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A set of nice fonts resembling the popular font Helvetica that you can use as alternatives. These fonts can be used in professional projects, whether they are printed or web.

  • Work Sans is a 9+1 weight typeface family based loosely on early Grotesques. It can be a nice and free Helvetica alternative, it’s packed in several languages and covered under SIL license.

  • Initially conceived as a single thin weight design, it has now evolved into a family with nine different variants. It features multiple details that make this a rich typeface. Created by Matt McInerney, Pablo Impallari, Rodrigo Fuenzalida and Igino Marini.

  • The digital version of polish Paneuropa font after modifications. It is a simple but very beautiful sans-serif font for any kind of use. It includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers and special characters, elegantly arranged and useful for web, apps and print design.

    it is free to download and test, and it was created by Bartek Bojarczuk.

  • Similar to Helvetica Rounded Black, Proxima Nova Soft Bold is a simple sans-serif font with a retro look. It is a web-friendly display typeface with curves and ligatures. It comes as regular and bold in OTF format. You can use it in personal and commercial projects in any way possible.

  • Archivo is a grotesque sans serif typeface family, originally designed for highlights and headlines, containing the uppercase and lowercase of the extended Latin glyph set including numbers, special characters, punctuation marks, and accented glyphs. It’s available under the SIL Open Font License.

  • A grotesque sans-serif typeface family features multiple languages, thanks to the inclusion of the Latin script and the Tamil script. Karla also features two weights: Regular and bold. Handed with an SIL Open Font License 1.1.

  • An open source font designed to be used for free across the web on both desktop and mobile devices, providing a sober way to display headers for the most part, although it can also work for body text. 

  • A beautiful typeface intended to be used freely across the internet in desktops and mobile devices, basing itself on an open source license. It makes part of the KDE project, attached to the Linux operative system.

  • A quite comfortable font to read thanks to its geometric approach. Its tabular numbers give a neat final touch to the typeface, while full circles decorate the actual letters on the project. Heavily influenced by Swiss design, similar to Helvetica.

  • Best suited for headlines and highlights, this grotesque sans-serif font from Omnibus-Type provides a good style for both digital and printed formats. It integrates Narrow and Black styles and was derived from the Chivo font.

  • Similar to Helvetica TextBook Roman, Droid Sans is less strong than this font, but still both fonts are lovely and work really well at low sizes. Droid Sans has been optimized for user interfaces, for reading on a mobile device, in menus and web browsers. It comes in normal and bold variations, made in TTF and ready to be used in any commercial and personal project.

  • Puritan Regular is a sans-serif font similar to Helvetica NarrowRoman, however less stretched and very helpful to use in small spaces to achieve great readability. The font comes in OTF format and has 4 variations. It was created by Ben Weiner.

  • Oswald recreates a more classic style found in older fonts, but handling itself in a modern way through its open source licensing, which allows it to be used over all kinds of devices across the web. In comes in light, bold and regular weights and supports latin characters.

  • Yet another font deriving from the project “Public Types of Russian Federation” developed for the Russian people. For this reason, it supports the Western, Central European and Cyrillic code pages, which is advantageous if you want to write with special alphabets.

  • A font created for the Russian people to read content in the native language, therefore supporting all of their special characters as well as Western and Central European code pages. The whole family includes a considerable amount of variations.

  • An open source font coming from the project “Public Types of Russian Federation” that created fonts that the Russian people could use to consume content in their native language, therefore, it supports multiple alphabets and special characters.

  • A font face that provides superior legibility on digital formats and fixes width compatibility problems for developers. It comes as TFF and has 4 weights. You can use it both commercially and personally, and it was created by Steve Matteson as a fresh and new design that is metrically equal to Arial and Helvetica.

  • Anton is a reworking of a traditional advertising sans serif typeface. The letter forms have been digitised and then reshaped for use as a web font, the counters have been opened up a little and the stems optimised for use as bold display font in modern web browsers. This font has an SIL Open Font license, version 1.1.

  • Cabin is inspired by the designs of Edward Johnston and Eric Gill and comes with four different weights, including real italics. It features a modern look, with uppercase and lower case plus numbers, punctuation marks and special characters. Licensed with SIL Open Font 1.1.

  • A condensed set of styles for the Cabin font family; a humanist sans with 4 weights plus true italics. The weight distribution is almost monotone, although top and bottom curves are slightly thin. This font includes uppercase, lowercase, special latin characters and numbers, as any good font must do, and it comes in TTF format.

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    • Very glad it comes in handy for you :) You're welcome!
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  • Thanks a lot!! I'm a self employed graphic designer just re-starting out. I needed to match Helvetica for a project. thx!!
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    • You’re welcome! Wish you the best in your re-start out :)
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  • I went through a lot of trouble searching for free helvetical font. Thanks a lot for this collection. Im really happy i got this.
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    • We're happy it helps. If you find more, let us know!
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  • Gracias!
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  • Great Help... thx :0
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  • I love Helvetica-style fonts. Thanks a lot for sharing with us!
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    • Glad you're enjoying the collection. Thanks a lot!
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