• A huge pack of 150 isometric icons about the most popular topics in the industry, this set takes the beauty of flat icons from the 2d plane to a 3d space, also includes the vectorial fi...
    • InDesign Templates (13 submissions)

      • 2017 Desk Calendar Template

        This is a digital template for a desk calendar for 2017. The template is high quality and comes with layers that are fully editable. The format is for InDesign CS3 and above use.

      • InDesign Lookbook Template

        A lookbook template for InDesign including 26 layouts. It has a clean and beautiful design, really easy to customize. It comes in A4 and US Letter formats, good for lookbooks, brochures, magazines, portfolios, and more.

      • Colorful Branding Design Pack

        This low poly 3D colorful branding design is a burst of energy, for dynamic people and companies into bold design. Available in fully editable AI and PSD files.

      • Medicine Branding Pack

        This medicine branding pack works perfectly for pharmaceutical, chemical and medical businesses. Totally editable Ai and PSD source files included.

      • Nautical Branding Design Package

        All the nautical essence has been captured in this simple and modern branding design package featuring logo, business card, quotation, invoice, folder, CV and proposal templates fully editable in PSD, Ai and INDD.

      • Noir Identity Design Pack

        This complete brand identity package set in a 40's movie, with a vintage crime scene look, has several business card designs, CV, folder and portfolio templates, among other printing elements.

      • Artistic Quotation Template

        Quite an artistic quotation template in PSD, Ai & INDD that features a clean style featured by an elegant low-poly header that gives both cool and professional style to your identity.

      • Aqua Schemed Geometric Brochure

        A trifold brochure template in INDD, PSD & Ai that features a nice aqua scheme applied in several tones to its low-poly background which nicely highlights your advertised content.

      • Tangerine: Gradient Business Card Template

        Tangerine is a citrus-inspired business card template that comes in PSD, Ai and InDesign formats perfectly suitable for your company branding.

      • Serenne: Safety Folder Template

        A customizable safety folder template for branding your company that comes in PSD, Ai, and InDesign formats

      • Free InDesign Brand Guidelines Mockup

        A mockup to create a brand identity guidelines book, made in InDesign. The template is perfect for presenting your branding proposals to a potential client or you can use it on your own branding design. It includes 8 print ready pages with 3mm bleed, it's A4 Horizontal (11.69 x 8.27 Inch), comes in 300 DPI + CMYK and can be edited easily with InDesign, and Illustrator.

      • InDesign Editorial Layouts

        This is a set of useful layout templates for editorial design with source files. It comes in a fully organized INDD format (Adobe InDesign), and includes templates for text-only pages, text with images, heading and more. The file also has an editable cover page. The design is free to download and use, and it was created by Chandesh Tk.

      • Vita: Resume/CV Indesign Template

        Vita is a minimalistic CV/Resume template for you to use as a base while showing you personal and contact information for a potential employer. It includes a serious yet colorful design, fully organized in an Indesign file with a business/corporate style as a free source. You can edit it easily, and is free for personal and commercial projects.

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    • Calendar Templates (16 submissions)

      This list will provide you with free calendar templates for integrating datepickers and date viewers to your design, letting you choose among a variety of styles.

      • 2017 Desk Calendar Template

        This is a digital template for a desk calendar for 2017. The template is high quality and comes with layers that are fully editable. The format is for InDesign CS3 and above use.

      • Free PSD Fitness App Calendar

        A free calendar app interface for fitness purposes made in PSD format. The UI uses transparencies but relies in bright colors (just like iOS8) to highlight the important events in a given day. It is free, fully layered and organized. This creation is free and it was created by Victor Vorontsov.

      • CSS-only Calendar App Concept

        A simple calendar concept made with pure CSS. It is composed of a flat iPhone mockup showing a calendar in which you can select a date range, and then select the task you want to add to that date range. It is a compelling and useful creation by Codepen's user David Khourshid.

      • Mini Datepicker Calendar PSD

        Here we have one very interesting datepicker calendar with subtly dimmed out colors, gorgeous and fitting for websites and mobile apps. It has a minimal style and can be easily integrated into any project you are currently working on.

      • Diverse Calendar PSD Templates

        These are three quite different styles for a calendar template in a PSD file: green, wood and metal, all very carefully created and ready for easy edition. Each one of them can be integrated into different types of projects; for instance, the green and the wooden can be added to nature-related projects, and the metallic one will perform well in any professional website. However, the way you use and modify the elements is entirely up to you in the end.

      • Tooltip Mini Calendar

        This free calendar with a semi-flat style has a gray body and header. It is not only fully editable, but even comes with a tooltip for extra info on the days. The typography is also a good addition in this one. This free calendar is completely customizable and can be re-sized without sacrificing quality.

      • Clean PSD Calendar

        This freebie holds for you a calendar and a slider control, both in a dark gray and blue combo and in vector shape layers inside a PSD. Among its elements, we can find a button, a slider and the calendar widget itself. Every button has soft gradients for a polished look. Created by JoJo Marion.

      • Flat Birthday Calendar PSD Widget

        Here we have a nice flat calendar created by Rebecca Machamer. The day is located on the left, along with other elements like the day label, the number of the current day and the event notifications. On the right side, we have the month, numbers for every day and some arrows for advancing through the months.

      • Animated Flat Calendar

        This is a simple and quite interesting concept for a calendar interface with reminders. This widget has a flat interface, it tells you in a familiar way what day is today and also if there's anything happening that day. Also, it has arrows to move through the months. The days that have events are highlighted in red. It comes in both GIF and PSD formats.

      • Simple Soft Calendar

        This flat calendar is divided into two parts. At the top, you'll find the current day, with a black color as the background, and at the bottom, you can see the actual calendar composed of the month label, the days of the week and the numbers. It has two arrows to navigate through the months. Created by Jaka Šmid.

      • Turquoise Calendar PSD

        An attractive flat design of a calendar with a turquoise color and vermilion accents. The calendar is composed of two parts, the first one at the top, in which we can find the month, the year and the option to add an event, and, on the other hand, at the bottom, we can find the actual calendar. It has a nice flat design that matches every type of project with ease. Created by Justin Nurse.

      • Blue Header Calendar PSD

        A rather different rebound of another calendar posted on Dribbble. Instead of going for the original flat style, Mohamed Ali Bouhoum applied a few gradients and a ''check events'' option to his calendar. Other details remain such as the red dot on the current date. It's all available for free in PSD format.

      • Simple Light Calendar in PSD

        An editable PSD file of a light, clean calendar with a subtle blue tint. It was created to give emphasis to the dates, using little shadows and bold typography. The calendar is intended to be used as a tooltip, but it can be integrated into any website as a widget. It was created by Dribbble's user Jitachi.

      • Little Calendar Widget PSD

        This freebie is composed of a calendar design with a leathery red header, comprised in a fully editable PSD file. Holidays are colored in red and the current day has a red and yellow style, quite lit-up. It  is a fully layered resizable vector little calendar widget inspired by the iOS 6 interface. It can be used and look really slick in both web and iOS apps. It is also very easy to change the color scheme. It was created by Pawel Kadysz.

      • Minimal Calendar Widget

        A minimal calendar PSD file with cool gradients, arrows, a simple representation of days and a different color for the current day. Feel free to use this calendar widget in personal and commercial projects, or create a coded version to integrate it and give functionality to your website.

      • Remind Me More: a Flat Reminder

        A creative reminder widget to see all the tasks you’ve set to do and the ways to interact with them. The downloadable file can be modified any way you like. It has simple typography and flat icons, it works more as a todo reminder than a calendar but it still looks very nice and it's very easy to implement in your next project.

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    • Education WordPress Themes (27 submissions)

      A good compilation of education WordPress themes for schools, universities or any sort of instructional content sites.

      • KidsLife: Kids Art School & Academy Word...

        KidsLife is a platform for kids school, kindergartens, kids art school and more. This one-page theme offers full-width slider to add images, admin panel, parallax gallery background and plug-in compatibility.

      • Enlighten: Education WordPress Theme

        Enlighten is a WordPress theme perfect for education purposes and online training programs. The theme is simple and clear and includes areas like a big slider, features, an about page, an achievements' page, a demo page, an FAQ page, a news page and a partners and contact page.

      • Scratchpad: Office-like Blogging WordPress Th...

        A colorful WordPress theme that features illustrative boxes giving it a beautiful style. It uses a variety of patterns, drawings, and design elements to bring a sense of whimsy and fun to your posts.

      • Education Hub: Academic WordPress Theme

        A clean and elegant WordPress education theme with simple but clear look and feel, it is highly customizable with responsive layouts and several other theme options making it a perfect choice for college, school or any academic websites.

      • Educate: Free Education-focused WordPress The...

        A high-quality WordPress theme for educational purposes. Its layout is really simple including a menu with logo area and social sharing options, featured slider, about us, blog, mission, and a widgetized footer. The theme can be downloaded and used freely on any project.

      • Invert: Clean Responsive WordPress Theme

        Invert is an extremely elegant theme, ideal for showcasing business portfolios and carrying a company’s image with elegance through a clean, responsive interface. Items with images feature nice hover effects, while a parallax section adds a neat touch, as well. The navigation menus are multi-level and animate softly. You can download the premium version or download the lite version for free.

      • Heavenly: Multipurpose WordPress Theme

        Heavenly is a responsive, customizable, search engine optimized and multi-purpose WordPress theme which will be perfect for any type of site, built with twitter Bootstrap. Among its features you can find: - 100% Responsive. - Suitable for any device. - Retina ready. - 3 page templates. - Portfolio page. - Threaded comments. - Built with Bootstrap.

      • Lifetime WordPress Theme

        Lifetime is a high quality theme for WordPress with an elegant and minimal swiss design. It has a lot of great features, like:- Custom logo upload.- Custom favicon.- Featured content slider with speed, transition effect, and adjustable pause.- Twitter updates.- Customizable background color and pattern.

      • Edumag WordPress Theme

        The Edumag theme for WordPress is a colorful choice for educational websites or blogs. It can help in kids’ learning thanks to the use of a tabbed menu for organizing the pages, comprised within a three column layout. Both lateral columns are the same width, and there you can place several widgets, like comments, categories, archives, bookmarks, meta info and more. …

      • EduBlog WordPress Theme

        The EduBlog free WordPress theme can be incorporated into almost any school, college, university or learning institution thanks to its friendly layout that works well for front-end users. This theme comes with a featured content slider, easy to read layout, and widgetized regions for a comfortable experience for both front-end users and administrators. …

      • English Teacher WordPress Theme

        This theme, created especially for kids is organised in a way that stimulates learning, making it a great tool for teachers and educators in general. The theme is composed of a simple menu that allows users to navigate through every the site has. It includes realistic elements, like some illustrations, and it also has widgets and a blog like style so it's easy to …

      • EducationTime WordPress Theme

        Here we have a free, partially-responsive theme, perfect for schools or universities. It consists of a three column layout, including the top menu and a “tags” menu, right column for elements like archives, categories, pages, meta data and blogroll, besides advertisement, of course. On the other hand, we have a wider sidebar on the left; this sidebar can be used to add social widgets, …

      • Desk WordPress Theme

        Desk is an educational theme that keeps the aspect of those old blogs when we used to see several sites full of fancy shapes, and even realistic elements on them. It has some design elements, like a pen, pencil, coffee cup, and a book-styled sidebar, all over a desk-like surface. It is a bit playful thanks to the use of different colors, making it …

      • EducationWP: Sleek WordPress Theme

        EducationWP is a simple blog, created with a flat style, and it’s the ideal solution for anyone looking for an education website or blog. The theme is easy to update, professionally built and comes with free support, making it a viable option. The theme uses the orange color to highlight important parts, and black buttons by default over white background. It has different versions …

      • SciencePress: Free WordPress Theme

        SciencePress is a sleek and elegant theme that uses several textures to give realism to the website, for instance, in the header and the footer. This WordPress theme has all the necessary to create a pleasant, educational site, but it still looks a lot like a blog. However, it is responsive, so it’s a good thing for your constantly moving audience. …

      • EducationZone WordPress Theme

        EducationZone is a cool theme for those looking for a an education website or blog that is compatible with the newest version of WordPress. This is a minimal theme that resembles those traditional media websites, yet keeping a contemporary feel. It features:- Theme options.- WordPress compatibility.- SEO capabilities.- WooCommerce integration.- Page templates.- Custom widgets.- Clean code.- Contacts page template.- Featured posts slider.- Location capabilities.

      • Molecula: Free WordPress Theme

        Molecula is simple, yet powerful WordPress theme, that can be used for educational or non-profit institutions to show their causes. This theme allows the easy-to-use admin options and many custom widgets to be highlighted in order to enhance its performance. This theme is responsive. …

      • Academica WordPress Theme

        Academica os a beautiful flat theme, perfect for non-profit or educational institutions. It is a CMS theme, which means you can edit any component you need easily, and this is complemented with a modern layout and elegant design. It has a modern three-column design, custom templates, and it’s easy to customize. This theme is not responsive. …

      • Book Lite Free WordPress Theme

        Book Lite is a beautiful theme inspired by old-fashioned typography. It has a bold custom header, stylized type, featured header images, and elegantly simple design. Also, the theme includes widgets, custom menu, custom header and background. …

      • Stargazer: Built-in Customizer WordPress Them...

        This theme, built on the Hybrid Core framework, is a simple WordPress theme without complicated settings. It has a built-in theme customizer for you to modify the theme as you like, using precise tools for this purpose. The theme is responsive, has an accurate visual editor, complete support for images, video and audio handling and multi-language.

      • Militone: Free WordPress Theme for Education

        Here we have a responsive theme for WordPress called Militone that supports HTML5 and CSS3. The homepage of this theme uses a magazine style layout and standard design for its single posts and pages. This theme also has built-in features such as featured glider, featured sidebar and more. …

      • Impulse Press: Starter WordPress Theme

        Impulse Press is a friendly WordPress theme with basic features for a straightforward experience. It has clean, easy to understand and extensible code. It also comes with an options framework, Bootstrap shortcodes, multiple page templates, portfolio options, font awesome icon fonts, smooth animations and a sleek slider.

      • Promotion: Free WordPress Theme

        Promotion is a free theme for WordPress designed with convenience in mind. This theme full of features like unique shortcodes for interface programming, SEO implementation, and layout options, like image size and position. It also includes page navigation and more options to improve the appearance of your site. This theme is responsive. …

      • Isis: Simple WordPress Theme

        Isis is a simple and responsive WordPress theme with retina support which adapts automatically to any tablet and mobile device. The theme has 2 homepage layouts, 10 social icons, 4 widgets, 1 Slider, 3 page templates, full-width page, 4 Google fonts, Font Awesome icons. It has an upload logo option, the theme is translation ready and fully translated into all languages and it’s suitable for any types of website.

      • BREW: Corporate WordPress Theme

        BREW is a free and open source started theme based on Bones and Bootstrap 3, including a collection of over 350 icons thanks to Font Awesome support.

      • Nictitate: Multipurpose WordPress Theme

        This is a free-to-download multipurpose WordPress theme. It has numerous useful features like a responsive layout, HTML5 and CSS3 design, easy customization with a visual layout manager, a visual shortcode generator, custom widgets, an unlimited sidebar, a jQuery comment validator, and cross browser compatibility.

      • Asteria Lite Free WordPress Theme

        This theme called Asteria Lite is a sleek and responsive for WordPress. It has a narrow and wide layout, 10 social icons and 3 different page templates. Among its features you can find:- 600 fonts.- Maintenance mode.- Custom CSS.- Import / Export options.- WooCommerce support.- SEO compatibility.The theme is fully translated into French, Italian, German, Spanish and it can be used as a corporate, portfolio, business or blog theme.

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