Helvetica Free Download Alternatives

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A set of nice fonts resembling the popular font Helvetica that you can use as alternatives. These fonts can be used in professional projects, whether they are printed or web.


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14 comments for Helvetica Free Download Alternatives
  • how nice ......... thants ... a lot
    Reply · | 2015-10-15T04:59:00+0000
    • No worries! Glad you like it :)
      Reply · | 2015-10-29T17:33:08+0000
  • Thanks
    Reply · | 2015-09-28T23:07:13+0000
  • Thanks a lot.
    Reply · | 2015-08-21T04:03:14+0000
  • I went through a lot of trouble searching for free helvetical font. Thanks a lot for this collection. Im really happy i got this.
    Reply · | 2015-07-21T13:23:46+0000
    • We're happy it helps. If you find more, let us know!
      Reply · | 2015-07-22T09:10:58+0000
  • Gracias!
    Reply · | 2015-07-14T18:58:25+0000
  • Great Help... thx :0
    Reply · | 2015-05-13T02:48:48+0000
  • I love Helvetica-style fonts. Thanks a lot for sharing with us!
    Reply · | 2015-04-22T20:46:09+0000
    • Glad you're enjoying the collection. Thanks a lot!
      Reply · | 2015-04-23T09:52:40+0000
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