      • Quicksand

        A beautiful typeface with thin, delicate lines and rounded edges. It serves better with bigger sizes, such as those of titles, posters and headlines.

      • Questrial

        A quite comfortable font to read, thanks to its geometric approach. Its tabular numbers give a neat final touch to the typeface, while full circles decorate the actual letters on the project. Heavily influenced in Swiss design, similar to Helvetica.

      • Quattrocento Sans

        Providing a fantastic company to the original Quattrocento font, its sans-serif version makes for comfortable, clear and uncomplicated reading for your visitors. Its versatile design makes it a good fit for both small and large sizes.

      • Pontano Sans

        A light sans-serif font mainly created for bigger text, but its versatility allows it to work as a text font, as well as in all sorts of digital platforms including web browsers, desktop computers and mobile devices. 

      • Poiret One

        An audacious font face with details of Art Deco and constructivism with a geometric grotesque look. Its design is based on attractive curves and sharp lines, loaded with pure elegance. It serves well with big projects such as logos and t-shirts or to headline texts in websites.

      • Play

        A font created entirely with parts of geometric shapes, very similar to the one used for the famous Sony Play Station's logo. It masterfully mixes a corporative and friendly appearance, while providing a comfortable reading rhythm.

      • Pathway Gothic One

        A stylish font face with a compressed and grotesque design, very popular over typography experts. Best suited for big sizes, since its narrow style makes for poor readability in smaller text.

      • PT Sans Narrow

        A font created for the Russian people to read content in the native language, therefore supporting all of their special characters as well as Western and Central European code pages. The whole family includes a considerable amount of variations.

      • PT Sans Caption

        An open source font coming from the project "Public Types of Russian Federation" that created fonts that the Russian people could use to consume content in their native language, therefore, it supports multiple alphabets and special characters.

      • PT Sans

        Yet another font deriving from the project “Public Types of Russian Federation” developed for the Russian people. For this reason, it supports the Western, Central European and Cyrillic code pages, which is advantageous if you want to write with special alphabets.

      • Oxygen

        This typeface is intended to be used freely across the internet in desktops and mobile devices, basing itself on an open source license. It makes part of the KDE project, attached to the Linux operative system.

      • Oswald

        Oswald recreates a more classic style found in older fonts, but handling itself in a modern way through its open source licensing, which allows it to be used over all kinds of devices across the web. In comes in light, bold and regular weights and supports latin characters.

      • Open Sans Condensed

        This humanistic sans-serif font supports the complete 897 character set, which includes Latin, Greek and Cyrillic character sets. This allows you to use the font in multiple languages, letting you write content for a vast amount of people around the globe.

      • Open Sans: Legible Typeface Optimised for Pri...

        This typeface features fantastic legibility thanks to its optimization for print, web and mobile interfaces. It supports the entire 897 character set that includes Latin, Greek and Cyrillic characters, useful for writing content for international audiences.

      • Numans

        Similar to the Days One font, this sans-serif design features a modern "grotesque" style with open forms. It is useful for titles and big sized text as well as body writing.

      • Noto Sans

        This font intends to remove "tofu" from the Web, which appear when no fonts support the characters entered. In order to achieve this, Noto Sans features all of Unicode, allowing you to write in all languages in four weights: Regular, bold, bold italic and italic.

      • Nobile

        A font designed to provide an attractive and legible text in both digital and printed formats. It works well in big sizes as well as in smaller ones, providing some interesting versatility.

      • News Cycle

        This realistic typeface works better in big blocks of text, although it can also be useful for headlines on top of the pages. Its style is based on the 1908-era News Gothic. It supports various languages and comes with the SIL Open Font License.

      • Muli

        This open source font is designed for free use across the web on both desktop and mobile devices, providing a sober way to display headers for the most part, although it can also work for body text. 

      • Montserrat: Free and Open Source Font

        A beautiful font named after a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, which posters display a similar style. The idea behind this project is to recover that style and release it under a free, open source license. It features good legibility in small sizes.

      • Molengo

        A font created with FontForge directed at document writing and carrying a latin character set, which allows you to redact content in multiple languages and reach more people without false characters.

      • Metrophobic

        This semi-geometric font is meant to be used at small sizes, thanks to its superior legibility, however, it contains enough personality to pose as an interesting typeface for headlines and headers.

      • Maven Pro

        A uniquely styled typeface featuring sharp curves and flowing rhythm, making it easy to distinguish and very legible when in context. Its modern design has touches of multiple great fonts and works well in any platform.

      • Marvel

        This typeface is meant to look  sharp, modern and even a little technical, always carrying a good deal of personality. Its multipurpose approach allows you to use it for both headlines and body texts.

      • Mako

        Mako intends free use across the internet over multiple devices thanks to its open source licensing. It features a simple design with asymmetric details in characters such as the letter 'K'.

      • Lato

        This font was created by Łukasz Dziedzic as a project for a big company that needed their own typeface styling, but they ended up going with another option, so Lato (that means "summer" in Polish) became available for open source release. Described by the designer as “Male and female, serious but friendly. With the feeling of the Summer.”

      • Karla

        This grotesque sans-serif typeface family features multiple languages, thanks to the inclusion of the Latin script and the Tamil script. Karla also features two weights: Regular and bold. Handed with  SIL Open Font License 1.1.

      • Julius Sans One

        A fantastic font that takes undeniable inspiration from the ancient Roman style (it is even named after one of its most iconic leaders), featuring thin, stylish lines. It comes from the Chilean type foundry LatinoType. Handled under the SIL Open Font License, 1.1.

      • Istok Web

        An original typeface in development since 2008, created with the freely distributable font editor, FontForge. It includes manual and automatic hinting in order to display optimally in LCD displays.

      • Inder: Art Noveau Style Typeface

        Inder is an interesting typeface coming from Europe, based on the German Art Noveau and the Amsterdam School of Architecture styles. It has been adjusted to the restrictions of the screen and features a wide array of sizes, showing great flexibility.

      • Imprima

        A beautiful typeface intended to be used for -yes, you guessed it- printing. The idea is to provide optimal quality and legibility even with cheapo equipment. Each element has been crafted manually, including strong joints between stems, inktraps and broad counters.

      • Homenaje

        Inspired in the cemetery art found in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it provides a grotesque and narrow style that economizes in size without sacrificing its imposing features. Managed under the SIL Open Font License, 1.1.

      • Gudea

        This nice font intends to provide a simple and condensed form to please readers at any text size. It was inicially created for labals and maps, but it has since developed into a versatile typeface family.

      • Geo

        A particular font created in mid-1999 by Ben Weiner. It bases itself on styles first portrayed in the 1920s, which were revived in the 1980s and 1990s to represent the current consumerist culture growing during those decades. It features and italic weight to add a little versatility.

      • Fjalla One

        Fjalla One is a display sans-serif font with medium contrast that has been properly adjusted to the restrictions of the screen. Despite the fact that it is mostly a display design, it can be useful in most sizes.

      • Exo 2

        An 180 degree turn for Exo, a font that displays a modern look while keeping a classy shape. It includes a record nine weights, each with its own italic variant. Its organic flow makes it a good choice for long texts and smaller sizes.

      • Exo

        This typeface carries a modern/futuristic look while keeping a stylish design. It is a very useful font, featuring an impressive nine weights, each with a real italic version. Mainly used for display faces, but also useful for small to medium sizes.

      • Droid Sans

        This humanistic sans-serif typeface, designed by the Type Director of Ascender Corp., Steve Matteson. It features an upright stress, open forms and a neutral, but friendly appearance. It counts with optimization for mobile devices in order to provide comfortable reading.

      • Dosis: Sans-serif Type Family with Rounded De...

        This sans-serif type family features a rounded design, mostly useful for bigger text. It features an extra light weight that only works at size 36pt or bigger, plus the Extended Latin character set that integrates a wide array of special characters. It was designed by Edgar Tolentino and Pablo Impallari.

      • Didact Gothic

        This font is designed in order to display each letter in the way they are most commonly used in elementary classrooms, which makes it a fantastic alternative if you want to promote literacy. Managed by the SIL Open Font License, 1.1.

      • Coda

        An attractive font, featuring an Extra Bold weight intended to provide a hard-striking look for headers and headlines around the Web. It also includes a regular weight for use in text and display contexts.

      • Chivo

        A versatile typeface family with tools for headlines (Chivo Black) and also continuous reading settings (thanks to its regular weight). Chivo (meaning "goat" in spanish) features an Omnibus-type sans-serif look.

      • Carrois Gothic

        A beautiful typeface with a clean look, providing a balanced and modern reading experience for readers, A Small Caps sister family is also available. Handled with the SIL Open Font License, 1.1.

      • Carme

        Carme is a font designed particularly for texts, providing good legibility and rhythm. It features 206 glyphs and was given metrics and kerning. A bold version of this typeface is in the works. Created by Rubén Prol.

      • Cabin

        Cabin is inspired by the designs of Edward Johnston and Eric Gill and comes with four different weights, including real italics. It features a modern look, with uppercase and lowercase plus numbers, punctuation marks and special characters. Licensed with SIL Open Font 1.1.

      • Basic

        This font will look quite familiar right from the start since it contains simple forms, hence its name. Despite the elemental design, it features slight touches of novelty, which will shine on bigger sizes. However, this font is mostly used for body text.

      • Average Sans

        An elegant font that finds a balanced style, useful for both big and small text sizes. You can use it to write all sorts of magazines, academic texts and blogs with an attractive texture.

      • Armata

        Armanta provides a familiar design and includes a few soft touches of its own, creating a comfortable reading experience for the visitors and working in a wide variety of sizes. Its design features low contrast and a sans-serif text face.

      • Arimo

        This font face provides superior legibility on digital formats and fixes width compatibility problems for developers. Created by Steve Matteson as a fresh and new design that is metrically equal to Arial.

      • Archivo Narrow

        Best suited for headlines and highlights, this grotesque sans-serif font from Omnibus-Type provides a good style for both digital and printed formats. It integrates Narrow and Black styles and was derived from the Chivo font.

      • Alegreya Sans

        A humanist sans-serif font that provides a fantastic pace for readers, thanks to a comfortable calligraphic feeling. Its diverse atmosphere mixes all elements harmoniously while italics highlight roman styles, as well as the other six weights. Also, it features a wide variety of languages.

      • Advent Pro

        Designed for both web and print usage, Advent Pro takes the classic touches of a sans-serif font and combines them with modern styling, providing an edge to the typeface. It supports multiple languages including Geek, Turkish, English and German.

      • Actor

        A font created as a Thesis project from the Aachen University of Applied Sciences, as a way to learn from typefaces and writing as an information carrier. The text is quite basic, although the numbers are tweaked in an interesting manner.

      • Abel: Newspaper Headlines and Posters Font

        Abel was initially conceived as a font for newspaper headlines and posters, but it is also useful for Web writing. It contains sufficient flair to be attractive in bigger sizes and a comfortable design to read in smaller and longer texts.

      • ABeeZee

        An important resource for kids, ABeeZee helps children understand writing thanks to its definite shapes, while  the italics style reminds students of the changing nature of writing and encourages them to develop their own handwriting.

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    • Parallax WordPress Themes (10 submissions)

      Parallax is a nice effect that makes backgrounds more dynamic, allowing developers to experiment with them. Check these Parallax WordPress themes to see what they can achieve.

      • Zerif Lite: Free Agency WordPress Theme

        Zerif Lite is a clean WordPress and responsive one-page WordPress theme, created specially for creative agencies. It has clean code, it is compatible with recent browsers, includes the mighty option panel to update the logo, social links, colors and layout, widgets ready and location capabilities. This theme was created by Themeisle and it's free.

      • PixNight: Dark WordPress Template

        A sober theme that works in multiple situations: Blogs, companies, online magazines and more. This versatile design features a parallax slider right at the start which switches between images with a neat animation. Red details highlight icons and buttons while a drop-down located on top allows you to navigate through the site.

      • Doke Doke: Colorful WordPress Theme

        Doke Doke is a very creative theme, perfect for showcasing your products or work portfolio. It features a broken-paper-like illusion that divides each section of the site and a parallax effect on the header (which, by the way, is dynamic). Clever use of these divisions can make your project extremely attractive.

      • Slider4all: Simple Photography WordPress Them...

        Here we have a colorful theme to display a simple website with minimal features. The main navigation menu, located on top, allows users to move through the different sections, although it does not display a dropdown that few users might miss. Also, it includes a triple column to show additional information, all above a well-designed pattern background.

      • MeadowHill WordPress Theme

        MeadowHill is an easy customizable WordPress blog and portfolio theme that has a fully responsive layout for allowing easy viewing on any device. This theme offers four pre-defined color schemes, 220 Google fonts, custom landing page template and Theme Options Panel for easy adaptation to your needs. There are customizable About, Portfolio, Informational, Image and Blog sections on the homepage, and the theme is available in Czech, English, French, German, Russian, Slovak and Spanish.

      • Invert: Clean Responsive WordPress Theme

        Invert is an extremely elegant theme, ideal for showcasing business portfolios and carrying a company's image with elegance through a clean, responsive interface. Items with images feature nice hover effects, while a parallax section adds a neat touch, as well. The navigation menus are multi-level and animate softly.

      • Parallax-effect WordPress Theme

        Parallax-effect is the perfect WordPress theme to suit your needs: elegant, simple and feature rich. The theme comes with responsive slider and a custom background with modern design. It’s a great theme to showcase your portfolio or blog. It features:- Background Slider.- 2 Sidebars.- Custom menu.- Post thumbnails.- Page navigation.- Widget ready.

      • Radiate: Responsive WordPress Theme

        Radiate is a minimal and clean WordPress theme, including a parallax header image that moves smoothly when hovering away from it. You can change the primary color, add a custom background and CSS via the WordPress customizer. Also, it features infinite scrolling and WordPress gallery support.

      • Sixteen: Photo Blogging Theme

        Sixteen is a good looking responsive theme that suits all kinds of blogging, particularly those that integrate images and video. The home screen features a fantastic slider that changes its size with an animation according to the image it is displaying. Below, a grid allows users to see previous posts with thumbnails.

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    • Switch Designs (40 submissions)

      A substantial compilation of knobs, buttons and switch designs coming in very different styles, allowing your users to interact with your website in elegant fashion.

      • Dark UI Knobs Mini Kit

        A small UI kit including knobs, buttons and switches dominated by a back background and clever contrasting details. The knobs and buttons have a metallic shiny effect and their state is represented by neon blue lights. Download the PSD to make any desired changes.

      • Light Switches in PSD

        An interesting set of light switches that you can use in multiple ways. For example, you can use them to toggle a group of settings or preferences. They come in various formats such as double, single, thin, wide, medium sized, etc. The PSD is kindly provided by Louie Mantia.

      • Buttons, Lights and Shadows

        Add switches to your website and give them three different possibilities: On, off and alert. The latter represented by a colorful orange warning sign. It can be useful to toggle options and settings within the website. Download the PSD to make any changes to it.

      • GUI Switches in PSD

        A colorful and simple group of switches that can become a nice addition to your application or webpage. The idea is to have a simple switch toggle from red to green (both are really soft and pleasant tones, by the way) to represent the selection. You can also choose to add a checkmark/X next to the items.

      • Light GUI Switches

        A fully scallable group of vector elements with soft blue and pink tones. A tick and cross version is also included in case you'd like to add them. Also, they have subtle shadow effects that give the items and attractive 3D-like effect. Use them to let users change settings in style.

      • Giant Switch in PSD

        A giant button to add to your GUI. The idea is quite simple, just work the button to have both the light and the other colored part react and indicate if the element or option in question is active or inactive. If there's any changes you'd like to make, grab the PSD file.

      • Creamy GUI Switches in PSD

        An very simplistic set of switches available for free in PSD format. It comes in a beautiful cream color that can do wonders to your website's look. Among the light but noticeable variations, we can find versions with checkmarks and lights. Additionally, it comes with a nice texture. 

      • Linked Dark UI Button

        A button that serves for a simple purpose but carries a good deal of complexity to pay attention to. The ''on'' button triggers a giant neon indicator and both have a nice dotted texture. The background also seems to be covered in leather, thanks to yet another polished texture effect.

      • Login Switch PSD Freebie

        A cool, all-black switch intended to be used for login purposes, you can tell by the icons below the switchable element. The item itself can be a bit hard to see, but the light over it makes it way easier to recognize it. Apart from helping user's vision, it changes color to represent their current state.

      • Dark Switches with Light Indicators

        An attractive couple of switches featuring an attractive main element with a shining metallic effect that truly makes it stand out. The space it is contained in comes with subtle shadow effects and at each side, there are light indicators so you can see the current state of the switch.

      • Switch PSD Elements

        An elegant and subtle switch, using black for all of its styling and neat shadow effects that give it a bit of dimension. The current state of the switch is represented graphically in a modern way: A couple of light bulbs that turn red of green depending on the position of the switch.

      • Pressed Power Button

        Add a neat power button to your apps with this PSD resource from Dribbble's Pontus Johansson. The button is styled in various shades of blue, going from light to almost black. It also features two states for "on" and "off" instances, which makes for a nice transition.

      • On and Off Toggle Switches GUI

        A few on and off switches that serve a basic purpose but are full of little details that raise their complexity. First, the background has an awesome leather texture, the switches themselves feature nice shadow gradients and include green and red marks for easy state recognition (optional).

      • Realistic Dark Switch

        Han Wang has created this amazing switch that stands out for the very realistic glowing effect in includes, providing a way to see the state of the switch and giving user a quite pleasant viewing experience. The reflection a lighting effects are spot on in this one.

      • Power Button PSD

        A beautiful pair off power buttons created with interesting techniques for reflections and light effects. The former can be noticed around the center of the button, with the fancy metallic touch, the latter can be seen in the button's ''on'' state, with bright blue coming from the elements.

      • Lights Switch Controller PSD

        Fabio Basile from Dribbble was inspired by another user in order to make this interesting set of light switches. The window shown in the demo comes with black covering most of it, gray icons, text and switches and a beautiful blue light to indicate which switches are turned on.

      • You’re My Type Switch PSD

        A pretty Dribbble shot depicting a somewhat realistic command button, proper of a Mac keyboard. It has cool lighting effects towards the bottom, and a metallic frame going around it. The background features a soft blue to white gradient. Created by Mathieu Berenguer.

      • Elegant On / Off Switch

        A fantastic switch design by Bart Ebbekink using multiple effects to make the button come to life. Within the design, we can find shadows, gradients, lighting effects and other subtle touches. The PSD file is provided for free in case you'd like to make any modifications.

      • Flat Toggles in Red and Green

        A very simple and straightforward pair of elements forming a toggle switch interface. They are extremely easy to understand thanks the bright red and red colors and the 'X' and check mark icons. As you can see, they are based on the recent flat style design trend.

      • Detailed Switch in PSD

        This beautiful switch comes with a great deal of details that will surely make it stand out from the rest, particularly on big sizes. The color used is delicate and attractive, although there are multiple shades of it thanks to the gradients and brightness effects.

      • Rounded Metallic Switch

        This switch intends to work like the ones we use with our bedroom lights, but distances itself from that with its particular rounded form. A little light in the bottom will work well to indicate the on/off state of the item. Visually, it features nice shadow effects and gradients in an all-white color palette.

      • Free PSD iOS Toggle

        A clean set of toggle switches designed for an iOS application. In the example shown, you can display a list of selections and choose ''yes'' or ''no'' for each one of them, although you can use them for multiple purposes depending on you needs and creativity.

      • Buttons and Switches in PSD

        Let people interact with your website in a pleasant way through this concept for switches and buttons, containing the original PSD to apply modifications at will. The switches have dots for "grip'' and feature cool shadow effects that add depth to the presentation.

      • Little On and Off Switch

        A subtle slider that allows you to turn an element on or off, simple. It features nice details that users will certainly appreciate, such as the metallic buttons, the embossed margin going around the items and the gradients used in the ON and OFF signs.

      • Off Button with PSD

        A big button with a very simple but vital purpose: On and off. It features sweet shadow effects that add dimension to the design, plus an orange embossed icon right in the middle that sinks in a bit into the button. If you'd like to make a change or two, the PSD is available for free.

      • Realistic Switch with Green Light

        This item intends to apply realistic touches in order to achieve a more authentic experience, and it succeeds at doing that. The design is very clean, dominated by a soft white color, the switch itself has a green light indicating whether it is on or not, although the ON/OFF text will do that, as well.

      • Metalized Checkboxes

        A simple and straightforward switch with ''made of'' shiny metal and styling a subtle texture in the background. The absence of lights or special elements gives it a stripped-down look that can please lovers of simplicity. All credit goes to Dribbble user Daryl Ginn. 

      • Super Shiny Switches

        This is one of those designs that resist to the recent flat design trend with the purpose of giving the creation that extra something that wows people. Well, this amazing switch uses metallic effects, gradients and reflections to provide a truly special Apple-inspired switch. PSD available for free!

      • Basic Switch PSD

        A very simple switch offering you to answer with ''yes'' or ''no''. Each selection has a different color to help you differentiate them easily. Visually, the switch itself is textured and resembles metal, while the colored parts have shadow effects for added dimension.

      • Yes and No Switch in PSD

        Basic and straightforward, this switch will allow your users to select yes or no and get confirmation with color coding. The dot (where you can place the interaction) is white and very simple, only including a bit of shadows and reflected color around it. PSD available for free.

      • Simple Toggle Switch

        This neat switch bases itself on flat design but doesn't go all the way, leaving space for a bit of shadows and gradients. This makes for a nice balance between a modern look and older elements. There is also an animated CSS version made by CSS Flow.

      • On and Off White Switch

        A simple switch that won't take much space on your website and will allow visitors to turn elements on and off. The confirmation text comes in red and green to help identify each one of the selections. Download the PSD file for free thanks to Bryan Horsey.

      • On and Off Shiny Slider

        A super shiny slider to turn your website elements on and off. The texture and light effects on this item are quite pleasing, particularly for those who are not that into flat design. When the visitor selects the ''on'' option, a bright green color dominates the switch.  

      • Old Style Switch

        Sometimes you don't want the elements in your website to look immaculate and fresh, every once in a while you need a bit of rust, just like with this switch. It looks like the one we use to work the lights in our house and includes interesting reflection effects for added authenticity.

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