• A huge pack of 150 isometric icons about the most popular topics in the industry, this set takes the beauty of flat icons from the 2d plane to a 3d space, also includes the vectorial fi...
    • Learn Programming Platforms (30 submissions)

      Learn programming and coding though this useful collection of online courses and platforms, they include several languages like jQuery, JS, CSS, PHP, net, Java, and more.

      • FreeCodeCamp: Open Source Online Learning Pla...

        FreeCodeCamp is an open source codebase and curriculum that you can find online. Its main purpose is to help you learn a new programming language while at the same time helping non-profits. You can learn Front End and Back End development, Data Visualization and Full Stack; and they are all certified.

      • Coders Game Collection

        An amazing collection of games for coders to practise and improve their skills, it contains games for all levels of programmers, from beginners to advanced Google or IBM contests. Find games, puzzles, training apps, and pre-interview practice ones.

      • Code Avengers: Games, Apps & Websites Co...

        Interactive online learning courses to learn code writing it inside the browser itself. You can start for just 30 minutes a day or go for it and complete an entire course in a weekend, try their courses for free. They have lessons available in English, Russian, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Turkish and Portuguese.

      • Saylor Academy: Learn Computer Science

        Online learning platform with a complete content library in computer science including web development, programming languages and mobile apps development. These courses go deeply into concepts and descriptions, giving written examples. Their activities offer more reading material than videos.

      • Khan Academy: Learn Computer Programming Free

        Khan Academy offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard. Go to the Computer section where you can fulfill all your computer programming needs or just learn the basic within an hour in their Hour of Code option, everything free.

      • Udacity: Online Courses & Nanodegree Pro...

        Udacity is a platform with career-focused courses built by big names as Google, AT&T and Facebook. Their Nanodegree programs are highly recognized by their effectiveness and rigorous teachers who will evaluate the projects developed within the course. Udacity is not free, but they will give you half of your tuition back when you graduate within 12 months of enrollment.

      • Coursera: Best Universities’ Online Cou...

        One of the biggest e-learning platforms. Coursera has courses launched by several universities such as University of California, San Diego; University of Michigan, Duke University and the University of Washington among others. Their programming courses are presented in English and Chinese with subtitle options in several languages. You can join courses for free or pay to have a certificate at the end of the course.

      • Udemy: Online Courses for Everyone

        Udemy is an E-learning platform with a wide range of contents and prices (free - 300 USD), its development section is quite complete with courses in several skills as web development, mobile apps, databases and e-commerce among others, with a version in 12 different languages.

      • Codementor: Software Development Mentorship

        Codementor is an open marketplace for both live 1:1 help and long-term mentorship for urgent issue solving, technical advice, pair programming, and code review. Post your request, connect with a mentor and get help. Every expert sets its own rate, but typically a mentor's rate starts at $10 for every 15 minutes.

      • edX: Best Universities Latest MOOC

        Online learning platform where you can learn about (almost) anything. They have courses from Berkeley, Harvard, Sorbonne and Columbia University. You can select the Verified Certificate course option and receive an instructor-signed certificate with the institution's logo.

      • Coder Camps: A Programming Boot Camp

        E-learning platform focused on teaching programming skills needed to be successful in a developer role. Coder Camps offers numerous courses from coding from scratch to full stack Java. With facilities currently in Houston, Online, San Francisco, and Seattle they have also launched online courses.

      • Platzi: Web Development Online Courses

        Platzi offers free courses based on video lessons and forums divided into careers, their courses are completely self-paced and not evaluated. Most of their content is in Spanish but they're growing their platform in English too.

      • Thinkful: Web Development Online Mentorship

        Mentor-led learning program for engineers. Thinkful doesn’t use pre-recorded videos, they put you in contact with a mentor three times a week, after understanding your skill level and goals, your mentor will tailor the curriculum according to your needs. They also held expert-led live workshops and Q&A sessions. They offer different range of prices accordingly to the career.

      • Free Code Camp: Learn Code in A Boot Camp

        This platform contains a vast list of detailed exercises (800 hours of practice) for HTML, CSS, responsive design, Jquery, JavaScript, JSON APIs and AJAX… well, you got it. It’s a platform made to write the code right into it, displaying a demo by the side. At the end of the whole 800 (self-paced) hours, you can claim your full stack development certificate.

      • Code4startup: Learn Code Through Startups

        Ideal to learn to code while creating your startup. If you already have a project in mind and that’s your reason to learn to code, this method will save you some time. They have different courses all focused on creating an app. They have free courses as well as 39/mo and 79/mo plans.

      • iLoveCoding: Learn JavaScript

        iLoveCoding is a startup focused on Javascript. Their lessons are short videos that teach a specific technical concept. You may learn about jQuery functions, Javascript Clousers, Arrays and many small concepts, they have free and paid options.

      • LiteratePrograms: The Wiki For Programming

        LiteratePrograms is a wiki where every article is simultaneously a document and a piece of code. LiteratePrograms is a collection of code samples displayed in an easy-to-read way, collaboratively edited and debugged. The code on LiteratePrograms is organized in categories.

      • OptionalBits: Learn Code Online

        The courses in this website have a complete description of concepts and steps to create projects. They’ll take you from the basics to an introduction to Ruby without paying a dime.

      • OpenSAP: SAP Learning Platform

        This website offers MOOCs to learn SAP focused on enterprise needs and specific topics. openSAP courses are free of charge (except for optional system access) and are offered in English, in a weekly assignments and evaluation system.

      • Studytonight: Learn Programming Overnight

        Online learning platform that provides simple and easy to understand tutorials for Computer Programming subjects. They are also building a collection of Online Video courses. After studying test yourself by taking Topical Tests and get prepared for an exam using Flashcards.

      • Quackit: Free Web Development & Design T...

        Quackit is a portal with free web development/design tutorials; they are descriptive, complete and easy to understand. Includes CSS, Javascript, AJAX, ColdFusion, and HTML tutorials, code examples, layout help and references.

      • Codecademy: Development Online Learning Platf...

        Codecademy teaches you the necessary skills for any development job. Learn several languages like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Ruby, PHP, Python and more with examples of how to build some interesting projects. It is a self-paced system of no evaluation.

      • MDN: Web Design and Development Learning Plat...

        If you want to learn to use the technologies that power the Web the Mozilla Developer Network have put together a great collection of resources to get you started. Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The courses have introductory, intermediate and advanced levels, and you can rely on demos and tools to start creating apps or website in no time.

      • Code School: Programming Language Learning To...

        Code School teaches web technologies in the comfort of your browser with video lessons, coding challenges, and screencasts, code directly in the browser. Their courses are organized into Paths based on technology. It helps you master your Ruby skills and increase your Rails street cred. You can choose between their free courses or the 29 USD/mo plan.

      • Learn Code The Hard Way: Development Learning...

        This website is a compendium of several recognized code learning initiatives like Learn C The Hard Way, Learn Python The Hard Way, Learn Ruby The Hard Way and others. The site gives you the tools and resources necessary to become a master in web and app design.

      • YouTube Education Channel

        This is the official channel for educational purposes of YouTube. It includes different videos for every type of topics you can imagine. This channel not only will teach about programming, but also design, UX and many other topics, useful for your career and life.

      • Programmr: Programmers Learning Web App

        If you are looking to improve your programming skills, you can do it online by exercising on a daily basis with this tool. learn new technologies, browse and solve developing problems by getting your hands dirty. Showcase your skills by creating cool apps and share them online.

      • P2PU: Open Web Development University

        This is a cool learning platform in which you can work alongside your peers, get help from mentors or offer your expertise to those in need. It includes peer-driven study groups and challenges by students just like you, available all the time. With P2PU, anyone can become a mentor to provide one-on-one help.

      • University Consortium: Code Learning Website

        This is a complete set of learning resources focused on developers and programmers. Within you can find tons of option for learning Android development, hardware platforms, wireless networks, game development, AJAX, maps and location management, and many more topics.

      • HTML5, CSS3 & JavaScript Learning Tool

        The Code Player is a neat online tool that helps you learn programming in an easy way thanks to video style walkthroughs. They show cool stuff being created from scratch like wireframes, menus, widgets, forms, 3D effects and more, so other people get inspired and create their own.

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    • Girly WordPress Themes (11 submissions)

      These girly WordPress themes can help girls achieve the right look and feel for sharing thoughts and ideas.

      • Adele: Flat WordPress Theme

        The Adele theme comes with a soft pink confetti header and a minimal layout. Its simple two column format lets you display content and make use of a few sidebar widgets for social sharing, advertising, etc. Adele works well for female-oriented projects and features a responsive design.

      • Droplet: Custom WordPress Theme

        Droplet is a clean and simple, blog-centered custom WordPress theme designed by Bo Lane. The theme focuses on big, highly readable text to show content and a big homepage slider to introduce the site in style. You can add logos, widgets and display the latest posts.

      • MyTina WordPress Theme

        MyTina is a beautiful theme, intended to help design complete blogs. It features a dark violet as the main color, complemented by gray and white. The main page shows previous posts with a grid that can have bigger images in relation to other less-important posts.

      • eMFAVOR WordPress Theme

        This theme has a great mixture of minimalism and nature. It can be used to tell your adventures around the world. It uses a lot of purple, yet it’s well combined with white and grey tones. It has a top menu, a big slider, some thumbnails for posts, a second type of thumbnails, and a gallery. The theme is not responsive. …

      • Let’s Play WordPress Theme

        Let’s Play is a remarkably well designed theme that offers several ways to show information by using unique graphic elements. Among its features, you can find author info, browser compatibility, translation capabilities, security, responsiveness, shortcodes, theme options panel and updates.

      • Zippy WordPress Theme

        Zippy is a free WordPress theme that can help you build your online store in just a few minutes. The customizable sliders and image showcases make displaying products very easy, and the footer area, which is also customizable, is just made for you to add more information about your business. Its features are:- Fully responsive design.- Cross browsers support.- Powerful slider.- Image showcase.- Customizable footer.- Robust sidebar.- Various social icons.- Built with HTML5+CSS3.- Upload your own logo and favicon.

      • Maeja: Clean & Fresh WordPress Theme

        Maeja is a clear and modern four column theme for WordPress. It was built with HTML5 and CSS3, and in addition, it has more than 600 Google web fonts. The Theme is set up to handle several options of advertisement.

      • Bow: Beautiful WordPress Theme

        Bow is a cool, minimal that’s focused on women and flowers. It is perfect for a variety of purposes – from beauty salons and online makeup stores to women’s forums and female health blogs. It is one versatile WordPress theme with a very specific target audience. …

      • Spring Song WordPress Theme

        This theme is a child of the Stargazer theme created by Jenny Ragan. It has several features like a custom background, header and menu. Featured images, one column design, responsive and flat design, multilanguage support, theme options, threaded comments, translations and more. This theme is free. …

      • Madeini WordPress Theme

        Madeini is an upgraded version of the WordPress theme with the same name, with enhanced custom colors and a custom background image feature. This theme has a custom background, header, menu,  clear and flat design, featured images, fixed layout with a flexible header, full width template, left sidebar, several post formats’ support, them options, three columns and translations. …

      • Kidshop: Creative Kids e-Commerce WordPress T...

        Kidshop is a beautiful Wordpress e-commerce theme developed thinking about children's world. It is designed with a responsive design and thanks to the powerful WooCommerce plugin you can create a versatile and completely customizable shop. It is perfect for selling toys, clothes, playmats, or basically anything appealing to kids.

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    • Wedding WordPress Themes (7 submissions)

      A beautiful collection of wedding WordPress themes with simple or complete layouts, all you need to make the bride and groom happy.

      • LoveBond Lite: Wedding WordPress Theme

        A clean wedding WordPress theme acting as a great wedding planner, several sections managing ceremony, invitations, tweets, guestbook, and photography, among other special moments around a marriage.

      • Simona WordPress Theme

        Simona is a stunning WordPress theme designed to display those special moments in life. It is specially designed for wedding industries, ideal as a photo album and it requires a few minutes to set up.

      • Match Lite: Wedding WordPress Theme

        Match Lite is a simple theme with a clean and inviting look, particularly useful for wedding websites and blogs. There are two ways to get it: The lite version, which is available for free, provides all essential features and a little more. The pro presentation has interesting such as separate templates for groom and bridesmaid, wedding counter, custom widgets and more.

      • Zenith WordPress Theme

        Zenith is a sharp theme designed particularly for weddings (as you can tell with the addition of very specific page options), helping you promote them and create expectation. The amount of settings is considerable, letting you add a countdown to the wedding, bride and groom details, custom colors and more.

      • Blissful: Blog WordPress Theme

        The Blissful Blog is a fantastic theme that will help you promote weddings, other events, photography, design work, etc. Some of the features on this theme include a full-width featured content slider, the availability of widgets and the possibility to customize the aspect of the theme with different headers and menus.

      • June: Photography WordPress Theme

        June is a theme aimed at artists and photographers or people who just want to showcase images to their visitors. The idea is to show a gallery of images right in the middle of the page, avoiding the need for any other type of content. Use it to display portfolios, promote events and share media in general.

      • Unite: WordPress Wedding Theme

        Unite is a simple, modern-looking, responsive theme designed for WordPress and developed with Bootstrap 3. Its flat design can be modified with multiple colors and changes in its footers, menus and other navigation elements. It is mainly intended for wedding pages, but can be helpful with any image-centered project.

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