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    • List HTML5 Game Engines (14 submissions) Updated: Dec 12, 2014

      created by
      | Updated: Dec 12, 2014

      With these HTML5 game engines and frameworks, game developers count with a wide array of resources to make their tasks easier.

      • Phaser: Desktop and Mobile HTML5 Game Framewo... Oct 28, 2013

        ​Phaser is a fast, free and fun open source framework supporting both JavaScript and TypeScript. It uses both a Canvas and WebGL renderer internally and can be swapped automatically between them based on browser support. It uses Pixi.js internally for fast 2D Canvas and WebGL rendering.

      • PlayCanvas: HTML5 and WebGL Game Engine Oct 28, 2013

        ​Create games together using PlayCanvas. Work in real-time with your team from anywhere in the world. All you need is a modern web-browser. This game engine gives you all the features you need to make stunning 3D games in your browser or on your mobile device, and since it uses HTML5 and WebGL, your game is completely cross-platform: Windows, OS X, Android and iOS.

      • Turbulenz: Open Source HTML5 Game Engine Oct 28, 2013

        ​Create, test and monetise your game with Turbulenz free of charge. This is a complete open source HTML5 game engine for developing games under the MIT license, in which you can install the SDK for Windows, Mac OS X or Linux, and also mix the engine modules with any other external technology and web services.

      • HTML5 Snake Source Code Walkthrough  May 6, 2013

        This is a nice explicative tutorial for those that are interested in creating a simple snake game. here is a quick overview of the source code for this game, created with HTML5 and CSS, the canvas element added and its use, the game object and more, all well explained with code snippets.

      • melonJS: Lightweight HTML5 Game Engine Oct 28, 2013

        melonJS is an open-source HTML5 based community game engine, released under the MIT license, that you can join, but that you can also modify or extend in any way to fit your needs. Among its features you have: - A fresh and lightweight 2D sprite-based engine. - Standalone library (does not rely on anything else, except an HTML5 capable browser). - Compatible with all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, IE). - Multiple Audio Channel support. - Basic physics and collision mechanisms (to ensure low CPU requirements). - A basic set of Object Entities (to be extended). - Basic Vector Math. - Tween effects. - Transition effects. - A basic set of Object Entities (to be extended). - Object Pooling. - Basic animation management. - Standard sprite sheet and Packed Textures (Texture Packer) support. - A state manager (to easily manage loading, menu, options or in-game screen state and switch). - And many more.

      • Crafty: JavaScript and HTML5 Game Engine Oct 28, 2013

        Crafty is a very easy to setup JavaScript and HTML5 game engine. It allows you to create cool cross browser 2d games, and you can use canvas or DOM for rendering while keeping a small file size, it has sprite map support, collision detection, events and lots of other features.

      • Quintus JavaScript HTML5 Game Engine Oct 28, 2013

        Quintus is an easy-to-learn, fun-to-use JavaScript HTML5 game engine for mobile, desktop and beyond. To get started, just create an HTML file, pull in the Quintus library and setup the engine. It has a modular engine that lets you pull in just the modules you need and can run in multiple instances on a page.

      • LimeJS: HTML5 Game Framework Oct 28, 2013

        ​LimeJS is an HTML5 game framework for building fast, native games for all modern touchscreens and desktop browsers. There's support for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, and also for current browsers. It has been used for many developers to create compelling games around the world.

      • lycheeJS: JavaScript and HTML5 Game Engine Oct 28, 2013

        lycheeJS is an environment-independent JavaScript game engine, which means it will run in any theoretical JavaScript supporting environment with a publishing process that is optimized for development inside the web browser using the HTML5 platform adapters.

      • voxel.js: Easy Blocks in Your Browser Oct 28, 2013

        voxel.js is a collection of projects that make it easier than ever to create 3D voxel games like Minecraft all in the browser. It allows you to create simple blocks in different arrays, organize them the way you want and create a blocky interface resembling Minecraft. It is perfect for creating mods for the game.

      • Jaws: HTML5 JavaScript Game Engine Library Oct 28, 2013

        Jaws is a 2D game lib powered by HTML5. It started out only doing canvas but is now also supporting ordinary DOM based sprites through the same API. Among its features you can find:- Sprite() – Onscreen, movable, scalable objects.- Game states – Separate sections of your game for better organized code.- SpriteSheet() and Animation() – Load sprite sheets and animate frames.- Assets – Jaws will preload all your images before the game starts.- Documented code and explained examples.- Does not depend on any other JavaScript library.- Builds on lessons learned from years of developing Chingu, a Ruby game lib.

      • GameSalad: Create Games for iPhone, iPad, And... Oct 28, 2013

        Here we have one of the fastest game creation engine that gives you the possibility to design games for free, without coding required. With it you can: - Create games fast with no coding. - Test your games on Apple devices. - Publish your games to the App Store.

      • Enchant.js: Framework for Developing Games an... Oct 28, 2013

        enchant.js is a framework for developing simple games and applications in HTML5 complemented with JavaScript. It was released in 2011, and it has already had over 1,000 games and applications published, is open source (MIT license), and, therefore, free to use. The framework has extensive supporting documents like API Documentation, publications, and a tutorial site, can be augmented with various plugins to increase functionality, and it's continually developed and maintained.

      • MightyFingers: HTML5 Game Engine Oct 28, 2013

        Mighty Engine is an online HTML5 game map editor based on the Phaser.io game engine. You can create your maps with ease and share them in seconds, dragging and drop files or directories from the file explorer into the browser window to add the assets. Organize textures in folders. Delete, edit or replace unnecessary assets. Also, you can create groups for your objects, export data and create a community.

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    • List JQuery Accordions (39 submissions) Updated: Oct 14, 2014

      This group of resources will help you create and style jQuery accordions with, which are a great alternative for organizing large datasets and give them a neat presentation.

      • Slidorion: A jQuery Image Slider and Accordio... Mar 14, 2014

        By combining an accordion and an image slider, the slidorion is able to show images along with a description that can have different lengths. It serves as an interesting alternative to the classic jQuery slider given its large array of effects and the possibility to carry images with each tab.

      • Accessible Accordion and Toggle for jQuery May 9, 2013

        This basic accordion brought by DTP allows the user to see content by clicking on one of the boxes. This accordion will not close any portion when opening another one, letting us see more information at the same time. It is officially compatible with Chrome, Safari and IE 7 or above.

      • Simple Sass and jQuery Accordion May 30, 2013

        This code snippet provides a smooth accordion that uses CSS (Sass) for styling and jQuery to handle its animations. Just click on a section to open it after a fine sliding transition, displaying all of the content. It is only possible to open one section at a time. Uploaded by CodePen user Jon Stuebe.

      • Multicolor Thumbnail Accordion for jQuery Jun 24, 2013

        A basic and very colorful image accordion with soft left-to-right animations triggered when hovering on the square thumbnails placed on top. You can see the pictures in a much larger size when clicking on their respective preview. It was uploaded to CodePen by Calvin Webster.

      • Simple Accordion Widget Created with jQuery Jun 24, 2013

        Here we have a very useful piece of work, in which content has to be displayed in a tight space. This widget can be used without JavaScript, and different options like height, icons and collapsing sections can be changed on the accordion to customize the viewing experience.

      • Vibrant Sliding Animated Accordion Jun 24, 2013

        This accordion menu features a set of slides placed each one on top of the next, styled in a beautiful manner. Once you click on a section, a smooth animation slides down the content. Additionally, bright blue highlights appear when hovering on any section. This project was developed by CodePen’s user Kevin Carpenter.

      • Accordions Created with jQuery Mobile Jun 24, 2013

        These accordions are created in jQuery Mobile by grouping a series of individual collapsible elements. Once this is done, they will be put together and act as an accordion so only one portion of the content can be seen at a time. It is possible to change the color of these portions and their position.

      • Compelling jQuery Sliding Panel Jun 24, 2013

        This simple slider plugin created with jQuery contains a set of boxes that slide left and right to show information. Unused boxes stack up elegantly on the sides. Michael Martin-Smucker uploaded this to GitHub and CodePen.

      • Easy Accordion Plugin in jQuery Jun 24, 2013

        This plugin offers a simple, easy to use slideshow that can be customized to get even more control. For example, you can use the autoplay option and change the speed of the slides, or disable it and select any slide as the initial one. It has a minimal design, ready to be integrated into any project.

      • Flexible Slide-to-Top Accordion Jun 24, 2013

        This responsive accordion slides to the top of the screen when clicked, avoiding the user having to scroll down to read the content. A fancy CSS transistion can be applied to the arrow next to the items, making an arrow appear when we hover over and rotate it when we click on the item. It looks terrific and actually serves a purpose to the user, so great job!

      • Vertical Sliding Accordion with jQuery Jun 24, 2013

        The concept of this accordion is to expand the slices on click to display more information as the other slices squeeze. Different animations can be applied to show the info. For example, in one animation, the slide we click will spread out while the others fade out, or they could go completely out of frame and come back once we click again.

      • Colorful jQuery Table Accordion Jun 24, 2013

        This accordion is structured as a table to show a big deal of information in a small space. Columns and rows contract and expand, serving a good purpose and looking awesome as well. Images can be added as a striking element to catch the eye of your audience or to focus the attention on some important information.

      • Elegant Accordion with jQuery and CSS3 Jun 24, 2013

        This classy accordion works great for displaying any type of content, whether it is an image or text. When hovering, a vertical accordion tab slides out and the other ones move around if necessary. CSS3 effects can be applied to improve the appearance of the accordion.

      • Expanding Image Menu with jQuery  Jun 24, 2013

        This slick menu will allow us to show pictures in black and white, then slide out a colored image and a text when we click on a particular image. The black and white picture will slide out as well, creating a very nice-looking effect. It is cool to show some information without hiding other equally important data.

      • jQuery Accordion for Responsive Websites Jun 24, 2013

        Dennis Gaebel from CodePen has published this responsive accordion menu. It is just the classic accordion panel widget, optimized to work with mobiles by using liquid width. It does not require JavaScript to work, but it also has its downsides: For instance, not having touch support or keyboard events.

      • Minimal Dark Accordion in jQuery Jun 24, 2013

        A simple design for a dark accordion including smooth transitions for opening and closing the menu portions. The headers support a small bubble for notifications and the boxes’ shadow effects are very satisfying. This project was created and uploaded to CSSDeck by the user Yannick Albert.

      • Fluid and Simple jQuery Accordion Jun 24, 2013

        A clean and simple design for an animated accordion using jQuery. The portions slide up and down in order to display the content inside of them, keeping no more than one section open at a time. This code snippet is hosted at JSFiddle, courtesy of Harrison Statham who created it.

      • Fresh Content Accordion with jQuery Jun 24, 2013

        Using accordions can be very useful for displaying large amounts of content to your visitors in a compact way without overwhelming them. This tutorial will teach you how to make an amazing menu with delightful animations and colorful design, displaying content efficiently and impressing your visitors with fancy visuals.

      • LiteAccordion: Creafted jQuery Accordion Plug... Jun 24, 2013

        This great plugin is used to display a highly customizable accordion with the help of a simple API. It is called LiteAccordion since the JavaScript source is only 6kb! You can use it to show all sorts of content, and you can be sure it'll work in most browsers, if not all, since it has been tested on Opera, Chrome, Safari, Firefox and IE.

      • OriDomi: Fold Elements Like Paper Jun 24, 2013

        OriDormi is a small JavaScript library used for folding DOM elements as if they were paper, and boy, it looks amazing. The library allows us to bend these elements in many different ways, and it also features built-in support for touch events. Any image can be integrated into this snippet, so it's ready to use.

      • Accordion Plugin for Enyo 2 Jun 24, 2013

        This is an accordion plugin for Enyo 2. One of the downsides of it is that you can only open one tab at a time. However, you are able to close al the tabs at once. This nice code snippet was uploaded to GitHub by Jeremy Thomas can be taken and used freely.

      • zAccordion: an Accordion Plugin Made with jQu... Jun 24, 2013

        Nate Armagost’s zAccordion is a horizontal accordion plugin for jQuery. It comes with a pretty straightforward source code that allows users to extend it. Also, in the same way, the plugin can be further customized and tweaked. Apart from adding images, you can insert texts and links to the accordion. It is also touch-friendly.

      • Accordion Done with Prototype and Scriptaculo... Jun 24, 2013

        The guys from NetTuts show us how to create a neat and lightweight accordion using two JavaScript libraries: Prototype and Scriptaculous. This accordion aims to:- Allow full customization with CSS.- Limit memory consumption and be lightweight.- Include any sort of content.- Maintain a constant height to avoid the “page bouncing” effect.

      • jQuery Vertical Accordion Menu Plugin Jun 24, 2013

        This plugin takes standard HTML nested lists and turns them into vertical accordion menus making it very easy for users to setup accordions on their sites. Some of the features of this plugin have: - Unlimited levels. - Choose between “clock” or “hover” events. - State save using cookies.

      • Multi-level Accordion with jQuery Jun 24, 2013

        This accordion can display multi-level menus, useful to display large amounts of info in an attractive way without taking too much space. You are able to modify the speed in which tabs open and close, the way they do it and many more things that will improve the functionality of the accordion.

      • Easy Multi-level Accordion with jQuery Jun 24, 2013

        This extremely easy and lightweight accordion is perfect for showcasing multi-leveled content with as many levels as you want. You only have to create an ul-list and fill it with content, then call the accordion JavaScript method, and that’s it!

      • Mootool: a Beautiful Accordion Effect Jun 24, 2013

        The MooTools plugin lets you create beautiful horizontal accordions in an easy fashion. When the images slide, a caption appears with title and description. You can insert texts and links to make the slideshow more appealing.

      • Solid Accordion with CSS3 and jQuery Jun 24, 2013

        HTMLDrive brings us this solid accordion which is built and customized using jQuery and CSS3. It can make very attractive designs with a smooth interface that displays all sorts of content. Its design is minimalistic, it gives the necessary space for the content, including images, text and titles, and is ready to be integrated into any website.

      • Kwicks for jQuery: Smooth Sliding Panels Jun 24, 2013

        This plugin can help us create smooth, interaction-focused sliding panels which come in a huge variety of ways (horizontal, vertical, responsive, slideshow, etc.) It has now become a highly configurable, versatile and powerful UI component since its origin as a MooTool effect.

      • jQuery Accordion Plugin for UI Design Jun 24, 2013

        This plugin allows us to create accordions to display all kinds of information in an efficient way, without taking too much space. You can customize the accordion by defining which containers are opened in the beginning, adding arrows, closing and opening all tabs and much more.

      • jQuery Accordion with Cookie Support Jun 24, 2013

        This plugin lets us generate simple accordions with cookie persistence, which in turn let us keep the current status or remember some useful information about the users' habits. It was uploaded to GitHub by John Snyder.

      • Accordions Made with CSS3, HTML5 and jQuery Jun 25, 2013

        Jamy Golden from CSSPlus has provided this tutorial on how to create simple accordions using jQuery, CSS3 and HTML5. If you are looking for cross-browser compatibility, jQuery is the best option, while CSS3and HTML5 have the least compatibility. The design is very simple, but you can edit the code to make it more appealing.

      • Turn jQuery Accordions Into CSS3 Jun 25, 2013

        This nice article from Script Tutorials shows that sometimes there's no need to use JavaScript or jQuery to create beautiful accordions since we can always rely on the power of CSS3 to handle everything for us, including the OnClick event and the addition of animations.

      • awsAccordion: The Ultimate Accordion Generato... Jun 25, 2013

        AWSAccordion is a powerful automated accordion generator that can make things supremely easy without sacrificing too much on customization. It allows us to modify colors, sizes, borders and more, then download our creation, all done in a very intuitive, friendly manner.

      • Akordeon: Stylish jQuery Accordion Jun 25, 2013

        Akordeon offers a lightweight, highly customizable accordion in which we can enter different kinds of information by making good use of the available space. Among its options we can find: - Expansion speed.- Item reordering.- Toggle expanded/collapsed items.

      • jQuery Collapse: Light Plugin for Accordions Jun 25, 2013

        Collapse is a flexible jQuery plugin that allows the user to collapse content (also known as progressive disclosure). Some of its highlights are: - Very lightweight (1-2 kb). - Accordion behaviour can be enabled. - WAI-ARIA compliance that allows accessibility for the disabled. - Cookie persistence.

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    • List PHP Email Libraries (8 submissions) Updated: Aug 8, 2014

      created by
      | Updated: Aug 8, 2014

      A compilation of PHP email libraries for managing vast amounts of messages as in newsletters and mailing lists.

      • Simple Mailing List: Easy to Use Manager May 31, 2013

        NotOneBit’s Simple Mailing List is an open source mailing list manager designed to be both powerful and simple. Some of its most valuable properties include: - Easy subscribe/unsubscribe integration with any web page. - The possibility to limit messages so the host’s mail server does not overload. - Blacklisting. - Easy to use member management which shows you members that have signed up but not confirmed their subscription, as well as the ability to remove and import members in bulk.

      • phpList: Subscription Management Tool Jun 17, 2013

        phpList is an open source, one-way digital subscription management tool. Written in PHP, it is used to deliver information to a large number of subscribers who sign up to receive content, this content is sent out by an administrator via emails known as campaign messages. phpList’s additional features include: - Keep sending messages even after you shut down your computer. - A web interface that lets you write, send messages and manage phpList over the Internet. - Throttling to avoid server overloads. - Bounce processing keeps databases clean of unused or non-existing addresses.

      • Swift Mailer: Component Based Mailing Library... Oct 24, 2013

        Swift Mailer is a library that integrates into any web app written in PHP, offering an adaptable and classy object-oriented approach to email managing with a number of features, which include:- SMTP, postfix, sendmail or custom transport implementation support.- Access to servers that require encryption or authentication.- Protection from header injection attacks without stripping request data content.- The library is customizable through plugins.

      • PHPMailer: Email Sending Library for PHP Oct 24, 2013

        Probably the most popular code for emailing in PHP, this powerful tool includes all the features you need to get your emails moving; among its features: - Integrated SMTP support – send without a local mail server. - Native language support. - Alternative emails for mail clients that do not read HTML. - Multiple TOs, CCs, BCCs and REPLY-TOs. - Compatible with PHP 5.0 and later.

      • Fetch: POP-IMAP Library for PHP Oct 24, 2013

        Fetch is a library used for reading email and attachments, using the POP and IMAP protocols for the most part. It used to be part of a larger project, Mortar, which is hosted on Google Code. It has now migrated over to Github and received updates to support modern PHP features. Use with Composer is recommended.

      • Email Reply Parser for PHP Oct 24, 2013

        EmailReplyParser is a port of the GitHub’s EmailReplyParser library written in Ruby. This is a small PHP library used to parse plain text email content. Use through Composer is recommended.

      • Stampie: PHP Wrapper for Different Email Prov... Oct 24, 2013

        Created in Denmark by Henrik Bjørnskov, Stampie is a simple API Wrapper for the next email providers: Postmark, SendGrid, MailGun and Mandrill. It is also fairly easy to use and integrate into your application for a clean, smooth experience with your emails.

      • Eden: Social PHP Library Oct 24, 2013

        Whether it is combined with another framework or by itself, Eden offers an excellent set of reusable tools for faster prototyping, allowing you to add Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and many other web services to your applications. A big part of this library has to do with speed, so a simple syntax is essential in its experience.

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    • List Analytics API (5 submissions) Updated: Nov 19, 2014

      created by
      | Updated: Nov 19, 2014

      Make information easy to display and digest by integrating analytics APIs and services such as Google Analytics and MixPanel. This list provides tools for both mobile and web projects.

      • Piwik: Beautiful Analytics API Oct 9, 2013

        You can use the Analytics API to programmatically request reports (number of visits, page URLs, page titles, user settings, search engines, keywords, referrer websites, user browsers, etc.) for a list of websites, and a given date and period (day, week, month, year). The data can be requested in any format: xml, csv, json, serialized php, etc.

      • Analytics.js: Simple and Clean Wrapper for We... Apr 30, 2013

        Analytics.js is a simple, clean wrapper for all of your web analytics services. Instead of littering your codebase with hooks for every analytics service you want to use, you instrument your website once and your data gets routed to any analytics service you want! The library is open-source.

      • Bitdeli: Mix, Match and Customize Websites' M... May 3, 2013

        Bitdeli is like "Build Your Own Sandwich" for analytics; you can mix, match and customize a perfect dish of metrics for your taste. Bitdeli can process data from various data sources: Events can be sent directly to Bitdeli from a web or mobile application or Bitdeli can fetch them automatically from a 3rd party service, such as Mixpanel.

      • Keen IO: Analytics Backend as a Service May 3, 2013

        Keen IO is a set of powerful APIs that allow you to collect, analyze, and visualize events from anything connected to the internet. With it you can gather whatever data you want, from whatever source you need, store as much data as you'd like, forever and ever in the cloud and query it, visualize it, share it, or basically, transform data into knowledge.

      • Countly: Next Generation Mobile Analytics Pla... May 15, 2013

        Countly is world’s leading, open source, real-time mobile analytics platform. It provides insights about user actions inside your mobile application and helps improve your product's reach. It is the only open source mobile analytics tool with a wide set of features, including real-time update, multi-platform support, scalable infrastructure and a non-prohibitive license.

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