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(21 submissions) | Oct 24, 2016 (latest edition)

Have a scroll along the very best footer designs hand-picked from across the web for you to get inspired and rock on with your own design.

  • A beautiful pond animation with fireflies floating randomly. The “water” reflects the top part of the footer using a combination of JavaScript and CSS.

  • This footer hides at the bottom of the page, but as the user scrolls all the way down the end, the content above will be resized both wide and height, showing the footer and its content. It uses both CSS and JS.

  • An amazing flat 3D animation featured footer that shows the website’s mascot waiting for and catching the train as it provides you with contact us form button as well as contact info such as Facebook, phone number, and address.

  • A neatly developed animation for footer purposes that literally brings the contact & portfolio icons out of the blue as you click and hold over the clouds at the background of this masterpiece.

  • A cool footer design that features big size elements like text items, logo, and social icons for the menus which makes it quite a lot more appealing and catching.

  • An amazing idea for restaurant or food services website footer that features a video of a piece of meat sizzling as the background of the site’s logo, opening hours, address, map button, and social network icons.

  • An amazing footer design that features minimal sepia schemed smoothly animated icons interconnected by dashed lines for contact, youtube link, gallery, and more.

  • A cool idea for a footer in a website that features as background a top-view perspective office scenario. For the footer, the social icons are placed on a table at the bottom-left corner.

  • A good idea for featuring key posts in your page is to create a footer that holds several buttons that represent the steps contained in the post, each button leads to a different section of the post.

  • Quite a stylish design that features thin lines and a smooth background illustration of flowers on a scroll and on top a facebook and a shop button, as well as a side button that deploys a nicely animated menu for more options.

  • Quite a creative footer design that features the bottom of a light-house that features a side-cut piece of land with a contact link placed on a part of the illustration.

  • An amazing contact form featured on top of a space stars animated background and a satellite plate.

  • A nice illustration representing the magic of the art of designing, it features a nice stitched ribbon over which social network icons are placed.

  • Quite a clever footer design that features a well organized information about weather in sport practising locations, social networks, a menu for the different sports, link to webcam view, interest checkboxes -featured contact form, and more.

  • A flat illustration featured on an animated background that shows a happy family going along a road in their car recreating what seems to be a happy world.

  • A beautifully hand drawn footer design that consists of an illustration that features a small thumbnail grid portfolio and a seamless link to go to the top of the page made out of creepers.

  • A very creative idea for footer design that simulates reflections of water that highlight the navigation elements at the bottom of the main container of the page.

  • A neatly crafted contact purpose footer that remains undercover until you reach the very end of the page, then it is uncovered by the main page that you keep scrolling.

  • A footer design that features interactive icons cleverly placed over a illustration of a tree that lift up a bit and show you through a tooltip the place they’re linked to.

  • A well thought idea for footer menu that features a hand that holds come products that slides in and out of the corner as well as a piece of paper with handwritten elements of the footer menu.

  • A good idea for agencies or freelancer website footers in which big thumbnails feature their most relevant assets of their portfolio as well as a brief description of what they do and external links.

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5 comments for Inspiring Website Footer Design
  • great technology found via your article and it's more interest to do first sight visitors also. keep do more interested thing via design article.
    Reply · | 2016-11-19T05:18:22+0000
  • Thank you So Much Its Great Thumbs Up :) cheap web design dubai
    Reply · | 2016-11-06T01:09:19+0000
  • sir i have a e - commerce website offering delivery in every city of country now i am confused that where to put the links of my city pages on home page either its in footer or in header or may be just in body ? please help.
    Reply · | 2016-05-27T02:44:34+0000
    • Hello! It is all relative to what's most important for you as in calls-to-action to feature in the header. In this case, I'd recommend you mainly summing up everything in the footer as they're accustomed to being used for, but still mention in your body, quite alluringly, your new feature of deliveries across the country. Cheers!
      Reply · | 2016-05-27T13:08:20+0000
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