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    • Usability Testing Tools (26 submissions)

      A list of several usability tools (online and downloadable) for testing your website performance, or to create it correctly from the beginning.

      • Website Low Vision Support Online Tool is a nice online tool that shows you how people with problems in their vision look at your website. With it, you just need to add the URL of your site, and then you can select various options, including problems like cataracts, protanopia, deuteranopia, tritanopia and monochromacy.

      • .resizr: CSS Media Queries Testing Online Too...

        .resizr is an online tool for testing any website's media queries to check if it is completely responsive. With it, you just add the URL of the site you wanna test and select the device, mode and other features. There are almost 30 devices to test your site on, and you can use it for free.

      • Axure: App & Website Wireframing Tool

        Axure is a simple tool for creating prototypes and wireframes without using code at all. It can be downloaded and installed for free on Mac and Windows, it allows you to open. Sketch prototypes and publish and share it easily. It also has a pro version with extended functionality.

      • Minimal Online Wireframing Tool

        A complete online tool for prototyping and creating wireframes. This tool helps you select an initial canvas that you can actually modify the size to see how your design adapt on desktops and mobile devices. It gives you the basic controls to create simple and fast models for your app or website.

      • Screenshot Builder: App Images Capture Online...

        The screenshot builder is an online tool that allows you creating app screenshot with a simple caption. This tool helps you set the screenshot size for different iPhone, a little caption, the font type color and more. It can be used in websites as a way of comparing how your app will look on different device sizes. This tool is free.

      • BrowserSync: Synchronised Browser Testing Too...

        A tool that makes it easy to check the performance of any website with countless features like streamlining, multi-device support, settings customization, URL history checking, remote inspector, remote installing and running, and many more features to help you test your site easily and anywhere.

      • Jest: Simple JavaScript Unit Testing

        Jest is a JavaScript unit testing built under the Jasmine test framework. It is a tool that automatically finds tests to execute in your repo and mocks dependencies for you when running your tests. It also allows you to test asynchronous code synchronously, run your tests with a fake DOM implementation (via jsdom) so that your tests can run on the command line and run tests in parallel processes so that they finish sooner. It was created by Facebook.

      • Prcrsr: Intuitive Wireframing Online Tool

        Precursor is a beautiful and intuitive tool for creating sketches and wireframes, rapid prototypes, notes, and everything in between. It provides basic tools that you can access just by right-clicking anywhere and start creating lines, squares, ellipses, texts and free shapes. However, it can improve a bit with additional tools like text enlarging. Then you just save it or share your URL for others to collaborate.

      • Redacted-Font: Lorem Ipsum Wireframing Font

        Redacted-font is a simple font alternative to the Lorem Ipsum text, inspired by BLOKK font. It displays blocks of texts in different styles, helping you sketch wireframes quickly and giving them a different appearance. It was created by Christian Naths. It is licensed under the SIL Open Font License.

      • Online Email Testing Tool is an online tool that helps you test emails with 30+ email clients before you set your emails to the public. You can test emails in web-based, desktop and mobile clients, working seamlessly across them. The tool is free for a limited amount of emails tested, but you can opt to upgrade.

      • UX Check: Website User Experience Test Extens...

        A Chrome extension to help you check the status of the current website design to see if it provides a great user experience for your users or not. It adds a bar next to your website and shows you what possible problems your website might have through Nielsen's heuristic algorithm principles, so you can create a report and fix them. It is a free tool for personal and commercial use.

      • DareBoost: Web Performance Test Tool

        DareBoost is a web test tool that allows you to improve web performance with a single click. You can get a full and customized report about your website's quality and performance, with step-by-step guidelines for optimization. Among the features it includes, you have: - Monitoring & Alerts - Installation-free tool - Integrated admin dashboard - Constant advice and tips This tool can be used to test your site for free, and you can download a free plugin, but you can also get additional functionality by selecting a premium option.

      • Monkey.js: Web Testing jQuery Plugin

        Monkey.js is a monkey testing library for web pages inspired in gremlins.js but with a simpler approach, it supports restricting DOM elements for testing and more. To use it, create a "monkey", add a custom behavior, and run it. It has the MIT license and was created by Zhuochun, who uploaded it and made it free on GitHub.

      • PerfMap: Front-end Performance Heatmap

        A bookmarklet and a Chrome extension that creates heat maps for analysing the performance of browser loaded resources thanks to the Resource Timing API. It needs a browser that supports this API, and to use it just add the bookmarklet or install the app from the Play Store. This extension was created by Umar Hansa and can be downloaded for free.

      • ShareX: Free Screenshots Tool

        Sharex is a free downloadable tool that allows you take screenshots, upload them and get the URL to use them anywhere. It is an advanced tool for capturing images and recording what's on the screen, allowing you to upload the images via Windows explorer by dragging and dropping, customizing after the capture is taken, adding notes, effects, watermarks and more.

      • Pencil Project: Open Source GUI Prototyping T...

        The Pencil Project is an open source tool for prototyping GUI's, available in all platforms, mobile or desktop. Its purpose is to make GUI prototyping easy for the average joe, creating beautiful mockups in any platform faster. Within this tool's you can count: - Built-in shape collections - Easy prototyping - Different output formats - Diagram drawing support - Inter-page linking This is a free tool to download; it has versions for Linux, Mac and Windows, as well as an extension for Firefox.

      • heatmap.js: Dynamic Web Heatmaps

        A JavaScript library will help you make three-dimensional data speak up. Heatmap.js v2.0 adds new value to your project, and you can build a business based on it, study and visualize user behaviour, and much more. Whether you want to have an aggregated overview of your users behaviour or look at thousands of events distributed on a map, this tool has all your heat map visualization needs covered.

      • Screenfly: Different Size Online Testing Tool

        A nice tool for testing your website at different screen resolutions. With this tool you just need to add the URL of your website and select the device you want your website viewed on. You can view it on desktops, tablets, smartphone, a TV or even on a customized size. This tool is free.

      • Blitz: Cloud Testing Performance Tool

        Blitz is a simple online tool that allows you to test the performance on any website from the cloud. To do it, you just need a URL to generate load at the volume you need. This tool allows you simulate up to 50,000 simultaneous virtual users and then analyze the reports.

      • Load Impact: Website Load Online Testing Tool

        Load Impact is an on demand website load testing and performance testing tool. This tool works by simulating realistic load on your website, generating traffic from different locations, and it provides server metrics, among other features. This tool is free with some limitations and you can test your sites online.

      • Online Usability Issues Checklist

        The usability checklist is a really simple yet very powerful concept. It catches common usability problems before the user testing phase and puts them on a list for you to revise them and fix them beforehand. You can even create your own checklist and share it.

      • Intern: JavaScript App Testing Online Tool

        With Intern you can run tests of your applications. It is a JavaScript tool that allows you to run tests in any environment, like in a browser client, a Node.js client or a test runner. Among its features, you can find the Asynchronous Module Definition format, functional testing, extensibility, Grunt support, and you can see great examples of other tested apps.

      • Moqups: Online Vector-based Wireframing Tool

        This is an online vector based mockup and wireframing tool with lots of elements. The lateral menu includes several design elements divided into three categories – stencils, images and pages – The first category includes notes, rectangles, headings, labels, paragraphs, links, checkboxes, combo boxes, buttons, text input and text area fields, sliders, avatars and many more, but you can add your own images. You can use it for free but there are also extended features for a fee.

      • One-click HTML, CSS & JavaScript Data Ch...

        Simply Testable is a professional automated front-end web testing that checks HTML, CSS and JavaScript analysis of static code and pages, and broken link checking. This tool works with just one click while at the same time you can collaborate with others.

      • Remote Preview: Multiple Devices URL Test Too...

        Created for the Helsinki Open Device Lab, Remote Preview allows you to check a URL on many mobile devices simultaneously. This is very useful to check possible layout problems on different devices given the wide range of phones and tablets available right now. It works in many platforms, including Android, Blackberry, iOS, Mac OS, Windows Phone, Symbian, Meego and more.

      • Local Storage Online Wireframes Designer

        An online tool for creating mockups of your favorite devices. It includes different UI elements for forms as buttons, checkboxes, dropdowns, sliders, loaders. Also, it includes typography components like paragraphs and H labels, and other elements to wireframe a complete interface.

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    • Stylish Fonts (61 submissions)

      Elegant and trendy by nature, stylish fonts are just what you need for that fashion-oriented post, or just about any piece of writing with glamour and class.

      • GOGOIA: Elegant Stylish Free Font

        A font inspired by brazilian tropicalism. It is available in OTF format, including regular and deco variations, with Basic Latin, Extended Latin and Cyrillic alphabets. The font is available for free under creative commons license, and you can use it for both personal and commercial projects.

      • Metrica: Sharp Mechanical Typeface

        Metrica is an uppercase, sharp and mechanical typeface. It found its inspiration in architecture, and it is designed with a flat, geometric style. The font is free for personal and commercial use. It looks perfect in printed projects. Created by Oliver James.

      • Muller: Multiple Weight Modern Typeface

        A compelling modern typeface with multiple weights that includes ligatures, fractions, alternate characters, case-sensitive forms, superscripts and subscripts. This font has 20 weights, that range from hairline to heavy. It includes italics, and it comes as OTF and TTF. It's free for personal and commercial projects.

      • Hamster: Free Script Bold Font

        Hamster is a bold script typeface perfect for branding, clothing, advertising, headlines and more. It was crafted carefully to equalize the dynamic flow and legibility. It comes in OTF format and it is free to download and use in print and web, personally or commercially.

      • Badhead: Free Stylish Script Typeface

        A great script font with a stylish look and nice sharp shapes, perfect for multiple types of incisive designs like logos, posters and more. This typeface includes uppercase, lowercase, and special glyphs, besides the usual numerical characters. It is a free font.

      • Nickainley: Monoline Cursive Script Font

        Nickainley is a monoline script handwritten font perfect for classical and vintage purposes. It includes uppercase, lowercase and special characters, and numbers. You can use it in logos, cards, t-shirts, letterhead, labels, posters and badges. You can use it personally and commercially.

      • Arkhip: Old USSR-inspired Typography

        A cool font inspired by the old USSR typography. It has been made as uppercase only, but it includes the regular Latin characters as well as Cyrillic, numbers and special characters. Arkhip can be used in any purpose, and it was created by a team of 7 people.

      • Againts: Grunge Print Typeface

        Against is a nice typeface inspired by the ink & tints hand-drawn brush. It is a font that includes alternative glyphs and additional ligatures to make compelling headlines. It can be part of grunge printed designs as a complement to the illustrations or photographs used. It was created by Ramandhani Nugraha and comes in OTF and TTF.

      • Timber: Free Inline Font

        Timber is a nice inline font perfect for posters and advertising. It is composed of various slices per font with sharp edges, making it a unique creation. It has uppercase and lowercase characters, and numbers, but it doesn't include special characters. The font was created by Mehmet Reha Tugcu.

      • Lovelo: Original Inline Font

        Lovelo is a beautiful Inline font for printed, digital and web design. It includes three font variants: bold, regular and inline. It has no closed endings, with both sharp and rounded edges. It can be downloaded and used freely, and it was carefully crafted by Hans Renzler.

      • Bulgary Script: Surreal Handwritten Font

        Bulgary Script is a font that combines brush lettering with traditional handwriting. You can use it in many ways, like printed or web design, and it includes 289 glyphs in total. among its features it has ligatures, contextual alternates, stylistic alternates, and stylistic sets. It was created by Aritro Das.

      • Delicate: Stylish Free Typeface

        A stylish typeface great for graphic design like posters, banners and other printed stuff, although a difficult font for web readability. The font includes uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, and some additional glyphs. The font is free to download and it is a nice creation by FAAK&PAAT Studio.

      • Anders: Free Sharp Font

        As a nice and minimal creation, Anders is a free and stylish font that can be used in any sort of project, whether it is web, mobile or printed. The font includes uppercase characters only, and it was created as an experiment by Tom Anders Watkins. You can use it personally and commercially.

      • Pirou: Free Stylish Font

        Pirou is a font that was born as an experiment inspired by Didot. It has over 300 character among which you can find: lowercase and uppercase characters, symbols and glyphs, accents and ligatures. It is a beautiful font that can be used in several types of design, like stationery, posters, general printed design and digital artwork, including web. The font was made by Quentin Grébeude and he made it available for free in Behance.

      • Frinco: Free Stylish Font

        Frinco is a compelling font with strange shapes. It is an elegant font, but at the same time, it's playful and wavy. It is an uppercase typeface that work correctly for headlines, and it can be used for posters, and includes numbers as well. The font is free to use for personal and commercial projects.

      • Big John / Slim Joe: Free Elegant Bold Font

        Big John / Slim Joe is a free font experiment created by Spanish Behance user Ion. It has uppercase characters only, one of them with a bold font weight and the other one with a light font weight. It includes the regular alphabet, numbers and additional glyphs. It is a geometric font without loosing its modern appearance, and if you contrast both weights they can be used in posters and other stationery designs. You can download it for free.

      • Magna: Extra Condensed Sans-serif Font

        One extra condensed sans font with a 1:4 ratio, supporting only caps and numbers for interesting and stylized short display texts. It is a free font for personal and commercial projects.

      • 47: Solid Sans-serif Font

        47 is a solid sans-serif font with all-caps and numbers, this along with the strong geometric character and regularity of this font, make it 100% display oriented. The font can be used for personal and commercial projects.

      • Static: Contemporary Free Font

        Static is a sans-serif font family constructed with strong geometric forms, but distancing itself from the standard circles towards an elongated rounded rectangle shape, in an almost monospaced array. It has soft round ends and consistent curves that give it a warm feel to it's modern mood. Available in four styles: regular, bold, italic and bitalic bold, for personal and commercial use.

      • Piron: Revisited Geometric Slab-serif Font

        A revisited geometric slab-serif font with rounded ends, in two variations: regular and stencil, great for combining in display and short texts. Free for personal and commercial use.

      • Akronim: Original Brush-like Typeface

        Akronim is a brand-new, original, brush-like, stylish font with a Western and Central European (e.g. Polish, Croatian, Czech, Magyar etc.) Latin character set. It was handmade in Poland by Grzegorz Klimczewski. The font has a SIL open font license version 1.1.

      • Johanna: Modular Display Font

        Johanna is a modular display font, geometrically-built half texture and half calligraphic; you should get the best readability at medium sizes or augmenting tracking. Available in regular and italic styles, containing uppercase and lowercase, numbers, punctuation marks, special characters and accented glyphs. Free for personal and commercial use, and feel free to donate as well.

      • Razor: 80s-inspired Display Typeface

        Razor is a display typeface inspired by the eighties. The thin multi-lined characters get the best result when used in bigger sizes and a static version of Razor is available as Regular Bold Italic. There’s also an animated version that consists of 39 glyphs in a single weight upper case (two are alternate forms of the A and O typing the lowercase letters) and numerals. Free for personal use only, the commercial license costs €10.

      • Lovelo: Geometric Sans-serif Font

        One interesting geometric sans-serif font made from open lines hinting or tracing the shape of each glyph. Inside the downloaded compressed folder you can find three fonts from the same family: line light, line bold and black, made from thin lines, rounded thicker lines and the space between lines filled to reveal the glyphs' "true shape", respectively. Free for personal and commercial use.

      • Kelson Sans: Original Kelson Type Family Rema...

        Kelson Sans is a remake of the original Kelson type family, beautifully crafted with a slightly above the average x-height, three weights (light, regular and bold) and support for Latin, Russian Cyrillic and Bulgarian Cyrillic. Free for personal and commercial use.

      • Gota: Geometric Display Font

        Gota is a geometric display font, rounded and extra heavy, without a real lowercase, but a mixed-case with the same height standing for it. Available in the heavy regular and light weights, for free personal and commercial use.

      • Cinzel Decorative: First Century Roman Typef...

        Cinzel is a typeface inspired in first-century roman inscriptions and it's based on classical proportions. However it’s not a simple revivalism since it conveys all the ancient history of the latin alphabet. It also merges a contemporary feel onto it. The font has a SIL open font version 1.1.

      • CODE Pro: Avant Garde-inspired Font Family

        Code Pro is a font family inspired by the original sans-serif fonts like Avant Garde or Futura, but with a modern twist. It is clean, elegant and straight-to-the-point. The font is applicable for any type of graphic design — web, print, motion graphics, etc. — and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters and logos. This is a free font for commercial and personal work.

      • Track: Railway-inspired All-caps Font

        Tracks type is an all-caps font, inspired in railway tracks and designed for use as display. It is a font available in two different styles: Regular and Italic. Features the basic Latin characters, plus numbers, punctuation marks, accented glyphs and special characters. Free for personal and commercial use.

      • Frontage: Charming Outline Font

        Frontage is a charmingly layered type system with endless design possibilities using various combinations of fonts and colors. The typeface’s design is based on a simple grid which creates the friendly, handcrafted look of facade signs. It is generously spaced for maximum impact of any message. The font is free for you to use in any commercial and personal work.

      • Metropolis: Industrial Double Line Typeface

        Metropolis 1920 comes from the industrial movement of the 1920′s where skyscrapers were born. Using a double line technique, the result is a bold, bumptious typeface with a calm disposition. It is a cool font, free for personal or commercial use.

      • Righteous: Grid-based Readable Font

        Righteous was initially inspired by the all-capitals letterforms from the deco posters of Hungarian artist Robert Berény for Modiano. Grid-based and geometric in execution, the letterforms are highly readable at a range of point sizes. The font has a full lowercase to increase flexibility of use. It comes under the SIL Open Font license, version 1.1.

      • Medula One: Headlines Organic & Modern F...

        Medula One brings the best of both worlds by combining the old and the new, the organic and the modern in order to display straightforward display work, useful for titles and headlines. This font can be used for free, personally or commercially.

      • Ventography: Italic handwriting Font

        Ventography is an italic handwriting font with a brush pen calligraphic look, with perfect height alignment, and stroke weight consistency; available just for personal use and requires a license for commercial use. The font comes as TTF.

      • Berkshire Swash: Elegant Femenine Typeface

        A delicate font with a slightly feminine touch to it that serves it quite well, despite the bold styling. It also reminisces of old font faces, proper of previous centuries, for a classic and elegant design. It was designed by Astigmatic and it comes in TTF format.

      • Champignon: Calligraphic Script Font

        Champignon is a calligraphic script font with long and swift strokes best suited for invitations, stationery, feminine and other related projects. It has good legibility in small sizes. The commercial use of this font is allowed.

      • Contribute: Handwritten Script Font

        Contribute is a handwritten script font with a casual appeal. The free version includes uppercase and lowercase letters only. You can use the font just in your personal projects and it comes as a TTF file.

      • Prime: Detailed Sans Serif Font

        A basic font face intends to provide easy readability, but with enough detail to stand out in various sizes. These details come in the form of subtle curves in characters like the M or the W. A free font that comes in OTF format, being useful for body text as well as headlines.

      • Nexa: Multiple Weight Sans-serif Typeface

        Nexa is a large family of sans-serif types with eight different weights in both roman and italic styles, which are, unfortunately, commercial fonts. However, the designer released two of them: light and bold, as free fonts for use on desktop and web.

      • Zag: Ornamental Sans Serif Font

        Zag is a supremely elegant ornamental font that you can use for logos, portfolios, t-shirts and other big designs. It comes in OTF format, and two of its weights are available for free: Regular and Bold, which you can use all over the Web for free.

      • Rochester: Art Deco Inspired Font

        A font inspired by elegant calligraphic forms from the early age of Victorian and Art Deco. Rochester is the perfect selection when you want to add a touch of class or a smart looking formal style to any correspondence or memorandum. It has an SIL Open Font License, version 1.1 and its format is TTF.

      • Playball: Smooth Cursive Font

        An attractive font with a smooth flow, originally intended for sporting events or festive situations, but you can definitely use it for headers, posters or titles in general given its fancy looks. The font has uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters, it is a simple and lightweight TTF file, and it has a SIL Open Font License, 1.1.

      • Pacifico: Creative Handwriting Font

        A creative brush script handwriting font created by Vernon Adams and made available for free as a TTF, coming from the surf culture developed during the 1950 in North America. A fun and uncomplicated design for titles and headers. The font is intended to be used in web, including uppercase, lowercase, numerical and special characters.

      • Lobster Two: Polished Curly Font Face

        The extended family of the of the well-known typeface Lobster, comes with the characteristic swashes and connections between letters in a TTF file. The previous Lobster font is featured now as the italic bold form of this font face, with a considerable drawback: the Cyrillic script is supported in the original Lobster, but not on Lobster Two. Once again it comes to us under an SIL Open Font License 1.1.

      • Josefin Sans: Elegant Sans-serif Typeface

        A geometric and elegant sans-serif typeface with a distinguishing x-height measuring half of the cap height, in both roman and italic, offering five weights; it contains the most familiar glyphs from the Latin script, including numbers and special characters. A serif brother is also available.

      • Matilde: Thin Extra Tall Capitals Typeface

        Matilde is a friendly thin typeface with extra tall capitals, elegant look combined with decorative elements. The typeface will work well for headings, short paragraphs, magazines, children books, posters, logos and any type of graphic design. Available in two styles – normal and sketch. Inside the font you’ll find a collection of decorative frames and patterns. It is licensed as freeware.

      • Emilys Candy: Girly Semi-sharp Typeface

        A font with a certainly regular character weight but set in a slightly whimsical manner, with playful swirly serifs and heart-dotted i's. All the basic and supplementary latin characters are included. The font has an SIL Open Font License 1.1 and it's available as a

      • Grand Hotel: Vintage Cursive Font

        Grand Hotel is a vintage cursive font based on the screen of the 1937 film “Cafe Metropole.” The weight makes it best suited for holidays and bakery themed projects. It is a typeface works better in medium and big sizes making it perfect for headlines.

      • Dynalight: Vintage High Speed Script

        Dynalight is a vintage high-speed script best suited for medium to large sizes. It is composed of an extended alphabet in uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters and numbers. The font has an SIL Open Font License, 1.1 and comes in a TTF file.

      • Shit Happens: Stylish Script Typeface

        Shit happens is a rather informal script font best suited for tattoos, licensed for personal use only in its free version. Best legibility is achieved in medium to large sizes. The free version is partial and includes only uppercase and lowercase letters.

      • Impregnable: Beautiful Multipurpose Script Fo...

        Impregnable is a script font for personal use only with good legibility in small sizes. The font includes uppercase, lowercase, accented letters, numbers and also special characters. It comes in TTF format and it's free.

      • Petit Formal Script Elegant Font

        Formal scripts provide elegance and seriousness, which is why they are widely used in printed formats around the globe. However, their qualities don't make them ideal for Web use and this is where this font comes in. It features nice spacing and strong lines, it comes as TTF and its license is the SIL Open Font License, 1.1.

      • Engagement: Semi-formal Brush Script Font

        Engagement is a semi-formal brush script best suited for medium to large sizes. Ideal for invitation cards, book covers and similar. It includes uppercase, lowercase, accented letters, special characters and numbers. Its license is the SIL Open Font version 1.1.

      • Allura: Invitation Cards Script Font

        Allura is the script format of the Allura Pro family. It is best suited for invitation cards and similar, and ideal use is in medium to large sizes. The font includes extended alphabet uppercase, lowercase letters special characters and numbers, it comes as a TTF and has a SIL Open Font License, 1.1.

      • Aguafina: Graceful & Artistic Calligraph...

        Aguafina is a graceful but not too casual and artistic semi-formal calligraphy font in which the characters flow into each other. Also, the narrow lowercase allows for efficient use of space, while the long ascenders and descenders help maintain the legibility. The font is best suited for book covers, products packaging and similar. It includes uppercase, lowercase and accented letters, special characters and numbers.

      • Diskopia: All-caps Retro Stencil Font

        Diskopia is an all-caps retro stencil font that reminds of the 80's decade. it includes numbers and special characters. The Diskopia font can be used both personally and commercially, and you can download it for free.

      • Appleton: Victorian Style Tattoo Font

        Appleton is a victorian style font based on the labels placed on fruit crates in the end of 19th century. It is a demo font for personal use only and it is limited to a few letters in its free version.

      • Feathergraphy: Handwritten Script Typeface

        Feathergraphy is a handwritten script font for personal use only. Best suited for tattoo, but versatile enough to be used in wedding material, and graffiti artwork. Includes Uppercase and lowercase alphabet and some basic special characters. It was created by Måns Grebäck.

      • Qwigley: Compelling Squiggly Font

        Qwigley is an award winning Brush Script. It is a beautiful contemporary design with stylized appearance; includes uppercase and lowercase alphabet versions, numbers, special characters, and a list of accented letters. It has an SIL open font license version 1.1.

      • Italianno: Classic & Clean Script Font

        An elegant calligraphic script, featuring smooth connectors and classic, formal shapes. Italianno provides a fantastic style for invitations and formal writing. The font comes in TTF format, can be used as a web font and it's available under the SIL Open Font License 1.1.

      • Great Vibes: Extended Alphabet Script Font

        Great Vibes is a script font in one style including an extended alphabet uppercase, lowercase letters, numbers and special characters. The font is a Unicode typeface that supports languages that use the Latin script and its variants, and could be expanded to support other scripts.

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    • JQuery Tooltips (23 submissions)

      Multiple jQuery tooltip plugins coming in different flavors and providing easy implementation. These tools are ideal for guided tour pages on your websites and other similar tasks.

      • Toolbar.js: Tooltip-style Toobars jQuery Plug...

        A jQuery plugin that quickly creates tooltip-style toolbars to be used in web applications and websites. The toolbar is easily customizable using the Twitter Bootstrap icons, providing flexibility around the toolbars display and number of icons. The tool is free, it's licensed under MIT, and it was made by Paul Kinzett.

      • CSS3 & jQuery Tooltips Image Map

        A CSS3 & jQuery tooltips image map, tooltips can play a big role in your web designs and that isn't new anymore. Just use them correctly and they will help you improve user experience. We have seen before how to create some good looking CSS3 tooltips and today you'll learn how to create an image map with pins and tooltips.

      • Joyride: Flexible jQuery Tooltip Plugin

        Joyride is extremely flexible and lets you take control of how people interact with your tour. We programmed it to be cross-browser compatible with modern browsers and even used some fancy CSS to avoid images. Now let’s see just how easy it is to take your first ride without getting the fuzz involved.

      • Lightweight JavaScript Tooltips Script

        A script to create simple tooltips with JavaScript. The result is lightweight, object-based, and avoids the use of global variables. It offers flexible control of positioning and formatting, it can be activated on mouseover or on click, the content of the tooltip can include images, images with text, and a caption as well as other rich HTML.

      • Colortip: Minimal jQuery Tooltip Plugin

        A simple jQuery tooltip plugin called Colortip that converts the title attributes of elements within your page, into a series of colorful tooltips. Six colors are available, so you can easily match them with the rest of your design. You can also easily create your own tooltip designs by just including three additional style classes to your stylesheet and adding an element to the supported colors array in Colortip.

      • jQuery Website Tooltip Tour

        A very nice jQuery script that allows you creating a site tour really easily. It works by adding classes (with a specific format) to the elements to be highlighted and then configuring them to display any custom text. The script can work manually by the user clicking prev-next links or totally automated in the pre-defined order. Tooltips displaying the information can also be customized as color, position and the duration they will be active.

      • Tipped.js: Complex Tooltip jQuery Plugin

        Tipped.js is a plugin made with jQuery that allows you to easily create both simple and complex tooltips. The tooltips can include a wide range of elements like images, and texts in various sizes and weights. If you also use Scriptaculous, you can even add some nice effects to them.

      • ggtooltip.js: jQuery Tooltip Plugin

        ggtooltip.js is a jQuery tooltip plugin extended from the Twitter Bootstrap plugin. It supports 4 positions, you can change the background color, the font color and the border. You can also set data attributes, integrate jQuery and more. It was created by gigagit.

      • Tipso: Responsive Tooltips WordPress Plugin

        Tipso is a simple plugin for creating responsive tooltips. The resulting tooltips can be adapted into any mobile or desktop screen, animated and fully customizable for a determined hovered element. When you install it, you'll see a button in the editor for adding the content easily. Then it just inserts the shortcode into the editor. It is a free plugin.

      • Tooltipify: Stylable jQuery Tooltip Plugin

        The tooltipify plugin creates a slide in, stylable tooltip to replace the default browser tooltip. The latest version has display awareness and also responds to the window resize event. This plugin also supports HTML content by using the content property.

      • Zebra: Lightweight Tooltip jQuery Plugin

        Zebra_Tooltips is a lightweight jQuery plugin (around 5KB minified, 1.6KB gzipped) for creating simple but smart and visually attractive tooltips featuring nice transitions and offering a wide range of options for configuration. It is free.

      • tooltipsy: jQuery Tooltip Plugin

        Tooltipsy is a jQuery tooltip plugin that was created to provide extremely efficient tooltip functionality; it gives you complete control over the CSS, animation, and position. It is free.

      • Akita: Speech Bubble jQuery Plugin

        Akita is a light-weight and customizable jQuery plugin that helps web developers create smarter tooltips easily and efficiently. It requires jQuery and is released under the open source license MIT. Anyone can modify and use it without any restriction.

      • Default Positioning Tooltip Plugin

        jquery.tooltip.js is a cool tooltip plugin with default states for positioning. It can be positioned on top, bottom, left and right, and It is also ready for mobile!

      • Sweet Tooltip: jQuery & CSS3 Plugin

        Sweet Tooltip is a jQuery & CSS3-based tooltip, not merely a one-style tooltip, but seven. These imageless tooltips are crafted using CSS power, linear-gradient, box-shadow, text-shadow, :after and :before selectors, among many others.

      • Poshy: jQuery Tooltip Plugin

        This jQuery plugin makes the default browser tooltip that displays the value of the title attribute, convert into a slightly different but improved version. You can apply styles to it, make content load asynchronously, trigger the tooltip manually, and many more options to have fun with.

      • Simpletip: Easing Effect jQuery Tooltips

        Simpletip is a jQuery plugin that allows you to create tooltips with ease on any element on the page using the power of jQuery's selectors and event management. The tooltips can be static, dynamic, or even loaded through AJAX with a variety of different visual effects.

      • qTip2: Advanced jQuery Tooltip Plugin

        qTip2 is the second generation of the advanced qTip plugin that takes advantage of the power of jQuery. It provides you with tons of features like speech bubble tips and image map support, and best of all, it is open source and free to use, released under the MIT and GPLv2 licenses.

      • Opentip: Free JavaScript Tooltip Framework

        Opentip is a JavaScript tooltip framework. It’s free, open source and there are great styles built right into it, making it easy to create your own. The tooltips are drawn on canvas which creates beautifully rendered tooltips in all kinds of browsers.

      • Grumble.js: Rotating jQuery Tooltips

        Originally written for, grumble.js provides individual tooltips without the usual limitations of cardinal positioning. A grumble can be rotated around a given element at any angle, all 360 degrees; any distance can be specified, and any CSS style can be applied.

      • Tipsy: Facebook-like Tooltips Plugin

        Tipsy is a jQuery plugin for creating a Facebook-like tooltips effect based on an anchor tag’s title attribute. By default, tooltips will appear centred underneath their anchor, it can be arranged to manage tooltip positioning in any cardinal point.

      • Tooltipster: Semantic Tooltips jQuery Plugin

        A powerful, flexible jQuery plugin that enables you to create semantic, modern tooltips enhanced with CSS quickly. In order for Tooltipster to work, you first need to add the .tooltip class (or whatever class / means of selection you'd like to use) to the element you wish to have a tooltip. Next, we'll set the title attribute to whatever we'd like our tooltip to say.

      • PowerTip: jQuery Tooltips Plugin

        A jQuery plugin that creates tooltips on hover. PowerTip features a very flexible design that is easy to customize, it gives you a number of different ways to use the tooltips, has APIs for developers, and supports adding complex data to tooltips.

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