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    • A set of 300 Windows 10 icons finely crafted in its original grid, all of them being pixel-perfect and editable vectors available in Ai and SVG formats as well as PNG samples in 5 diffe...
    • UI Design Templates (131 submissions)

      An extensive gallery with lots of user interface design templates in PSD format, useful for both mobile and web applications.

      • Free Sketch & PSD App User Interface Kit

        A beautiful app user interface for multiple platforms in PSD and Sketch formats. It includes 52 templates, 35 custom icons, and more than 180 user interface elements like blog post thumbs, screens for an app, profile and more. It is scalable, includes web fonts, it's minimal and has pixel perfect design. It weighs more than 300MB.

      • Azure: Free Neat PSD User Interface Kit

        Azure is a huge, neat fully layered and customizable PSD UI kit. It includes a template for a website and several widgets. It was created by Yolqin Alimov with a free for personal and commercial use license.

      • Spot: Free User Interface PSD Kit

        The Spot user interface is a huge set of components for web design, crafted in a multi-color fashion and totally editable. it includes buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, navigation, input fields, progress bars, widgets and more. File weighs more than 150MB.

      • MedApp: Neat Medical App PSD UI

        A neat app user interface for medical purposes made in PSD. It includes vector design elements like icons, buttons, boxes, tabs, pagination, alerts, and a simple flat illustration of the body, with easily editable shapes. The UI has a basic color palette and post thumbs.

      • Free Lucid User Interface PSD Kit

        Lucid is a simple user interface with a Christmas spirit, made in PSD format for personal and commercial uses. The UI includes buttons, range sliders, realistic toggles, meters, and even a like box. Its style is minimal with some elements in a realistic fashion.

      • Free Vector AI iOS 9 GUI Template

        An iOS 9 GUI template made for Adobe Illustrator and vector shapes for easy edition. It has design elements for status bar, controllers, tab bar, navigation, toolbars, keyboards, activity and many more screens. They are totally scalable, and its elements are organised. Created by Vasil Enchev.

      • Colorful Tiles User Interface Kit

        A set of tiles made in PSD format with colorful style. The template includes widgets for analytics, a rating widget, buy button, posts for products and many more. It is fully editable, and you can download it for free. It was created by Filip Korzycki.

      • Free Sketch User Interface Kit

        A nice Sketch UI template kit with a minimal style and several screens for profile, thumbnails, It was created by Karen Liu and upload it to Behance, widgets for weather, calendar, login. It has a bright and clean aesthetic, 30+ UI elements, and example article page. The file is really lightweight.

      • ili Estates: Free Real Estate UI Kit

        A complete UI kit for a real estate agency made in PSD format. The template is fully layered and editable, including design elements like headers, guides icons for multiple purposes and more. The UI kit is free and it was made by Farid Sagiev.

      • Free Material Design UI Kit

        A free material UI kit made in PSD format, totally organized and ready to use as is or to be edited. The kit has the regular UI components like menu bars, profile widgets, charts, post previews & thumbnails, search bars, buttons, forms and many more. It also includes icons. The set can be used for personal and commercial projects.

      • Vector UI Components Set

        A vector set with tons of design components in flat style. The UI set includes different charts, calendar, weather, audio and video players, login form, author card, calculator and more. It was created by Balraj Chana.

      • Nakropol: Free Web and Mobile UI Kit

        Nakropol is a flat UI kit with a lot of elements to choose from, made in PSD format. It was designed by Orkan Çep, and it has sign up and sign in forms, profile badges, timeline, time stamps, blog content widget, shopping cart widget and many more. The colors are also quite nice.

      • Corporate PSD UI Kit

        This user interface kit is a compelling creation made in PSD format for corporate and business purposes. It is a big UI with elements for different purposes like headers, logo, social icons, menus, calendars, drop-downs, buttons, banners, tags, navbars, tables, features and many more. This neat template was made by Mehmet Çınar.

      • Free Android UI PSD Kit

        A compelling set of editable screens for a mobile app, really colorful app with lots of design elements. The screen are perfect for profile, images, menu, notifications, news, feed, music player and categories. It includes profile pic areas, icons, menus and more, totally editable and free to use. This UI weighs 120MB.

      • Flat Web UI PSD Kit

        A nice user interface for a website made in PSD format. It has simple details complemented with smooth colors. The template includes elements for headers, logo, social sharing, timelining, contact form, comments, bars, app presentation and more. It was crafted by Nik Pletikos.

      • Zen PSD User Interface Kit

        The Zen UI kit is a compelling interface made in PSD format, created with soft colors, effects, and outlined and flat elements. The design components of this freebie range from simple widgets for social sharing and media player, to complete calendars, and sign up widgets. It was created by Virgil Pana.

      • Retina UI Free PSD Kit

        A free retina user interface kit made with blue tones and nice flat shapes. It includes different elements for designing like menus, logins, profile widgets, media players, calendars and many more. Its design is flat, complementing it with images. This UI was created by Bradley Bussolini.

      • Zebra: PSD App User Interface

        Zebra is a cool user interface design for a mobile app made in PSD format. It has a great deal of crafted design elements ready to be implemented in your next project. It includes the core screens already designed, it's easy to extend elements to new screens, totally organized and Photoshop ready.

      • Free Material UI PSD Kit

        A free material user interface kit that comes in PSD format and comes packed with more than 40 UI elements, 40 templates, 7 application categories and 30 icons. Besides, it has an organized layout, works with Photoshop CS6 and it weighs more than 172MB, so you get an idea of its quality.

      • Free Summer User Interface PSD Kit

        The Summer UI kit is a compelling creation consisting of various design elements for summer events-related websites or apps. The UI has the regular buttons, switches, widgets for maps, calendars, profile, login and more. This user interface kit was created by Sergey Azovskiy and you can download it and use it freely.

      • Coloro: Free PSD UI Kit

        Coloro UI kit is a nice set of elements for website design in an editable PSD. It has a simple color scheme, really earthy, and it looks like old school graphic design applied to this day. It includes elements like profile box, calendar, pie chart, thumbnail with caption, video player and more. It was created by uiFest and it's totally free.

      • Bootflat: Sketch UI Vector Kit

        The Bootflat UI kit is a compelling creation based on Bootflat, an open source UI package based on Bootstrap, but offering support for Sketch users since the original comes in PSD formats only. It has a beautiful flat, simple design, that includes several design elements among which you can find: - Color swatches - Buttons - Labels - Badges - Tooltips - Popovers - Forms - Selects - Checkbox and Radios - Toogles - Alerts - Tabs - Navbars - Pills - Progress - Pagination - Accordions - Many more elements! This UI was created by Teracy and it's totally free.

      • Winter UI Kit PSD

        The free Winter UI Kit is a nice creation by designer Alan Podemski, it includes: - Navigation elements - Icons - Login form - Wheater widget with icons numbers - Text and thumbnail image - Loaders (uploading and downloading) - Author box - Checkboxes and radio buttons - Video - Color scheme - Switch buttons - Search - Basic buttons - Pagination. This UI kit can be downloaded and used for free.

      • Clean UI Kit Created with Sketch

        ​Here we see a clean and minimal UI kit made with the sketch app. It is a free design that includes several elements like profile badges, subscribe forms, graphs, pie charts, success bubbles, media players and more. It was created and released by Mateusz Dembek.

      • Sally Blocks: Compelling Blocks and Elements ...

        ​​Sally blocks is a set of PSD blocks and elements for responsive pages. Within, you can find blocks with descriptions, features, contacts, portfolio and more that let you quickly construct any kind of landing page. It includes more than 200 components for free.

      • Blog and Article App UI

        ​This freebie is an application UI design concept for a blog or article app reading / writing. The pack contains more than 10 screens, including log in, walkthrough, article listing list, article listing widget, latest posts, commenting, profile, followers, categories, settings, and more. Download it and have fun with it. You can build upon it or use it like this for your next mobile apps. Vector shapes, smart objects and layer styles makes everything easy to scale and edit.

      • Free Metro-style E-commerce UI Kit PSD

        ​The guys at ProWebDesign have recently completed working on an awesome project involving Metro-style e-commerce UI. This package is an attempt to take it even further, make it even more Metro and colorful.

      • Free Mobile UI Kit PSD

        ​Here’s a freebie PSD of the Mobile UI Kit presented by NAS. It is perfect to inspire your next app design, featuring a number of options and items, including a login box, video player, calendar, map and others. The variety of elements and screens represent an excellent solution for a complete mobile application.

      • Transparent PSD UI Kit Web Template

        ​The Transparent UI Kit is a glossy and bold UI kit that includes lots of user interface elements. The user has a lot of options to choose from and its design is ideal for web and mobile apps. It has three different versions web templates – Web, Smartphone and Mobile.

      • Ecommerce Flat UI Kit in PSD

        One very complete PSD e-commerce UI kit with flat design style. The kit contains various UI elements such as a menu bar with dropdown, product widget, shopping cart dropdown, account login, product categories widget, tabbed box, banner and more to be used in e-commerce projects. The elements are created in Photoshop with shape layers, and you have all the possibility to edit and resize them according to your needs.

      • FM Radio UI iOS 7 App

        Here we have a beautiful interface design for an FM radio application, intended to blend with the look of iOS 7. It comes with multiple details to awe the user, such as the shining effect on the station indicator and the appealing gradient seen all over the background. Courtesy of Olia Gozha.

      • Light & Flat PSD Admin User Interface

        A nice user interface template created in Photoshop, perfect for admin dashboards, displaying a top bar, tabbed sidebar, line charts, beautiful icons and more, all in a simple and light style. It is very similar to the one MailChimp created for their dashboard, with simple lines for the graphs, a left sidebar which can, ideally, collapse, as well as other design elements as top icons.

      • Mobile App Two Screen UI

        This mobile app UI design is unique because it conveys the usability and the behavior of the elements beyond the states of a button, which is even more evident with the color scheme chosen of dark teal and salmon. There’s also a small surprise inside the PSD you might not expect.

      • PSD App Graphic User Interface

        This mobile user interface is made up of four screens with the basic elements for a social app, bringing a mixture of creamy autumn colors and a gorgeous aqua login screen. The ZIP includes four PSD files – Feed, Login, Menu and Profile – all of them with organised layers to make your job easier. The file is completely free and editable.

      • White Stripes User Interface PSD Kit

        A complete stylish GUI freebie, providing almost anything one might need from the basic bars, text fields and buttons to charts, players and tag clouds; all in a simple style of white lines on a proposed blue background. The whole PSD is neatly organized for comfortable managing.

      • Flat Free PSD Mobile App UI Kit

        A mobile app UI in PSD designed to be perfectly functional, clear and visually striking because of its use of dark grey and pink tones in a flat style. The properly organised layered file has different elements for any app you might want to create, as well as a concept proposal of an app's screen.

      • iOS 6 User Interface in Grey and Blue

        This is a small iOS 6 UI design containing top navigation bar, a tab bar, sliders and toggles in a nice textured mix of gray and blue. The design also includes icons for profile, chat/messages, camera, uploads and images. The design is minimal, making use of textures, noises and gradients to achieve this. This is a free PSD format file.

      • Mini Navigation Bar UI Design

        This mini navigation bar user interface in dark colors and glossy finish is completely organized and has all the items as smart objects, for maximum editability. It is a minimal blue bar, perfect for a mobile app. It includes icons for recording audio, location, liking and repeating, besides the search bar.

      • Sightsy: A Free iOS7 App PSD

        This two-screen app UI in soft cold colors is a valuable resource for any app given the simplicity of its usefully layered PSD. The original ZIP contained files for both windows and mac, and a way too large PSD so it has been edited to remove the extra weight (basically an invisible noise layer on top), but you still have both versions available.

      • iPhone Camera App UI

        A stunning design for a camera app, intended to be used in iPhones. It contains sharp details such as chrome effects for the icons, a toggle switch for the flash, polaroid-like animations to show the last picture, and much more. Finally, a leather texture decorates the bottom of the design.

      • Flat Design User Interface Kit

        This is a set of items from a flat, colorful UI, more than perfect for mobile interface and apps. The set includes elements such as buttons, inputs, search fields, text areas, checkboxes, toggle switches and dropdown menus. With pink, purple, orange and blue accents available.

      • Dark Flat PSD User Interface Kit

        A PSD kit with some items from a flat dark user interface such as buttons, inputs, search fields, text areas, checkboxes, toggle switches and drop-down menus which are perfect for mobile interfaces and apps. The colors available are red, green and blue, with the addition of several states (pressed, hover, default, etc.). The PSD is totally free for download.

      • Dark Live Chat Support Window

        Give your customers and visitors special treatment by integrating live chat support services to your website, this PSD freebie gives you a good starting point for the styling. Mostly created in dark colors, only adding color on the header, this concept provides a sober looking alternative that you can modify at will.

      • Light Live Support Chat

        A PSD file offering a concept for a live support chat widget, which can be placed anywhere on our site to provide help to customers who have acquired your products or simply want extra information. The inclusion of the aforementioned PSD gives you the possibility to perform modifications.

      • Live Support Chat in Dark Style

        A lot of websites these days offer live support to their customers through live chat windows, if your site is implementing this service, make sure you do it in style with this chat widget design. Of course, you can always grab the PSD file and modify it for more conventional purposes.

      • Simple Chat in Glossy Style

        A simple group of elements that form the elements of a chat application or widget. There are three parts in total: Two chat bubbles coming in white and blue, showcasing a subtle glossy effect that gives them a fine touch. The third piece is a small icon to represent the "writing" status.

      • Chat UI PSD Concept

        A neat set of elements intended to be used for a chat application or widget, based on the styling from iOS text messaging bubbles. They integrate shiny effects on both the avatars and the chat text, making them stand out over the also appealing blue gradient background.

      • Chat App UI in PSD

        This freebie from Nine to Five comes in the form of a chat application concept, provided to you in PSD format. The color palette is quite soft, utilising baby colors: Pink and light blue. It offers notification bubbles over the navigation buttons, which contain multiple icons at your disposal.

      • Speech Bubbles for Chat App

        An original design for chat bubbles brought to us by Bart Ebbekink. Despite the limited amount of elements, there are various aspects of this concept that raise deserved attention: The transparent bubbles, featuring that beautiful rounded edge around the circular avatar, which has a shining effect. A fancy purple to blue gradient background wraps up the creation.

      • HYPR UI Kit

        A showy UI design, inspired in the constant stream of ideas that flow through the Dribbble community every day. The styling catches attention due to a high contrast strategy that carries a primarily gray interface, highlighted by bright purple elements in progress bars, notifications bubbles, selected checkboxes and more.

      • Weather App Screen PSD Template

        A beautiful concept for a mobile weather app in PSD that displays news after selecting the desired city. Its appearance is very simple, but just as effective, splitting itself in half in order to show both current and future weather updates. The styling is flat, with bright green details highlighting the app.

      • Shopping Cart PSD Template

        A PSD creation inspired on some of the multiple shopping carts found all over the Web. The design comes in three parts: First, a black box showing only the amount of elements in the cart. Second, an extended window showing an empty list and, finally, the third screen displays the full list of items.

      • Mobile Cooking App PSD Wireframe Template

        The Geckotree team bring us this neat PSD file with a mockup for a cooking app, including icons from Symbolset's Pika set. The design also includes high-resolution images for use on high-density screens.

      • Mobile Email Application PSD Template

        A flat-styled widget created by Regy Perlera, based on the designs of another Dribbble contributor, Julia Khusainova. The idea is to use this creation as an e-mail application, taking advantage of a sharp color palette and simplistic layout. Also worth noting, a space next to every message allows the showcasing of images.

      • Shapes for Sketch (.sketch)

        Sketch is a fantastic alternative to Photoshop and Fireworks when it comes to designing UI kits. This project brings us a fine collection of .sketch files, including dozens of icons to apply on apps and social media buttons, input boxes, a video player, dropdowns and more.

      • iOS Flat UI Created in Photoshop

        This project by Tim Green intends to provide an almost-flat-styled concept for an iOS application, moving away from the realistic and gradient-heavy appearance of iOS 6. Of course, iOS 7 was released afterwards, starting a simplistic era for the system's design, but maybe these PSD files could be even more useful now!

      • Soft Light Freebies

        A neat package with multiple navigation elements, styled in a soft and appealing manner. Among the items we can find tags (which can also serve as buttons), small numbered buttons and a cute group of icons with hearts, chains, clouds and rockets (?). Each element has two looks for both active and inactive states.

      • Pack UI PSD

        A complete selection of user interface components, carrying a minimalistic flat look. The content in this pack is quite diverse, going from buttons, loading/progress bars and input boxes, to iPhone mockups and much more. Alexandre Crenn is responsible for this free PSD file.

      • Account Profile UI: Billing Modal

        A lovely user interface concept that provides a particular function for you and your visitors: Billing. The window comes divided into tabs, each with their own icons that signify different actions, allowing users to view projects and perform payments for a given service. Hypr Inc. has released this resource.

      • User Interface Freebie

        This catalogue of user interface components features interesting metallic styling with bright highlights, providing knobs, sliders, toggle switches, progress bars, buttons and scrollbars, accompanied with green details. Uploaded to Dribbble by the user Sam, who also included the PSD file.

      • Game UI Elements

        A series of multiple buttons, ideal for game or didactic interfaces. The elements are colorful and glossy, featuring sharp light and shadow effects. The icons inside the items have a hand-drawn look that makes them seem quite familiar. A colorful yellow to orange background decorates the design.

      • White Little UI for Export Pro

        This set of controls makes part of a bigger project created by Diego Monzon: Export Pro, a tool that allows designers to export multiple layers at once, saving lots of time. The controls feature the following elements: A knob, slider, radio buttons, checkboxes, a "play" button and a custom cursor.

      • Glossy UI Kit

        A fancy compilation of navigation elements, ideal for styling your web project in a soft and glamorous way. Pink is the main color here, with blue for the details, although a lot of elements feature subtle transparencies that let you see through them. Among the items, we can find a Twitter box, dropdowns, buttons, tags and more.

      • Tumblr iOS Sharing UI

        An efficient Tumblr sharing widget created by the team ai Impekable as part of their Quotestagram iPhone application. The interface is pretty straightforward, just add a custom title as an image displays on the right hand side and press"post". A "cancel" button lets you go back to the previous screen.

      • Auto-Filtering Search Bar

        A simple concept that showcases an auto-filtering search bar, useful for providing fast navigation through large amounts of data. The design itself is quite simple, featuring a plain white bar that goes along the site and a dropdown that fills dynamically when typing in it. A bright, colorful background wraps up the styling.

      • Orange & Blue Flat UI PSD Pack

        An extensive user interface concept inspired by the current flat design trend. It includes everything you need to run a somewhat basic website and even add some complex features into the mix: Buttons, toggles, circular avatars, messaging widgets, map windows, progress bars and much, much more awaits for you in this package.

      • Green Flat UI

        A compact design, containing a few elements for user navigation, styled in with flat principles. All details, as well as the header, are colored in green. The elements include a couple of toggle switches (you can see both states in the preview), a slider/progress bar and a couple of "cancel" and "accept" buttons, embossed into the title area.

      • Flat-Styled UI Kit PSD

        A considerably large set of UI elements created by Dribbble’s Andreea Nicolaescu, completely based on flat styling. The variety of tools available is quite wide, including audio player, calendar, progress bar, calculator and navigation buttons and dropdowns. You can use this set personally and commercially.

      • WireKit: iPhone App Wireframing Kit

        Make iOS application development a little easier on yourself by grabbing this fantastic tool, including well over 50 of the most commonly used elements in the iPhone 5, all measured from the device itself. It comes in two graphic presentations: Solid and Stroke. Uploaded to Dribbble by Adam Whitcroft.

      • Bold Woody UI

        The guys at Medialoot provide us with a diverse group of user interface items that stand out thanks to the wooded texture in the background. This texture is accentuated by the clever transparency effect applied to elements such as the dropdown menu, download button and toggle switch in its inactive state.

      • Travel App UI Elements 

        A cool group of elements that make part of a bigger travel application, perfect for implementation within a mobile project. The navigation bar on the design's lower part includes icons for sharing, calendar and GPS while the upper section features the obviously necessary map widget and navigation buttons.

      • Minimal Identity PSD Template

        A simple collection of PSD mockups with multiple items to check the final result. You can use it for a brand new image for a company. and see how it looks on posters, cards, CDs, calendars and other corporate items; this freebie was created by Blu Graphic.

      • Sweet Dark PSD UI Kit

        A series of elements with particular shapes and colorful palette coming in light blue and yellowish orange (or orangish yellow, it's right in the middle of both). The set includes left and right buttons, toggle switches, sliders, radio buttons, dropdowns, checkboxes and clickable buttons. Created by Frantisek Krivda.

      • Dark iPhone User Interface

        A sweet design in dark colors, intended for usage within a mobile application. The interface has different tones of black, giving it nice tonalities. Contrast is provided by white icons contained into the buttons, which stay completely obscure when inactive. Uploaded to Dribbble by Medialoot.

      • iOS 7 Application PSD

        A neat PSD file, providing you with multiple elements, forming a flat-styled mobile application, ideal for iOS 7 integration. Among the icons, we can find options for browser, social networks, camera, file manager settings, help, smileys and many more. It comes in english and arabic as well, a particularity that a few users might appreciate.

      • Simple Task Manager

        This is the first part of a project, coming in PSD format that intends to provide a task managing application. The following part consists of translating that PSD file into HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, by using the Laravel framework. Created by Dribbble user Simon Jensen.

      • Web App Header PSD UI Kit

        A fantastic flat UI kit made in PSD, featuring strong colors that give an alternative look to the sometimes all-too-similar flat interfaces we see around today. He still manages to keep all elements well organized and recognizable for the user.

      • Semi-Transparent UI

        A beautifully styled set of elements based mainly of buttons that serve multiple purposes such as home navigation, simple interactions, social sharing and more. A few additional items include a search bar, dropdown and a text input box. The most attractive quality of this creation is the translucent skin that lets you see the background through it.

      • Android 4.0 UI Kit

        If you want to create Android applications, this UI kit could be truly useful in your quest. The package contains a great amount of commonly used elements included in most mobile projects today, giving your app a modern look (Android has evolved since 4.0, but many of the items remain current). Free PSD by Chris Arvin.

      • CSS3 UI Kit

        This awesome project from Matt Gentile does not go for the usual PSD format, but instead provides a complete UI kit fully coded in CSS3! The set itself is quite complete, including upload buttons with pop-up windows, sliders, playback controls, dropdowns and many more elements.

      • Flat Square User Interface PSD Kit

        Another useful UI Kit created in PSD by the team at Designmodo and released for free. This time around, the main characteristic is the implementation of the now common flat design trend with simple, but impressive elements that include search bars, audio players, menus, weather widgets and much, much more.

      • Wireframe UI Kit

        This invaluable resource allows you to get the entire blueprint needed to created iPhone 5 applications, courtesy of Anthony Aubertin's design. This UI kit contains measurements, buttons and elements commonly found in most iPhone utilities to use in mockups or brand new creations.

      • Heavenly Light UI Kit

        A fantastic set of essential items for your web applications created by Victor Erixon. Apply sliders, checkboxes, radio buttons, input boxes, search bars, playback controls and much more, all with a clean and simplified design. The free PSD is available for download right now.

      • Alternative Facebook UI

        This set of alternative elements should help you finish the integration of your project with the most famous social network in the globe. The design provides like buttons with counters, logo buttons, profile views and more! Created by Artur Kasimov, who also uploaded the original PSD.

      • Senseless Chat App

        A fun concept for colorful chat interactions inside one of your apps. It contains good spacing for avatars while the messages are contained within SMS-like bubbles in different positions and colors that separate the users involved. You can grab the PSD to make any modifications.

      • Layer Style Window Remix

        A complex UI kit that manages to keep things easy to understand for both users and designers. Among the many attractive elements found in this set, we highlight the transparent window that mixes well with the background, "shining" checkboxes and clever, organized build method. PSD by Jon Vlasach.

      • Polaris UI Kit

        A beautiful set of colorful UI elements created by the Designmodo team for Smashing Magazine. The items draw inspiration from various sources, such as Microsoft's Metro concept. You can increase and decrease size with no problem, thanks to the use of shape layers (vector elements).

      • Dark UI Time-Lapse

        A dark UI design created by Jeff Broderick, showing a simple design handled correctly, resulting in a classy outcome. Based on Mac OS X's interface, the window shows a set of selectable elements to the left hand side, letting you highlight them in blue when hovering. A time-lapse video shows the whole creation process in detail.

      • iTunes UI Redesign

        This iTunes UI design borrows elements from simple design techniques like Metro and flat in order to create a straightforward interface. It comes in two versions that feature the same elements with a small difference: One is plain white while the second has a subtle blur effect and slight gray tones.

      • Shiny Blue UI

        A pretty compilation of UI elements that will guide your users through your project in a dynamic fashion. The set is rather small, providing a few options for clickable buttons, progress bars, radio buttons and checkboxes. All styled with a neat glossy effect. PSD available for free.

      • Photoshop Flat UI Kit Freebie

        A small bundle of big elements for web designing, coming with a clean flat designed and a pink color scheme that you can modify at will after grabbing the PSD file. The package includes widgets for calendars, weather, login screens, video playback and more.

      • Compact iPhone User Interface

        This mobile UI kit manages to provide multiple elements within a compressed space. It features a good number of icon buttons, including camera, GPS, settings and more. Additionally, the middle sections displays a map, while a transparent tooltip provides extra information.

      • Light and Dark Web Buttons

        This set contains two types of elements: Simple clickable buttons and toggle switches. These items feature three variants that separate inactive and active states. They come in two color forms, light and dark. The white version has soft shadow effects, while the black design features bright, neon-like lights. 

      • iTouch Targets: Free Gestures’ Guidelin...

        This interesting free PSD file contains a group of touch targets that we can use as guidelines for our own mobile applications. The targets have been created after studying these elements from different companies and their products. Designed specifically for Apple devices.

      • Smooth UI Kit

        A very soft UI kit designed by Dribbble's Roman Bulah. The knobs, buttons, bars and boxes feature extremely clean and simplistic styling, almost looking flat, except for subtle shadow effects. A lot of elements include various states for active and inactive periods. 

      • White and Gold UI Kit

        An interesting collection of buttons, search bars, checkboxes, radio buttons, sliders, calendars and many more elements created by Rob Hendricks. The styling is straightforward and attractive, featuring white as the main colors and adding golden touches for the highlights.

      • Rounded PSD Web UI Set

        A simple set of stylish, rounded web buttons in which you will find customized icons. These familiar designs provide multiple states when hovering, allowing you to change their color palette or modify their behaviour as you please. Available as a PSD file, provided by Pixeden.

      • Flatlyfe UI Kit

        A small group of user interface controls, part of what seems to be a bigger project to come from Dylan Opet. According to the name of the collection, this set is strictly styled with flat characteristics, but including subtle shadow details that bring out the elements.

      • Micro Chrome UI

        A compact design imitating Google Chrome, but in a much smaller space. The window it is contained in is inspired by Mac OS, The elements are quite simple, featuring tabs, back and forward buttons (which have different states), address bar and window controls.

      • Yogurt UI Kit

        A useful set of UI items styled with soft colors and simple details. It features a wide array of tools, from which we highlight: - Search bar - Buttons with multiple states - Sliders with bubble notifications - Radio buttons and checkboxes

      • Dribbbles: Just for the Fun of It

        A set of elements loosely based on Dribbble's design, but surely not meant to look the same as the website. It features pink and green elements, with dark buttons that contain normal, over, deactivated and Pressed states. Complemented by like buttons and folder images. Created by Kevin Andersson.

      • Minimal Light User Interface Freebie

        A clean set of UI elements inspired in the portable OP-1 synthesizer. Conformed by white buttons for the most part, emulating all controls from the friendly music-making machine, complemented by a switch, a few knobs and a slider. All items come in white, styled with soft shadow effects.

      • Minimize UI Kit

        An exhaustive set of clean and simple UI elements created in vector format, allowing you to resize them without worries. The collection is very complete, including music playback controls, tags, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdowns and setting buttons. Created by Alessio Atzeni.

      • Light UI Elements Set

        A fancy set of UI elements that allow users to control multiple aspects of the web application. A good part of it is aimed at providing music playback controls with volume knobs, progress bars and play/next/previous buttons. Other elements include a search bar, timers and switches. 

      • Flat UI Kit: Free PSD and HTML

        A fantastic freebie brought to us by Designmodo in the form of a massive UI kit implementing pure flat design. These buttons, dropdowns, media players, sliders and other elements feature neat animations and highlight effects, making interactivity detection an easy task for your visitors. They come in both PSD and HTML versions.

      • iPhone UI Concept

        An interesting design for mobile devices brought to life by Ionut Zamfir. It suggests usage as a picture managing application, including a camera icon on the bottom, plus accept and cancel buttons. It features a list with avatars, with elements that have different states.

      • Custom iPhone App UI

        Give your mobile app a distinctive feel with this custom app UI. The UI features a stylish navigation bar which you can place anywhere on the screen. The project is distributed in the form of a free PSD that you can modify and use at will. Created by Ed Cousins.

      • Light UI Controls with PSD

        A small set of UI elements for music playback control, carrying a very attractive style. It counts with four elements: A knob that can be used for volume control, two sliders that suggest bass and treble managing and a slider that provides playback information, including a small bubble with the current time.

      • Lion Mini GUI Kit

        A compact set of GUI elements, emulating the stylish Mac OS Lion. This small collection includes multiple items despite its size, including sliders, search bars, buttons (with highlight effects), dropdowns, checkboxes, input boxes and a bit more. Created by Kamil Khadeyev.

      • Light UI Mini Kit

        A small group of UI elements created by Dribbble's Matt Gentile. They feature two pairs of checkboxes/toggle switches that signal their current state with either blue or pink and a progress bar with a number showing the current percentage. The color palette is quite soft, while the background has an attractive, soft texture.

      • iPhone Wood UI PSD Freebie

        An original concept for an iPhone UI including a fantastic wooden texture. It allows you to add icons within the design and make them look as if they were embossed into the material, which results in an attractive effect that will catch your users' attention. Created by Virgil Pana.

      • iPhone 4 UI Kit with PSD

        A complete set of elements to create our own iPhone experiences in high, retina-compatible resolutions. This collection of items includes all sorts of buttons, checkboxes, notification bubbles, switches, icons and more. PSD provided by its creator Tomas Jasovsky.

      • Light UI PSD

        A clean group of user interface items designed by Matt Wadsworth, who posted them on Dribbble. It contains almost everything you can need without overloading you with stuff: We have a navigation bar with search, buttons, dropdowns, sliders and more.

      • Dark and Neon UI Pack

        Putty is a gigantic set of UI elements created by Dribbble's Alexey Anatolievich. The styling is fantastic, using a solid dark background that poses as a great foundation for all the neon effects and vibrant colors found on the UI elements themselves. Among all the useful items we'll find buttons, social networking icons, chat interfaces, music controls and many, many more.

      • Lion UI Kit Preview

        A stunning set of UI elements coming from Mac OS Lion, useful to create mockups of your apps. It is very complete and includes basically all commonly used items within the OS, such as search bars, radio buttons, checkboxes, buttons, sliders, dropdowns and more.

      • Metro Style Chat Window

        A fun concept for a Metro-styled chat window, taking Facebook Messenger as an example. Useful for interactivity integration into your apps, providing a simple and straightforward look that will stay out of your visitor's way. Credit goes to Brent Caswell.

      • Free Metro UI Style Web Design

        An interesting design with a patterned background, providing a template to work on a Metro-styled interface, as seen on Microsoft latest products. It provides a good deal of detail while keeping the emphasis on simplicity that characterizes Metro creations.

      • iOS Elements

        A stylish group of UI items created by Bart Ebbekink for both fun and practice. Well, he won't be needing much more practice if he keeps developing this kind of results, since these items have a fantastic, not-so-complex look that can do wonders to your mobile design.

      • Mobile UI Elements for a Mobile App

        An interesting set of UI elements for mobile devices, including the original PSD and the proper arrangements to be retina-ready. Among these items, we will find sliders, buttons, search bars, navigation icons, input fields and more. Brought to us by Dribbble’s user iSavelev.

      • Popular UIs in PSD

        An exciting project headed by Luke Chester in which he tries to recreate the user interfaces of many of the most popular websites around the Web and distribute them for free, all for educational purposes. So far, we can find the UIs of Google+, Google Maps, Rdio, Facebook, GitHub and many more!

      • Flat Braun UI with PSD

        A Dribbble shot based on a previous effort from the same designer that, in its time, was based on buttons from Braun products released in the 60s. The idea is to recreate those same elements, but simplifying them with a flat technique. It is up to you to decide which ones you like the most.

      • Game UI Design Time-Lapse

        Jeff Broderick from Dribbble has created this detail-packed element for a videogame-like user interface, adding the PSD file so we can work with it. If you'd like to know how this item was created, Jeff posted a time-lapse video going through the entire process of creating the element in fast forward.

      • Dark iTunes: Free PSD

        An interesting concept for an iTunes interface using dark tones primarily and providing multiple options within the window. Some of the elements include:- Album covers with a nice "shine" effect- Change cover sizes with a slider or four different buttons- A left bar with categories and the cover art of the current item- Playback controls on the top

      • Black UI PSD Template

        A fantastic and broad collection of PSD UI elements, designed by Alex Patrascu almost entirely in black with bright, light blue details. The items available are quite diverse, going from sliders and volume bars, to search bars, buttons with notifications and much more.

      • Twitter Tweeter: Widget for Basic Social Info...

        A cool Twitter widget that allows you display and view your basic information from your favorite social network. The data includes number of tweets made, your followers, how many people you follow, profile picture and the cover image which is bent around the corner, ready to display what could be map data one clicked. You could also compose and publish new Tweets from the tool.

      • Receipt: A Design for Checkouts

        A simple design by Mateusz Dembek in which he displays a piece of paper (evidently ripped from somewhere, thanks to the nice border effects) and displays a list of elements with their price and the total in the bottom. Useful for a checkout screen or a food app, for example.

      • Transparent UI Kit Freebie

        Victor Erixon really loves transparency in his designs, and that's why he's created this entire set of UI elements applying the aforementioned transparency effect. You will get radio buttons, checkboxes, buttons, music widgets and more with this impressive set.

      • UI Kit: Free PSD File

        A useful set of elements that you can apply to complete a UI with any of these five widgets, which include:- A graphic viewer with numeric count and a "more" button- A picture viewer with next and previous arrows- A map widget with zoom in and zoom out buttons- A shopping cart list with "checkout" button- An image viewer with a zoom button and space for text next to it

      • Insta GUI: Free PSD

        An Interesting set of elements from Adrien Olczak that allow the creation of an Instagram GUI, available for free in a neat PSD package. The items everything you've already seen in the phone app: Tabbed, icon-based navigation, buttons for settings, reload, etc.

      • Minimal PSD Twitter Widget

        A straightforward design that allows visitors to quickly review basic information about any user. The styling contains pleasing, delicate touches, starting with a transparent “compose” section and a gradient background behind it. You can check the number of tweets, followers, following count and even send a direct message.

      • Grooveshark OS X App

        A fantastic design that provides a starting point for a Grooveshark application to be used in machines running Apple's OS X. It features a nice background, keeping Grooveshark's style, while the control window neatly organizes control buttons and a setlist.

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    • Infographic Design Templates (21 submissions)

      A compilation of infographic design templates such as timelines, tables, charts and other data visualization tools in vector and PSD format.

      • Huge Infographics Design Vector Pack

        A huge pack of infographic elements with which you'll be able to compose as many infographics as you want with amazing vector-crafted flat graphs and charts, multi-themed icons, characters, maps, arrows, and more. This pack comes with over 70 preset infographics that you can use as a base to build your own.

      • Free Infographic Brochure AI Template

        A brochure template in three color variations for infographics crafted in Adobe Illustrator by Mats-Peter Forss that features world map, human infographics, computer display, pie charts and more. This template was fully vector-crafted, and is delivered in both EPS and AI formats free for personal and commercial use.

      • World Map Vector Infographics

        A vector set of elements that provides a good number of tools for displaying information for identifying global affairs. Its world map pays great attention to detail, and it has separated countries, constituting a great asset. It also has other charts and graphic elements like sliders and 3D pie charts, comprised within an EPS file.

      • Retro Business Vector Infographics Elements

        A set of retro-styled elements for a business and economics infographics' with a beautifully colored and arranged layout. The EPS file within the compressed file contains several charts, arrows, boxes and graphic elements. The only setback is that, sadly, most aren’t grouped or layered making the work a bit hard.

      • World Map Editable EPS Infographics

        A really useful set of editable infographics elements because it provides no only a flat world map, but also round world views of America, Europe, Africa, Central Asia, East Asia and Australia, along with some stat displays and pointers. The elements are included within an editable EPS file.

      • EPS Touristic Infographics Elements

        A beautiful set of fun touristic infographics elements in an EPS format file. Be aware that its license is for non-commercial use; learning and reference use only. It has elements for different places of the world like New York, Egypt, France, Italy, and more. It has landmarks, planes and other elements to complement nice infographics on traveling and exploring new places.

      • Colorful Infographics PSD Template

        A gorgeous set of infographics' elements in bright but not overwhelming colors on top of a dark background. The PSD file is organised as beautiful as the infographics' elements themselves. Also, within the set we can find pie and bars charts, a world map with location, tooltips, characters and more.

      • InfoGraphic: Vector Design Elements

        A big set of vector elements useful for a quick start in a project that involves infographics. It comprises six EPS files containing vector images, icons, several charts and world maps; even though a good part of them are repeated content, this pack maintains its usefulness mainly because of the charts and the world map with independent paths for each country.

      • Dark Free Vector Infographics Kit

        A crafted design of infographic's elements in cold greys and blues with dark gray, very elegant and eye-catching without being loud. One major issue though, all the paths seem to be ungrouped, a bit of a problem if you want to start right away, but with selecting the paths for each chart and grouping shouldn't be much trouble if you're into this beautiful set.

      • Infographics Charts Starter AI Pack

        A group of elements that work as a very good starting point for an infographics project, based on completely editable charts in an Adobe Illustrator file (.AI). They come in grayscale, ready to be given any color and resizing to suit your needs. The organized AI file is available as well as a PDF.

      • PSD Corporate Infographics Elements

        A free set of infographic elements in soft cold colors and subtle textures brings a fresh look to corporate-styled data visualization. This resource comes in the form of an editable PSD containing pie charts, bar charts, a world map and more. The drawback is that the layers are unorganised, no groups made at all.

      • Colorful Stats Infographics PSD Kit

        A small and free infographics kit in PSD that will enable you to use visual representations of information in order to display it quickly and clearly, with a simple and attractive use of color, more of which you will find in the full commercial version of the tool. The file provided is editable and fully organized PSD to easily change colors and shape.

      • 100 Infographics Vector Elements

        A free vector infographics set including charts, maps, graphics, icons, timelines, layers and other data visual graphics. This is an illustrator file which contains more than 100 vector elements which you can edit, mix and integrate into any of your design projects.

      • Business Infographics Vector Elements

        A set with a wide range of infographics' elements, most of them thought for business data visualization, including many kinds of charts, icons and a world map. The set is decorated in blue and orange tones and it's fully editable because it is composed of vectors. You can download it for free.

      • AI Vector Circular Timeline Infographics

        A compelling template to create circular timelines for infographic. The file is quite messy but given the examples proposed in it, it’s worth to check it out. Circular infographics are a cool way to display data since they arrange the info in a digestible and organized way, and also make it fun to explore. Be sure to download the AI file for free.

      • POP: Ultimate Pie Chart Icon Set

        A very useful tool for any data graphic representation. It is a set of eight diverse pie-charts that make it easy to change colors according to the data on display. The zip contains three AI files, saved in different versions, to ensure compatibility with older software. There’s also a PDF included and an EPS file.

      • Free Hexagonal PSD Infographics Bubbles

        A proposed arrangement of infographics built with hexagonal bubbles connected with different arrows in PSD format. It is a set of colored bubbles, complemented with photographs, gradients, text, and more, providing a wide range of options for you to choose from.

      • PSD Twitter Infographic Pie Chart

        A nice pie chart useful and appealing proposal for showing statistics about Twitter users, followers and more. It is composed of an editable PSD file made with clean appearance and blue tones. It is free, created by Antony Caron

      • AI, EPS & SVG Infographics Kit

        A huge vector set for creating infographics, containing over 50 elements, ranging from graphs and charts to maps and symbols. In the download, the file types are AI, EPS and SVG so you can use this kit at any scale, easily edit the color scheme, and change the data points.

      • Magnolia Free: PSD Infographics Template

        Magnolia Free is a light, colorful and dynamic PSD package of elements used to create infographics such as timelines, graphs and charts of varied shapes, text areas and assorted graphic elements. Within the set, you can find a timeline with beautiful icons and circles, charts and pie charts, percentage graphs and many more design elements, easy to add to any project.

      • Free PSD Infographics Steps

        An infographics elements' set with the steps of the process, each step with a labelled circle and a text field. The design is almost entirely editable, except for the circles and squares with protruding tips. However, you can easily integrate the into any project, change colors and more since they come in a PSD file.

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    • Blogging WordPress Themes (100 submissions)

      A series of free blogging WordPress themes for you to start your next site in style. The themes are modern-looking and versatile, fitting blogs and websites of any kind.

      • Retro Gaming WordPress Theme

        A WordPress theme with a unique scheme related to 90's video game console graphics with the special feature that it plays a video game song as the website loads.

      • Lectura: Lightweight Blogging WordPress Theme

        A multipage lightweight WordPress theme for blogging purposes that features a double-column layout for easier reading.

      • Sentio: Clean Blogging WordPress Theme

        A multipage WordPress theme crafted in a clean style and designed for blogging purposes featuring a simple layout for all of its pages consisting of a single pagination column for posts and a right sidebar.

      • Writr: Blogging WordPress Theme

        Writr is a nice content-oriented theme for WordPress that can be used as your personal portfolio, blog or even a magazine for your entertainment.

      • Riba Lite: Minimal Blogging WordPress Theme

        Riba is a WordPress blogging theme that features a minimal style and a wide range of customization options like 600+ Google Fonts, scheme variations, boxed or fluid layouts, container or page background YouTube videos, and a parallax effect on single blog posts' headers.

      • Fulgent: Multipage Blog WordPress Theme

        Fulgent is a multi-page theme for WordPress that features a nice parallax effect in its home page header, as well as animated icons and hover effects on its big thumbnails and feature images. It has three main pages accessible from the top navigation bar, these are home, blog and pages.

      • Seasonal: Responsive Blogging WordPress Theme

        Seasonal is a responsive WordPress theme that features a static left-side bar with high-quality photo background that contains the menu links and becomes a header with a retractile menu when displayed in smaller screens. It also comes with several main page layouts for diverse purposes.

      • Gazette: Multi-Category Blog WordPress Theme

        Gazette is a blogging WordPress theme that allows you to feature several categories in its full-width tiled thumbnails header, each of them showing the category title, subcategory, and amount of comments. Once you scroll off the header, the top navigation bar shows you each category, and the body shows you post containers of all categories.

      • Readit: Multi-page Blogging WordPress Theme

        Read is a web clean multi-page template that allows you laying out your website blog by featuring a full-width header and a retractile screen-size menu. It also features a wide main content column and an auxiliary right-side bar.

      • The Huxley: Diverse Blog WordPress Theme

        The Huxley is a screen-size showcase header blog theme for WordPress which has several types of website types such as multiple paragraph page, image page, lists page, blockquote page, links page and headers page. It was crafted by Deuce Themes and GPLv2 licensed.

      • Allure: Responsive Fashion Blogging WordPress...

        Allure is a fully responsive WordPress theme for fashion bloggers. It is a multi-page theme which features hover translucid description effects and a screen-size tiles grid layout suitable for high-quality fashion news coverage. The theme has been created by the guys at Site5.

      • Aries: Writers Focused WordPress Theme

        Aries is a minimal blog theme for WordPress, made with a simple one-column layout (but if you add some widgets to the sidebar it morphs into two columns: content + sidebar). It is fully responsive and has 7 color variations for you to choose whatever you want.

      • Longform: Free Photography-focused WordPress ...

        A well-rated theme for WordPress with a minimal style and focused on big photographs. It has full Aesop compatibility for easy shopping, it's retina ready, includes documentation and advanced options panel, besides being responsive, multilanguage, and it includes the plugins used in the demo.

      • Satellite: Minimal Blogs WordPress Theme

        A minimal theme for blogging. It supports different post format, includes beautiful typography, prominent featured images, and a fresh, modern look. It also has social links. The theme can be downloaded for free and it is GPLv2 licensed.

      • Konmi: Minimal & Free Casual Writing Wor...

        Konmi is a minimal WordPress theme focused on casual writers and bloggers. It can be used by companies to communicate ideas, products and services to clients, although it fits individuals perfectly, allowing them to share their thoughts. The theme can be downloaded and edited freely thanks to its GPLv2 license.

      • Rider: Super Flexible WordPress Theme

        Rider is a lightweight, fast, clean, super flexible and bootstrap-based responsive theme for business or personal websites. It is built on top of Twitter Bootstrap, which makes it really appealing visually, with great and easy to implement functionality. The theme can be styled easily to fit your purposes and it was created by FasterThemes.

      • Scrawl: Free Minimal Writing WordPress Themes

        Scrawl is a minimal theme for WordPress sites perfect for writers, bloggers and freelance journalists who want to show their work. The theme has a simple layout, and even though it is thought for writing, focusing on text content, the theme also supports other formats like video. It has a GPLv2 license.

      • Cruzy: Blog WordPress Theme

        A compelling blogging WordPress theme. It is a flat and clean theme with a responsive layout, changeable background, RTL support, 4 post formats, and more. It is compatible with IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome; requires WordPress 3.6 or higher and you can download it for free.

      • Cover: Free Responsive WordPress Theme

        A free responsive theme that focus on content and is perfect for blogs and other types of regular writing. The theme includes Font Awesome. It doesn't have sidebars to mess with, just a single column view of your content. It is free and can be used in personal and commercial projects.

      • Urban Bold: Responsive Blogging WordPress The...

        Urban Bold is a fresh blogging theme with clean lines and nice imagery for a bold aesthetic. It also offers some handy customization options to add your own logo and favicon, as well as changing the theme colors without having to know any coding.

      • Express: Free Responsive Magazine WordPress T...

        A responsive WordPress theme for magazines, news and simple blogs. The theme has a flat style and comes packed with tons of design elements like a top bar with a menu, some icons and search. The layout is divided in two, the main bar for the content and the sidebar for some widgets, social buttons, recent posts, archive and more. You can download and use it freely.

      • Amalie Lite: Personal Blogging Free WordPress...

        Amalie Lite is a complete and unique WordPress theme for bloggers and writers built upon the free Twenty Fifteen theme. It has a responsive grid, making a good use of it to preserve its special looks across a whole set of smart devices. it is feature-rich, adaptable and lightweight, and the best of all, it's free.

      • Santri: Free WordPress Blog Theme

        Santri is a free WordPress theme for blogging and personal websites. It is SEO optimized, coming with several features like a call to option button in the homepage, background and header options.

      • ZeroGravity: Adaptable Blogging WordPress The...

        ZeroGravity is an adaptable WordPress theme which works on any mobile and desktop device. It is clean, organized and has a simple layout, easy to manipulate and style. You can customize the theme's color, favicon, fonts, square and rounded thumbs, big header and more. The theme is free for personal and commercial uses.

      • Toivo Lite: Free Flat Single-page WordPress T...

        Tovio lite is a free version of a complete WordPress theme. It is a flat, responsive theme with a single-page template. It fits business sites, blogs and small companies perfectly, featuring a clean layout with top menu, header with logo, different areas for company and product showcase, about, map, contact form and more. This theme can be used freely.

      • Fara: Free Masonry WordPress Theme

        Fara is a theme for WordPress sites with a masonry style, similar to Pinterest. It has a big featured header area with image background, logo and description, and then it shows the grid-organized blog posts. It uses Google font, it's rated well and it's free. The theme was made by WordPress user vladff.

      • Gateway: Minimal Bloggers & Writers Word...

        A minimal theme for WordPress focused on bloggers and writers. It leaves aside irrelevant content like the excess of imagery to let your users focus on the written content. This theme includes a big featured image header, logo or headline area, blogging area and widgetized footer. This theme can be used and edited freely.

      • Cinnamon: Minimal Writers & Bloggers Wor...

        Cinnamon is a minimal WordPress theme for bloggers and writers. It has a big featured image on top, and then it focuses on text. It is compatible with several plugins for infinite scrolling, post types and footnotes. The theme is free to download and use for personal and commercial uses.

      • Sobe: Free Blogging WordPress Theme

        Sobe is a lightweight and minimal blogging theme for WordPress. It is really simple, supporting multiple formats, and you can select a one or a two-column layout. It also includes social links and it's responsive. You can download it and use it for personal and commercial projects.

      • Radium: Responsive Blogging WordPress Theme

        Radium is a responsive WordPress theme for bloggers. It has a simple layout including some cool elements like a big featured photograph, a blog area, latest posts widget, recent comments, and about area. The theme is perfect for wirters and bloggers, and it is totally free.

      • BiancaA: Free Blogging WordPress Theme

        BiancaA is a minimal WordPress theme created for writers and bloggers, designed for a correct visualization of written content thanks to its layout and typography. It features simple logo and menu on top, a big featured image with caption, and then leaving space for the blogging area. This theme is free to use in any way (personally or commercially) and it was created by Theme Junkie.

      • Sela: Blogs & Businesses WordPress Theme

        Sela is a blogging theme for WordPress that is vibrant and clean. This theme is perfect for corporate and business purposes, and it includes a top logo and menu, big featured image, thumbnail images, team / testimonials, maps and social icons. The theme is free to download and use.

      • evolve: Free Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

        A nice WordPress theme for multiple purposes. It is a responsive theme can be used for startups, for blogging or as a portfolio theme. The theme has a fixed top menu, big slider, features area, widgets and more. It can be downloaded, modified and used freely in any project.

      • Zifer Child: Free Portfolio WordPress Theme

        Zifer is a child theme for the WordPress blog Zerif Lite, which gives this parent theme additional functionality and a beautiful style. The theme's parts are the logo area, a featured area that you can use for a simple product or to provide some information, the portfolio area, an about area and the footer with contact information.

      • Material Gaze: Free Blogging WordPress Theme

        A simple WordPress theme that takes advantage of some material design features and overall appearance to provide a clean layout. This theme includes features for bloggers, and it allows readability without falling into simplicity. It is a child theme for the popular stargazer theme, transforming the way it looks and feels. This theme is free to be used in any way.

      • Sela: Free Minimalistic WordPress Theme

        Sela is a simple and minimal theme for WordPress blogs, focused on writers and occasional bloggers. This theme includes several areas for widgets, posts, features and many more. This theme was created by Automattic.

      • Photolab: Free Photography Blogging WordPress...

        A free photography WordPress theme made especially for photographs who also love to write about their experiences travelling and taking pictures. It is really simple, with a single featured image, a menu and blogging area. It was created by TemplateMonster.

      • DeLayed: Beautiful Minimal WordPress Theme

        A minimal responsive WordPress theme that looks amazing in both mobile and desktop devices. It is perfect for blogging and occasional writing thanks to its layout and content-highlighting capabilities. This theme has the usual logo are, menu, featured image, and it supports multiple formats. It was created by ThemeShift.

      • Ascent: Free Smooth WordPress Theme

        A responsive WordPress theme perfect for blogging. It has a very simple layout, composed of a big slider, a top menu, smooth scrolling, pastel colors, widgets for multiple purposes and the regular blogging area. The theme is free and was created by Pitabas.

      • Masonry Blogging WordPress Theme

        A masonry WordPress theme perfect for creatives, photographers or bloggers. It can also be used as a portfolio site, using responsive and mobile-first design techniques and a grid style for showcasing images. The theme includes custom header and background, custom menus, social icons and featured images.

      • Yarn: Flat Blogging WordPress Theme

        Yarn is a WordPress blogging theme created for writers and bloggers, focused on the written word complemented with beautiful imagery. It also used pastel colors and spaces for quotes, descriptions, images with captions and more. It was created by Kris Hocker.

      • Deliciously Simple: Minimal WordPress Theme

        A minimal theme for WordPress sites, perfect for bloggers, writers photographers and even to be used as a portfolio. The theme includes a multi-use layout, a search bar that is unobtrusive, support, clean code, theme options, PSD file included and compatibility with all browsers. The theme is free.

      • Perkins: Bold Magazine WordPress Theme

        A bold WordPress theme perfect for magazines and blogs. It includes an image as the background, big logo, centered menu, thumbnails with caption, blogging area, recent posts, tags and more. It includes widgets and can be downloaded for free and used in commercial and personal projects.

      • Fontana: Flat Blogging WordPress Theme

        Fontana is a clean theme for WordPress specially crafted for blogging. It has the basic layout for a blog, with posts on the left side and widgets on the right. It includes a menu, flicker and video widgets, and other areas for including tags and recent posts. This theme is free.

      • Bloggr: Modern Blogging WordPress Theme

        Bloggr is a nice WordPress theme for blogging and writing that enhances readability. it has unique features, is easily customizable and can be manageable quickly through the admin panel. It is free and ready to be integrated. It was created by Modern Themes.

      • Renden: Free Business Blog WordPress Theme

        The free version of the Renden theme for WordPress is a feature-rich creation for bloggers. It is a simple theme that can be accessed from any device, whether it is mobile, tablet or desktop. It has several features, including a responsive layout, retina capabilities, social icons, SEO, updates, widgets and more.

      • Mixed: Free Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

        A powerful multi-purpose WordPress theme for corporate sites, blogs, music bands, e-commerce, forums and more. It has integration components with bbPress, BuddyPress and WooCommerce, and an HTML5 and CSS3 design. It is translation ready, responsive, retina ready, includes Google Fonts and more. The theme is free.

      • Aileron: Free Blog WordPress Theme

        A blogging WordPress theme with a minimal style. It can be used by occasional writers to keep an online diary or for simple bloggers. The theme has a clean design and a modern look that focuses the attention on the content. This theme was created by ThemeCot.

      • OMG: Modern Full-width WordPress Theme

        A modern theme featuring a full-width and responsive layout, perfect for bloggers and writers. It includes customization options for color scheme, logo, favicon, social media icons, slider, author bio and the disposition of the posts. This theme was created by WP Dev Shed.

      • The Thinker Lite: Free Writers WordPress Them...

        A minimal WordPress theme thought for writers and bloggers. The layout is really simple, almost like if its creator didn't want any images to be added. It is responsive, content focused and ready to be implemented (no additional configuration or setup required). This theme is free.

      • Responsive Portfolio WordPress Theme

        Portfolio Blog is a nice mixture of two aspects of every freelancer: setting a portfolio and writing about it. This WordPress theme helps you keep updating your blog while at the same time you add creations to your portfolio. The theme is clean, content focused, responsive and it's free.

      • Twenty Fifteen: Free Minimalistic WordPress T...

        Twenty Fifteen is a clean blogging theme made of straightforward typography, readable from any device. The content is the protagonist here, so it gets rid of unwanted and heavy decorative element to provide a clear view. This theme was created by wordpressdotorg and its free.

      • Penscratch: Writers & Bloggers WordPress...

        Penscratch was created by Automattic and it is a minimal and responsive WordPress theme that suits personal bloggers and writers perfectly. It features logo, big image, content area and other cool things, all ready to implement so you can focus on your writing.

      • Flatfish: Flat Child WordPress Theme

        An ultra-flat child theme for WordPress. Since it is a child theme, you'll need to download the Flounder theme before. This is a minimally styled theme for bloggers with colorful design and support for several post formats. It takes all the good stuff of Flounder, adding some great capabilities. This theme was created by Michael Arestad.

      • Newsted: Clean Bloggers WordPress Theme

        Newsted is a responsive and multi-purpose two column theme made especially for blogs, personal and companies' websites. It has a totally customizable homepage thanks to 3 widget areas, giving you the possibility to add a header image, text and a button. Posts are set to be shown in a clean way, highlighting your content and making it look professional and be easy to read.

      • Intergalactic: Free Flat WordPress Theme

        Intergalactic is a neat WordPress theme made especially for blogging and writing about space issues. It has a single column layout and simple navigation to access any part of the site easily. Also, it includes several images in HD, and it gives your content the relevance it needs. You can use it personally and commercially.

      • Life Is Good: Flat WordPress Theme

        Life is good is a simple WordPress theme created with a flat style. It is focused on content and it maintains a clear appearance, uses nice typography and compelling imagery to make it appealing. The theme is free for personal and commercial use and was created by Daniel Klose.

      • Plaino: Freelancers WordPress Theme

        Plaino is a nice responsive flat theme created especially for freelancers and independent bloggers. It has some great design elements, making it easy to show all sorts of content. The first thing your users see is the background image and the logo, complemented with the blogging area in which you can show your skills. It is a 2 column design that includes a calendar, recent posts, archive and more widgets. It has been released under the GPL and it was created by Iam Rohan.

      • Wilson: Blogging WordPress Theme

        Wilson, a creation from Anders Norén, is a clean and responsive theme that can be used in personal websites and blogs. The theme has a lateral menu that gets fixed to the top when it's viewed from a mobile device; it also has flat buttons with transitional effects and more.

      • Roda: Free Wavy WordPress Theme

        Roda is a WordPress theme for personal bloggers, especially those who want to keep a personal diary. The theme has a simple flat design that you can complement with images and photography. It includes social icons for easy sharing, a responsive menu, "about me" area and contents area.

      • Everal: Modern Responsive WordPress Theme

        Everal is a retina ready WordPress theme in which all the theme graphics scale beautifully on high definition screens. The theme includes crafted elements like a top menu, big slider, search, calendar, recent posts, blog area and more. It can be used for blogging or as a portfolio. It is also compatible with the plugin.

      • Minnow: Free Minimal WordPress Theme

        Minow is a beautiful minimal WordPress theme perfect for online magazines, writers portfolio or bloggers. The theme uses only black and white tones, complemented with big images, icons and light typography. The theme has a one-column layout design, it is totally free to download and use for personal and commercial projects and it was created by Automattic.

      • Hiero: Bloggers WordPress Theme

        Hiero is a simple theme for WordPress sites created with a minimal style, basic functionality, and powerful color combination. The theme is perfect for different purposes like blogging, a news site, a showcase for a freelance writer or a music band. It has several design options to make your job easy, and it's free. Created by Athemes.

      • Opal: Free Blogging WordPress Theme

        Opal is a compelling WordPress theme for bloggers and writers. It includes a top menu, big featured image with the title in the middle. Several widgets for quick links, calendar, archive and other. The template was created with a minimal style, ready to be integrated and used. It was created by Aamer Shahzad and it's free to download.

      • Griffin: Free Blogging WordPress Theme

        Griffin is a compelling theme for WordPress that has multicolumn capabilities and was created thinking about mobiles. It is an ideal option for blogs and personal sites. Among its design elements we can find: - Big featured image as the header - Centered logo with description - Horizontal menu - Thumbs with caption (title, comments, description, read more link, author and date. This theme has been created by wpmultiverse and it's free to download.

      • Hoffman: Blogging WordPress Theme

        Hoffman is a beautiful blog theme for WordPress sites, made with a minimal layout and a responsive design that can be viewed from any device on the landscape. The theme is really simple, without cluttered elements, and includes several design components, like: - Hidden menu. - Logo area in the middle. - Social buttons. - Big featured image. - One-column content area. - Thumbs with little hover caption. - Content widgets on footer. - Additional menu on footer. This theme was created by Anders Norén and it's free to download.

      • Devion WordPress Theme

        ​Devion is a video sharing WordPress theme. This is a responsive theme built on the Bootstrap 3 framework, and it’s ideal to publish video content on your site. You can embed videos from popular video sites like YouTube, Vimeo and others, as well as uploading and editing your own video files. The theme requires a few plugins to work the way it is originally intended to. You will find a notification on the admin panel prompting you to install the required plugins. Please install and activate: - Options framework - Featured video plus - WP-postviews - Zilla Likes

      • Typography: Simple Blogging WordPress Theme

        ​Typography is one of the best stylish and clean themes for personal WordPress blog. It has designs that are good-looking. It comes with advanced features allows you to make changes to the theme without code editing.

      • MiniMagazine: Free Modern WordPress Blog Them...

        ​A cool, responsive magazine WordPress theme best suited for a blog or magazine. The theme is fully responsive no matter what device it's on. The screen-wide slider coming up on the home page is certainly a highlight.

      • Journal: Free WordPress Theme

        Journal is a simple and responsive theme for blogging, gathering content, and publishing your ideas or life events. It is a dark skinned theme complemented with bright spaces for highlighting content; nice readable typography, featured images, social share buttons, and more, all of them with a simple flat style. The theme is free.

      • G Artic: Flat Restaurant WordPress Theme

        A versatile WordPress theme that combines white and intense red in order to provide a clean and inviting interface for your users. Apply beautiful transitions to the home page slider, show galleries and expand their content with smooth lightboxes, write readable and calm blog entries and add widgets for increased functionality.

      • Flato: Blue Flat WordPress Theme

        Flato is a simple blogging theme with a flat design and blueish color variations to provide a calmed or relaxed feel. It is responsive, with theme options and four widgets in the footer. Also, it includes a top menu with dropdowns of several levels, a search button, logo area, and various elements like headings, blockquotes, tables, definition and nested lists, HTML tags and more.

      • Dellow: Minimal Responsive WordPress Theme

        Dellow is a minimal responsive theme with plenty of premium features including a parallax header, numbered page navigation, responsive slider, customizable header and footer, 4-page layout, custom widgets and user-friendly time display. The theme also has a powerful theme options panel, which lets you modify your site to a great extent.

      • Quintel: Minimal Blogging WordPress Theme

        Quintel is a minimal and modern WordPress theme for multiple purposes, but it's perfect for blogging or news sharing. This is a WordPress ready theme with features like custom menu, featured images, widgetized sidebar and customizable welcome message section on the homepage. Theme also comes with an options panel.

      • Quora: Simple WordPress Theme

        Quora is a modern and clean WordPress theme that brings a minimal and easily understandable appearance to your website. The home page features a full-width layout divided into sections that display a blog entry each, with circular thumbnails for every post. A smooth slider links visitors to other entries, as well as other cool design features. Altough its design is really cool, It is not responsive.

      • Looki: Responsive Personal Theme

        Looki is a beautiful theme that allows you to make your posts display them in boxes all around the website through a triple column design. The cool thing about this layout is that before you open the full post, you can see videos, slides, images and more. Additionally, it is super easy to modify the look of the header, which always stays on top, even when scrolling.

      • Serene: Natural WordPress Theme

        Serene is an elegant and simply designed blogging theme. It is a layout with a simple and spacious layout, integrated and matched with cool flat elements and nice effects. It’s features are: – Elegant design. – Secure. – Cross-browser compatibility. – Supports 6 different post formats. – Has unlimited colors.

      • Vangard Free WordPress Theme

        Vangard is a free WordPress template that starts with an interesting slider that takes the whole width of the page. The navigation menus above the slider have a transparency effect that lets you see the edge of the image combined with the menu. When it comes to functionality, nothing out of the ordinary: Portfolios, blogs, sidebars, widgets, etc. It can be used only for personal purposes.

      • Impero: Minimalist WordPress Theme

        Impero is an attractive WordPress theme that focuses on keeping things simple and minimal. Proof of this is the slider on the upper side of the home screen, featuring awesome opacity effects and smooth animations. Below, a neat grid arrangement shows previous posts with thumbnails.

      • Flat: Translation-ready WordPress Theme

        Flat is a WordPress theme designed by YoArts. It includes Bootstrap 3, HTML5 and LESS. This theme fits your personal blog or corporate website perfectly. Among its features we can find a flat design, a responsive layout, retina ready, an off canvas sidebar, custom background and sidebar color, customizable logo, favicon sidebar and background, and translation ready design (English and German).

      • Lefty: Free WordPress Theme

        Lefty is an excellent way to share your thoughts, reviews, ideas, opinions, work or anything you choose. This theme is responsive, adapting to any mobile device, it uses Google fonts; it is W3C valid, it doesn't affect page speed, it's full of widgets and takes advantage of shortcodes.

      • Crisp Persona: Sleek Responsive WordPress The...

        A blog WordPress theme called Crisp Persona, with it you can publish anything that comes to your mind: it is specially created for that. It’s a sleek and responsive theme with personal blogs as a focus. It is also complemented with crisp fonts and colors to highlight its content, including big social buttons for easy sharing. There are simple options available for adding images or a logo, and specifying social media links. The theme has been released under the GPL license.

      • Sueva: Free WordPress Theme

        Sueva is a responsive blog theme for WordPress, perfect for corporate sites. The theme supports all modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera and IE 8, 9 and 10 and was created using HTML5 and CSS3. Also, with Sueva, are included two child themes, called Polar and Sneak. The theme is free for you to download.

      • deLighted: Blog WordPress Theme

        The deLighted theme is a lightweight WordPress theme for blogs. It includes theme support, a full package of features, the possibility to be customized, and more. It includes a custom header image and featured images, menu, icons and other design elements; the only downside is that it's not responsive.

      • Anew: Flat Classic WordPress Theme

        A beautiful and smoothly created theme has a classic personal Tumblog style; it is fully featured, responsive and supports high resolutions. The theme has several design elements like a fixed menu, social icons, a search bar, quotations, video and music players, and many more. The theme is free and ready to be used personally or commercially.

      • Flounder: Free WordPress Theme

        A flat, simple theme for bloggers and news generators, featuring fresh shapes and smooth colors for a more attractive web. It includes widgets for content, icons for identifying components, heading and lists styling, forms, tables, quotes and more. The menu is located at the top, and it's fixed, but when you view it on a mobile device, the menu goes down to the bottom.

      • Sorbet: Personal Blog WordPress Theme

        Sorbet is a colorful theme that can be used in any way, but preferably on personal blogs or magazines. The design is completely mobile-friendly, and it looks great on any device, highlighting the very best of your content. Sorbet will give your website a modern yet fun new look.

      • Opus: Diary WordPress Theme

        The Opus theme was created with three goals in mind, like great readability in both mobiles or tablets, great personality. The design color scheme was based on Designmodo’s Square UI kit; it also uses big bold fonts and focuses on Open Sans for readability.

      • Syntax: Bloggers WordPress Theme

        Syntax allows you to write and read quickly since it was created specifically for blogging. It has large and easy-to-read typography, a fixed navigation menu, and responsive design that looks beautiful on all screen sizes. It also includes social links for efficiently sharing into any social network.

      • Fastr: Elegant & Fast WordPress Theme

        This theme for WordPress called Fastr has the objective of highlighting the most valuable aspect of blogging: the content. It’s built with speed in mind to give you faster websites and blogs. It is a responsive theme that uses no JavaScript at all and very little CSS or styling. It is fully customizable and totally free.

      • Hemingway: Multiformat WordPress Theme

        The Hemingway theme lets you portray all the information you need in a clean way, using responsive techniques so you can show whatever you create and not miss any type of audience, whether it is a mobile, tablet and desktop user. The theme has all the necessary design elements, like a big image header with logo, menu, a search icon, and several widgets.

      • Zweig: Mobile-ready WordPress Theme

        Zweig is a free WordPress Theme, done with minimal style and able to help you read comfortably and write smoothly. The goal of this theme is to focus on the things you write, not the additional things you usually see. It has a menu just below the logo, and right after comes the content, centered for improved readability. It looks really beautiful in every mobile device thanks to the simple design and nice typography used.

      • Blissful: Blog WordPress Theme

        The Blissful Blog is a fantastic theme that will help you promote weddings, other events, photography, design work, etc. Some of the features on this theme include a full-width featured content slider, the availability of widgets and the possibility to customize the aspect of the theme with different headers and menus.

      • Graphy: Free Blogs WordPress Theme

        A WordPress theme that has been created having in mind improved typography and legibility. It is responsive, using the mobile-first technique so images won't have any problem when viewed from a mobile device or tablet. It includes widgets, customizer for title, tagline, logo, colors, navigation, articles and more. This is a free theme created by Takao Utsumi.

      • Hexa: Writing WordPress Theme

        Hexa Theme is an attractive approach to website design. It has hexagonal forms as menu, and when you activate them, the options appear on the top. The options on the menu are a top list, the search, some settings and the social sharing icons.

      • Moments Bloggers WordPress Theme

        Moments is a compelling blue and black theme created specifically for news and blogging, giving it a contemporary look, so it looks fresh and updated. It has a relevant header, which includes a menu, widgets and more. It can show videos and music files as featured components in the home. It is free for you to download and use.

      • JustWrite: News Blog WordPress Theme

        JustWrite is a simple and free WordPress theme for those who dedicate their lives to create written content. It has a flat style, using colors like black and white for the content areas and colorful icons for action buttons and socials. The theme includes a menu, dropdown, social icons, search, actionable slider and the main content area, among many other features.

      • Independent Publisher WordPress Theme

        A simple theme for independent publishers, bloggers, and news sites. It is a beautiful theme created simply, focusing the attention in written content and readability. It includes heading styles, paragraphs, list types, forms, radio buttons and checkboxes, tables, code excerpts, links and many more features to ease your job. You can download it for free.

      • Future: Magazine WordPress Theme

        Future is a beautiful theme created with the Bootstrap 3 framework. Its modern design makes it suitable for a wide array of situations, including portfolios, freelancing work, agency promotion or more, you name it. The theme comes ready for high-quality displays thanks to a considerable resolution.

      • Unite: WordPress Wedding Theme

        Unite is a simple, modern-looking, responsive theme designed for WordPress and developed with Bootstrap 3. Its flat design can be modified with multiple colors and changes in its footers, menus and other navigation elements. It is mainly intended for wedding pages, but can be helpful with any image-centered project.

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