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    • List CSS Generators (12 submissions) Updated: Oct 27, 2014

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      | Updated: Oct 27, 2014

      Juice up the appearance and functionality of a project with any of these CSS code generators, available for free.

      • CSS and CSS3 Generator Jul 25, 2014

        A very practical, free online service that allows you to create multiple CSS and CSS3 elements without writing a single line of code. Among the variety of items you can generate, you'll find responsive menus, buttons, galleries, image effects, ribbons and much more. A great asset for simplicity, productivity and moderate customization in your project.

      • CSS Animation Generator: HTML Components Easy... Feb 13, 2014

        The CSS Animation Generator is an online tool that lets you apply different properties to the HTML elements and components you have on your website. It allows you to set up animation parameters, like the duration, number of loops and timing function; use a class or ID to identify them, apply effects like fade or scroll, and ultimately, download the code to implement it. It was created by Matt McNamee.

      • CSS 3 Maker: Animate HTML Elements Feb 13, 2014

        CSS 3 Maker is a nice tool to animate HTML elements, allowing you to modify the animation duration, the iteration count, timing, rotation, scaling, skewing and translation, showing the result as you alter its values.

      • Simple and Powerful CSS3 Generator Feb 13, 2014

        CSS3 Generator is a simple, but powerful tool in which you can create all sorts of effects for specific components of your website. It has two different generators (the simple and the advanced), allowing you to:- Modify the border radius- Change the box shadow- Alter the text shadow- improve the opacity, RGBA values- Transform the element

      • CSS3 Generator, Modify Different Elements wit... Feb 13, 2014

        This is an interesting experiment that easily helps you modify different elements with CSS3, like the border radius, box shadow, text shadow, RGBA, font face, multiple columns, box resizing, box sizing, outlining, transitions, translating and gradients, letting you get the code afterward.

      • Gridpak, the Responsive Grid Generator May 10, 2013

        This is the responsive grid generator. With it, you can modify the number of columns, the column padding and the gutter width so you can create a nice responsive pattern for your website. It was created by Erskine Design.

      • CSS Menu Builder: Online Navigation Generator May 22, 2013

        The CSS Menu Builder is a powerful and versatile tool that allows you to create your own menus with a great deal of customization. Over a thousand different combinations are available! Including a vast amount of colors in vertical, horizontal and breadcrumb formats.

      • 3D Ribbon Generator: Online Tool Jun 4, 2013

        This amazing tools allows the creation of custom-made CSS ribbons without any coding knowledge thanks to its visual interface, which lets you modify numerous aspects of the final outcome and then auto-generate the entire HTML/CSS code for the design.

      • CSS Text Wrapper, Make HTML Text Wrap in Diff... Jun 6, 2013

        The CSS Text Wrapper allows you to easily make HTML text wrap in shapes other than just a rectangle. You can make text wrap around curves, zig-zags, or whatever you want. All you have to do is draw the left and right edges below and then copy the generated code to your website.

      • CSS Arrow Please: Easy Creation of Tooltip Ar... Jun 6, 2013

        A nice online tool for creating tooltip arrows with CSS. It manages the position of the arrow, the color of the tooltip, the border width and color. After you finish, you can grab the code to apply it to your website or blog.

      • CSS Tab Designer: CSS-Based Lists and Tabs Jun 17, 2013

        CSS Tab Designer intends to make the creation of CSS tabbed menus a lot simpler with the help of a visual editor, which removes the need for coding knowledge. Best part is that it is completely free of use, even for commercial websites. Created by OverZone Software.

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    • List CSS Layouts (46 submissions) Updated: Oct 21, 2014

      A collection of CSS layouts focused on different purposes, coming from portfolio and Pinterest to Metro and personal blogs.

      • csstyle: Web Styling SASS Library Oct 8, 2014

        csstyle is a fashionable way for styling sites with simplicity and usability in mind. It achieves its capabilities by applying a set of SASS mixins making the CSS readable and semantically accurate. Among its features: - It generates the selectors for you. - Handles specificity - Handles nesting - Organizes the CSS as reusable components - Components include options - Includes child elements natural styling. This library was created by Dave Geddes, and it's available in GitHub to be edited and improved.

      • Pure: Responsive CSS Modules Set Oct 2, 2014

        Pure is a set of CSS modules that are responsive and lightweight. They can be used in any web project, being composed of various design elements like grids, forms, buttons, tables, menus and more. It is really tiny, with a weight of 4.4KB minified and gzipped, with every CSS line carefully checked. This set is built on Normalize.css, providing native styling and layout for HTML elements. It is built with mobile in mind, and you can create responsive designs quickly.

      • CSS Layout Generator Aug 27, 2014

        ​This generator will create a fluid or fixed width column layout, with up to three columns and with header, footer and menu. Values can be specified in either pixels or percentages. This CSS Layout Generator is an excellent experiment created by CSS Portal.

      • CSS Responsive Layout with Smooth Transitions May 2, 2013

        In this tutorial, the author will create a responsive 100% width/height layout with some smooth page transitions. The idea is to have some content panels and navigation which will allow the user to navigate between the panels. There will be used radio buttons for the navigation and animate the content to the right position with a transition, creating a “smooth scrolling” effect.

      • CSS-Only Pinterest Style Columns Layout May 10, 2013

        If you have seen Pinterest, it has a multi-column interface to display the pins, and those pins arrange nicely even if they are not of the same height. They do it by using JavaScript to calculate the height of each pin and then positioning them in an absolute position, but achieving the same with CSS can be done in two ways: by using floats or by using CSS3 columns. This Pinterest-styled layout is created only using CSS.

      • Simple and Flat Website Layout May 10, 2013

        In this code snippet, we can see a simple and flat yet cool website layout. It is a responsive experiment with a compelling and correct use of colors to allow readability. It has functional links, and its containers and widgets locate correctly when viewed from different resolutions or devices. You can complement it by using images or interactive content, and images resize smoothly, maintaining their quality. It was created by Rick Butterfield.

      • Hipster Ipsum, Simple Page Layout in CSS May 10, 2013

        A simple page layout created with CSS and HTML. It is a non responsive layout, with a regular blog interface appearance, mostly composed of text and small images. It includes a Google Plus button, which can be complemented by adding other social networks besides it.

      • Off-Canvas Responsive Layout May 14, 2013

        Here we have a responsive layout for a blog or website, with elements that integrate beautifully with each other. It is composed of a main headline, a page title widget, featured image, a URL container, a description widget and many more. Also, it has a menu with simple icons to identify where to go. It was created with HAML, SASS and CoffeScript.

      • Windows 8-Like Animations with CSS3 and jQuer... May 15, 2013

        Sara Soueidan has recreated the icon animations seen on Windows 8′s dashboard by taking advantage of CSS3 3D transform property. These animations include tiles which slide in various directions, flips, turns, color variations, half sliding and more. It uses beautiful flat icons, and the project was uploaded to CodePen for better reference.

      • Windows 8 Metro UI Mockup May 15, 2013

        This is another version of the Windows 8 Metro UI made entirely in CSS and HTML. It has a nice style, very similar to the metro UI, but it varies in the typography, and it uses icon fonts, but the effects are not as smooth as one might expect. Also, it is not functional, lacking interactivity. However, it can be added with JavaScript or jQuery.

      • Quick CSS and JavaScript Version of the Windo... May 15, 2013

        This is a quick CSS and JavaScript version of the Windows 8 UI, originally created using SASS by Ashley Taylor. It is the same as the regular Metro UI, except for the typography and the effects and animations, which are not as fluid as expected.

      • Responsive HTML5 and CSS3 Template May 15, 2013

        Here we have a responsive HTML5 and CSS3 design for any blog. It has the regular elements of a website like the header, menus, featured post frame, content widgets, and more. Images and links have nice effects on hover. The containers have simple shadows that some might like, but they can be improved with some styling. The layout has a minimal style.

      • Feature Block Responsive Layout Pattern May 16, 2013

        Inspired by Brad Frost’s amazing responsive pattern library, this is a demo of a common responsive design. The user calls it “Feature Block" and the idea is to have a media object style layout for large enough screens (a left floated image, a header and body aligned to the right, or vice versa).

      • CSS Only Page Layout with Toggle Button May 20, 2013

        Sidebar toggle is a minimal layout that allows you to focus your attention on reading by letting you hide the sidebar by clicking the arrows. It uses the same technique of checkboxes, making the arrow an element with the same function of a checkbox which, when clicked, hides the sidebar and change the content div’s width to 100%.

      • A Simple and Beautiful Post Idea May 20, 2013

        This is a nice HTML and CSS template that has a featured image, relevant title and readable texts; it also has links, all shown within  a nice frame. It can be used in newsletters (where it looks awesome) and blogs. Further functionality can be added with JavaScript or jQuery.

      • CSS Only Show and Hide Layout for Blogs May 21, 2013

        This is an amazing CSS-only Show and Hide effect created by Gene Locklin. It uses a checkbox as the “Read More” button. When clicked (or checked), the image’s and section’s width is changed to 100%. There are two sections initially with the second one hidden. So, by clicking the checkbox, all the sections are made visible and hence it makes the layout look like that the text is expanded. A very clever trick which can be used practically in your projects.

      • Responsive Web Design Patterns May 23, 2013

        Here you can find a collection of patterns and modules for responsive designs. It is a complete set that includes patterns for layout, navigation, images, media and data, forms, text, modules, and more. They can be used as a base in any responsive website and they were created by Brad Frost.

      • Changeable View From List to Grid in CSS May 24, 2013

        This is a code snippet that allows you to change the view from list to grid with no additional markup by using only CSS. The design is very simple, but it has a great color combination. The list view has numerical indicators, while the grid view has spaces for you to add little thumbnails of 83 x 57px.

      • Sass Badge Generator 9000 May 29, 2013

        Here you have a Sass component that adds a badge to elements with a data-badge attribute. It works with one pseudo element that holds the text and another one that looks like a frame and covers the first one at the edges. Its features are:- It works on any block level element- Uses data-badge attributes to add a badge to the element- Creates any badge with any color & text you want- Has variable font-size- It's alignment can be left or right- Has two styles: Flat or Skeuomorph- Has automagical text color based on the background-color

      • Simple and Responsive Layout for Any Website May 29, 2013

        RDW is a simple and responsive web layout which can be implemented in any website, anytime. It is composed of a simple header, a featured image container, some description widgets and a footer, and it has a flat style. It was created by Codepen’s user cirox.

      • UI Kit Part 2: Responsive Elements in HTML an... May 29, 2013

        Here we have a set of UI elements made in HTML and LESS, which has menus, search bars, login forms, sidebar menus, headings and texts, images with different styles and submit buttons. The elements come in three different colors, and they have nice effects on hover.

      • Rodeo 1: Responsive Layout that Maintains Hie... May 29, 2013

        The creation we see here is a responsive layout ready to be implemented in any website. It allows your website to be responsive while maintaining the hierarchy of the elements. For instance, the top container with a large image fits the whole width, while the secondary images occupy a third of the space.

      • Sliding Vertical Navigation Menu May 30, 2013

        This code snippet created with CSS, HTML and JavaScript helps you make a nice lateral menu for your website or blog. It allows you to select any relevant part of the website by just using icons. After clicking an icon, a new menu will appear, providing you more options to select from. The rest of the website is also a nice code experiment that you can use as a template.

      • Testing: Flat Mobile Portfolio May 30, 2013

        Clément Guillou from Codepen created this interesting concept for a portfolio. It is a responsive layout, with few lines of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It has defined spaces, perfect for adding all sorts of content. Also, it has a menu with anchors, which are not that fluid (nothing that some lines of code can't solve anyway). It also has social buttons ready so you link them to your main social networks.

      • Fullscreen Portfolio Startpage in CSS May 30, 2013

        Here we have a nice flat user interface, mainly developed for mobile platforms. It is divided into four parts so the navigation gets pretty easy for the user. It was created with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Also, although it has beautiful colors, you can change them for others that you find more attractive.

      • Mini Layout Using External Button Style May 30, 2013

        This is a simple code snippet made by Chris Coyier for an blog post. It was created with SCSS and HTML, and it is composed of a menu, the post container and a simple submit button, all contained in a general div.

      • Responsive Layout with Full Page and Simple N... May 30, 2013

        Here, you have a responsive layout with full page navigation and simple design, using media queries to have an optimized view for touchable devices. With its menu,  you can control the vertical sliders, and you can hide it as well when you do not need it.

      • Flexbox Website Layout in CSS and jQuery May 30, 2013

        This is an example of how flexbox could be used for website templates; it is composed of small squares that fit the screen of the user, regardless its size. It was developed using HTML and CSS, but there is a small amount of jQuery to allow the navigation to be closed and re-opened. This code snippet was created by Josh Parrett.

      • HTML5 and LESS Template for Websites May 30, 2013

        This is a simple HTML5 template using LESS. The author, Codepen's user darylsutor, used it as a playground to test out the code and use an HTML5 layout. It has the regular blog components like a menu, the content container, a side bar, and a simple footer.

      • HTML5 Bad-boy Layout for Websites May 30, 2013

        The bad-boy is a fluid layout ready for responsive implementations. It contains equal height content and sidebar blocks. The idea behind this layout is based on using tables, making them part of the author recent creation, a website that needed the flexibility found in this layout. The example is very simple and consists of menus, content containers, a sidebar, widgets and more.

      • Ingrid: a Fluid CSS Layout System May 30, 2013

        Ingrid is a lightweight and fluid CSS layout system, whose main goal is to reduce the use of classes on individual units, making it feel less obtrusive and bit more fun to reflow for responsive layouts. Also, it is meant to be an extendable system, easy to customize to your own needs.

      • Primary CSS: Simple Framework for developers ... May 30, 2013

        Primary is a simple CSS Framework, designed for developers and designers in order to make using CSS as easy as possible. It is an experiment based on the concepts of legendary comic book artist Wally Wood's "22 Panels That Always Work", and it is an open source development.

      • Fixed Background Scrolling Layout May 30, 2013

        This is a fixed background image scrolling layout with 100% height panels and smooth scrolling. It is composed of a simple scrolling layout with fixed background images using background-attachment: fixed and  navigation. The page will scroll smoothly to the selected section. This code experiment was created by Mary Lou.

      • Fullscreen Layout with Page Transitions May 30, 2013

        This is a simple responsive layout with fancy page transitions. Initially, the layout shows four flexible boxes. When clicking on a box, it will expand to full screen, and the others will scale down and fade out. When closing the current view, it will move back to the initial position while the other boxes come back up again. Another type of page transition can be seen on the works section where we will show a portfolio item by sliding in a panel from the bottom. The current view gets scaled down and disappears in the back.All effects are done with CSS transitions and controlled by applying classes with JavaScript. The whole layout is flexible, and some media queries are added to size down things for smaller screens. This experiment was created by Mary Lou.

      • Responsive Horizontal Layout May 30, 2013

        This tutorial is about creating a horizontal website layout with individually scrollable content panels, and for smaller screens the layout will be changed, making it responsive. The idea is to make each panel individually scrollable and animate a content panel to the left of the viewport once it’s clicked or selected from the menu. The challenge is to deal with different viewport sizes, meaning that the layout will change if the screen is not wide enough in order to be stacked vertically instead of horizontally.

      • Multiple Feature Responsive Layout Jun 4, 2013

        This is a responsive layout which fit the texts and images in order to fit the screen. It has three sections, which can be accessed via anchors in the main menu. It is a simple layout, composed of a main bar, a top image container, a menu, and sections with respective titles, images and texts. Images are set to be 940 x 200 by default, but it will resize to the user's browser accordingly.

      • Blog Post Layout Developed in HTML, CSS and J... Jun 5, 2013

        This code snippet is about creating a blog post layout. It has the regular sidebar located on the left. Also, it has an usual content container, a picture, some links and quotations. It's an experiment developed in HTML, CSS and JavaScript, created by Emily Brophy.

      • Basic Template Using Skeleton Jun 5, 2013

        This code experiment created by Gabe Rose is a basic template with a fixed bar that also works as a menu, a space for texts and different spaces for images. It is responsive, and it was built on HTML, CSS and a little JavaScript.

      • NO!SPEC CSS Template for Corporate Websites Jun 19, 2013

        Here, we have a red web page with awesome looks. It was created by Marcello Africano on Codepen, with a minimalistic style and a responsive layout, perfect to show basic information about your company in one single page. It supports browsers like Chrome 25.0, FireFox 19.0.2, Safari 5.1.7, but not Internet Explorer 10.

      • Responsive Template Navigation for Websites a... Jun 19, 2013

        This is a kind of responsive tabbed navigation with some modifications, to make it a little better than the first version, although its design can be improved greatly with some CSS. The tabbed navigation is fixed so you have access to everything fast and it has a minimal style.

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    • List CSS Frameworks (41 submissions) Updated: Nov 14, 2014

      An extensive compilation of CSS frameworks for web development, so you can choose the right foundation to begin new designing endeavors.

      • Responsive Grid System CSS Framework Nov 14, 2014

        flexible.gs is a responsive CSS framework that helps you take advantage of a crafted grid system. It includes browser support for Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Opera and IE7+ on desktops, and iOS Safari, Opera Mini, Android Browser, Opera Mobile, Chrome and Firefox and IE Mobile. It has the MIT license, which makes it free to do whatever you want with it.

      • Kickstart CSS Framework Nov 12, 2014

        This resource is an excellent one: its a cool CSS library that uses semantic CSS mixins or CSS classes for styling. It is an extendable library that comes with basic functionality, but can be improved via the Kickstart Store, and it can be used along with popular technologies like Rails, NodeJS, HTML5 and more.

      • One Nexus CSS Framework Nov 14, 2014

        Nexus One is a front end development tool that allows you to create modern and responsive websites in a way that's fast and efficient. It applies to developers who want to make simple websites, providing the most commonly used features. To use it, just download the zip file, unzip it, open them with your text editor and start building. This framework was created by Edmund Reed.

      • Schema UI Frontend Framework Nov 1, 2014

        Schema is a lightweight and responsive modular front-end framework that allows you build complex web interfaces. Schema gives you the foundation and components to design a responsive web project quickly. Among its features you have: - Responsiveness - Made with Less - Open Source It is uploaded to GitHub and was created and build by Dan Malarkey.

      • Kouto Swiss: Stylus CSS Framework Oct 10, 2014

        Stylus is a CSS framework for stylus that provides lots of mixins, utilities and functions so anyone can develop projects faster. It includes Grunt and third-party tools like CodeKit or Prepros. This is an open source framework you can download for free and modify if you need. It was created by Pierre-Antoine Delnatte and Thierry Lagasse.

      • Axis: Web Elements Styling CSS Library Oct 8, 2014

        Axis is a CSS library built on top of Stylus. It is an extensive library, but it doesn't require any additional knowledge besides the one you know of CSS. This library doesn't override any of the existent CSS, which gives you the confidence to use it without worries. It is ultra lightweight, and it works as an enhancer for the regular CSS. You can apply Axis to any element, but it works great in: - Typography. - Tables. - Elements for creating gradients. - Forms. - Buttons. - UI elements in general. It was created by Jeff Escalante. You can use it freely in any web development, or even make improvements to the existing GitHub code.

      • Pure: Responsive CSS Modules Set Oct 2, 2014

        Pure is a set of CSS modules that are responsive and lightweight. They can be used in any web project, being composed of various design elements like grids, forms, buttons, tables, menus and more. It is really tiny, with a weight of 4.4KB minified and gzipped, with every CSS line carefully checked. This set is built on Normalize.css, providing native styling and layout for HTML elements. It is built with mobile in mind, and you can create responsive designs quickly.

      • Website Development Starter Kit Oct 2, 2014

        This is a web starter kit that will help you not only create a compelling and useful website that can be viewed in any desktop or mobile device, but to know how you can improve it at all levels. Among its features you can find: - A responsive boilerplate. - An up-to-date style guide. - Cross-device synch. - Live browser reloading. - Performance optimization. - Insight reporting. - SASS Support.

      • CSS Library for Stylizing Web Elements Sep 16, 2014

        Picnic CSS is an enchanting library for creating HTML5 and CSS3 elements. With a few lines of code, you can create: - Buttons - Inputs - Select - Checkboxes - Radio buttons - Tables - Grids - Navigation Among the features you can find with this library are: - The library only consists in CSS, making it very lightweight. - The code you integrate is semantic. - It weighs 2.0 kb minimized. - It uses Normalize.css. - Supports IE 9. - Full responsiveness.

      • Responsable: Clean CSS, LESS and HTML Framewo... Apr 29, 2013

        Responsable uses the power of less and sass to bring you a perfect responsive framework, even including a typographic baseline. Among its features we highlight:- Clean and simple markup.- Uses jQuery Pictures to make all images responsive- Nested columns 

      • Extra Strength Responsive Grids Apr 29, 2013

        ​Extra Strength makes full use of media queries, it's secret to make your grids much more flexible and adaptable, ideal for projects that base heavily on mobile usage. The possibilities are quite interesting since they let you play a lot with the way the elements are displayed which could make a big difference in the final result.

      • Bedrock: Mobile First Responsive Grid Apr 30, 2013

        ​Some projects NEED to have mobile design in mind before they even begin, others need just a few add-ons on an existing framework to achieve that last bit of elegance that will make the design shine. This 18-column responsive grid does not intend to be another framework, but a tool to modify more of your grids. Subtle and certainly useful.

      • Profound Grid: Responsive Grid System Apr 30, 2013

        ​This tool allows the creation of responsive (or fixed, if you want) grids and allows a good deal of customization in the way the behave and interact with the environment. It promises to deliver semantic markup and super precise margins to ensure cross-browser stability.

      • Junior: Front-End Mobile Framework Apr 30, 2013

        ​Junior can be your best friend when creating mobile apps with HTML5. It counts with improved CSS3 transitions, thought for mobile devices only, swipable carousels and more, all with a native look and feel. You can check the project page on a mobile or check the demo to see in in action.

      • Centurion: A CSS Web Framework Apr 30, 2013

        ​A complete CSS frameworks that aims to simplify the work in our web projects, with amazing results. Some of its main features include:- Vast compatibility- Quick prototyping for wireframes- CSS3 and HTML5 are the main ingredients here

      • IVORY Framework Apr 30, 2013

        A versatile and uncomplicated responsive web framework, capable of handling all sorts of front-end development for any device and screen size. It is quite lightweight and works with all of the five biggest browsers around nowadays. It's 12 column layout can be divided and tweaked to achieve the right organization.

      • Singularity: Next-Gen Responsive Grid Framewo... Apr 30, 2013

        Singularity intends to provide a different take at grids with its internal ratios approach (instead of contextual based), allowing more consistency and non-uniform grids to work better. Definitely one to look at if you're trying to use something different (or that, at least, tries to).

      • 34Grid: Responsive Grid System Apr 30, 2013

        34Grid bases itself on a system that organizes groups of columns equally or unequally in order to let the website adapt to multiple screen sizes, a vital function if you're interested in interactions for mobiles and tablets. You can add transitions, margins and much more.

      • rwdgrid: Responsive Grid System Apr 30, 2013

        RWDGrid is a responsive grid system designed to make your designs usable with multiple computers and mobile devices. It is based on the well-known 960grid system that integrates increased readability. Screen compatibility goes from 1200px all the way to small handheld sizes.

      • One% CSS Grid: 12 Column Fluid CSS Grid Syste... May 2, 2013

        One% CSS Grid is a 12 column fluid CSS grid system. It’s been designed as a base for building responsive web layouts easily, quickly and with minimum effort. You don’t have to take care of resizing and rearranging your layout for each platform separately, since the grid does it for you. It is a percentage based grid system, meaning that it will perfectly adapt to all screen resolutions (mobile, tablets and big screens).

      • BootMetro Framework May 2, 2013

        BootMetro is a framework that allows you to develop web projects in a stripped-down and intuitive way, using the clean look and feel of Windows 8's Metro design style, including the flat grids and one-color icons. Check out the demo to see it in action.

      • Fbootstrapp Toolkit May 2, 2013

        If you are a Facebook developer, this toolkit will help you with the creation of iFrame application for multiple devices, in the classic Facebook look and feel. Fbootstrapp offers base CSS and HTML for buttons, navigation, tables, grids and many more elements.

      • Kube CSS Framework May 2, 2013

        ​Kube is a CSS framework for designers who think big and are not afraid to use advanced developing tools. It lets you focus on your creations with a great deal of customization and control in order to make the projects as functional and beautiful as possible.

      • Base: Simple, Responsive Framework May 2, 2013

        A simple framework for all devices available today, focusing on compatibility and ease of use. Let's take a look at some of its features:RESPONSIVE DESIGN Built for all devices big and small, Base has got you covered.BASE STYLESHEET Styles for typography, tables, blockquotes, forms and more.CROSS BROWSER IE7+ and modern browsers such as Chrome, Firefox and Opera.AWESOME FOUNDATION Built on Normalize.css and including most styles and layouts.

      • CSSHorus Framework May 2, 2013

        ​A 12 column framework for creating responsive websites, which is vital for its second focus: Mobile devices. The library also includes skins for easy customization of links, buttons, tables and any other elements that conform the website's appearance and functionality.

      • Terrific Composer: Frontend Development Frame... May 2, 2013

        Terrific Composer is a Frontend Development Framework with a very nice and simple interface, specifically designed for building deluxe frontends based on the Terrific concept. It allows importing and exporting of your frontends to make use of other frameworks. Additionally, it has LESS support.

      • Toast: Simple CSS Framework May 2, 2013

        Toast is a simple CSS grid that puts one thing as priority: Control. This intention means that Toast is not even limited to a particular number of columns, letting you choose and change any aspect of the grid: Three, six, eleven columns... arranged in any way you desire.

      • Metro UI CSS May 2, 2013

        Metro UI CSS is a group of styles that will help you develop projects with an interface that resembles the one seen in Windows 8, the now-famous Metro style that bases itself on the global flat design trend that's taking over the modern web.

      • CSS Smart Grid: Mobile-First Grids May 3, 2013

        ​CSS smart grid bases itself on the concept made famous by 960 grid and not only focuses on making mobile-compatible websites, but projects that are ''mobile first''. Apart from that, performance, SASS support and scalability are other major advantages of this grid system.

      • Almost Flat UI May 6, 2013

        The Flat User Interface is based on the Foundation framework, and it's a nice experiment that has tons of design element for websites and apps, including navigation elements like pagination, side nav and sub nav, a top bar, breadcrumbs, buttons in different sizes and types, forms, typography, labels, CSS components like price tables, alert boxes, panels, tables, progress bars, JavaScript elements, and more.

      • CSS Front-End Frameworks May 6, 2013

        Not a framework, but a list comparing a huge amount of the ones available. Some of them include a rating depending on their performance on a particular browser, LESS and SASS support and how well they respond to mobile devices. A great asset if you're doubtful about which framework you should use.

      • The Square Grid: CSS Framework May 10, 2013

        ​The Square Gid features an uncommon 35-grid layout, aiming at a great level of control without compromising ease of use and good results, which is of course the main objective of this tool. Of course, the amount and arrangement of the columns can be modified and stripped down as needed.

      • Topcoat: Clean and Fast CSS Apps May 17, 2013

        With Topcoat, you can design clean and quick CSS web application. Performance is the key, so every component has been benchmarked in order to achieve the best results. Among it's many options, we can highlight the possibility to customize the theme, the inclusion of a PSD file with all its components, open source fonts and much more.

      • HTML KickStart May 22, 2013

        An open source framework that enables you to quickly build templates and web designs putting performance as the main objective. It supports HTML, CSS and jQuery elements including slideshows, menus, buttons, typography basics and much more, allowing great possibilities with little customization.

      • Kendo UI Framework May 22, 2013

        Kendo UI lets you build your projects with the power of HTML and JavaScript, offering impressive results when implemented correctly. Mobile support is a vital part of the package and performance has been kept to maximum possible. Download it for free or get a commercial plan depending on your needs.

      • .fitgrid Responsive Grid System May 29, 2013

        .fitgrid is a solid grid that doesn't promote itself as a framework, but a complete foundation on which to rely the construction of your next web development. This grid system is aimed at advanced users who want an attractive appearance that doesn't seem ''bootstraped'', as the creators say.

      • YAML CSS Framework May 30, 2013

        YAML is a modular CSS framework designed to be comfortable for users, aiming for a flexible, accessible and responsive website, as its slogan reads. It works on all major browsers and packs the following features:- Build on SASS- HTML5 and CSS compatibility- Namespacing avoids conflicts with other CSS code- Many more

      • ElastiCSS Framework May 30, 2013

        As its name might've hinted you already, ElastiCSS intends to be flexible and practical in its use, making the creation of responsive projects a must and offering interesting selections for column arrangements, letting you control the layout of the application completely.

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