• A huge pack of 150 isometric icons about the most popular topics in the industry, this set takes the beauty of flat icons from the 2d plane to a 3d space, also includes the vectorial fi...
    • Online Font Tools (14 submissions)

      • Choose Your Font is a tool that helps find the right font for your texts. The tool has the option to change the size of the text previewed and filter the selected fonts.

      • Type Nugget: Online Typesetting & Format...

        A really cool and useful online tool to format text how you like. It allows you to visualize changes while you're making them (these include the possibility to modify the font weight, family, size, style, color, letter spacing and many more options). Once you've finished, you can download the CSS code and integrate it into your website.

      • Type Terms: Font Terminology Guide

        This useful guide is meant for font creators, it contains all the individual terminology used in the crafting of every individual letter. You'll receive a brief description just by clicking the term you want to know about .

      • The Letter-Spacing (Kerning) Game

        Kern Type is a game aimed towards both testing and helping to learn the fundamentals of letter-spacing, moving the letters by dragging them with the pointer or using the arrow keys. You can compare your solution against a typographer's solution.

      • Identifont: Digital Font Directory

        Identifont is a directory of digital fonts that provides a range of features to help you locate fonts or find information about fonts, you can find them by appearance, name, similarity by picture or find designers and publishers.

      • TypeSource: Google Web Font Inspiration

        A curated collection of Google Web Fonts featured by several styles, designs, photography and art as background for inspiration purposes.

      • FontCDN: Google Web Fonts Search Tool

        FontCSN is an online and downloadable tool that allows you performing fully filtered searches through the immense collection of Google Web Fonts. Some of the filters you can apply to your search are category (e.g. serif, handwriting), suggestions (e.g. paragraph, header), subset (e.g. Latin, Hebrew). You can also sort them by popularity, date, style, and more, as well as modify the preview text as in content and size.

      • Use & Modify: Free Fonts Collection

        A huge round-up of beautiful, classy, punk, professional, incomplete, weird typefaces, all of them being open source licensed which allow them to be totally free to use and editable. You can modify the sizes of the font previews, switch B&W contrast, arrange them by grids, and more.

      • Font Flame: Random Font Pairing Tool

        Font Flame is an online font pairing tool that shows you two fonts as title and subtitle text, in order to evaluate whether they do or not go well together, all you have to do is either click on 'love' if you like the combination, or on 'hate' if you don't, thus, a crowd-fed ranking is created to get the combinations that are liked the most and show them in the trendy section.

      • Arial Monochrome CSS Style Guide

        A complete style guide for the Arial Monochrome font which comes packed in this Codepen snippet. It shows the different ways in which the font can be used, its sizes, color combinations, how it looks on paragraphs, headings and more. This guide can be adapted to other fonts easily.

      • Typecast: Public Web Fonts Showcase & Fo...

        Google Typecast is a cool tool to let you know how a specific font would look with real chunks of texts. The tool allows you to select any of the thousands of fonts available in Google Web Fonts, and it formats them to show you how headings look, it adapts the sizes and displays various styles as well.

      • webfont|test: Web Fonts Online Testing Tool

        A cool online tool for testing web fonts. It is really useful to know which kind of font to use on your website, how they look and which one is best for readability. It also helps you know which one is the best font for the design you created. The tool lets you compare up to three fonts at a time.

      • localFont: localStorage Web Font Caching Onli...

        An online JavaScript tool that converts your font family files into a ready to use solution for localStorage web font caching. To use it, just drop the font files and set up each font’s style and weight, and finally grab the code that will be automatically generated. It is released under the MIT license, and it was created by Jaime Caballero.

      • FontFlex: Dynamic jQuery Font Resizer

        jQuery FontFlex is a lightweight extension that changes the sizes of fonts dynamically depending on the container or the browser's width. This is really useful for websites or mobile apps so you don't have to worry about changing the font size yourself. This font resizer was created by Nathan Rutzky.

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    • Startup WordPress Themes (40 submissions)

      A list with WordPress themes for startup companies and entrepreneurs, featuring a one-page design, beautiful typography and great photography.

      • Unicode: Multipurpose WordPress Theme

        A superior WordPress Theme featuring performance and incredible detail crafting. Includes totally responsive and pixel perfect layouts, full adaptative images, impressive media libraries, module variations and a lot more. Unicode is an excellent choice to create the perfect site using WordPress.

      • X: The Ultimate & Customizable WordPress...

        An ideal choice to save time by creating a perfect site, X offers multiple features such as Cornerstone, which is a complete real-time page builder and multiple Stacks that you can totally modify at your own will giving you the freedom to build multiple and unique sites. X comes also with more than 20 free different useful extensions and much more functionalities to enhance your experience.

      • Divine: Unique Free Business WordPress Theme

        A unique and powerful WordPress theme, great for websites focusing on starting a company, an academic center, a marketing agency or to create websites used to display portfolios. It's lightweight, multipurpose, responsive and UX-focused.

      • Safreen: Responsive Multi-page WordPress Them...

        Safreen is a compelling WordPress theme with multiple layout options for you to choose the one for your business. It has layouts for blogging, portfolio, start-up and more. Its design is clean and fits mobile devices of all screens perfectly.

      • Design Agency WordPress Theme

        A Wordpress theme for design agencies. It offers countless possibilities like logo upload, slides and some page templates to make your life easier. The theme is targeted toward design agencies, but with a little creativity it fits basically every website.

      • Skymint: Responsive Startup WordPress Theme

        A big, modern, blocky affair with a mobile-style menu, fully responsive styling and an assortment of pre-styled elements. It uses flexbox and Sass a lot more intelligently, thanks in part to several new mixins and functions.

      • Refur: Minimalistic Business WordPress Theme

        Refur theme from TeFox is a good suitable solution for both your business or your blog website due to its minimalistic and mixed layout it works for both corporate website and blog one.

      • Beetle Go: Modern Storyteller WordPress Theme

        A WordPress theme that was designed for photographers, bloggers, and storytellers, featuring a clean layout with nice circled-corner containers, parallax effects, responsive layout, and mockup carousels to feature your designs.

      • Scripted: Clean & Minimal Blogging WordP...

        Scripted is a neatly crafted WordPress theme perfect for blogging purposes, designed in a clean and minimal style and featuring a nice full-width slider that shows images by pairs.

      • Foxeed: Startup Business WordPress Theme

        A freshly launched startup WordPress theme called Foxeed, perfect to cater to the business startups like construction, architecture, interiors or even painting, renovation sites. The theme is compatible with the latest versions of WordPress and has areas for featured images, about, portfolio and more.

      • Dispatch: Fast Loading WordPress Theme

        Dispatch is a theme for WordPress with a modern look and lots of space to work with. The theme can be used for online and offline stores, including contact information at the top. It has a big fixed menu, big slider, features area and post thumbnails. The free version has a GPLv2 license.

      • Convac Lite: Responsive Multi Author Blogging...

        Convac is elegant WordPress theme solely designed for web bloggers focusing on fitness and other types of relaxing activities. The main aim of the theme is to improve blog’s appearance for the end users and making blog posting a cakewalk task for bloggers. It also works for businesses.

      • i-max: Free Health-focused Startup WordPress ...

        i-max is a great WordPress theme for startups and small companies in need of showing their products and services. It's imagery suggests it belongs to the health care sector, fitting some areas like elder and child care services, medical assistance, education and family. The theme can be downloaded for free, and it can be easily edited thanks to its GPLv2 license.

      • Rational: Responsive One Page Business WordPr...

        Rational is a super clean, compatible and visibly appealing one page WordPress theme that adds value to your website. It is perfect for new businesses and startups, featuring several areas for featured slider, services, about, team, testimonials, portfolio, blog, contact and more. It has a flat style and can be used freely.

      • Educate: Free Education-focused WordPress The...

        A high-quality WordPress theme for educational purposes. Its layout is really simple including a menu with logo area and social sharing options, featured slider, about us, blog, mission, and a widgetized footer. The theme can be downloaded and used freely on any project.

      • Toivo Lite: Free Flat Single-page WordPress T...

        Tovio lite is a free version of a complete WordPress theme. It is a flat, responsive theme with a single-page template. It fits business sites, blogs and small companies perfectly, featuring a clean layout with top menu, header with logo, different areas for company and product showcase, about, map, contact form and more. This theme can be used freely.

      • SKT The App: One-page Free WordPress Theme

        A responsive and multipurpose flat WordPress theme for apps showcase. It is perfect for corporate, business, personal, blogging, photography, consultancy and more, with the purpose of showcasing a product or a mobile app. It is also a one-page WordPress theme with various sections nicely crafted. It is compatible with major WordPress plugins like WooCommerce and Contact form 7.

      • BLDR: Multipurpose Startup WordPress Theme

        BLDR is a nice WordPress theme, perfect for Startups and small companies. The theme has everything a startup could need to showcase their products like a big multiple image header, including caption; a top menu, featured products area, testimonials and more. The theme is easily customizable, includes unique features and a page builder. This theme has a GNU GPL license.

      • sksdev: Free Startup WordPress Theme

        sksdev is a responsive WordPress theme with a neat look It includes a fixed header that uses CSS3 transitions effects. It is an HTML5 responsive layout with parallax scrolling, featuring fading images in its slider and the gallery section has a responsive lightbox. The sksdev theme was created by Sajid K.Shaikh.

      • Oleose: Mobile Bootstrap App Landing Page

        Oleose is a beautiful Bootstrap template made with Bootstrap (CSS), specially created for mobile devices as an app landing page. It has areas for featured images, about us, features, reviews, screens, demo, get app and support. It was created by Moe Shaaban and it is licensed under MIT.

      • Maskitto Light: Flat Responsive Portfolio The...

        A beautiful flat WordPress theme for portfolios and small companies. It has a one-page layout, although each page can be viewed individually. The theme includes menu, big image slider, title, caption and action button; features area, about us, portfolio area with thumbnails, blog with a masonry style, contact, map and more. It is free.

      • Onetone: One-page Minimal WordPress Theme

        A one-page theme for WordPress with a minimal style that you can use it to showcase all the information about your business without the need of additional pages. The theme lets you take advantage of great customization freedom for your homepage, galleries, video, a fully responsive behavior and much more.

      • Enlightenment: Free Startup WordPress Theme

        Enlightenment is a beautiful WordPress theme made with businesses in mind. It has a flat design, using additional photography and smooth typography to deliver a great user experience. The areas of the theme are the regular top bar and full-width slider, this time, complemented with a title, description, and download button; products area, widgets, icons and more.

      • Flatolio: Flat Startup WordPress Theme

        Flatfolio is a nice WordPress Theme that uses flat icons, unicolor widgets, blurred backgrounds and clean and readable typography. It is perfect for small companies, relying on a one-page layout that includes some section, like the about area, portfolio, quote, video, promotion, blog and contact. It is responsive, is supported by major browser and it's free to download and use.

      • Sensible: Colorful Startup WordPress Theme

        Sensible is a WordPress theme for startup companies that has a nice flat design with a one-page layout that works perfectly for this type of purposes. The design elements it includes range from a big slider, social bar, a description area, what we do, about page, and contact page, among others. The theme is free to download and use, it has unique features and capabilities, can be edited easily, is cross-browser, uses Google fonts, it includes the base PSD files, and it's SEO ready.

      • Quill: Monochromatic Startup WordPress Theme

        A sleek monochromatic WordPress theme for startups. It has a full-width featured slider with a menu on top, big logo area and motto in the middle, and buttons for some other actions. It includes sections for About, Services, Facts Contact, Cases, Team, Latest news and more. It is responsive, The theme can be downloaded for free, social integration, translation ready, and other options.

      • Torch: Free Bootstrap WordPress Theme

        Torch is a cool one-page creation for WordPress websites with a focus on companies. It includes a slogan, contact form, testimonial, services, and other widgets to show your corporate image and products. It has been created with HTML5, CSS and Bootstrap, working with smartphones, tablets, and desktops. It also has a full slider, portfolio area and custom sidebars.

      • AppLand: Bootstrap App Landing Page Template

        Appland is a beautiful landing page template for showcasing apps built with Bootstrap. It features a logo area and a menu at the top of the page. Also, it includes animations for the elements on the page, buttons for download, icons for features and more.The template includes thumbnails for showcasing creations. It was created as a free template that you can download and use.

      • Invert: Clean Responsive WordPress Theme

        Invert is an extremely elegant theme, ideal for showcasing business portfolios and carrying a company’s image with elegance through a clean, responsive interface. Items with images feature nice hover effects, while a parallax section adds a neat touch, as well. The navigation menus are multi-level and animate softly. You can download the premium version or download the lite version for free.

      • Intro: Colorful Startup WordPress Theme

        A magnificent one page theme for your website where you can show information about your business or products. A giant image at the start, along with an animated text make for the best possible intro, the rest of the theme is supremely minimal and easy to understand.

      • Fullscreen Video WordPress Theme

        An innovative theme that will let you apply youtube videos to the background, making for exciting websites. Below that, you can rely on a clean, uncluttered interface that will make things easy for your visitors. Feature content in your homepage and customize it with ease.

      • Kala: Creative WordPress Theme

        A good-looking flat theme with a transparent menu, nice icons for easy understanding of information and a portfolio section. As you'd expect in a modern theme, it's completely responsive and ready for all devices.

      • Firmness: Free Business WordPress Theme

        Firmness is a clean and creative WordPress theme. It is very flexible and it comes with some awesome features like advanced admin panel, two image sliders, customizable home page sections, custom logo and favicon, Google fonts, unlimited colors for the menu widgets header and footer, translation ready, 4 footer widget columns, scroll to top feature, social links, support for Contact Form 7, eight post formats and more.

      • Moesia WordPress Theme

        Moesia is a fantastic theme built for startups and companies that want to showcase their information to the public. It makes good use of images and icons to deliver a good experience and the use of a one-column layout and nice divisions makes for easy understanding of the content.

      • Personal: One Page Company WordPress Theme

        A gorgeous one-page theme for WordPress where you can display all the relevant information about your products or your business, on any device (the responsiveness works wonders here). Enjoy a clean and professional look with everything you need to portray a strong presence to your customers.

      • Minimable: Responsive WordPress Theme

        Minimable is an appealing WordPress theme designed to provide a stunning and dynamic look to your project. The name comes from the combination of minimal and scrollable, two elements this theme handles to perfection. Animations work when scrolling in and out of sections, while the circles located at the start let you jump around the site.

      • OneEngine: Multipurpose One Page Theme

        OneEngine is a surprisingly beautiful theme for WordPress that will show your content in a dynamic one-page layout with responsive design that works smoothly on both small and big-sized screens. Don't let its simplicity fool you, though; when scrolling through the page, you are able to show videos, pie charts and more, adding animations that start the moment you move to their sections.

      • Fruitful: WordPress Responsive Theme

        A WordPress theme with powerful options panel and a simple, clean front-end design. You can quickly upload logo, background, edit colors, header and menu positions, slider, fonts, social icons, footer, custom CSS and much more. It is translated to Russian, German, Spanish, French and other languages, and it's WooCommerce and WPML ready.

      • Onesie: One Page Portfolio WordPress Theme

        A blog theme for WordPress called Onesie that has been created with simplicity, responsiveness and elegance, suited for portfolios and landing pages. It does not need more than one page, neither it shows posts or pages. Unfortunately, it does not support custom menus, custom headers, sidebars or widgets either.

      • One Page: Simple Startup WordPress Theme

        A Simple WordPress Theme for startups since sometimes you just want an empty, clutter-free space to place your content online. One page aims to do just that with a highly minimal layout but still keeping a few options to spice things up, such as a filtered gallery and screen wide images in the homepage.

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    • Responsive WordPress Themes (92 submissions)

      A bunch of responsive WordPress themes with easy-to-implement layouts that will help you show your content in any device.

      • EmailSender: Email Marketing WordPress Theme

        Email Marketing Theme is a perfect solution for email marketing company. The Theme provides video advertisement, business tagline, website welcome note, browser compatibility, call to action button, and attractive blog layout.

      • FrozenFood: Store & Bakery WordPress The...

        FrozenFood is a responsive Wordpress organic store and bakery website theme. It is an e-commerce one-page layout theme with an integrated WooCommerce plugin.

      • The7: Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Them...

        A total responsive and highly customizable WordPress Theme that allows you to choose basic settings like branding, colors, header layout, etc. and intelligently calculates all the rest without any code. Infinite features included within The7

      • Flatsome Multipurpose & Responsive Theme

        The perfect theme for any shop. Featuring total responsiveness, Flatsome contains all the tools needed to create super fast responsive websites with amazing user experience.Create the ultimate E-Commerce site without the use of any code.

      • Unicode: Multipurpose WordPress Theme

        A superior WordPress Theme featuring performance and incredible detail crafting. Includes totally responsive and pixel perfect layouts, full adaptative images, impressive media libraries, module variations and a lot more. Unicode is an excellent choice to create the perfect site using WordPress.

      • X: The Ultimate & Customizable WordPress...

        An ideal choice to save time by creating a perfect site, X offers multiple features such as Cornerstone, which is a complete real-time page builder and multiple Stacks that you can totally modify at your own will giving you the freedom to build multiple and unique sites. X comes also with more than 20 free different useful extensions and much more functionalities to enhance your experience.

      • Pixgraphy: Free WordPress Photography-focused...

        A customizable WordPress theme that is perfect to display photographs and images, it supports many plugins to extend its functionality, like WooCommerce. It's translation ready and you can easily change things with its Customizer. Also, it is SEO friendly and Responsive.

      • Shop Isle: Free Responsive Shopping WordPress...

        A clean and elegant WordPress theme, downloadable for free, ready to be adapted into a beautiful online store. It has clean & validated code so you don't need to know PHP, supports basically every browser, includes the Theme Options panel and geolocated translations.

      • Tora: Free Elegant Business WordPress Theme

        An elegant and responsive business theme that features a Customizer with fonts, colors, blog and header options, sidebar position and more. It uses the Live Composer plugin for quick edition & creation and has premade layouts available, so you spend less time designing.

      • Travel Diaries: Free Travel Blogging WordPres...

        An easy to use WordPress theme crafted for travel bloggers. Each element has a responsive design, and it will display nicely on all kinds of devices and screen sizes. It has categories for subscription forms, recent posts, most popular articles, travel guides and more.

      • Edge: Minimal Free WordPress Theme

        A minimal WordPress theme for blogs that is completely responsive and suitable for all devices. The theme is optimized and tested for fast page load times, and it has a secure and clean code.

      • Bloog Lite: Blogging WordPress Theme

        A simple blog-type WordPress theme that contains all the features of a blog site: a homepage with different layouts, widgets, SEO friendly, custom logo, and much more.

      • Vmag: Free Responsive Newspaper WordPress The...

        A free WordPress theme for magazines, newspapers and professional blogs. It is fully responsive and built on Customizer tool, which allows you to alter most of the theme settings easily with live preview. It has a cool design, great performance, and speed, support, lite code, and more.

      • Businessx: Free Responsive Business WordPress...

        Businessx is a modern one-page WordPress theme, perfect for any business, agency or blog. With the help of the free Businessx Extensions plugin you will be able to add 12 sections (Slider, Features, About Us, Team, Clients, Portfolio, Actions, Testimonials, Pricing, FAQ, Hero, Blog) to your homepage and position them as you want on page.

      • Boron: Ajax WordPress Blog Theme

        A WordPress theme designed for a blog featuring ajax content which makes the website very fast, and it is deployed in the same page, reducing the hosting needs. This theme is also perfectly responsive and customizable.

      • Astrid: Stylish & Minimal Corporate Word...

        Quite a stylish minimal style WordPress theme suitable for corporate business featuring a full-width layout parallax backgrounds for sections, a tight-tile gallery, a transparent background people photos for testimonial, and more.

      • Creative Blog: Complete Blogging WordPress Th...

        A simple WordPress Theme which aims the easy creation of personal blog sites, focused on the features this type of sites require, it comprises editable options such as a logo change option, custom header, custom background, custom social menu and much more.

      • FotoGraphy: Photo Portfolio WordPress Theme

        A great WordPress responsive theme for photo galleries that features a full-width header slider and several sorts of neatly organized grid layouts for its galleries.

      • Flatter: Unique & Modern WordPress Theme

        A multipurpose WordPress theme offering diverse options that can be configured from the theme options, moreover includes powerful plugins for added functionality as well as the SASS files for deeper customization options.

      • Lightly: Blog Magazine WordPress Theme

        Lightly is a minimalistic and responsive blogging theme for WordPress that comes packed with a ton of useful features without any upsells in itself. Lightly offers a clean and modern feel, perfect for sharing the news.

      • Bento: Multi-Purpose Free WordPress Theme

        Bento is a free multi-purpose WordPress theme with wide customization possibilities, mobile-friendly layouts, a visual content builder, and dozens of other options and settings that are usually only found in paid templates.

      • LoveBond Lite: Wedding WordPress Theme

        A clean wedding WordPress theme acting as a great wedding planner, several sections managing ceremony, invitations, tweets, guestbook, and photography, among other special moments around a marriage.

      • Enter Datar: Writers WordPress Theme

        A nice and clean responsive WordPress theme focused on typography and content. A fitting choice for bloggers and writers. Enter Datar features Jetpack WordPress plugin to enhance theme functionalities.

      • Sauron: Multipurpose WordPress theme

        An SEO friendly WordPress theme that utilizes one-page scroll and a dynamic parallax technology. This theme is retina ready featuring a clean and awesome flat design. Sauron is also highly customizable and perfect for any blogging or photography project making it an ideal choice.

      • Education Hub: Academic WordPress Theme

        A clean and elegant WordPress education theme with simple but clear look and feel, it is highly customizable with responsive layouts and several other theme options making it a perfect choice for college, school or any academic websites.

      • Drento: Minimal WordPress Blog Theme

        A simple and essential WordPress blog theme, responsive, it comprises a column in the center of the screen with a hamburger menu-button that displays a sidebar featuring a calendar, recent posts, archives, categories and more.

      • Skymint: Responsive Startup WordPress Theme

        A big, modern, blocky affair with a mobile-style menu, fully responsive styling and an assortment of pre-styled elements. It uses flexbox and Sass a lot more intelligently, thanks in part to several new mixins and functions.

      • Emmet Lite: Simple & Clean WordPress The...

        Emmet Lite is a theme perfect for bloggers, business, portfolios or any other site, easy to customize and perfectly functional. It includes a page builder and is fully integrated with WordPress and its plugins.

      • Integral: Simple & Elegant One Page Word...

        Integral is a stunning and well-designed WordPress theme suitable for several professional scenarios. Its design is parallax and responsive. An image carousel, a lightbox and high-quality vector icons are some features to highlight.

      • Ving: Clean & Modern WordPress Theme

        A clean theme with fantastic visuals and great quality design with animation effects . The theme locates the social media icons at first and is perfect for blogging with several features to manage, organized in 5 different categories.

      • Color: WordPress One Page Theme

        A colored single-page template for your WordPress project containing several sections, services, portfolio, and contact just to name some. Built using Bootstrap and Jquery, it includes a background slider changing among 3 images and information about the site. The page is responsive and works perfectly with mobile devices.

      • Athena: Multipurpose eCommerce WordPress Them...

        Athena is a multipurpose responsive WordPress theme that features a masonry grid blog page, 9 templates, screen-size front page Jumbotron, parallax effects, WooCommerce support, and more.

      • WorkStrap Light: Fast WordPress Business Them...

        WorkStrap is an incredibly fast WordPress business theme built on Bootstrap. Whether you’re a freelancer or an entrepreneur, WorkStrap will help you create and maintain the online-part of your business and easily add and manage your, or your client's site.

      • GYMS: Sport & Health WordPress Theme

        GYMS free WordPress theme is built for gym, fitness clubs, personal trainers, health centers and other sport and health related business and it is suitable for any kind of sport activity like martial arts, crossfit and dance school, fully customizable.

      • Xylus Lite: Corporate and Business WordPress ...

        Xylus Lite is a responsive Wordpress theme, clean and light weighted. This modern theme with a minimalistic style will fit any corporate and business websites.

      • Kiyoshi: Architecture WordPress Theme

        This theme was crafted especially for creatives, publishers, architects and photographers. It has a modern and innovative responsive layout to make your posts look outstanding and unique.

      • Trendmag: Magazine WordPress Theme

        Trendmag is a WordPress theme with a clean and minimalist design based on the Bootstrap 3 framework. It comes with a custom menu, featured images, widgetized sidebar and footer plus a theme options page.

      • Impronta: Versatile Blogging Theme

        Impronta is a clean blogging theme, focused on content, it is perfect for news sites, personal blogs, diary and much more. Has responsive design and will look amazing on mobile or desktop.

      • Spacious: WordPress Responsive Theme

        A WordPress Theme with a clean and responsive design with awesome features such image slider, theme options and it's multipurpose as well. Designed for WordPress 4.0 +

      • Simple Melody: Clean Portfolio WordPress Them...

        Simple Melody is a clean WordPress theme for portfolio or blogging purposes featuring a top navigation bar, big thumbnails, hover overlayer effects, and a retractile top search bar.

      • BlogMaster: Customizable WordPress Theme

        BlogMaster is a light, fresh design WordPress theme, fully responsive and suitable for everyone. This theme is fully customizable by WordPress Customizr.

      • Pro Blogg: Portfolio Responsive WordPress The...

        Pro Blogg is a blog theme with a clean and modern design and aesthetic feel. It is a SEO friendly design and mobile friendly layout.

      • Politics: Campaign WordPress Themes

        Politics is a multi-page WordPress theme developed for politic campaigns featuring a nice home page with a full-width header showcase, parallax effects, and nice secondary pages.

      • West: Clean Agency WordPress Theme

        A clean WordPress theme that features a clean style and golden material web elements as well as parallax and hover effects, slide-in transitions, tight-tile grids, and more.

      • Anaglyph Lite: Clean Multipurpose WordPress T...

        A multipurpose theme for WordPress that features a clean style as well as neat fading effects as you scroll along, and ready-to-use WooCommerce pages and elements.

      • Ambition: Clean Business WordPress Theme

        A nice business-related WordPress theme that features nice flat web elements and icons as well as the most common layouts.

      • Tography Lite: Photo Grid Layout WordPress Th...

        Tography is a WordPress theme specially design to feature posts by regular-width photos that vary in height and are laid out in a nice responsive grid.

      • Seasonal: Responsive Blogging WordPress Theme

        Seasonal is a responsive WordPress theme that features a static left-side bar with high-quality photo background that contains the menu links and becomes a header with a retractile menu when displayed in smaller screens. It also comes with several main page layouts for diverse purposes.

      • Oblique: Slanted Boxes Fashion WordPress Them...

        A cool theme with slanted boxes called Oblique, focused on fashion and trends in clothing. Perfect for a blog about those topics, it can also be adapted to be an e-commerce site. The theme is free, translation ready, responsive, has social integration and Google fonts, as well as a parallax header image.

      • Agency: Premium Responsive Portfolio WordPres...

        A WordPress theme with a splendid user interface. It has a treemap layout, similar to the one on Pinterest website, responsive and adaptable. It can be used as the portfolio of a freelancer or by any design agency to show products and services.

      • Virtue: Flexible Multi-purpose WordPress Them...

        Virtue is a really good theme for WordPress (taking into account the amount of 5 stars people has given to it). It's main feature is its versatility, including tons of premium options for free, all within a flexible and minimal layout. You can translate it into multiple languages and download it for free.

      • Yarn: Flat Blogging WordPress Theme

        Yarn is a WordPress blogging theme created for writers and bloggers, focused on the written word complemented with beautiful imagery. It also used pastel colors and spaces for quotes, descriptions, images with captions and more. It was created by Kris Hocker.

      • InCart Lite: e-Commerce WordPress Theme

        InCart Lite is the simple version of the InCart WordPress theme, crafted especially for e-commerce sites. It is integrated with WooCommerce, features a responsive Bootstrap framework that enhances the appearance of the site and it has different widgets and boxes for diverse purposes.

      • Portfolio: Designers & Artists WordPress...

        Portfolio is a great WordPress theme for freelancers and independent creatives. It focuses on photographers, any kind of design or creative discipline. The theme looks great in every device, whether it is mobile or desktop; it is fast, lightweight and includes several options and plugins to get the most out of it.

      • Maskitto Light: Flat Responsive Portfolio The...

        A beautiful flat WordPress theme for portfolios and small companies. It has a one-page layout, although each page can be viewed individually. The theme includes menu, big image slider, title, caption and action button; features area, about us, portfolio area with thumbnails, blog with a masonry style, contact, map and more. It is free.

      • Newsted: Clean Bloggers WordPress Theme

        Newsted is a responsive and multi-purpose two column theme made especially for blogs, personal and companies' websites. It has a totally customizable homepage thanks to 3 widget areas, giving you the possibility to add a header image, text and a button. Posts are set to be shown in a clean way, highlighting your content and making it look professional and be easy to read.

      • Wilson: Blogging WordPress Theme

        Wilson, a creation from Anders Norén, is a clean and responsive theme that can be used in personal websites and blogs. The theme has a lateral menu that gets fixed to the top when it's viewed from a mobile device; it also has flat buttons with transitional effects and more.

      • Everal: Modern Responsive WordPress Theme

        Everal is a retina ready WordPress theme in which all the theme graphics scale beautifully on high definition screens. The theme includes crafted elements like a top menu, big slider, search, calendar, recent posts, blog area and more. It can be used for blogging or as a portfolio. It is also compatible with the plugin.

      • Enlightenment: Free Startup WordPress Theme

        Enlightenment is a beautiful WordPress theme made with businesses in mind. It has a flat design, using additional photography and smooth typography to deliver a great user experience. The areas of the theme are the regular top bar and full-width slider, this time, complemented with a title, description, and download button; products area, widgets, icons and more.

      • Sensible: Colorful Startup WordPress Theme

        Sensible is a WordPress theme for startup companies that has a nice flat design with a one-page layout that works perfectly for this type of purposes. The design elements it includes range from a big slider, social bar, a description area, what we do, about page, and contact page, among others. The theme is free to download and use, it has unique features and capabilities, can be edited easily, is cross-browser, uses Google fonts, it includes the base PSD files, and it's SEO ready.

      • Asteria Lite: Responsive WordPress Theme

        Asteria Lite is a clean responsive theme with a beautiful slider, narrow and wide layout option, 10 social icons and 3 page templates (full-width page, left sidebar page and blog page template). The theme also allows you to design your site logo with 600+ fonts, and among its main features you can find: - Maintenance mode feature - Beautiful Gallery feature - Custom CSS feature - Import/Export feature - Full compatibility with WooCommerce and Contact Form 7 - Ajax pagination feature (for navigating through posts without page refresh) - SEO Friendly - Translation ready (fully translated into French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Chinese) Asteria Lite is suitable for …

      • Sporta: Modern Sports WordPress Theme

        Sporta is a gorgeous WordPress theme created for personal trainers, online stores for exercise and yoga clothing and other sport related websites. It is a free option with several design elements like a top menu, a big slider, featured products, blog and more. It can be downloaded and use both personally and commercially.

      • Garfunkel: Masonry WordPress Theme

        A fully responsive WordPress theme with a Pinterest-style featuring a Masonry layout with a grid perfect for magazines and blogs. It has great customization options, a social menu ,two page templates, six custom widgets , editor styling and a translation ready code.

      • CleanPort Lite: Free Corporate WordPress Them...

        CleanPort is an unusual theme for WordPress that was created with the purpose of letting your users and clients focus on what's important. It is a lightweight development that uses WordPress built-in features, so it integrates perfectly. Among its features you have: - Compatibility with the latest WordPress. - Customer Support. - Custom Widgets. - Fully Responsive Design. - Documentation Files. - Theme Customizer. - Icons and Fonts. You can change the colors, fonts, slider, footer text and other things from the theme customizer tab. It is supported by Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome and IE8+.

      • LifeLog: Free WordPress Theme

        LifeLog is a beautiful WordPress theme for daily bloggers who want to share their thought with the world. Among the features the theme includes we can count: - Support the nine post formats. - One column layout - One navigation menu - Responsive layout - Custom header - Logo This template has a dark design, complemented with yellow icons and typography. The theme was created by David Chandra Purnama and it's free to download.

      • Being Hueman: Free Technology WordPress Theme

        Being Hueman is a great child theme for the parent Hueman theme. It has a flat style and includes custom colors and menu, featured images, a fluid layout, flexible header, full-width template, left and right sidebar, post formats, right sidebar, theme options, threaded comments, three columns, translation ready and more.

      • Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

        Creative is a responsive WordPress theme excellent for creatives, with clean design and minimal layout. It has a simple style, relying on photography as part of a featured component to make it even more compelling, and mobile friendly, design, as well as several features, like: - Responsive Slider - Theme Options - Responsive Design - WordPress 3.9+ Compatible - Search Engine Optimized - Support and Updates The theme is totally free to download.

      • Perfetta: Caffè WordPress Theme

        Perfettaa WordPress theme is an excellent one for food websites, cafes, bars, restaurants or other intimate locations that like to stand out from the crowd and offer a lightweight, speedy and friendly site-experience for visitors. This theme has all theme-specific options built-into the Theme Customizer for live previews of changes, whether this means changing colors and layout options or placing and modifying widgets for the most efficient creation experience possible.

      • Make: Free Drag & Drop WordPress Theme

        Make is a WordPress theme with unmatched versatility, power, and style. It is a complete platform that allows you to create four different versions with the same options; First, you can select the type of site you want within the layout editor — Text, Blank, Banner, gallery or Products —, add the elements you need and start creating content. You can even setup a full online store to sell your products or services.

      • Times-teel: News WordPress Theme

        ​​Times-Teel is a creation dedicated to media and news for WordPress websites with different features for highlighting the relevant content you publish. It is composed of nice textures and patterns, smooth social integration, compelling menus and widgets, and the best of all, free to download and ready to install.

      • The Newswire: News WordPress Theme

        A clean and modern-looking theme designed with news sites and blogs in mind. The main page features a big slider that can be filled with the latest posts or handpicked ones. Customization is quite important with this theme, featuring custom fonts, banners, logos, colors and more. This theme has a GPL V2 license.

      • Italian Restaurant WordPress Theme

        Give your business a modern look with Italian Restaurant. This theme can suit various concepts thanks to the multiple customization options offered and its responsive design..

      • Point: Free Multipurpose Responsive WordPress...

        Here we have a beautiful free fluid and responsive theme for WordPress called Point. It is a multipurpose and flexible template that includes an options panel so you can choose from multiple site layouts, backgrounds and color schemes. It has a friendly layout, translations and more.

      • AccentBox: Fluid Responsive WordPress Theme

        AccentBox is a free theme that features a flat design with several features like a fluid responsive layout, unlimited color schemes, options panel, SEO integration, and more. This HTML5 theme is made entirely responsive to make sure your blog or website look impressive in any case.

      • Di’verso: Flexible WordPress Theme

        Di’verso is a fresh and clean multipurpose WordPress Theme, built for any corporate, portfolio site, or even your personal blog. It is very easy to set and customize so you can create a lot of different layouts according your needs. The theme includes free support, a video tutorial, demo files, theme options, 5 slider types, unlimited colors, more than 600 Google fonts, contact forms, …

      • Yume: Free Responsive WordPress Theme

        This simple yet powerful theme is ideal for your blog, magazine or professional website, created with flexibility, multitasking and easiness in mind. It is a four column blog that uses a responsive layout, and it’s supported, being also browser compatible. It has alternate layouts, multiple sidebars, SEO integration, blog layouts, page and post meta and sitemap. …

      • MegaResponsive Lite WordPress Theme

        This theme for WordPress was built for next generation websites and blogs that fits any magazine, personal diary or even big media or news sites perfectly. It features clean and validated code, browser compatibility, an unlimited amount of colors to choose from, custom widgets, options panel for easy customization and localization. …

      • Omega: Free WordPress Theme

        Omega is a free responsive WordPress theme with framework capabilities, like a scalable and optimized search-engine, allowing you to create any type of site you want via omega child theme. Among its features you can find: - Valid HTML5 Document. - Fluid and responsive layout. - Search engine friendly semantic markup. - microdata (important for websites optimization). - Theme settings. - WordPress customizer. - Great support for child themes. - Multisite support. - Translation-ready. - Always improving. - Free download.

      • Iconic One: Responsive WordPress Theme

        Iconic One is a free WordPress theme with the quality of a premium one. It has pixel perfect typography that is pleasing to the eyes, offers a great combo of presentation and functionality in a neat package, is SEO ready, completely responsive layout, easy customization, PageSpeed testing and more. …

      • Autoadjust: Responsive WordPress Theme

        Autoadjust uses a tested fluid grid system that instantly adapts your website for comfortable viewing on mobile and other portable devices, as well as desktop or any other viewing environment. The theme includes five menu positions, three widget areas, stylesheet and editor. …

      • Preus: Free Parallax & Responsive WordPr...

        Preus uses some design elements like little shadows and background images to highlight the most important parts of the theme. This is specifically created for WordPress with a responsive layout, light typography, nice effects on hover (for instance, little captions appear when hovering over a gallery image, or icons for sharing when you hover over a post image), and many other nice elements to help you deliver great content to your audience. It is 100% retina compatible.

      • iTransform WordPress Theme

        iTransform is a nice and clean theme for WordPress blogs or websites, boosting a responsive layout. You can add contact information up in the pre-header, including phone numbers, email and social networks. Right below you can place a logo, menu and screen-wide slider, followed by a super clean content section.

      • Responsive WordPress Theme

        This theme called Responsive is a very nice initiative that focuses the attention of the users in the content by getting rid of useless things that just get them distracted. This theme includes a menu and submenu on the top, a big headline and subheadline (Huffington Post Style), a short description and a call to action button. Right below we can see some widgets, organized horizontally. …

      • Blain WordPress Theme

        Blain is a simple theme with a minimal design and responsive layout that includes page navigation, responsive slider, customizable header and footer different layouts, custom widget and time display. It also includes an options panel for easy customization, and it’s translated into different popular languages.

      • Stargazer: Built-in Customizer WordPress Them...

        This theme, built on the Hybrid Core framework, is a simple WordPress theme without complicated settings. It has a built-in theme customizer for you to modify the theme as you like, using precise tools for this purpose. The theme is responsive, has an accurate visual editor, complete support for images, video and audio handling and multi-language.

      • Portafolio: Responsive WordPress Theme

        If you read its name, you probably know what this theme is for already: Portfolios. However, thanks to a minimal design, it can be a great way to showcase a business website or even use it as a simple blog. The theme is fully responsive, allowing you to share the project without worrying about the visitor's device. It is free and it was made by WPExplorer.

      • InkNess: Retina-ready WordPress Theme

        InkNess is a stunning responsive WordPress theme with plenty of features. It is a modern theme compatible with all current devices, including the latest tablets, phones and Macs with retina display. The layout is quite versatile, and with the right images, this theme can be optimized for any kind of blog, whether its movies, technology, business, portfolio, etc.

      • Anew: Flat Classic WordPress Theme

        A beautiful and smoothly created theme has a classic personal Tumblog style; it is fully featured, responsive and supports high resolutions. The theme has several design elements like a fixed menu, social icons, a search bar, quotations, video and music players, and many more. The theme is free and ready to be used personally or commercially.

      • Hemingway: Multiformat WordPress Theme

        The Hemingway theme lets you portray all the information you need in a clean way, using responsive techniques so you can show whatever you create and not miss any type of audience, whether it is a mobile, tablet and desktop user. The theme has all the necessary design elements, like a big image header with logo, menu, a search icon, and several widgets.

      • Hatch WordPress Theme

        Hatch is a beautiful, modern-looking theme that photographers and designers can use to display their portfolios. The layout is quite clean, focusing on the images not only to see them, but to navigate through the site with them. You can add lightboxes and customize headers and backgroung. Also, it is optimized for mobile viewing with its responsive design.

      • Attitude WordPress Theme

        Attitude is a pure, clean and responsive retina ready WordPress theme which adapts automatically to your tablets and mobile devices. Along with the elegant design the theme is easily customizable with numerous theme options.

      • Meet GavernWP Theme

        This theme allows you to easily produce websites based upon the Responsive Web Design concept, thanks to functions provided by the GavernWP framework. In addition, use of the JSON format makes modifying the management panel and the theme's configuration a breeze!

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