• A huge pack of 150 isometric icons about the most popular topics in the industry, this set takes the beauty of flat icons from the 2d plane to a 3d space, also includes the vectorial fi...
    • Photoshop Patterns (21 submissions)

      Give your project a neat texture and appearance with one of these Photoshop patterns, provided in PSD and PAT formats.

      • Customizable Vector Wood Texture

        Awesome and customizable vector wood pattern. Use this .eps file to give your creations a gorgeous smooth look, is also Sketch & Illustrator compatible.

      • Vintage Photo Press Effect Kit

        A great kit of Photoshop effects and textures with a vintage press style counting on 10 different color presets and 10 textures in 2 PSD files released by Ivan Gromov

      • Seamless Floral Patterns

        A set of 6 seamless floral patterns crafted for usage in design software like Photoshop featuring a resolution of 300dpi.

      • Seamless Fabric PSD Patterns Pack

        A set of 100 seamless fabric patterns in PAT format ready to use in Photoshop in which you'll find all sorts of fabric styles and sewing adorns and colors, squares, rhombus, straight and diagonal lines, and more.

      • Huge Leather Patterns Pack

        A huge pack of 150 seamless leather patterns that come in PSD, JPG, PNG and PAT formats. Among the many styles of leathers, you'll find several texture rugosities, designs, adorns, and colors suitable for a wide range of projects.

      • Seamless Photoshop Patterns Set

        A set of 300 awesome seamless patterns that come in PAT format completely ready-to-use in photoshop. Some of the textures and looks that you'll get in this set are light, dark, pixel, wall, grid, carbon, lines, fabric, diamond, paper, retro, metal, vintage, stripes, wood and more.

      • 20 Grungy Backgrounds in PSD

        This set is a collection of 20 grungy backgrounds, ideal for print templates or even for digital pieces. The package comes with high-resolution images for high details. These backgrounds are designed in 300 DPI and the file size is 142 MB.

      • Screen Print & Wool Patterns

        Here we have a finely knit herringbone wool pattern with faded screenprinted text on the front, representing a kind of authentic aging. These are free, seamless, patterns that the author, Kyle Wayne Benson, stitched up based on a sweater he used to love.

      • Cartoon Wood Pattern for Photoshop

        Included in this free resource are two seamless vector wood vector patterns that can be used to add style to any kind of illustration. Infinitely scalable and beautifully repeatable, just play with them in Photoshop, illustrator or your other software of choice, and you’ll have a beautiful result in no time. This set was inspired by Nick Slater’s illustrations on Dribbble.

      • Free Isometric Pattern for Photoshop

        Here we have a free isometric pattern. It has a simple blue background with nice cubes smoothly organized. This pattern has been created by Dream-Theme, and they can be used in several types of projects like apps, websites or portfolios.

      • 20 Vintage Photoshop Patterns

        As promised, here are some seamless Photoshop patterns for download. They’re optimized for web use but can be applied to anything. Included are ten light patterns for dark, and ten dark patterns for light backgrounds. Each pattern is 250×400 pixels, so it’s optimal to use this size when using it as a transparent .png for the web. They were created by Maleika E. A.

      • Blueprint Pattern for Photoshop

        The creator of this Photoshop pattern attached the file with normal and a HiDPI versions. It can be used in any type of design, specifically if you need a grid design to match your products. It was created by Benjamin Roesner.

      • Salami AI Pattern for Illustrator

        Here we have a simple flat design of a salami retro look. The pattern is focused on the color red with white and pink tone dots. This pattern works perfectly in any food website, but it can be implemented into any type of layout. It was created by Dylan Ousley, and it only works in Adobe Illustrator.

      • 8 Subtle Photoshop Patterns

        Here are 8 light and subtle Photoshop pixel patterns that will give your site, app, or design the look you need. This includes all 8 patterns in .PAT format. It also includes the PSD file so you can mess around with the patterns and customize them to your liking. Since the PSD is included, all the layers are vector, so you can scale them to any size if needed.

      • 12 Grunge Photoshop Patterns

        This pack includes 12 seamless Grunge Patterns. It also includes 1 Photoshop .PAT file to use in your web and application projects. These grunge patterns resemble fabrics like leather, and they were created by Matt Gentile and uploaded to Dribbble.

      • 20 Dark Patterns Part 1 for Photoshop

        This is a set of 20 patterns complemented with other 20 patterns styled in a dark fashion shipped in another package. It can be used in any type of website, giving it an elegant and sleek appearance. The patterns resemble some of the most common materials like leather, jean and carbon fibre.

      • Free Wood Patterns in Different File Formats

        Here is a set of Pixel Patterns, 36 in total. Each of them are 16 x 16px in size. This includes one .PAT Photoshop Pattern File and one .PSD file in case you need to scale these patterns larger. They are based in all sorts of wood, and they can be used in any ecology or environmental website to provide a natural look and …

      • 36 Pixel Patterns for Photoshop

        Here is a set of Pixel Patterns, 36 in total. Each of them are 16 x 16px in size. This includes one .PAT Photoshop Pattern File and one .PSD file in case you need to scale these patterns larger. It was created by Matt Gentile. It includes four files (for Gimp, photoshop and to use as an image background).

      • My Favorite Pattern PSD

        Jeff Broderick has created recently a pattern that I love and use everywhere. You can download it and use it anyway you like. It's smooth carbon looks come in both PNG format for easy use and PSD so you can edit it.

      • 20 Dark Photoshop Patterns

        Here we have a simple set of dark patterns, including more than 20 different patterns to include in Photoshop. Some patterns are lighter than others and also less complicated. They can be used in any type of design, whether it is part of a professional website, or a simple blog.

      • 5 Free Tileable Subtle Patterns

        This is a free web design resource with a set of 5 tileable subtle patterns that can be used for the backgrounds of your websites and applications. They come with light colors and are available in PNG format. Take a look at the previews and download the package from the link.

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    • JavaScript Animation Libraries (39 submissions)

      A collection of JavaScript animation libraries and plugins based on pure JS as well as several frameworks such as jQuery and ReactJS for web elements in CSS, HTML, DOM, JSON, SVG, and a...

      • BodyMovin: After Effects-to-HTML JavaScript L...

        A simple JavaScript library for exporting creations made in Adobe After Effects to SVG, canvas and HTML. It installs as an extension within After Effects, and it works by opening a panel with a Composition's tab, selecting the composition you need to export and finally selecting the destination folder.

      • Open Source React D3 JavaScript Library

        React D3 is a library made in JavaScript that allows developers to use D3 within React to manipulate graphical elements. The advantage of this is that you can harness the power of React with the flexibility of D3 by compiling your code into React components. D3 also helps you automate scaling ranges, normalize data and construct legends.

      • Anime.js: Basic JavaScript Animation Library

        A flexible yet lightweight JavaScript library used to create basic animation. It works with CSS, individual Transforms, SVG, DOM attributes and JS Objects.

      • AOS: Animate On Scroll Library

        AOS is a CSS3 driven scroll animation library useful to animate elements on any website while the scroll is going on. It works in any direction either while scrolls down or up.

      • SnapFoo: Open-source JavaScript Animation Lib...

        A JavaScript library to help you simplify the SVG animation process and used as an extension of SnapSVG (a JavaScript SVG library), including a complete documentation, examples, GitHub repo, and it is easy to include in your project.

      • TweenJS: JavaScript Tweening & Animation...

        An amazing library for tweening and animating HTML5 and JavaScript properties allowing you to apply easing and delais, do mltiple-tween sequences, as well as handling numeric or non-numeric properties, and more.

      • SnapSVG: SVG Animation JavaScript Library

        Adobe web platform's useful library provides you with clean, streamlined, intuitive, and powerful API for animating and manipulating both your own SVG content and Snap generated SVG content.

      • Skrollr: JavaScript Scroll Animation Library

        A full-featured library for web site elements animation developed in pure JavaScript allowing you to feature parallax backgrounds as well as element transforms, light dimming, easing effects, and more.

      • Spirit: Intuitive JavaScript Animation Librar...

        SpiritJS is a JavaScript library that allows you to create utterly appealing animations counting on full timeline control, import and export JSON files, inspect animations, high-performance by aiming GPU, an interactive and intuitive UI, and much more.

      • React Motion: JavaScript Animation Library

        React Motion is a JavaScript library for handling animations easily. It helps you create and manipulate simple transitions, draggable elements, list transitions, photo galleries, draggable range pickers, water-like ripples and draggable lists.

      • Direction-aware 3D Hover Effect

        Basic and smooth 3D hover effect made with CSS and a little bit of JS, a direction sensitive cube that flips from the direction of the cursor to the center.

      • Terra.js: Biological Simulation Library

        Terra is quite a unique JavaScript library that provides you with methods and functions completely ready to create creatures and or environment objects and let them interact with each other. Some examples are provided too.

      • ScrollReveal: Web & Mobile Scroll Animat...

        ScrollReveal is a JavaScript library that allows you to generate animations on scroll events handling HTML elements' style parameters.

      • Motion: Stunning JavaScript Sound & Anim...

        An amazing JavaScript library for animations on the web featuring nice and perfectly suited sound effects that boost your web elements to a different level of animation.

      • Popmotion: A Lightweight JavaScript Motion En...

        Popmotion is a 12kb JavaScript motion engine that can be used for animation, physics-like responsiveness and input tracking.

      • Spectacle: ReactJS Presentation Library

        Spectacle is an open source JavaScript library based on ReactJS for making online presentations featuring very smooth combinable transitions, user interaction, full-width adjustable opacity background imagery, among others. It was made by formidablelabs and it is under an MIT License.

      • Dynamics.js: JavaScript Physics-based Animati...

        Dynamics.js is a JavaScript library that applies physics to animations. It can create different types of animations like spring, bounce, gravity, bezier, easy in-out and more. You can apply the results to any design element, basically. The library can be installed via NPM or Bower and it was made by Michaël Villar.

      • ramjet: JavaScript and CSS DOM Elements Morph...

        A library in JavaScript to morphing DOM elements from one state to another with smooth transitions. It is quick to install, and you can generate different types of animations, like transforming shapes into images, apply colors and more.

      • CSS & JavaScript Animations and Transiti...

        A library made in CSS and JavaScript for animating elements and creating cool transitions between blocks. It can be used in different situations for enhancing the appearance of your website or navigate between pages mobile applications. This plugin is licensed under MIT.

      • Animate Plus: CSS Properties Animation JavaSc...

        Animate Plus is a JavaScript library for animating CSS properties and SVG attributes. It helps you generate quick UI interactions and longer animation sequences. It was created by Benjamin De Cock.

      • iconate.js: Icon Animations JavaScript and CS...

        iconate.js is an animation library for icons made in JavaScript and CSS, allowing to transform one icon into other. It uses Font Awesome icons, but it also can use Glyphicons. It was made by Jignesh Kakadiya.

      • CSS Animation jQuery Plugin

        A plugin made in jQuery to make CSS3 animations that include HTML5 data attributes. With it you can lay out your animation steps by time (in seconds), percentages, or both, you don't need to use more @keyframes or browser prefixing and add multiple animations simultaneously in one element.

      • Spring: iOS Swift Animations Library

        Spring is a simple library to improve the quality, performance and usability of Swift animations in iOS devices. Among its features you can find autostart, autohide, chained animations, and more. To use it, just add the library into your Xcode project. It has been released under the MIT license and created by Meng To.

      • Animatic: CSS Animations JavaScript Library

        A simple plugin for animating all kinds of elements at a time. It uses CSS transforms and 3d-transforms along with Javascript to create animations. It weighs 5k gzipped, it's free and it was created by Yehor Lvivski.

      • Velocity.js: Accelerated JavaScript Animation...

        An animation engine that works with or without jQuery. It's fast, and it features color animation, transforms, loops, easings, SVG support, and scrolling. The library is compatible with modern browsers. It was created Julian Shapiro and it is free to use and implement in your next project.

      • snabbt.js: JavaScript Animation Library

        A library made in JavaScript for animating HTML elements with the minimal requirements. It is fast, easy to use, and you can animate more with less coding. It does not handle colors, padding, margin or line height animations. This library can be downloaded for free and used in any project. It was created Daniel Lundin.

      • Tweene: JavaScript Animation Proxy

        Tweene is a JavaScript library proxy that allows you to control and switch between several types of different JS libraries, created for multiple purposes. It is a great way for avoiding so much coding, providing flexibility and stability in the process. It works with GSAP, Velocity.js, Transit (CSS transitions) and jQuery.

      • Rekapi: JavaScript Keyframe Animation Library

        A library that helps you create canvas and DOM animations with the help of JavaScript. It also uses CSS animations for modern browsers. With it you can create animated graphs, confetti, tweening Octocat, iOS7 riff (JavaScript DOM animation); you can even make pie charts.

      • particles.js: Particles Creator JavaScript Li...

        particles.js is a simple JavaScript library for creating particles. It makes the particles flow automatically, and whenever a particle comes close to another, it creates a smooth connector that illuminates the more the closest the two dots get from one another. It was created with a bit CSS for styling.

      • Swing: Swipeable Cards JavaScript Library

        A swipeable cards interface. It is a swipe-left / swipe-right for yes and no input as seen in apps like Jelly and Tinder. To use it, just drag the cards out of the stack, and into the stack again. If you drag to little, the cards come into place until you do that correctly.

      • AniJS: UI Interaction JavaScript Library

        AniJS is a cool JavaScript library for interacting with UI elements without worrying about coding. It was crafted for designers, so the semantics are written in plain english, so anyone can understand.

      • Responsive Web Design Exhibition jQuery Plugi...

        Prezento is a jQuery plugin that allows you to exhibit your responsive web designs across several devices as well as giving your visitor control over the scrolling of your web design.

      • Cross Browser CSS3 Animations jQuery Framewor...

        jQuery-animations is an animations framework made with jQuery that work in any browser making use of CSS3. By using it, you will be sure your animation works in every browser, and also that it will look the same in every one of them. There are animations like fades, shake, bounce, slide, fly, rotate, zoom, scale and flip. GitHub's user emn178 created this experiment, allowing it to be downloaded for free.

      • CSS Animated Page Transitions jQuery Plugin

        Animsition is a jQuery plugin that helps you create animated transitions with CSS counting on 18 different animations based on effects like fade, rotate, flip, zoom, and overlay.

      • bricklr: Create Brick-walls with JavaScript

        bricklr is a JavaScript code snippet that lets you create brick-wall effects in different styles. You can build regular blocks with random colors, pattern repetition, circular bricks, particular and multicolor color, big and small, and many more. You can modify whatever you want by typing different values to the code.

      • Particleground jQuery Plugin for Snazzy Backg...

        ​Particleground is a compelling jQuery plugin for snazzy background particle systems. It includes an optional parallax effect controlled by the mouse on desktop machines and gyroscope on mobile devices. Also, it works in any browser that supports HTML5 canvas.

      • GSAP: Professional-Grade HTML5 Animation

        The GreenSock Animation Platform is a suite of tools for scripted animation counting on 4 main ones; TweenLite for animation handling through object properties, TweenMax for boosting Tweenlite with non-essentials like repeat, delays, and more, TimelineLite for sequencing actions precisely relating the timing between them allowing even timeline nesting and workflow modulation, and last but not least, TimelineMax which extends TimelineLite with non-essentials too.

      • Collie: High Performance Animation Library fo...

        Collie is a Javascript library that helps to create highly optimized animations and games using HTML 5. Collie runs on both PC and mobile using HTML5 canvas and DOM.Collie can stably process multiple objects using rendering pipelines and supports useful features including sprite animation and user events. Stable support for iOS and Android, and renders with an optimized method for each platform.

      • Transit: CSS Transitions & Transformatio...

        Transit is a super smooth CSS-like transitions & transformations library for jQuery allowing you to handle UI elements' opacity, margins, position, rotation, scale, skewing, 3D transforms, eases, and a lot more features.

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    • JQuery & JavaScript Menus (37 submissions)

      In this list, you will find a selection of multiple jQuery menus through tutorials, libraries, plugins and snippets, offering stunning effects.

      • Slide Animated Sidebar Menu

        A very appealing sidebar menu that counts on slide-animated elements that represent the page that they'll show, the content of each page is also animated with sliding effects making everything nice and coherent.

      • Multi-Level Push Menu jQuery Plugin

        A jQuery plugin that consists of a multi-level push left-most located menu that deploys several menus at the left of itself as the previous menu shrinks into a single bar.

      • Slideout.js: JavaScript Touch Slideout Naviga...

        A sliding touch navigation menu for mobile apps or even web projects. It is dependency-free and features simple markup, native scrolling, easy customization and CSS transforms & transitions. It is lightweight, just 4 Kb is taken by this menu created by Mango.

      • CSS and jQuery Sliding Effect Lateral Menu

        A simple menu on the left side of the screen which works as "dropdown" once the user hovers over some elements. It has a flat style, and can be applied and modified easily thanks to the simple CSS and jQuery snippets included. This code can be used freely.

      • HTML, CSS & JS Context Menu Snippet

        A fully customizable and appealing gradient context menu to add to your websites taking the most out of its dark icons, smooth selected item highlight and sub-menus. This context menu was created by Ryan Morr.

      • basicContext: Easy to Use Contextual Menus jQ...

        An easy-to-use plugin made in jQuery for creating stylish contextual menus for websites and mobile apps. It works in all modern browsers, stays within the viewport and never opens outside the visible screen area, and it's scrollable whenever necessary.

      • CSS and jQuery Navigation Reveal Effect

        A nice CSS and jQuery effect for a navigation menu that reveals its items once the button is clicked, laying backwards the page content.

      • wheelnav.js: Spinning Menu Wheel JavasCript L...

        A JavaScript library that can be used as a navigation, pie menu and more. You just need to add the wheelnav.js on a div, and change the attributes for spinning time, direction, and even the general styling of the wheel. It is a free plugin, made by Gábor Berkesi.

      • CSS & JS Radial Pop-Out Navigation

        A compelling menu for apps and websites made in CSS and JavaScript. It consists of simple circles with icons inside for the action you need. You can adapt it on your designs easily and use it freely. It was created by Dudley Storey.

      • CSS & jQuery 3D Rotating Navigation

        A CSS and jQuery navigation that looks like a 3D effect when it appears. It is complemented with beautiful typography and outlined icons for major impact. It uses CSS transforms and transitions to make it smooth and neat. It can be used freely.

      • textAssist: Smart Text jQuery Assistant

        textAssist is a smart text assistant jQuery script that allows you view additional information on dynamic web pages. textAssist helps web developers in making websites user-friendly. This plugin helps easily assisting users who selected some texts on your website, with fully customizable options.

      • Stretchable CSS Interaction Menu

        A simple interaction menu for apps that can be stretched to reveal the menu elements created with CSS and JavaScript. It reveals the menu items organized in a list, created especially for mobile devices, although it can be adapted to desktop versions of websites. It is free and it was created by Codepen user Fabrizio Bianchi.

      • Scotch: Off Canvas Menus & Panels jQuery...

        Scotch Panels is a jQuery plugin for easily creating off canvas menus, navigation, and other panel types such as images, videos, and iframes. They have lots of features and different options for every skill-level to tweak and implement into almost any project. They work from any container so you can put your side navigation on any element you want. It even provides excellent browser support via a JavaScript fallback.

      • Perspective Page View Navigation

        A jQuery menu that pushes the site content aside in a very appealing way revealing a navigation menu. We’ve experimented a bit and we’ve come up with a small set of effects that take the page and move it in 3D to reveal a navigation.

      • jQuery Fly Side Menu with an Animation

        jQuery Fly Side Menu is a plugin created by Pete R. that helps you create a menu that pushes your whole website aside through a very smooth transition, resembling an Airbnb App Menu Animation.

      • jQuery Dropdowns with a Bootstrap Style

        This nice plugin creates dropdown menus with the style of Bootstrap. Dropdowns can be attached to any element that you want, they can be scrollable and include form control, icons, code and more!

      • Shifter Formstone: Simple Slide-out Mobile Na...

        A jQuery plugin for simple slide-out mobile navigation. Shifter works by checking for target elements in the DOM and binding events to them. This allows you to markup and style pages in any way you'd like, but at a minimum you need three specifically classed elements including the body tag.

      • Pushy, Off Canvas Navigation Menu

        Pushy is a responsive off-canvas navigation menu. It uses CSS transforms & transitions, has a smooth performance on mobile devices, supports jQuery animation fallback for IE 7 to 9, the menu closes when a link or the site overlay are selected.

      • Fly Rounded Menu

        A code snippet that allows you to create a rounded menu for a web app or a game. When you hover over it, it will display the hidden options. You can also edit the code to make it even more functional.

      • Snap.js: Animated Sidebar Menus

        A Library for creating beautiful mobile shelves in Javascript (Facebook and Path style side menus). It allows great customization, and it has Flickr support. It is an independent library, and it is highly customizable. It also features user intent detection, disabled hyperextension, event hooks, and CSS3 powered animations with IE fallbacks.

      • mmenu: Mobile Sliding jQuery Menus

        A jQuery plugin for creating slick, app look-alike sliding menus for your mobile website with only one line of JavaScript. It allows your app or mobile website to portray two menus, one in each side of the screen, resembling popular apps like Facebook, and very handy if your creation has lots of information to display.

      • Slidepanel: jQuery Sidebar Plugin

        A quick and easy way to add a contextual AJAX sliding panel to your site. You just need to include the required files, add a trigger for the panel and it's all set.

      • Portamento: Sliding Panels jQuery Plugin

        Portamento is a jQuery plugin that makes it simple to add sliding or “floating” panel functionality to your web page. All that is needed is some simple CSS and one line of JavaScript. It works fine with floated and absolutely-positioned layouts, in all modern browsers and some not-so-modern ones too.

      • MeanMenu: A jQuery Responsive Menu Plugin

        MeanMenu is a menu system for converting a standard menu into a mobile / tablet responsive menu, media query independent. It has among its features hide or show menu children, target navigation element to swap out with MeanMenu, orientation adjustment, control screen width, expanding/collapsing sub navigation, bundled with configurable CSS, quick to setup and configure.

      • jmenu: Horizontal Navigations with Unlimited ...

        jMenu is a jQuery plugin that enables us to create horizontal navigations with unlimited sub-menus. Besides jQuery, it also requires jQuery UI and supports all the effects of this library like fadeIn or slideDown. The markup of the menu is pretty clean as it makes use of nested lists. The look and feel of the output set in a CSS file so updating it without touching the JS code possible.

      • Circular Motion jQuery & CSS Effect

        A nice jQuery and CSS plugin made by Mary Lou from Codrops. It helps you create a menu formed by floating circles. One main element will display options that, when hovered, will have a smaller circle complementing the information. It is created using the jQuery.path plugin for the animations.

      • Multi-Level Hierarchical jQuery Menu

        With jQSimpleMenu, you are able to add multi-level, jQuery drop down menus these are useful for showing hierarchical information to your website without writing any additional lines of code. The menus come fully animated for each time new options are displayed.

      • CSS Dock Menu

        If you are a big Mac fan, you will love this CSS dock menu. It is using Jquery library and Fisheye component for the interface and some icons. It comes with two dock position: top and bottom. This CSS dock menu is perfect to add on to my iTheme. Here I will show you how to implement it to your web page.

      • Horizontal CSS Drop-Down Menu

        A large drop-down menu inspired in the one found at Microsoft’s website. Useful for displaying vast amounts of options without draining all the space available. Also, it's possible to adjust the menu in order to use it with smaller screens and devices.

      • NavDock jQuery Plugin

        This is a complete jQuery plugin with an explanation for creating a dock like the one in MacOS. You can add any type of icons, and they will be scaled when the user places the mouse over them, the adjacent icons will move to give space to the enlarged icon.

      • Awesome iQuery Slide Down Box Menu

        A jQuery menu that consists of unique up-popping navigation items. This menu features sliding boxes as you hover over the navigation bar, these out-sliding boxes contain the menu options, while a thumbnail pops up. A submenu box will also be included with further links for some of the menu items. The submenu will slide to the left or to the right depending on which menu item you hover over.

      • Vertical jQuery & CSS Scroll Menu

        A scrolling menu created with jQuery and CSS. The menu has a very long list of elements on a medium sized box, which scrolls up and down as we hover on the respective section, all done with supremely smooth movements.

      • CSS & jQuery Fixed Face-out Menu

        A fixed CSS and jQuery menu that will follow users as they scroll down the page, but fading out to the point where it is almost invisible. The menu will come back to its usual shape only when the reader hovers over it.

      • Responsive CSS Multi-Level Menu

        A responsive, multi-level, animated menu made with CSS that will allow us to display many options with an intelligent use of space, in any device. The great part about this menu is its ability to display the next level without growing larger, but just putting the current info on top of the previous one.

      • jQuery-Menu-Aim: Amazon-Like Dropdowns

        A very interesting plugin aimed at making the user experience a lot smoother and satisfying when using large drop-down menus like the ones found in Amazon. What this tool does is recognizing whether the user is pointing at the items, which makes them stay for a little longer, simplifying things a lot with just a small detail.

      • jPanelMenu: Responsive Slideshow jQuery Plugi...

        jPanelMenu is a jQuery plugin that creates a paneled-style menu (like the type seen in the mobile versions of Facebook and Google, as well as in many native iPhone applications). It creates a menu with minimal style, but you can change it as you like in order to make it fit your website.

      • Sidr: Side Menus jQuery Plugin

        A jQuery plugin for creating side menus and the easiest way for doing your menu a responsive element. You will be able to create multiple siders on both sides of your web to make responsive menus. Fill the siders normally, with existent content, remote content, or whatever you'd like.

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