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    • CSS Forms (79 submissions)

      Gather information from your users with a beautiful CSS form, avoiding the boring default look and making user experience a little bit more enjoyable.

      • Single Input 3D Form Code Snippet

        A crafted CSS and JavaScript form, perfect for any website owner that wants to include a subscription input field or style the one already in place. It is cool since it looks pretty normal when you first look at it, but once you hover you'll see a 3D effect; the users type their email address, and after that they'll see another 3D effect for confirmation. It was created by Son Tran-Nguyen, and you can tweak the code to match your sites styling.

      • Pure CSS Flat Login

        Here we have a flat login interface with a various simple design elements. It has an icon on the top, a label, username and password areas, a "forgot password" link, a button that changes color when clicked, and additional labels for new members. This code snippet was created with pure CSS, using crafted fonts from Google Fonts, and it was made free to download by its creator Tim Bogdanov.

      • Animated Upload Button

        This is a simple upload button created by Nathan Butler. It features a simple upload button right in the middle, displaying a range animation in order to inform the status of the upload process (a small progress bar). The beautiful background is definitely not easy to overlook, either. This is a code snippet that you can edit and improve to integrate it into your next creation.

      • Slide to Reveal Password

        This concept coded by Nicolas Slatiner is a login form with a slider that reveals the hidden password when activated. This is particularly useful for mobile interfaces since making mistakes when typing on smaller screens is a lot more common; with this tool, the user can be sure they won’t have to start over.

      • Connectez-Vous Login Form

        A pretty login form with an attractive color palette and great overall styling. It serves as a simple interface for users to access their profiles easily. It comes with a good few effects, like the blurred background, hover highlight on the login button and shadows when clicking on the input boxes.

      • Forgot Your Password?

        If your users are having issues with their login information, making them go through another page load can be quite a pain for them. Avoid this annoyance with this login form that automatically brings up the password recovery options when clicking on the “Forgot your password?” button.

      • Neat Dropdown Login Box

        This article will show you how to make  a dropdown login form using CSS and a bit of jQuery. This type of form brings two advantages: first, it makes for a faster user experience since readers do not need to load a new page to enter. Second, it improves the design by avoiding redundant information on every page, hiding the login form until it is needed.

      • Unmask Password On Focus

        A cool form that displays the password a user just entered when focusing on the box. This is a great option for double-checking purposes, and will surely avoid mistakes when logging in. However, these mechanics are not the most secure ever, so you should be careful with their implementation.

      • Login Form 3D Animation

        A neat double login form for both admins and average users. The transition between logins is triggered by a button on the top left of the design that activates a smooth rotating animation. It features a simple design with subtle effects that should blend well with most websites.

      • Black Login Form

        A flat-styled login form for basic and fast user access. Its dark interface keeps everything as stripped down as possible while the classy logging in animation provides the always needed touch of glamour to this login interface after entering the proper information.

      • CSS3 LT Form

        Here we have a nice set of input forms styled entirely with CSS3 and no JavaScript at all. Apart from providing text input fields, it also works with radio buttons and checkboxes, turning this into a complete tool for gathering information. Created by Tomas Burda from CSSDeck.

      • Simply Login Form

        A simple login form created with the help of CSS3 only. The form itself is rather straightforward, using basic CSS properties for styling and an easy markup. The colorful background is also styled with CSS3, providing a very marked contrast that lights up the whole design.

      • Flat UI Login Form

        A fork from a similar project by David East, this menu provides a complete from that not only allows users to login, but also helps them with their password in case they lose it thanks to a password recovery tab. Moreover, it welcomes new members right away with another tab including a sign-up form.

      • LESS Flat Form

        A simple login form created in CSS (LESS) and uploaded to CodePen by Joe Richardson. It features a flat look with highlight effects on its input fields. Also, the login button includes a cool animation that gives it an attractive 3D style, but nothing over the top.

      • Flat Semantic Form

        A pretty set of input fields and selection elements, all styled with a flat two-tone design. Everything has been simplified to the max, to the point where dropdown menus don’t have arrows or signals, which can be a bit confusing at first. This project was developed by CodePen user Emily Young.

      • Flat and Detailed Form

        A clean and really good looking set of forms and selectors. It styles a flat design with lots of details that come up on hover and focus, like the lit-up icons (when there’s any) or the colored borders that appear when clicking on an input field. Created by Abhishek Hingnikar.

      • Custom CSS File Upload Form Control

        A very simple control that allows users to upload files to the website. It works like any other upload interface, just click on the “upload” button (which, by the way, features a cool gradient effect) and a window will pop-up allowing the selection of the desired file.

      • Transparent Upload Form

        A beautiful upload form with drag and drop functionality. It carries an awesome transparent skin which mixes really well with the abstract, colorful background, while the glowing progress bar displays the percentage through a small bubble. Multiple elements can be added to the queue.

      • CSS 3D Photo Fold Hover

        A clever design that reveals hidden buttons on hover thanks to a neat transition that folds the cover image as if it was paper. In this case, the buttons suggest an upload interface, but they surely can be used for multiple functions. All credit for this creation goes to CodePen user Mike King.

      • Embed Base64: Client-Side Encoder

        This extremely simple, client-side base64 encoder provide a neat and straightforward interface. You can use it for small images, for example; since fewer requests can make your website load faster. Another possible use is if you want to pack everything in a single HTML file.

      • Simple Upload Form with Queue

        A basic upload form based on a Dibbble shot by Designmodo. It allows the addition (and deletion) of multiple files on queue while a glowing progress bar/percentage bubble provides a classy status update. The skin is quite simple, with a nice background texture as a stand out.

      • Solid and Minimalistic Login Form

        A simple login interface featuring a basic flat design and pop-up notifications in case the information entered is not correct. Of course, the always useful “forgot password?” link is available for those confused users. Uploaded to CodePen by Marco Biedermann.

      • Fun with Pattern and Pseudo-Selectors

        This login form notifies the user if the information entered is valid or not in a pretty original way. When the e-mail is correct, the whole page turns green, but if it  is wrong, red is what they’ll see. It gives a bright look to the site while providing a useful feature, so well done!

      • Admin Login Form

        This simple login form allows the user to unmask the password they just entered by clicking on a switch control. This reduces the chances of making a mistake and having to type the whole thing again. Plus, a cool CSS shadow gives the form a smooth “floating” effect.

      • Batman Login Form

        This pen by Hugo Giraudel intends to recreate a Dibbble shot designed by Virgil Pana. The main idea was to generate that good-looking shiny light effect seen on top of the form with pure CSS. Apart from that nice touch, it displays a couple of hover effects and a dark, sober style.

      • Login Violet Form

        Here we have a beautiful login form with a clear and simple interface. The background features a nice violet-to-blue gradient that blends really well with the login button and the soft effects applied to the input fields. Created by Tyler Fry and hosted at CodePen.

      • Welcome to Jamrock: Flat UI Form

        A login form without too much to get distracted about, except the nicely animated login button. Forgot your password? There’s also a button included for that. All wrapped up in a nice bright red background. Uploaded to CodePen by Joe Richardson.

      • Black and Pink Login

        A basic login form with a nice dark skin and a pair of icons positioned next to every input field. The theme is nicely contrasted with the pink login button that stands out above the design. It also welcomes new users with the sign up link below. Created and uploaded to CodePen by Marco Biedermann.

      • Login with Facebook or Twitter

        Marco Biedermann from CodePen brings us this classy login screen that allows users to access the website with their registered credentials or socially with either Twitter or Facebook. It features a simple and flat design that goes well with the colors of both social networks.

      • Social Login Form

        An easy login interface with a flat look that offers the option to access the site with registered information or use a social network (Twitter, Facebook and Google+) to enter. This project was developed and uploaded to CodePen by the user 91bananas.

      • Transparent Login Form

        A fantastic login form with a translucent skin and randomized background provided by LoremPixel. It is based on a Dribbble shot posted by Bojana, with the inclusion of Open Sans Condensed Hope instead of the good old Helvetica font. Coded by CodePen user Thomas Bertok.

      • Login Form Flat Red

        A simply-styled login interface developed by Marco Biedermann from CodePen. It does not contain any animations or effects, focusing on providing a fast, non-complex experience for the user. The flat design features a bright red header and a green sign in button.

      • All-Blue Login Form

        A showy login form created with CSS3. It features an entirely blue design with nice and subtle effects, this is particularly noticeable on the login button, which has an attractive shining look. Also, pop notifications are included in case the information entered is not valid. Created by CodePen user 2ne.

      • Amazing CSS3 Login Form

        A smoothly styled login form created in pure CSS3. Its little details separate it from the rest and make it a very attractive tool: Sliding icons come out of the sides when clicking them and soft edges decorate the login button on hover. Plus, a register button is available (with effect included) to welcome new users.

      • Minimal Style Login Form

        A minuscule and clean login form, ideal for cases when you don’t intend to take too much space in favor of a reduced, stripped-down design (or just ’cause you like simple stuff, right?). It features cool icons next to both input fields and violet details. Created by Tony Montemorano.

      • Blue Gradient Login Form

        A simply styled login screen designed by Josh Green from CodePen. It displays a subtle and appealing glowing effect when clicking on the input forms and a shadow when performing the same action over the login button. Everything is contained within a nice blue gradient background.

      • Mini CSS3 Login Form

        A login form design taken from an image and recreated with pure CSS. It aims to provide a very simple user interface, with no major effects being applied onto it. The possibility to recover your password by typing your email within the same form (and, therefore, avoiding another page load) is surely an interesting highlight.

      • Login Form Testing HAML and SASS

        A joyful login form created with HTML (HAML) and SASS. The login box itself floats around with a subtle up and down animation, while clouds make their way through the background at various speeds. This awesome design was created by CodePen user Martin Wolf.

      • Premium Pixels Inspired Login Box

        A cool user access form that recreates a project seen at Premium Pixels, but with pure code and no images. When the entered information is not correct, a nicely styled notification takes over the upper side of the page, displaying that, unfortunately, the user will have to try again.

      • Red Flat Login Form

        This stripped-down version of a login form was based on a Dribbble shot and developed in pure CSS by Marco Biedermann. It gets right to the point with its presentation, featuring just user, password and login buttons in order to get you through the signing in process ASAP.

      • Login Form Using CSS3 and HTML5

        Here we have an article from Red Team Design that goes through the whole creation process of this nice login form using only HTML5 and CSS3. The interface itself features some cool focus effects and a smooth transition when interacting with the final "log in" button.

      • Custom Login Form Styling

        A complete Codrops tutorial on how to create compelling login forms for your websites. Here, we are provided with five beautiful designs we can use as guidance and inspiration. They feature all sorts of effects, including transparencies, hover animations and more.

      • Changeable Background Login PSD Template

        This beautifully styled login form features a full-page slideshow of colorful blurred images sitting behind a smooth, transparent pair of input fields and a login button with neat shadow effects. It also includes the option to log in with Facebook or Twitter. The original PSD is available in case you’d like to experiment.

      • Flock Login in Pure CSS

        A classy login form that provides additional options by clicking on the settings button on the top left, which comes down when hovering with the cursor near it. A password recovery button is also added at the bottom of the design. Uploaded to CodePen by Mojtaba Seyedi.

      • Basic CSS Login Form

        A basic login form with a cool shadow underneath that gives it a “floating” effect. Also, the login button implements a sweet transition when clicking on it. The username and password fields have been left simplified and straightforward. Created by Julio Donoso from CodePen.

      • Simple Login-Subscribe Form

        An attractive login panel created entirely in CSS by Hugo Giraudel. If the user doesn’t have an account, a big “register” button guides them through the process of obtaining a brand new profile for your website so they can make use of this login form to access.

      • Iron Man Login Form

        A sharp login form that recreates the one seen on the Iron Man movies. A constantly circling element goes around the gradient-including main box containing the input forms. A few more details are added, like the bright border and the patterned background design.

      • Login Form On HTML5

        An attractive login form with an interesting “stacked paper” effect created with pure CSS by Vladimir Banduristov. This look provides depth to the design while focus highlights attract attention towards the input forms. Finally, registering and password recovery options are included.

      • HTML5 and CSS3 Login Form

        A two-color login form design that includes gradient backgrounds for styling. Apart from the login info, this tool provides password recovery and additional assistance options. It only applies HTML and CSS to handle its operation. Created by CSSDeck user LukyVj.

      • Mobile Twitter Login Design

        A great interface for allowing users to login socially with Twitter, focusing on mobile devices. Just like any handheld form should be, it is simple and straightforward with buttons for signing up, recovering the password and remembering the credentials for future use.

      • Ubuntu Inspired Login

        A wonderful login form inspired in Ubuntu. It features a bright and colorful background along with a translucent box included a couple of input boxes. The fields become opaque (with a sweet transition in between) when clicking on them, and the “remember me” button saves the credentials for future usage.

      • Facebook Login Form

        A basic login form design with HTML and CSS. It aims to connect people using Facebook and help them access your site with their information from the social network. Also, password recovery services are included within this project. The original PSD is available for you, as well.

      • CSS3 Badge-Like Login Form

        A pretty login form created in CSS3 based on a Dribbble shot by Ionut Zamfir. It features an office-badge-like interface with a great pair of icons for e-mail and password, styled with nothing but pure CSS. The login button also carries neat shadow when the user clicks on it.

      • Simple Transparent Input Boxes

        A login box with wonderful styling, coded by CodePen user Tyrus. First, it features a colorful blurred background that can be seen through the transparent input forms where we enter our login info. When selecting each of the boxes, a nice glowing effect comes up, as well.

      • Better Transparent Input Boxes

        A beautifully styled pair of login forms with a couple of transparent input boxes plus a big, blue “log in” button. This transparency allows the addition of interesting background textures being noticed on the boxes themselves. Uploaded to CodePen by Lasse.

      • Minimal and Colorful Login Form

        A small and straightforward login form design to validate users while taking little space on the webpage space, in the hopes of providing a quick, uncomplicated experience to whoever tries to access. The violet skin stands out, given the simplicity of its design.

      • Apple Developer Login

        A cool login form inspired by Apple's design, created and styled in pure CSS. It features a nicely contrasted orange and black skin with an interesting background texture. Also, the input and login buttons feature attractive hover and click effects. Uploaded to CodePen by Christophe Benoliel Molina.

      • Orange Solid Edges Login Form

        A stripped-down login screen design, providing only a couple of boxes for fast access. When it comes to styling, the boxes come with a thick orange border going around them, plus a solid, dark login button to wrap up the process. Uploaded to CodePen by user Baylor Rae’.

      • Floating Admin Login Form

        Here we have a useful login form that displays the password when switching a control, this double check avoids possible mistakes (particularly on mobile devices) so the user does not have to start all over again. A “Forgot password?” button is also available for troubled users.

      • Sleek Sign Up Form

        This is a gorgeous sign up form design developed by Emil Andersson from CSS Deck. First thing you will notice is the smooth blue gradient background, truly polished. Then it’s time to move on with the actual form, which carries a clean style with subtle yellow borders for selected fields. A pretty button finishes the already pleasant experience.

      • Secure 3D Login Form

        A set of 3D-styled fields that form a login interface. The multi-dimensional effect is achieved by applying the box shadow CSS property. Also, the boxes present a delicate "pushed" animation as soon as they are clicked, this same detail has been applied to the final “login” button.

      • 200 Best Illustrations In Web Design

        Following the current trends in the web design business, we have seen that illustration is becoming an important part of the entire design process of a webpage. We were used to see many minimalistic designs, slab typefaces and plenty of clean areas; but with the pass of the months, this trend is starting to change, leaving room to artists and designers to begin creating beautiful illustrations that can integrate and even become an essential part of interfaces. On this countdown, you're about to take a breathe of inspiration and see 200 of the most astounding characters and illustrations found on the internet during these days, maybe your website was featured if you have a great vein for creativity. Icon by Iconshock. Every good designer that went through art school or just made his career as a self studier knows that the process of designing a website requires a series of elements that in good hands can recreate beautiful interfaces. Since the definition of the starting grid, the designer must choose a proper font, establish a color palette and basically determine the whole aesthetics of the site. Among these elements we find illustrations, which are the components that can really make a site to outstand in front of the rest. Illustration Styles Every graphic designer has a different way to solve things, and this applies to illustration too. While some guys have strong drawing skills, others prefer to use photography and collage to develop their artworks, but the point As we know, illustration is everything that fulfills the objective of solving a communication problem in a graphic way. Focusing on the technical part of the theme, we can list 4 essential types of illustrations: 1. Realistic Portraits These types of graphics works better on sites that are focused on non-digital services, such as clothing, beverages, food, vehicles and similar. Usually photographs cover a major part of the interface, showing people the products offered by the site as the most relevant part, followed by prizes and stuff. You can either choose to download pictures from a photography stock or hire a professional photographer to do the job; either way the designer will have the final word on how to use these pictures. 2. Drawings For those websites that do not need to focus on showing their products to their clients but instead in developing a good looking website, filling with life every part of the page and even creating the company’s mascot. Usually these artworks are characterized by the presence of great amounts of vectorial art, 3D renders (not recommendable if you’re looking for a fast-loading site) and airbrushes. This is one of the most trending styles among kid’s websites, gaming places and design portfolios. 3. Digital illustrations Very similar to drawings, digital illustrations are those artworks that are full of details. They’re usually photomontages and artworks that are made using more than just a single graphic software, we can say that this category is a mix of the two previous styles that we mentioned. Among the sites that utilize this style we can find videogame companies, movie sites and many of the most important brands in the world. 4. Collage If you are a photography lover but don’t want to simply put picture after picture on a site, perhaps the solution is collage. This technique takes several pictures and joins them into a single artwork using different styles, from manual cut and pasting to digital intervention, this is a great style that may not work for elegant sites but will definitely rule when implemented inside sport, youthful and design webpages. Best practices for illustrating a website OK we have seen the main illustration styles and the fittest sites to implement them. But it’s not enough to simply know which style works best for you, because without a proper design and composition, you will only have a piece of art with poor navigability. There are some basic rules that you need to follow when using illustrations inside a website, let’s take a short tour through these design commandments to complete our study case. 1. Identify your brand Illustrations are not simple wallpapers that magically will make everything to look perfect, there are precisely called illustrations because they illustrate something, they’re signifying something, giving a graphic interpretation to a textual matter and that’s how they always must be utilized. Let’s take for example the webpages Iconshock and Ten24. If you look at these two sites, you will see the good side of using illustrations within a place. It’s important that these illustrations help the visitor to enjoy a nicer experience and at the same time encourages him to come back to the site, by making him feel part of the whole aura. These two websites have succeeded on placing their brand across the entire page by making a conscious design exercise where everything is integrated. In Iconshock’s case, the integration is performed by keeping an uniform color palette and a singular vector style, along with the presence of the same character on the top and the bottom of the site. As for ten24media, it’s evident the color management, where a specific color palette was chosen and implemented across the entire site. You can see how the circus tent has the same color as the logo, that’s the first good practice, secondly we find the raising grass on the footer that connects the top and the bottom of the site. Finally the font color conserves its essence, making everything part of a global identity. 2. Utilize simple illustrations What happens with simple illustrations is this: They are easier to work with thanks to its smaller size and color information, which fits perfectly on the internet world, they also allow people to place text blocks in almost every part of the site without jeopardizing the integrity of the design and finally, they facilitate the reading process for the visitors. These two characters have the perfect style that combines simplicity and good design. These type of illustrations make the people feel better while visiting the website and at the same time they do not interfere with the navigation process. You can use vectorial programs like Illustrator to develop these good looking images. Notice the simplicity of this illustrations. A subtle texture to beautify the grass, pixel-like characters and a vectorial tent that was done in less than 5 minutes for sure. That’s all the needing for an illustration to be eye-catching and simple at the same time. 3. Illustrations and interface must be one Don’t take different directions for the interface and the illustrations just because you think so. If you want contrast then reach it by color or shape, not by style, that will look like a bad collage attempt by someone how couldn’t decide himself between illustrating or designing. Friendly illustrations such as this one can make the audience feel more relaxed and comfortable regarding this particular site. The character was designed with some basic Illustrator tools and a very intuitive sense of color harmony, besides that we must realize that he’s not just placed next to the banner, but it becomes part of it by being the one that is carrying the banner. That’s why we mean when we say that illustration and interface must be one, a complete integration between these two aspects that can only beautify the content of the page. 4. Make sure that your site is the right one for that illustration In web design everything is reciprocal, banners can work excellent along with text blocks, footers can match with search bars and of course that illustrations are also a important part of this soup. It could be an occasion when your staff decides that it’s imperative to use an illustration on the revamping of your company’s site, you are not sure about that but you decided to go ahead with the decision, to finally realize after the delivery that you were actually right and the illustration does not look well inside the revamped site. So what we want to tell you is that just because your site is not suitable for using illustrations it means that it’s going to be relegated from the rest, it’s just that you are maybe behind a more sophisticated site that can work with only typography and fancy boxes. Nevertheless, it’s probably that at least one of the 4 illustration styles will fit on almost any site during these days. We suggest you to always look at references and see what’s going on in the web design, because it’s not only with good design that you can reach major audiences, but also being aware of the trending styles and trying to always stay up to date while maintaining your own identity. Icon by Iconshock. Now, let’s take a look at the best examples of illustrations in web design. It can vary from small characters to a whole illustration defining the site’s identity, but the thing is that these illustrations are playing an important role inside each of these sites, take some of your time to take a look at these examples and then think about if this could be the best way to plan your website’s design. Our Top Selection OK before you start scrolling down across the entire showcase, let us tell you our personal recommendations, we selected the best illustrations in web design from each category, so you can have a gourmet selection for inspiration. We judged each illustration by concept, technical complexity, color management and eye-catchiness. Flourish Flourish has one of the nicest illustration applications on a website. You can get realistic in many ways, for example by playing with weather effects as they did on the making of this astounding website, the tree element gets all the attention when you enter the site, and it’s not just a single illustration but 4, which is even nicer. Diablo 3 One of Blizzard’s most anticipated games has also a great site featuring a powerful realistic illustration occupying an extended area of the site. The quality of this character’s artwork is just astonishing, and the general atmosphere of the site plays very well with it, by using a similar color palette and graphic elements. Morphis Everything goes along on this site. A classic vintage typeface accompanied by some retro vector illustrations. It’s a perfect interpretation of old school graphics. The color palette has been well chosen, the contact section has a lovely touch with the little mole staring at it, definitely a nice example of illustration in web design. Level 2D Stunning vintage design, this Flash-based website is a good example of how to use the vintage style and not getting old on the process; everything on this site talks about illustration, from the menu buttons to the clock, the designer did not left anything to the guess, you can tell that everything was carefully executed to make this amazing illustrated page. Yoshinoya Singapore Fabulous illustration, great character design, color selection and font design, for true that this is one of the nicest concepts of this roundup, it’s important to realize that the type-face selection is an important part of the design process, because just imagine how the site's appearance will change if the central text was written in a regular Sans Serif font. The Pixel Astounding website, it’s not like it has an incredible interface, but the way that the gorgeous illustration integrates with the rest of the site is just brilliant. This shows you that brilliant airbrush paintings are not just meant to be used in galleries and cars, but they can also be integrated into a website with just knowing how to optimize it and taking advantage of it for the diagramming. Scarygirl Scarygirl’s site features and splendid background picture that changes depending on the part of the site that you’re navigating in. Definitely a beautiful Flash-based website that shows the great power that Flash still maintains, the quality of every single illustration featured on the page is just amazing. The Great Bearded Reef You can make vector artworks with gradients and everything and include textures on top of it without making it look strange, as it happens on this lovely site; it’s evident that without illustrations, this site would be dead, so that’s how important this person considers illustration, giving to it the leading role. Lotie Impressive site, the amount of hand drawn illustrations is just amazing and worth to see them. You can realize at simple view the amount of time that was spent on the conceiving of this page, even if it was made completely vector, the perfection of every detail and great management of white areas is astonishing. Meomi This entire site is an illustration, the quantity of details, subtle animations and color palette are just some of the nicest things of the page. Developed also in Flash, this let us know that many of the top designers around are still not ready to give up with their beloved ActionScript. More great examples And now that you have seen our top selection, we invite you to read the rest of this post. We classified these illustrations into specific categories, based on technical level, concept, complexity and graphic style. We decided to classify the rest of this showcase in:  Realistic, Vintage Vector, Abstract and Conceptual, High End, Hand Drawn and Cartoon, we hope that this will aid you define the most appropriate styles for your projects and also to gather a lot of graphic inspiration during the process. Realistic This style is characterized by having precisely a very realistic look that crosses the limits of simple digital illustration. Among the parameters that determine the fact of an illustration being realistic we find the use of perspective, constrained proportions, a thoughtful application of light and shadows and most of all an intention of recreating reality, let’s take a look at some awesome examples. Comcast Town Welcome to Comcast Town, a enormous city where you will be invited to meet their people, take a ride across the streets and just have some fun. Erguvan Platin Evleri Find a tiny city model while surfing on this site, the design keeps the realistic to the top and even placed some animated characters inside of it. Icreon Well yes, this is not exactly a hyper realistic artwork, but the management of proportions and use of shadows and highlights took this site to this category. 84 Colors Realistic can be used with subtlety and yet achieve nice results, as it happens on the side bar of Cristiana’s site. K4 Laboratory Well this is definitely not a realistic picture, but each one of the elements that integrate this illustration are realistic as taken by a camera (maybe they were). Visit Cascadia Using photomontage these guys created this nice landscape that it’s obviously not taken from a picture but from several. Studio7Designs The realistic side of this site comes from the background image, which is a recreation of earth’s appearance done digitally. Marchand de Trucs Awesome realistic illustration used as header on this magical site, literally speaking. Very nice airbrush artwork. Umbrella Today There’s no need of implementing a complete landscape to communicate the message, just some vectorial water drops and a realistic umbrella. Justin Woods You could vectorize all these leaves and place them across the site, or simply take some photographs, retouch and then place them as you wish. Serj Stunning illustration, you can appreciate all the amount of details that were applied without even have to zoom in. Viget Extend Close-up of a garden’s cut with a few leaves joining the logo, everything pursuing a realistic appeal. Villager Kent These kind of montages are often seen at condo’s sales, because they can show people an idea of what they’re going to experience in the future. Tolingo What could possibly more realistic than utilizing a photograph on your website?. Radium The idea of realism is trying to imitate reality, but it’s acceptable if you use a little sparker colors. Matriz Comunicaçao A fancy scenery created with some of the classic elements found on any kid’s room and joined together through the photomontage technique. Webdesignbe Astounding octopus illustration, the amount of details is just incredible, making him look real despite of being not. Postbox Being realistic does not always mean that you need to utilize a large amount of details, as you can see on the postbox icon on this website. The Oleg As part of the FWA awards, this site is a beautiful example of how to use and animate real-life objects. Infinite OZ One of the most amazing websites around. This is a clear demonstration of a site that has been developed with the only objective of fulfilling a aesthetical purpose. Hull Digital Question Time On this design it’s evidently that there’s a respect for the perspective and light management, two of the main components of any realistic artwork. 1LY Design An unusual employment of perspective, taking the whole site’s perspective from a zenithal plane. Alex Buga’s Livingroom Really great website, this guy is letting us know all of his intimacy in a fun and creative way. Daniel Marques This kid really nailed it by making this site, a very authentic way of showing the world who he is. Adlervia Beautiful scenery, the book’s detail looks just amazing at the viewing. Pixlogix Besides of being a great realistic design, it can be animated when rolling over, which is nice. Cathedral City Strange but realistic, nice way of saying that their product can reach all the audiences across the UK. Kiwi Airbrushing is one of designer’s favorite techniques to create realistic elements such as this kiwi. Digiti Just a chair and the site was done, all the rest is not even close of being realistic but still look nice. Tekken 6 Japanese websites, specially the videogame type, tend to use stunning realistic illustrations such as the ones seen on Tekken’s page. Battlefield Bad Company 2 It’s hard to know how much is real and how much is digital on artworks like this one. BioShock 2 One of the nicest videogame websites, BioShock 2 will definitely ensure a lot of sales thanks to this brilliant design. I am Alive Coming soon we will see the release of this new game by the people of Ubisoft, let’s see if it’s more than just a really good looking website. Vintage Vector One of the most trending words of the last years, the vintage looking can be applied on different areas, from photography to fashion design, the vintage look is taking more force everyday among young designers. You can notice a vintage style based on the color palette, which is compounded by fabric tones, desaturated colors, classic typefaces and retro styles in general, let’s take a look at some sites that implemented vintage illustrations within their sites. Giraffe Here you can notice many vintage elements, from the color palette to the old school vignettes. Haafe & Halph Just by looking at the two characters and the site’s theme you have to notice the vintage aesthetics. Beraterherz Everytime you find this kind of illustrations, you’re looking at a vintage style, which is usually found over Pinup girls. Shaun Groves Quite a retro design, excess of elements, vintage color palette and handwritten typefaces. Andy Ward Andy Ward’s style gets a lot of inspiration from old school artists and designers, and that can be feel whilst visiting his webpage. N.Design Studio Koi fishes are classic among tattoo artists and pinup girls, and on this site you can see an example of vintage design using this red little swimmer. Verlee’s Blog Lovely color palette and typeface developing, Veerle is definitive a vintage lover. CreamScoop Beautiful character next to a clean and thoughtful typeface, more than vintage, this site is lovely. Lataka Inspired by the old school advertisements, you will find a lot of vintage references throughout this website. Pieoneers Lovely retro illustration, a mix of sci fi and fruit salad, I be there’s nothing more vintage than that. Mamie Bouillabaisse A lot of vector elements, surreal hummingbirds and a subtle vintage environment across the site. i Avion Almost monochromatic, this beautiful site is an example of how to be vintage without losing trendiness. Dean Oakley The vintage look on this site is given by its color palette, desaturated colors all over the place. Envira Media Beautiful typeface selection complemented with an correct color selection. D-F-Z Inspired by classic artworks, the little landscape featured on this site resemblances a lot of the vintage style. Olive Crush One of vintage’s features is the implementation of simple objects that overlap among each other. Sara Tusar Portfolio You can say about this site that it has some nice characters, typeface and color palette selection. Siringa Gorgeous illustration, flawless color picking and well, just a great vintage-looking website. Cow and Monkey Funny cow looking at you from a vintage sunset landscape, a well elaborated design. Banjax Clean and elegant site with just a simple piece on work located at the top of it. ZZZ The theater strings are simply a great detail, it makes some reminiscence of Lumiere’s work. Drupalcon DC Lovely vector style, Drupalcon has one of the prettiest designs around, also with vintage touches on it. Adit Shukla’s Portfolio Using well known landscapes inside web designs is something inspired by old school magazines and advertisements. Go Glamping It was usual to find handwritten fonts in old-school designs, now they’re coming back. Custom Design Super retro site, using an old TV picture as interface, this website is just great to have fun with. Ushahidi The colors, the drawings, everything on this site has a subtle vintage touch. Sweet Water The logo itself is vintage as it might get, it’s just too reminiscent of old sea food restaurants, but well implemented anyway. Mark Forrester Pale colors used properly can help you make brilliant artworks like the one Mark did on his site. Take a Benylin Day Beautiful vintage illustrations and thoughtful color selection, for sure that is a nice web design. The Moxie Girls If you saw Austin Power’s movies, you will really enjoy visiting this site and her retro-looking characters. Eric Steuten Design Fantastic vintage illustration, the textures, the characters, the color selection, it’s just an awesome web design by Eric Steuten. Kira Kira Designs Inspired by classic Japanese artworks, this vintage design welcomes people to this girl’s design portfolio. Owltastic If you want to have a vintage website, a good idea is start working with a cyan and sepia color palette, like the one implemented on this page. Veboo Labs It was usual to see this cartoon style a few decades ago, and now vector artists are revamping its style. Abstract and Conceptual All those illustrations where creativity has been taken beyond the standards, delivering incredible and some times hard to understand artworks can be included within this category. We are talking about abstract every time we find illustrations that are definitely beautiful but it’s hard to understand their meaning, while conceptual are those artworks that require a careful observation to find the message. Both types have in common a richness in terms of aesthetics and a thoughtful design. New to York Pure art, not even a single button or menu can be find, just this sweet piece of work. Web Designer Wall Web Designer Wall has one of the nicest interfaces over the internet. Cool vector objects and a beautiful color palette, which integrates across the entire site. Hugs for Monsters Joe Lifrieri’s site features a lovely illustration on the top of the interface, a lot of colors and shapes that together create a great abstract design. R.I.P Club One of the best things about this illustration is the color palette, the combination of cyan, red and white looks really great. Eutem Very funny concept, from the cars leading into the mountain to the smoking cat, really nice illustration. Thousand Minds Feels like staring at a Gorillaz cover, which means that the design is crazy and attractive. Stripes Nice way of mixing real life objects with colorful artistic brushes. Douglas Menezes A little Bauhaus inspiration can be sense throughout the site, abstract shapes and minimalistic color palette are some of the determining elements. ReservoirBuzz I don think that Mick Jagger will feel happy of seeing his tongue coming out from an old camera while some fingers are pointing at it. Siete de Febrero Siete de Febrero is a design studio that knows that the first image is important, and that’s why they developed this great looking site. Jaime Torres Jaime Torres is a young graphic designer that recently released his personal site, showing the world some beautiful illustrations for the world to stare at. Primstone This Japanese site shows on its header some lovely illustrations that include an eagle and some other elements. Romina Many vector elements, placed in a way that they begin to work as graphic elements with an actual meaning, nice idea by Romina. Candy Candy Girly style molded to fit into this jewelry website, a lot of pink tones and gradients were used on the design. Just Made My Day An ordinary landscape with some photo retouching and vector elements incorporated. Carol Rivello The header designs makes a little bit of resemblance to cartographic documents and stuff, very cool idea. ILoveColors I Love Colors is a lovely Argentine website. Its design could be either featured on vintage vector or here, at the abstract zone because of its crazy shapes and elements. Pixele Pixel has some really nice shapes and elements on its header, a nice mix of clean vector and grunge brushes. Radu Ceucă A subtle bokeh effect, some vector shapes and a warm color palette, these are the ingredients to make a nice header for a website such as this one. Ten24Studio The circus has arrived, everyone is invited to visit it, along with these little pixel characters. Neweracaptalk Surreal character illustrations, reinforced by the fact of being created in black and white. 45Royale Inc. Fancy scenery that mixes great vector elements and textures, all made using a nice color palette. Tangled Decals The entire site is an illustration, full of color and details and most of all complete abstraction. Gomediazine Using concentric objects is a recurrent resource in web design, as you can notice on the Gomediazine webpage. Vimeo Vimeo has probably one of the most pretty footers around, simple illustrations full of concept. BrightHouse Full interactivity, this site truly understood the lesson of stop making static webpages during the web 2.0 era. Bogdan Teodorescu Cyan and magenta is one of the nicest color combinations when well applied, as it happens on this place. Vunky Blog The right side character it’s probably the coolest on this header, a sad looking Lego boy. Artua Design Studio Fantastic scenery, the trees, the spaceship, everything looks just great. TUT Candy The people from TUT Candy definitely have some knowledge regarding 3D design, as seen on their footer. Design19 Mister and Miss Green Plantain look happy whilst hanging around on their island. Concept 007 Interesting concept behind this webpage, you can feel a little Russian constructivism aesthetic on it. FeedStitch What a creative idea to use vector elements to emulate a wool texture crossing the site. The Happy Time Cafe Using old school techniques for later incorporate them into web design can turn out into really great designs such as this one. High End Well what can we say about high end illustrations?, they are on top of the top. Large amounts of details, colorful objects, really creative characters and just flawless designs that shows the level of illustration that these persons can achieve, let’s take a look at some examples to see if you can get a little inspired. Webdesigner Depot Webdesigner Depot has a similar design that other sites implemented on their pages, but the carefully done objects, thoughtful color management and aesthetics put it on this category. Web Designer Wall Beautiful interface, the subtleness with which they were made is worth of admiring, as for the aesthetics, it has a little bit of Asian appearance. AutoMagical Very intricate design, definitely the best part are those little monkey buddies. WOW Toys Based in Flash, the graphic level of this is just beautiful, kids will have a lot of fun visiting this page. Duirwaigh Fabulous illustration, it’s probably that the spent more time on the artwork than on the site’s programming, but it was definitely worth it. Orange Label Pixel perfect is a technique that not many designers dominate, as it requires a lot of patience and observation, but at the end you can achieve nice artworks such as this one. Adam Woodhouse It may seem easy to do, but having that control over color and vector is hard to reach. IndoFolio It’s unusual to see illustrations like this one, seems like everything was made Photoshop’s Burn and Sponge tool, maybe it was. Matt Salik This guy has a well-defined personal style, the line trace, colors and textures are all part of the site’s powerful identity. Tori’s Eye A mix of origami and digital vector joined together, forming a really beautiful site. Tracy Chapman Tracy Chapman’s site is one of the most amusing places on the internet, because it lets you define the entire color palette of this site in a very simple and intuitive way. Los Colores Olvidados Brilliant cruise illustration, as well as the typography chosen and the color palette. Zologicka Really nice illustrations, a mix of reality and cartoon style that looks just awesome on the site. Piipe Lovely webpage, the fish character is an essential part of the interface, evidencing how illustration and web design can go by the hand. ROTH ANIKO This design portfolio is also a part of it by being a representation of this artist’s work. Iii Garage Combining photography and drawings could be a good idea if it looks the way it does on this place. VOB Nedir Brilliant idea, the design team behind this site came up with one of the most original and lovely ideas in graphic design. Hand Drawn For the people that have always loved the classic techniques, using pen and paper, making a mess with tons of oil painting or airbrushing the entire house, this is their section. On this part of the countdown we will reunite the best examples of old school techniques applied to the digital media, let’s take a look to those sites where the application was performed at its highest level. Bootb The site’s background works as a board where the designer took a chalk and drew over it. Hull Digital Live 09 Sketching can be used as a finished art if well used, this is a great example of it. Carsonified Carsonified’s place is a mix of vintage vector and hand drawn techniques, and it does look nice. Deborah Cavenaugh Deborah’s place is just her, all her artwork is present across the site, empowering her identity. Robbin Waldemar Well it’s a little childish but we have to recognize his effort, good job Robbin. The Digital Invaders Only original and animated characters, the combination of red, black and white is always a great idea. Attack of the Web Oh yeah, this guy is ready to kick some butts while delivering an awesome website. Galan Hand drawn details always provide a lot of humanity to the standard and cool interfaces. Starbucks Coffee Starbuck’s site is one of the most remarkable places on the internet, the color management, the hand drawn style and just everything are exactly on the right place. My Favourite Things What happens when you use illustrations such as the one on this site is that you’re letting the world find out how you really are, which can be good if you’re making a blog or a portfolio. Bruno Souza You can scan your artworks and then beautify them by adding some fancy textures and shadings. BlackMoon Design There’s definitely a personal style behind this site, it’s not often to see places with this type of artworks. Pigeon & Pigeonette The site’s offering exactly what you can get throughout the entire interface, beautiful books featuring these two cute little birds. Pally Giraffe The watercolor technique can be seen on this beautiful header, this will probably be an inspirational place for many people. RobbVision This famous illustrator owns a gorgeous place where his illustrations take all the leadership. Miki Mottes Miki Mottes has a personal style that is very reminiscent of the nineties design, when everything was crazier and simpler. Cartoon The final style of this countdown is cartoon. Every illustrator and designer that chose not to place photographs on their site but at the same time does not want to spend hours and hours making stunning illustrations can solve this graphic problem making cartoons. Cartoons are those designs that are not based on reality and try to create a world of this own, almost every animated series can be classified as cartoon. Now we can proceed taking a look at the last series of examples of this roundup. Artcore Illustrations Cartoons are the way to express things the way we want, is playing with reality and creating fancy characters and scenarios. AnswerJam Vector can be utilized for creating lovely illustrations with a minimal amount of details, as you can see on this example. WPCoder So there’s a machine that actually turns Photoshop files into Wordpress?, well at least it does on this land. Branded07 Toucans meets penguins on this lovely character illustration by Rob Palmer. Green Globe Save natural resources, make more vector trees and landscapes. The Alamo Basement So that’s the real thing behind The Alamo story, well it’s for sure more fantastic and amusing than the original. Isola dei Bimbi Using cartoons usually works great when making child-oriented websites. Old Loft You can take reference from reality and then exaggerate or alter it to make your own world. Gertis Cute illustration, mixing vector gradients and solid colors usually makes great appearances. Octwelve Another great thing about cartoons is that you can portrait yourself without having to actually place a picture of yourself. PSDRockstar It’s important that your cartoons have a direct relation with the rest of the website, either by name or identity. Silverback Can you imagine a gorilla looking like this on real life?, it will be hilarious. Cute Little Factory Andrea Austoni launched a pretty looking website, the best part are the three little birds behind the site’s logo. Fatburgr Considered as one of Web 2.0 forerunners, this site certainly makes a nice appropriation of cartoons. Wishlistr The typography selection was a great right guess when placed next to the character illustration. Moourl Pastel colors are often utilized for social networks, internet services and friendly websites. PSD to WP Cartoons can be effectively utilized for representing fancy and colorful scenarios, such as the one on this example. Safe Driving Academy It’s not usual to find driving academy’s websites, and even less usual one with such a nice cartoon design. WebbliWorld This style is iconic in Japanese graphic design. Acid colors, rounded shapes and most of all, a lot of surrealism. Creative Spark Only 3 colors and this guys created this awesome cartoon, that’s the greatness of design, simpler things are often the greatest. Yodaa For those who illustration is their best way of expression, they can easily diagram their sites by illustrating them. Sofitek Almost naive, this type of illustration tends to slightly make the cut because they’re usually funny. Orman Clark Playing with subtleness and simpleness is something that every designer should try once in a while. Web Talents Once you dominate the Illustrator’s basics, it’s all a creativity matter, because this awesome illustration is not complicated at all Arbel Designs A good way to learn how to make this kind of illustrations is by looking at references, such as the Discovery Kids channel. Yaron Schoen You can also take real life objects and “cartoonize” them as they did with these chemical lab elements. Creative Switch Beautiful robot illustration by Vibor Viskovic, the vector management is really great on this site. Mediocore Crazy little mascot, just some gradient vectors and blending effects were utilized during the making. MailChimp This is one of the most famous chimps on the internet, maybe it’s his lovely messenger hat or just the carefully done vector job. E-Space Another thing that you can achieve with carton is use reality and alter it so it looks like it will never be on real life. Birdbrain Oh, we’ve just found Twitter’s bird little brother, he was hanging around on this website. Global Zoo Cartoons can be used to iconize elements, such as the world monuments that you see on this illustration. Communicator World Another good use of cartoon is in animation, lighter artworks and reduced effect help you to optimize the rendering times while animating. Heidi Seymour Cute penguin characters made with just a few gradients and solid color vector shapes. Jill and John Taking photographs and vectorize them is another way of generating cartoon illustrations. Creative Style American style is one of the most practical resources in web design due to its simplicity and beauty. Gisele Jaquenod Gisele’s site has a very innocent and lovely look, from the typeface to the color, complemented by the cute girl character. Eric Johansson One of funniest portfolios ever, Eric Johansson nailed design and personal branding in a single place. Inspiredology Amazing cartoon illustration, it may seem a little bit complex but it’s just a matter of being organized and creative. A Modern Eden Simplicity at its best, this lion is probably most beautiful than many airbrush paint jobs out there. The Color Cure You can become your favorite superhero cartooning, or what can you say about these two?. Mochi Media Hello Mochi, this lovely character was done probably in five minutes, the harder part was designing it. Kung Fu There’s definitely a Hello Kitty inspiration coming out from this character. Forrst Forrst has one of the nicest splashes on the internet, beautiful color palette and the Ranger character is simply great. Web Design Beach Grab some time to experiment with gradients, highlights and textures and you’ll probably end up making this like the header showed on the previous screenshot. Hey Indy You need to learn when to use stroke and when not to, on this case it was a clever decision to use it. Fator Criativo Rio de Janeiro is present on this illustration without a single photograph inserted on the site, nice one. Made by Guerrilla Mr. Ape his aware of your visit, so do not disturb or make any loud noises whilst surfing the page. Raskulls Here comes the Raskulls, the newest skeleton family in Xbox town. Pinjata There’s a little cell-shading look on this site, but done in a very childish way. Silverio Very intuitive design, a mix of sketching and vector trace that looks really cool on the site. Maxtron Media Take cover, the big blue monster is coming to town, and he’s willing to devour everything. Stone Skipper Boy and his dog, what a classic combination illustrated in a pretty cool way. Tijuana Flats Super retro website, there’s a lot of 90’s reference on this site’s aesthetics, it’s nice to see someone bringing back the old school style. SketchBlog Awesome character design, the darkness of the site is not looking as an error but as a right-guess. Iceberg It’s on this cases when is better to use a simple and elegant cartoon than a heavy photograph. The Octonauts Beautiful characters, there’s definitely a thoughtful design process behind the making of this little characters. Stoodeo Vector illustration offers a lot of freedom in terms of technical problems that are harder to fix while working with manual techniques. Yipori What a beautiful set of characters, vivid colors and just a peaceful environment sensed around the whole page. Smashing Magazine Awesome American illustrations, great job by the Smashing Magazine staff. Iconshock And the last item of the list comes from our great friends at Iconshock. The characters look just great with the global aspect of the website, they were also implemented on the site’s Twitter page. And we have reached the end of this countdown, more than 200 beautiful illustrations in web design. From the most realistic to the simplest and colorful designs, we have brought you a shot of inspiration that you can visit anytime you want to start a new web design project. Remember that there’s more than one style and it’s up to you to define which one is the fittest for your project, leave us your comments and suggestions so we can continue delivering the best web design contents on the web, see you in our next post.

      • Paper Login Form

        A piece of paper stuck to the wall with sticky tapes that will allow users to access your website in a different way. Everything is styled with CSS through gradient and box shadow effects. This form, created by CodePen’s Carl Calderon, supports all major browsers in their latest versions.

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    • JQuery Pagination Plugins (8 submissions)

      In some occasions when you want to showcase content, it could be too much to put it up all at once. These jQuery plugins will help you divide the publication into multiple pages.

      • Listnav: Letter-based Navigation jQuery Plugi...

        This jQuery plugin provides an easy way to add a letter-based navigation widget to any UL or OL list. An easily styleable nav bar appears above the list, showing the letters A-through-Z. Clicking one of the letters filters the list to show only the items in the list that start with that letter. Hovering over a letter (optionally) shows a count above the letter, indicating how many items will be displayed if that letter is clicked and other options give you control over the basic functionality.

      • jqPagination: Improved Pagination jQuery Plug...

        jqPagination is a jQuery plugin that provides a newer method of pagination for your website or application. Instead of displaying a list of page numbers like traditional pagination methods, jqPagination uses an interactive ‘Page 1 of 5′ input that, when selected, allows the user to enter their desired page number. The plugin will ensure that only valid pages can be selected, a valid request that will result in the paged callback.

      • jPages, jQuery Pagination Plugin

        jPages gives you a lot of options to customize your pages and also the way the nav looks and works. You can choose the number of items per page, start page, start range, middle range and end range. Note that you have to be somehow careful when you chose these parameters values. For instance, you won't set the start page to be the 15th if you're just expecting 10 pages.

      • Super JQuery Pagination, a JQuery Based Plugi...

        An AJAX JQuery based pagination plugin and a tutorial for pagination with some jQuery effects to make this element stylish and attractive. It is animated using jQuery animation capabilities.

      • bootpag, Dynamic Pagination jQuery Plugin

        bootpag is dynamic pagination jQuery plugin, it works well with twitter bootstrap or standalone. Just download plugin and include script in your HTML page.

      • Bootstrap Paginator jQuery Plugin

        Bootstrap Paginator is a jQuery plugin that simplifies the rendering of Bootstrap Pagination component. It provides methods to automates the update of the pagination status and also some events to notify the status changes within the component. Bootstrap Paginator is able to run on the following browsers: Firefox 5+, Chrome 14+, Safari 5+, Opera 11.6+ and IE 7+.

      • Pajinate, jQuery Pagination Plugin

        Pajinate is a simple and flexible jQuery plugin that allows you to divide long lists or areas of content into multiple separate pages. Not only is it a simpler alternative to server-side implementations, but the time between paginated-page loads is almost nil (up to a reasonable page-size of course).

      • Easy Paginate jQuery Plugin for Pagination

        This plugin allows you to browse easily through the list of items with pagination controls. It is very easy to implement and very lightweight so it might come in handy to use in your own projects. It’s main purpose is to view certain number of list items at once, but it can also be set up to view one item by one.

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    • Video WordPress Themes (17 submissions)

      In the digital era, videos have become more and more present on the web, these WordPress themes for video will allow you to publish them with class.

      • Webvideo WordPress Theme

        If you're a photographer in need of showcasing your content, or simply a blogger who loves audiovisual content, Webvideo can help you put all those images and videos in one cohesive website. Its appearance is a simple as you'll find, making this more of a tumblelog theme than anything else.

      • Allmed WordPress Theme

        If multimedia is what truly drives your project, Allmed is one of the simplest and most straightforward themes you're going to find for showcasing and sharing videos, images and audio. The looks are completely stripped-down (maybe even outdated), but color customization can help you find a look you're comfortable with.

      • Sundance WordPress Theme

        If your new project is centered around video playback, Sundance is a minimal theme created by the people at Automattic that allows you to put a carousel of featured videos on the home page with up to ten elements, apart from offering the usual blogging options. Its responsive behavior guarantees proper viewing across multiple devices.

      • Stumblr: Free Tumblr Style WordPress Theme

        Here we have a free Tumblr style WordPress theme, ideal for microblogging photos and video. The theme features a logo on the right side of the page, some widgets for “about,” categories, and custom menu. You can include various post formats like video, music, images, and other types.

      • Edivos Wordpress Theme

        Edivos is a WordPress theme designed to work mainly for video listing with a blogging feature thrown into the mix. It supports six different website and includes metaboxes to assist you in the process of creating the listings. Perfect for a cinema-oriented page or music site, taking content from all the available sources.

      • Widely: Minimal WordPress Theme

        The Widely WordPress theme is a minimalistic theme perfect for businesses, creative agencies and individuals who want to publish their portfolio quickly, or anyone who’s serious about having a simple, well designed website with a fully powered content manager. Among its features you have:- Custom theme administration.- Post formats.- Various page templates.- Shortcode generator.- Google Maps integration.

      • BonPress: Journal WordPress Theme

        BonPress is an alternative if you want to give your personal blog a nice and familiar look, as well as simple. Post formats are quite versatile since the theme includes audio, video, text, images and more. It is possible to add customized widgets for services such as Twitter, Flickr and more, expanding the experience for your users. The theme is completely free and you can use it personally and commercially.

      • Socially Awkward: Responsive Media Theme

        Socially Awkward is a well-organized WordPress theme intended to make navigation simple and straightforward. The home page (which, by the way, comes in two different looks) divides all articles depending on their content (video, images, quotes, etc.) and the following pages show all selected material in a minimal one column layout.

      • Resolution: Multi-purpose WordPress Theme

        Resolution is a fantastic theme available in both WordPress and HTML5 versions that organize your content in an entertaining and adventurous way. Ideal for pages with loads of images, it arranges the articles in blocks that are well organized, but don’t have exact placing like a grid, creating a dynamic navigation experience. The theme is responsive, as you would expect from a theme of this characteristics.

      • Slider4all: Simple Photography WordPress Them...

        Here we have a colorful theme to display a simple website with minimal features. The main navigation menu, located on top, allows users to move through the different sections, although it does not display a dropdown that few users might miss. Also, it includes a triple column to show additional information, all above a well-designed pattern background.

      • Hermoso WordPress Theme

        Hermoso is a colorful and versatile theme based on the Foundation framework. The presentation is quite simple, featuring multiple sections, divided with radically different colors, this makes for a high-contrast, vibrant look. Post formats feature all media types and its responsive design ensures good viewing across various platforms. 

      • Future: Magazine WordPress Theme

        Future is a beautiful theme created with the Bootstrap 3 framework. Its modern design makes it suitable for a wide array of situations, including portfolios, freelancing work, agency promotion or more, you name it. The theme comes ready for high quality displays thanks to a considerable resolution.

      • Fullby: Responsive Grid Theme

        Fullby is an amazing theme that applies some of the latest techniques in order to produce a modern and enjoyable experience to your users. The main page can display videos and images from the get-go and the responsive design adapts to new screen sizes with smooth animations. Finally, use social icons to share the love with your friends.

      • Gadgetry WordPress Theme

        Here we have a free WordPress theme with a clean and modern style, best suited for blogging or small magazine style websites. It constitutes a responsive experience, so it does not matter if the user views your website from a desktop, tablet or smartphone, it’ll work great. Also, it has built-in SEO and marketing, auto install with one click and a powerful framework.

      • Avante WordPress Theme

        Avante is a beautiful multipurpose theme that aims to provide a modern look with the help of nice photo effects and minimal layout. The main page is cleanly divided into three columns that show previous articles, click on any of them to read the whole article and post comments. Also, a smoothly animated slider shows more content and images.

      • Story Video WordPress Theme

        A theme heavily inspired by the latest flat design trends that have been dominating the scene, Story provides a modern and clean look to your blog. It supports different post formats and color customization, apart from providing complete responsiveness, making for a pleasant experience on any device.

      • DW Timeline: WordPress Theme

        DW Timeline is a beautiful theme with a very concept and smooth navigation.The idea is to show a constant flow of information when scrolling down (combined with WordPress' infinite scrolling, the possibilities are quite interesting). This responsive theme allows you to attach videos, pictures, text and all sort of content into its posts.

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    • Drupal Themes (15 submissions)

      Drupal is a complex system, but fortunately, here you will find a selection of themes in multiple styles: Minimalist, flat, Ecommerce-ready, and more to ease your workload.

      • Responsive Blog: Multi-Device Drupal Template

        Responsive Blog is a responsive multipurpose Drupal theme. The theme has a wide range of sites in mind, with a very clean and elegant design without much clutter. It's a very sleek solution that will make any site really stand out and look fantastic. The theme is completely responsive and has been tested on iPhone and iPad for optimal performance. This is useful for almost any project.

      • Responsive Business: A Corporate Drupal Theme

        Responsive Business is a feature-rich Drupal theme which is perfect for any business, company, portfolio site that requires full mobile support and also wants a site that looks elegant, professional and awesome. The fully responsive layout makes it so users on both computers and mobile devices can browse your site with great ease, so you will no longer lose potential clients!Features:- Responsive, mobile-friendly theme.- Simple and clean design.- 1-column and 2-columns layout.- Mobile support (smartphone, tablet, android, iPhone, etc.)- Flex image slideshow with caption (customizable).- Multi-level drop-down menus (multilingual menu).- HTML5 and super clean markup.- A total of 12 block regions.- Drupal standards compliant.- Minimal design and nice typography.- Ideal for business, company and portfolio sites.- Extended footer area with 4 footer blocks.- Detailed CSS rules for typography, forms elements, node teaser, comments, etc.

      • Rubix: a Responsive Drupal Theme

        Rubix responsive theme is a professional Drupal theme that is perfect for all sorts of corporate and small business websites. The theme is not dependent on any core theme, it's very lightweight and has modern look and feel. Professional, responsive clean layout and lightweight code allow this to be a great theme for small or medium-sized business to get up and running quickly.

      • Media Responsive Theme: a Corporate Redesign ...

        The Media responsive theme is a cool creation to improve the appearance of your corporate website. It is a sleek theme that includes a top menu bar, a slider with lateral caption, three widgets (one of them can be video), and independent columns. It was created in HTML5 with a clean markup, a minimal design and nice typography.

      • Business Responsive Drupal Theme

        Business responsive theme is another elegant solution for Drupal blog from zymphonies.com. It has flat orange and black elements as is the case of the header components, the top menu bar and the typography. Also, it has beautiful slider with a transparent caption and navigation dots. It is totally responsive, working in a wide range of devices and browsers.

      • Lexi: a Business Responsive Theme

        The Lexi responsive theme is a minimalistic design theme composed of all the required elements that any professional business needs. It includes social icons, and a logo space in the header, a menu bar with gradients to identify active, hovered and standard buttons, a slider with a big description area, three widgets in a row and additional content areas. It is free to download and has no restrictions in its use.

      • Professional Responsive Theme: Sleek Redesign...

        Professional responsive theme is a professional Drupal theme perfect for corporate or small business websites. It's a very lightweight modern version with a clean layout and simple coding, which make it a great theme for small or medium-sized business. It can be implemented very quickly into any design project for you or your clients.

      • Day and Night Drupal Theme

        Day and Night is a responsive theme based on ZEN. It features a responsive design that uses ZEN grids, has a tertiary menu, fancy drop down menu (suitable for big menu structures) and SCSS / SASS support. For it to work, first install the base theme ZEN. Without ZEN, the DAN theme won’t work. It has a flat design and focuses on content.

      • Bluez: Drupal Theme for Modern Business

        Bluez is a Drupal based corporate theme with a fixed width of 960px. The theme is not dependent on any core theme, its very lightweight for fast loading and its look is modern. The theme includes a logo area and navigation in the header, a compelling slider right below, with little social icons on one side, widgets and other important elements to improve business appearance and sales rates.

      • Hatch Drupal Theme

        Hatch theme is a simple and minimal portfolio theme for photographers, illustrators, designers, or photo bloggers. It's a WordPress theme created by Griden that was then converted to Drupal by Zyxware Technologies.This theme is based on the 960 Grid System, and it has been tested in Firefox 14, Google Chrome 21, Chromium 18 (for Ubuntu). The theme is  fully XHTML and CSS compliant.

      • Likable: Clean Theme for Drupal Websites

        Likable is a clean theme is a graceful, multi-column Drupal theme with many block regions and a slideshow ready for to be used in any kind of project. Among its features you have:- Clean design.- HTML5 created.- Fixed width of 1000px.- Multiple columns (1, 2, or 3).- Multi-level drop-down menus.- Many block regions.- Custom logo support.- Ready to use slideshow.

      • SimpleCorp: Clean Template for Drupal

        SimpleCorp for Drupal by More than (just) Themes is based on the SimpleCorp theme, which was designed and published by Site5. It includes 15 regions: header, navigation, top content, banner, highlighted, content, sidebar first, sidebar second, bottom content, footer first, footer second, footer third, footer fourth, footer and help. It features:- Responsive design - Theme design is optimized for proper displaying on iPhone and iPad.- HTML5 and CSS3.- Simple and clean design.- Multiple color schemes (15+ light and dark color schemes) and button color styles.- Drupal standards compliant.- 1, 2 and 3-column layout support.- Superfish module support.- Multiple theme-settings and extra shortcodes.- Flexslider Slideshow and JCarousel implementations.

      • Corked Screwer: Compelling Drupal Theme

        Corked Screwer by More than (just) Themes is based on the homonymous PSD template, which was designed and published by Vladimir Kudinov. The theme has a responsive layout, it's Drupal standards compliant, has 15 Regions, including a header, content top, navigation, banner, highlighted, content, sidebars, footer and help. It has multi-level drop-down menus and many more options and characteristics.

      • Andromeda: Minimal Drupal Theme

        The Andromeda theme is a slick and clean Drupal theme. It features 1-column and 2-columns layout, a drop down menu, support for slideshow and highlight (tagline, mission, ...etc) region, blog page support,  an easy to use grid system, and awesome support from the creators of the theme. The theme is free to download and easy to implement into your Drupal account.

      • Omega Kickstart Drupal Theme 

        The Omega Kickstart Drupal theme This theme is meant to be subthemed and become a starting point for your own theme development, hoping you make a more friendly version out of the box than Omega itself. This is a responsive base theme, and works correctly in desktops, tablets, and mobile devices, making it a good option to avoid the hassle of building a site from the ground up.

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