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    • Photoshop Patterns (15 submissions)

      Give your project a neat texture and appearance with one of these Photoshop patterns, provided in PSD and PAT formats.

      • 20 Grungy Backgrounds in PSD

        This set is a collection of 20 grungy backgrounds, ideal for print templates, or even for digital pieces of work such as social media elements, wedding invitations, posters, flyers and many more. The package comes with high-resolution images for high details. These backgrounds are designed in 300 DPI.

      • Screen Print & Wool Patterns

        Here we have a finely knit herringbone wool pattern with faded screenprinted text on the front, representing a kind of authentic aging. These are free, seamless, patterns that the author, Kyle Wayne Benson, stitched up based on a sweater he used to love.

      • Cartoon Wood Pattern for Photoshop

        Included in this free resource are two seamless vector wood vector patterns that can be used to add style to any kind of illustration. Infinitely scalable and beautifully repeatable, just play with them in Photoshop, illustrator or your other software of choice, and you’ll have a beautiful result in no time. This set was inspired by Nick Slater’s illustrations on Dribbble.

      • Free Isometric Pattern for Photoshop

        Here we have a free isometric pattern. It has a simple blue background with nice cubes smoothly organized. This pattern has been created by Dream-Theme, and they can be used in several types of projects like apps, websites or portfolios.

      • 20 Vintage Photoshop Patterns

        As promised, here are some seamless Photoshop patterns for download. They’re optimized for web use but can be applied to anything. Included are ten light patterns for dark, and ten dark patterns for light backgrounds. Each pattern is 250×400 pixels, so it’s optimal to use this size when using it as a transparent .png for the web. They were created by Maleika E. A.

      • Blueprint Pattern for Photoshop

        The creator of this Photoshop pattern attached the file with normal and a HiDPI versions. It can be used in any type of design, specifically if you need a grid design to match your products. It was created by Benjamin Roesner.

      • Salami AI Pattern for Illustrator

        Here we have a simple flat design of a salami retro look. The pattern is focused on the color red with white and pink tone dots. This pattern works perfectly in any food website, but it can be implemented into any type of layout. It was created by Dylan Ousley, and it only works in Adobe Illustrator.

      • 8 Subtle Photoshop Patterns

        Here are 8 light and subtle Photoshop pixel patterns that will give your site, app, or design the look you need. This includes all 8 patterns in .PAT format. It also includes the PSD file so you can mess around with the patterns and customize them to your liking. Since the PSD is included, all the layers are vector, so you can scale them to any size if needed.

      • 12 Grunge Photoshop Patterns

        This pack includes 12 seamless Grunge Patterns. It also includes 1 Photoshop .PAT file to use in your web and application projects. These grunge patterns resemble fabrics like leather, and they were created by Matt Gentile and uploaded to Dribbble.

      • 20 Dark Patterns Part 1 for Photoshop

        This is a set of 20 patterns complemented with other 20 patterns styled in a dark fashion shipped in another package. It can be used in any type of website, giving it an elegant and sleek appearance. The patterns resemble some of the most common materials like leather, jean and carbon fibre.

      • Free Wood Patterns in Different File Formats

        Here is a set of Pixel Patterns, 36 in total. Each of them are 16 x 16px in size. This includes one .PAT Photoshop Pattern File and one .PSD file in case you need to scale these patterns larger. They are based in all sorts of wood, and they can be used in any ecology or environmental website to provide a natural look and …

      • 36 Pixel Patterns for Photoshop

        Here is a set of Pixel Patterns, 36 in total. Each of them are 16 x 16px in size. This includes one .PAT Photoshop Pattern File and one .PSD file in case you need to scale these patterns larger. It was created by Matt Gentile. It includes four files (for Gimp, photoshop and to use as an image background).

      • My Favorite Pattern PSD

        Jeff Broderick has created recently a pattern that I love and use everywhere. You can download it and use it anyway you like. It's smooth carbon looks come in both PNG format for easy use and PSD so you can edit it.

      • 20 Dark Photoshop Patterns

        Here we have a simple set of dark patterns, including more than 20 different patterns to include in Photoshop. Some patterns are lighter than others and also less complicated. They can be used in any type of design, whether it is part of a professional website, or a simple blog.

      • 5 Free Tileable Subtle Patterns

        This is a free web design resource with a set of 5 tileable subtle patterns that can be used for the backgrounds of your websites and applications. They come with light colors and are available in PNG format. Take a look at the previews and download the package from the link.

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    • PSD Badge Designs (45 submissions)

      A set of badge designs to make your elements stand out from the rest with a prominent look. Provided in PSD format, totally free to use in any kind of project.

      • Americana: Vintage Logos & Insignias PSD...

        A freebie consisting of vintage logos and insignias made in PSD format. They're easily editable, you can convert it into stickers, or use them as part of a banner or a poster, or use them as a logo, adding your company's info. Its weight is around 280MB.

      • Free Stylish PSD Web Badges

        A well-organized PSD with all its layers named properly, created with 100% fully editable vector shapes which means you can easily resize without losing the quality. Also you can change the colors and patterns as you wish. Totally free fonts have been used and you can use them both for personal and commercial projects.

      • Work in Progress Vintage PSD Mockups

        A pack of four work in progress mockups with a beautiful vintage style. They consist of a little piece of paper over different backgrounds. The design can be replaced thanks to the smart object included, it comes in 2560x2560, 300 DPI, and it weighs 89MB. Oksana Golubets from Dribbble made them available for free.

      • Free Retro PSD Badge Logo Design

        A beautiful badge created with Photoshop and carrying a retro style. It comes in high resolution in order to fit any type of projects (2200 x 1600 px). These delightful 25 MBs are completely free to use in both personal and commercial endeavors.

      • Black Retro Style PSD Sticker

        A beautiful and scalable sticker created in a retro style (like those old whisky barrels). It only uses the font Phaeton, although it is not included. It also includes a nice noise effect that makes it look really nice. The design is fully editable, and you can use it in any project, printed or web.

      • Minimal Multishape PSD Badges

        A beautiful set of 4 minimal PSD badges that can be used in websites as well as printed design. The badges have multiple shapes and they can be edited easily thanks to vectorial shapes. It was created by webvilla.

      • Free Vector Online Store Badges

        A set of badges for the App Store, Google Play market and Amazon store created with a nice minimal style, loosely based on the one Apple provides for developers and designers. They have a black background, complemented with the logos of the respective stores. They are set to be used and edited with Sketch, but they are vector creations so you can edit them in other software like Illustrator and Photoshop as well.

      • Guaranteed PSD Badge

        Guaranteed is a set of 4 badges in different styles, made in PSD format. The set includes watermarked, wood-patterned, full-color and minimal badges, all of them clean and clear. It weighs about 3.1MB and comes in 1200x1200px resolution.

      • Retro Style PSD Sticker

        A beautiful and instantly recognizable badge made in PSD format. It has a retro style that somehow hasn't change though all this time, making this creation a stable branding element for bakeries. It includes a cupcake icon at the top, really cool typography and a ribbon in the middle. This badge is free and can be used in printed and web design.

      • Vintage Style Badges & Logos

        A collection of vintage-style badges and logos made in PSD format, totally editable thanks to their vector shapes. They all can fulfill different goals, being possible to edit, scale and change particular elements on sight. It was created by techandall.

      • Free Multicolor Retro PSD Badges

        A collection of 4 badges made in Photoshop with editable vectors and retro style. These badges can be used to promote other content on your website, as standalone graphics or even as printed badges. They are scalable, editable and you can mix elements, colors and textures to create a custom badge.

      • Free Engraved PSD Wooden Effect

        A PSD creation with a lovely engraved badge logo with a wood appeal. To use it, just add your logo (preferably in vectors) in the smart object, and it will automatically engrave it as if it were done directly in wood. With it you can show your company's logo in a different way and attracting more customers along the way.

      • Neat Vintage PSD Ribbon

        A retro inspired, fully scalable PSD ribbon ideal for logo, print or other types of design. It includes some fonts like Candy, Script, Bebas Neue. The design is free to download and it you can modify any of the texts to match your design.

      • Wacko Jeans Co. PSD Insignia

        A text-only badge design made in PSD called Wacko Jeans Co. It has several styles and sizes of texts creating the shape of a badge, and it can be used in any way. Its texts can be edited and it can be used commercially and personally.

      • Free PSD & AI Badges

        A free of 9 badges made in PSD and Illustrator formats. Easily editable, they have different purposes and goals. The nine are scalable and fully editable, and they can be edited with tools like Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.

      • Flat PSD Retro Insignias

        A set of insignias made in PSD format with retro and flat styles. The set includes two beautifully crafted designs, with elements like stylish typography, nice stitching effects and other complementary shapes. The insignias are totally editable.

      • Black & White PSD Retro Insignias

        A black and white design for a set of 6 retro insignias made in PSD format, fully scalable and modifiable. They come in an organized file, and they use the fonts QumpellkaNo12 and Bebas Neue, not included, although you can download them for free. It includes arrows as well. The badges are free.

      • Retro Sales PSD Badges

        Circular sale PSD badges that can be used in web and printed design. This set is perfect for advertising occasional sales or discounts and offers. It is available in 5 colors, and it’s also fully layered, scalable, and easy to modify. The fonts used are Franchise Bold, Bickham Script Pro and Bebas Neue, but they are not included.

      • Retro Print PSD Insignia

        A fully integrable, layered and scalable retro insignia made especially for printed purposes made in PSD format. This design is ideal for logos using different fonts like Coca Cola, Bebas Neue, ChunkFive, which are not included. This badges are completely editable and you can use them anywhere.

      • Close-up PSD Logo Mockup

        A cardboard close-up badge mockup made in PSD format. It has compelling and soft shadows to make it look like it is actually engraved. It includes fonts, and a big letter / logo that can be modified at will. It comes in high-resolution and includes smart object. This design is free to download and use in any way.

      • Merit Bagde PSD Icons

        A embroidered set of badges made in PSD suitable for boy scouts. It consists of two little badges, totally editable, which resemble those given to the boy scouts when they achieve some goal. They also come in INDD format.

      • Photoshop Retro Insignia

        A beautiful insignia design made in PSD format. It consists of mostly texts with different types of fonts and sizes, some dividers and a ribbon at the bottom. You can modify the texts and download this design for personal and commercial purposes.

      • High Quality PSD Vector Badges

        A set of 6 high-quality badges in PSD format, including vectors for easy edition. The file contains two layers, one with outlined fonts strokes and expanded styles, and the second (the original one) with editable text. The fonts used are 100% free and so are these badges.

      • Rock’n Roll Retro PSD Insignia

        The Rock'n Roll insignia is a retro design made in Photoshop. You can change the color, the texts, and some effects. The design includes elements like ribbons and arrows. This badge can be modified at will, and be downloaded and used in any project.

      • Retro Style PSD Logo Mockup

        A PSD logo mockup styled in a retro fashion. It is a gorgeous creation that includes an emblem, big capital text and space for a slogan. The design includes a smart object so you can add your own logo, and the rest of it is also modifiable. It is totally free.

      • Flat Pastel PSD Web Badges

        A set of simple flat badges made in PSD format ready to be used and edited. The files has a resolution of 1280 × 1024px, and it weighs 195 KB (zipped). They are scalable and can easily be modified in terms of color, shape and font.

      • Groovehouse: Vintage PSD Label

        A neat vintage badge comprised within a squared container, made in PSD. The badge can be used as a label, whether it is printed or for using it online. The design can be edited and implemented in any project. It is free.

      • Vintage PSD Insignia

        A vintage insignia created in Photoshop, featuring a slanted design, awesome and different styles of typography and additional elements like ribbons and an asterisk. It also includes a shopping tag design that you can use both online and printed. This design is free.

      • Black Spherical PSD Badges

        A set of 3 Photoshop badges, beautifully crafted and editable to the last detail. They are spherical, with nice decorations around the circles and ribbons included to some of them to make them stand out. Additional design elements were added as patterns, stars, shadows, leafs and more. They are black, but can be colored to match your overall design.

      • Material Badge PSD Templates

        Three badge templates that come with realistic appearances, resembling three materials: brushed metal, cloth and cardboard. All of them are inside a single PSD, fully editable and layered. They have the same shape and content, but come in these different forms to avoid you the work of creating a badge that matches your project, and just grab the one you need.

      • Free Orange & Teal PSD Web Badges

        A set of badges that contains four nice retro round-shaped designs in orange and dull teal, fully editable and organized inside a PSD file. The design of each one is smooth, and you can even use them in printed material. The file resolution is 1280 × 1024 and its size is 5.45 MB, compressed as a ZIP.

      • PSD Retro Vintage Badges

        One lovely set of six retro badges in different colors, rich in shapes and textures. These are created with a cartoony style, using elements both from realistic and flat objects and forms, but not attempting to match reality perfectly. All of them are fully editable vector shapes created in Photoshop and free for download.

      • Vintage Vectors Badges

        A set of nine vintage badges in vector format with great use of color and texture. The badges have diverse shapes, and they can be used for different purposes. Every element is at your disposal within a single EPS file.

      • Circle Vintage PSD Badges

        8 interesting badges with a vintage theme, a dark tone and a subtle industrial feel, all available in a fully editable PSD (except maybe for the circling text around the frame that is already a vector shape instead of a text line. The badges file is organised in folders and every layer has its proper name so it gets easily identifiable and editable. You can download it for free.

      • Vintage Web Sticker PSD Badges

        A couple of vintage badges in a lovely red that are completely editable down to the tiniest detail and would make a couple beautiful stickers. The badges are very sleek, with a pattern for the fill, and beautiful script typography (mixed with regular typography). Also, one of the badges uses stars, which it's a nice addition to indicate excellence. All of this is cuddled up inside a well-layered PSD.

      • Retro Badge PSD Template

        A free PSD file suitable for any kind of web or print project because it is a completely editable file built with vector shapes. It's about a simple white badge with transparency. It includes two inner circles, curved light text around, and a larger text in the middle. It comes in an organised PSD file.

      • Vintage & Modern PSD Round Badges

        A freebie particularly enjoyable because it does not provide just four vintage badges, but a few alternate suggestions inside each one of them, adding interesting modern elements to them. The PSD is entirely made up of vector shapes and they are all named, ordered and grouped.

      • Premium Vintage PSD Label

        A beautiful badge design composed of a vintage label with a cut frame. The design comes in PSD format, with layers for easy organization and it's totally editable.

      • Hand Drawn PSD Badges

        Two hand-drawn badges, beautifully illustrated and made in PSD format. They can be used in personal projects, changing the design elements you consider unnecessary or just the texts to match your company. They can be edited easily.

      • Denim Jean Co. PSD Insignia

        A monochrome insignia made in PSD called Denim Jean Co. It has several kinds of fonts, comprised within a circle to make it look like a badge. Its PSD is fully organized and it's editable. It matches all sorts of designs, whether they are obscure or clear.

      • Free Clean Flat PSD Badges

        Arun from CSSAuthor created this freebie full of beautiful and modern badges in PSD. Useful badges are used in some cases to express unique importance or value, but you can express trust by using this set. You can find different badges below with some of them so plain there was no need to add extra effects. You can also change the color to make it match your website.

      • Neat Vintage PSD Photo Badges

        The following is a set of free retro badges. This PSD freebie is another creation from the collection of blugraphic's graphic resources. The PSD lacks order, so it gets a little difficult to work with it. However, it includes grunge typography, a small logo and the common irregular containers for the badge. The PSD is fully editable.

      • Free Vintage Retro PSD Badges

        A pack of 10 PSD engraved badges for designers. These are very popular elements in modern web design, and taking into consideration their popularity, the author decided to make another set of  free badges. Badges are useful for promotional and marketing purposes; you can engrave a badge on items on sale and special offers. They are also useful to grab attention for discounts and can be used as logos for your company. People use badges for many other ideas, so this is up to your creativity. With some modification, you can create things nobody expect with this free 10 vintage …

      • PSD Flat Badge Templates

        A huge collection is composed of 28 free PSD badges with a flat style grouped in 5 sets. The badges are flat, blue patterned, mostly spherical and pixel perfect. They are all vector shapes made with photoshop with layer styles applied. All text is editable, you just need to include these fonts on your system: Novecento Wide Wisdom Script Ai Nilland-Black The colors used are light blue & dark blue. These badges can be used as logos, pricing products, featuring products and other design and decoration purposed for websites and print graphics.

      • PSD Modern Vintage Stickers Badges

        A set of 8 retro stickers and vintage badges. They come in different colors like blue, green, orange and grey, and also have various shapes, not just circular, but triangles and more. It includes both plain and curved typography, icons of al sorts comprise within an organized PSD.

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    • PHP Editors (8 submissions)

      A diverse showcase containing various PHP editors in different presentations, including stand alone, cloud and online based tools.

      • Koding Editor

        A gigantic community of developers in pretty much all languages that will enable you and your team to work on the same project through the cloud. This can also be very convenient for newcomers, providing free spaces where they can evolve as programmers.

      • The Free HTML Editor

        CoffeeCup’s Free HTML Editor is a powerful tool to create or edit your site’s code. It features a real-time preview of the HTML5 or CSS3 code you’re working with while the full version adds a color Schemer, FTP uploads and code correction.

      • Codenvy Cloud IDE

        Codenvy is a cloud-based development platform that supports many different environments such as Android, JavaScript, Python and many more. It features: -On-Demand workspaces -Custom tools and plugins -Enterprise services with security and risk management

      • Codeanywhere: Online Code Editor

        This web-based code editor includes iOS and Android applications apart from the PC version so you can work on your code from anywhere, through any device. It is a great tool for web professionals who are always on the move given its outstanding flexibility.

      • Cloud9 IDE

        This cloud IDE allows you to modify your code and keep it online so you can work on it publicly or privately, your choice. Also, you can edit code and chat with other developers in real time as you work on the project. It includes a free plan for easy access to the service.

      • Codio: Browser Based IDE

        Codio is an amazing tool mainly aimed at students at teachers involved in the development area. A full web-based IDE that will help newcomers by giving them free spaces to work on projects, all in their browser. Professional developers can also make use of this to produce applications on the go, from any device they use.

      • bluePen Stylesheets Editor

        bluePen is a visual CSS editor that will allow you to modify spreadsheets without knowing anything about code. It's extremely simple, giving you all the hints right on the screen. It also includes a safety system so you don't have to worry about any mistakes.

      • Codiad: Open Source Web-based IDE

        Codiad is a web-based, cloud open source IDE framework with very little requirements. It is made to be simple and fast, taking away much of the hassle of the heavier desktop editors. It features: - A plugin library - Smart auto-complete - Mutliple user support - Error checking & notifications

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