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    • PHP Frameworks (17 submissions)

      Build powerful web applications based with any of these PHP frameworks. They offer different advantages and focuses in order to suit your needs.

      • Lumen: PHP Development Micro-Framework

        Lumen is a micro-framework created with PHP by Laravel. It is a minimal development tool that allows fast micro-services and APIs, without losing its power. With it, you can manage caching, queues, validation, routing, middleware, and other features. It is licensed under MIT.

      • Aura: Standards-compliant PHP Framework

        Aura is a high-quality, standards-compliant, well-tested and decoupled set of libraries for PHP to be used in any codebase. It has a complete collection of independent and self-contained packages, created with specific purposes in mind and non-dependant on each other, so you can download and use each package on its own. You can use it for free.

      • Webiny: Open Source PHP Framework

        Webiny is a simple, modern and fast PHP framework. It is open source, ready for its use with composer and includes 22 components to make your life easier. Each component includes its own documentation with usage examples and configuration steps. It works under the MIT license.

      • Phalcon: High Performance PHP Framework

        Phalcon is a web framework implemented as a C extension offering high performance and low resource consumption. Among its features you can find: - Events management. - Forms builder. - Validation. - Flash messages. - Pagination. - Annotations. - Translations. - Logging.

      • Recess: Open Source PHP Framework

        Recess is an open source RESTful PHP framework designed to give you an extraordinary development experience. Among the features available for Recess you will find: - Caching-oriented architecture. - Declarative PHP with annotations. - Loosely coupled Model-View-Controller. - Tools included for every developer.  The Recess framework, created by Kris Jordan, is released under the MIT License and sponsored by New Media Campaigns.

      • Slim: PHP Micro-framework for Writting Web Ap...

        Focusing on simplicity, Slim allows the creation of simple web applications and APIs in a very quick way, given the reduced complexity of the software. Its capacities are: - It serves as a powerful router. - Allows template rendering with custom views. - Error handling and debugging. - HTTP caching.

      • FuelPHP: a Community Driven PHP Framework

        Giving us an alternative on other frameworks, FuelPHP is an open source MVC framework that borrows ideas from other competitors while bringing its own cards to the game. It features ViewModels, which allow you to add a powerful layer between the controller and the view.FuelPHP also supports a more router based approach where you might route directly to a closure which deals with the input URI, making the closure the controller and giving it control of further execution.

      • Kohana: The Swift PHP Framework

        This classy HMVC PHP5 framework offers all the tools needed for building web applications, which include:- Good optimization for proper performance- Well commented code- Useful debugging and profiling tools- Ease of use when extending components or adding new libraries

      • Yii: Professional and Secure PHP Framework

        Yii is a powerful PHP Framework oriented for web 2.0 applications. It is designed to work efficiently with AJAX and can greatly reduce development time by using an automated code generation system. Among other features, Yii provides an extension library of user-contributed components and a skinning and theming mechanism to quickly change the outlook of our websites.

      • PRADO: Object-oriented PHP Framework

        PRADO is an object-oriented and event-driven component framework that features a customizable modular architecture with caching modules, powerful web components, internationalization and localization support, separation of logic and presentation, plus a wide array of documentation and a good userbase.

      • CakePHP: The Rapid Development PHP Framework

        CakePHP is all about time and efficiency. It comes with a set of conventions for easier guidance, requires less code and can definitely speed up the process of making your web applications while maintaining caching, validation, security and other tools available.

      • ExpressionEngine: CMS Built with PHP

        A Content Management System built with CodeIgniter as its core, ExpressionEngine takes advantage of a wide range of tools and features, in which we can find: -Web publishing options (Media, multi-entry management and more). -22 add-ons and hundreds of plugins through their third party add-on community. -Data caching. -Spam, security and search tools.

      • Zend, Framework for Modern PHP Applications

        With its modular approach, adaptability and performance, Zend Framework has become one of the most popular choices for web developing. With over 15 million downloads, it counts with a great community of users willing to help with its very customizable experience, also supporting Pyrus and Composer.

      • CodeIgniter: Baked PHP Web Framework

        CodeIgniter is a powerful PHP framework with a tiny footprint, built for PHP coders who need a simple and elegant toolkit to create full-featured web applications. If you’re a developer who needs to deal with deadlines or you’re tired of huge, undocumented frameworks, then CodeIgniter is a good choice.

      • Symfony: High Performance PHP Framework

        Symfony is a highly renowned PHP Framework, recognized for its high flexibility options (allowing you to build a framework “brick by brick” in case you only need a specific part, for instance), stability, low requirements and ease of use. It stands today as one of the best choices when it comes to web development.

      • Laravel: Clean Framework for PHP Web Developm...

        Laravel is a clean and classy framework for PHP web development. It includes: - RESTful routing. - A great, active community with forums and chat rooms. - Built on top of various well-tested and reliable Symfony components. - A great templating experience through Blade or native PHP.

      • RazorFlow: PHP Dashboard Framework

        Cross-device HTML5 dashboards made easy. Build interactive dashboards in minutes using the RazorFlow Dashboard Framework. Some of its advantages include: - Works seamlessly across devices. - Functions with any backend and database. - Server-side wrappers for easy integration.

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    • Mobile UIs (36 submissions)

      Huge catalog focused on mobile user interfaces for social and music applications, as well as controls for mobile panels.

      • iOS7 User Interaction PSD Kit

        A User Interaction kit made in PSD format that will allow you to create comfortable and intuitive app designs for recent iOS interfaces. To use it, just drop the smart object over the layout to test your design. It was created by Dribbble user Bunin and based on the article The Rise of the Phablet.

      • UX Wireframe AI Set

        A beautiful and useful UI kit for a mobile app made in Adobe Illustrator. It includes all the pages you might require to deliver a great user interface for your own business or for a client of yours. It has a flat style, and several layers for creating account, settings, profile, messages, timeline, contacts, map, calendar, music player, gallery, store, product details and more. It was created by Michal Koczor.

      • Free Multicolor Mobile UI Kit

        A UI kit that includes screens for mobile apps made in PSD format. The set includes a multicolored selection of elements like buttons, contact forms, color palette, search screen and more. the set is free and can be used in any type of project. It was made by Victor Vorontsov.

      • Android L Bootstrap UI Kit

        Here we have an L Bootstrap UI kit that was inspired by Android L, the upcoming update of the popular OS. It is a set of elements and components of Bootstrap 3.2 that allows you to make a web version of the mobile experience. Its features are: - Includes 28 layered PSD files - Organized layers - Elements and components of Bootstrap 3.2 It includes elements like buttons, dropdowns, alerts, links, badges, jumbotrons, breadcrumbs, inputs, labels, media objects, navbars, page headers and many more design elements that can be added into any web project. This UI was created by Vitaly Chernega and you can download …

      • Amsterdam: Flat CSS User Interface

        CSSDeck user Vadzim surprises us again, this time with a complete user interface made in CSS and HTML. It is called Amsterdam, and it's composed of several design elements with a simple flat style and clean colors. Among the features it has, we can find: - A profile widget with a big thumbnail, name and description labels and a button. - Video player. - Weather widget with temperature, logo and date. - Content widget with feature image, title and description. - Calendar widget including day of the week, month, and the respective numbers. - Music or podcasts player. - Search widget. You can use this UI for free …

      • Illustrator iOS 8 Vector UI Kit

        This is an iOS 8 illustrator UI kit. It is the update of the free vector UI kit for iOS 7. The UI updates from Apple were subtle, but they are not minor. Some of them include: - Spacing. - Element positioning. - Font size. - Font weight. - Some more adjustments. The icons, even though they look the same, were redrawn. The spacing has obviously to do with the new devices' sizes, so the positions are no longer fixed. Regarding the additions, this UI includes the recent QuickType bar, the notification banners (expandable), the Messages radial UI, Health app UI, lots of icons and the weather …

      • TETHR: Free and Beautiful iOS User Interface ...

        TETHR is a set of 138 UI templates that comprise lots of design elements, including mobile applications, e-commerce, messages, multimedia, navigation, social and tracking items. The zip is divided into 8 PSD files that you can use for your next projects.

      • UI Freebie: Social Widget in PSD

        This is a mobile app home screen/profile page showcasing a dropdown from the navigation bar on the top. The widget includes several icons at the top. Such icons depict charts, a messaging box, a calendar and more. Right in the middle of the widget there's the user's profile pic, followed by the name and location. Also, it shows the amount of followers and following, besides a "Follow" button. It's available as an editable PSD file.

      • Clean PSD iPhone Profile App

        An iPhone profile screen in five different colors. The design has 100 percent shape layers and icons that can be implemented into any app design. The flat style and the pastel colors (which are subtle, non-intrusive, clean and beautiful) give the design a touch of professionalism without losing its playfulness.

      • Flat Style Dribbble App PSD Concept

        A stylish concept of a mobile app for Dribbble consisting of profile, gallery, details, comments, and upload screens, all with a flat and pink graphic style, and made in vector shapes in Photoshop for easy editability. Among the design elements you can find there are menus, social icons for sharing, liking and commenting; tooltips, and many more items to make a great mobile app.

      • Mobile App Two Screen UI

        This mobile app UI design is unique because it conveys the usability and the behavior of the elements beyond the states of a button, which is even more evident with the color scheme chosen of dark teal and salmon. There’s also a small surprise inside the PSD you might not expect.

      • PSD App Graphic User Interface

        This mobile user interface is made up of four screens with the basic elements for a social app, bringing a mixture of creamy autumn colors and a gorgeous aqua login screen. The ZIP includes four PSD files – Feed, Login, Menu and Profile – all of them with organised layers to make your job easier. The file is completely free and editable.

      • White Stripes User Interface PSD Kit

        A complete stylish GUI freebie, providing almost anything one might need from the basic bars, text fields and buttons to charts, players and tag clouds; all in a simple style of white lines on a proposed blue background. The whole PSD is neatly organized for comfortable managing.

      • Flat Free PSD Mobile App UI Kit

        A mobile app UI in PSD designed to be perfectly functional, clear and visually striking because of its use of dark grey and pink tones in a flat style. The properly organised layered file has different elements for any app you might want to create, as well as a concept proposal of an app's screen.

      • iOS 6 User Interface in Grey and Blue

        This is a small iOS 6 UI design containing top navigation bar, a tab bar, sliders and toggles in a nice textured mix of gray and blue. The design also includes icons for profile, chat/messages, camera, uploads and images. The design is minimal, making use of textures, noises and gradients to achieve this. This is a free PSD format file.

      • Mini Navigation Bar UI Design

        This mini navigation bar user interface in dark colors and glossy finish is completely organized and has all the items as smart objects, for maximum editability. It is a minimal blue bar, perfect for a mobile app. It includes icons for recording audio, location, liking and repeating, besides the search bar.

      • Sightsy: A Free iOS7 App PSD

        This two-screen app UI in soft cold colors is a valuable resource for any app given the simplicity of its usefully layered PSD. The original ZIP contained files for both windows and mac, and a way too large PSD so it has been edited to remove the extra weight (basically an invisible noise layer on top), but you still have both versions available.

      • iPhone Camera App UI

        A stunning design for a camera app, intended to be used in iPhones. It contains sharp details such as chrome effects for the icons, a toggle switch for the flash, polaroid-like animations to show the last picture, and much more. Finally, a leather texture decorates the bottom of the design.

      • PSD Ruby Notifications Bar

        This is a notification bar that displays anything you want and offers player capacity as well in a small ruby package. It is a flat widget, has a music control, some icons and labels in the list array, a scrollbar and a handler. The colors are not bright at all. This widget was created by Deepak Jose.

      • Media Player App User Interface

        This freebie brings a proposal for a media player app's screen in a simple and flat style with hierarchical functionality. The design elements included are the album cover artwork taking over half of the whole box, the name of the song currently playing, the artist, a sliding time counter, the player and some icons for shuffling, repeating track and volume. The design is totally editable, and the PSD is free.

      • Cinema Guide iOS 7 App User Interface

        Here we have a simple film guide application user interface for iOS 7 in a sort of 70′s feel. Heavy on color to focus on what’s important, what to watch, and how much worth it is to watch it. Its design elements are thumbnails, title, tags and number of seasons' labels, and two icons for dropdown menus, arrows and stars for rating it a flat style.

      • iPhone Mini UI in Blue

        This is a mini user interface (more like a widget) for iPhone composed of a header with icons for navigation and refreshing content. It was created in a soft grey and royal blue combo with heavy / bold typography. Other design elements are thumbnails and icons for photos, reviews and favorites. You can download this for free. Ionut Zamfir from Dribbble is its creator.

      • iPhone Mini User Interface Vermilion

        This design is a mini user interface with iOS 7 styles, although a little flatter. It includes a header that also works as a navigation bar with a couple icons for a dropdown menu. The design uses soft tones of grey complemented with vermilion; it has beautifully outlined icons that transform into flat icons according to the action, and all of that matches the …

      • Flat Blogging UI Design PSD

        This flat design thrives with its well accomplished areas of color and it  is reduced color palette, to generate a dynamic blogging app or tool. It is a very polished and useful PSD resource. It includes elements like a text editor, with saving, preview and publish buttons, a "related posts" widget, a calendar, a tag generator, a menu with search, a subscribe form, map, …

      • Flat Design User Interface Kit

        This is a set of items from a flat, colorful UI, more than perfect for mobile interface and apps. The set includes elements such as buttons, inputs, search fields, text areas, checkboxes, toggle switches and dropdown menus. With pink, purple, orange and blue accents available.

      • Dark Flat PSD User Interface Kit

        A PSD kit with some items from a flat dark user interface such as buttons, inputs, search fields, text areas, checkboxes, toggle switches and drop-down menus which are perfect for mobile interfaces and apps. The colors available are red, green and blue, with the addition of several states (pressed, hover, default, etc.). The PSD is totally free for download.

      • Weather App Screen PSD Template

        A beautiful concept for a mobile weather app in PSD that displays news after selecting the desired city. Its appearance is very simple, but just as effective, splitting itself in half in order to show both current and future weather updates. The styling is flat, with bright green details highlighting the app.

      • Mobile Email Application PSD Template

        A flat-styled widget created by Regy Perlera, based on the designs of another Dribbble contributor, Julia Khusainova. The idea is to use this creation as an e-mail application, taking advantage of a sharp color palette and simplistic layout. Also worth noting, a space next to every message allows the showcasing of images.

      • iOS Flat UI Created in Photoshop

        This project by Tim Green intends to provide an almost-flat-styled concept for an iOS application, moving away from the realistic and gradient-heavy appearance of iOS 6. Of course, iOS 7 was released afterwards, starting a simplistic era for the system's design, but maybe these PSD files could be even more useful now!

      • Dark iPhone User Interface

        A sweet design in dark colors, intended for usage within a mobile application. The interface has different tones of black, giving it nice tonalities. Contrast is provided by white icons contained into the buttons, which stay completely obscure when inactive. Uploaded to Dribbble by Medialoot.

      • iOS 7 Application PSD

        A neat PSD file, providing you with multiple elements, forming a flat-styled mobile application, ideal for iOS 7 integration. Among the icons, we can find options for browser, social networks, camera, file manager settings, help, smileys and many more. It comes in english and arabic as well, a particularity that a few users might appreciate.

      • Compact iPhone User Interface

        This mobile UI kit manages to provide multiple elements within a compressed space. It features a good number of icon buttons, including camera, GPS, settings and more. Additionally, the middle sections displays a map, while a transparent tooltip provides extra information.

      • iTouch Targets: Free Gestures’ Guidelin...

        This interesting free PSD file contains a group of touch targets that we can use as guidelines for our own mobile applications. The targets have been created after studying these elements from different companies and their products. Designed specifically for Apple devices.

      • iPhone Wood UI PSD Freebie

        An original concept for an iPhone UI including a fantastic wooden texture. It allows you to add icons within the design and make them look as if they were embossed into the material, which results in an attractive effect that will catch your users' attention. Created by Virgil Pana.

      • Flat Vertical Widgets UI Kit

        This flat user interface provides simple and elegant widgets, perfect for a vertical layout with a vibrant but concise palette. The widgets work for different purposes, as a media player, a revenue widget, a login, a profile badge with social elements, a task planner, an event planner and a clock. This is a freebie, and you can edit it as you like. The PSD is organised so you don't lose time.

      • Mobile UI Elements for a Mobile App

        An interesting set of UI elements for mobile devices, including the original PSD and the proper arrangements to be retina-ready. Among these items, we will find sliders, buttons, search bars, navigation icons, input fields and more. Brought to us by Dribbble’s user iSavelev.

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