Modern Fonts

(98 submissions) | Aug 19, 2016 (latest edition)

This selection will present you state-of-the-art modern typefaces that you can use for headlines, posters and conceptual projects.

  • A beautiful bold font with hints of modernism, perfect for headlines in online or printed publications. The font comes in uppercase, lowercase, numbers and some of the most relevant special characters, and can be used professionally or personally in different scenarios.

  • A free for personal and commercial font created by Katrina Sutton resembling the patterns of a honeycomb. It includes round regular, italic, swash, italic swash as well as glyph, numbers and special characters. 8 fonts in total are inside.

  • An elegant font perfect for professional businesses like architecture firms. Paul Grotesk is a three weight font focused on improving mobile readability (it has uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and special glyphs, and it has a modern look).

  • Atami is a modern typeface you can download for free. It is a font built with aesthetics in mind; it has 3 variations and 5 weights. This font is perfect for logotypes and headings. Free version is only available for personal use.

  • A professional typeface with 20 weights (characterized by a narrow structure to achieve readability in small sizes). This pack includes light, light italic, extra bold (and extra bold italic weights), and they can be downloaded and used freely on commercial and personal projects.

  • A font created with FontForge directed at document writing and carrying a Latin character set, which allows you to redact content in multiple languages and reach more people without false characters.

  • Liberator Font is from a bygone era. Its bomber-inspired face provides a masculine punch to any project or design. Full alphabet with glyphs and numerals. Free font for commercial and personal work.

  • Zwodrei is a typeface created by Lukas Bischoff. It is a modern font perfect for headlines and magazines. Free font just for personal use.

  • A clean sans-serif font useful for both titles and body texts, due to its minimalistic approach. Its modern look is mainly provided by its vertical cuts on both lowercase and uppercase characters. This font is free and open source.

  • Kelson Sans is a remake of the original Kelson type family, beautifully crafted with a slightly above the average x-height, three weights (light, regular and bold) and support for Latin, Russian Cyrillic and Bulgarian Cyrillic. Free for personal and commercial use.

  • A basic font face intends to provide easy readability, but with enough detail to stand out in various sizes. These details come in the form of subtle curves in characters like the M or the W. A free font that comes in OTF format, being useful for body text as well as headlines.

  • Static is a sans-serif font family constructed with strong geometric forms, but distancing itself from the standard circles towards an elongated rounded rectangle shape, in an almost monospaced array. It has soft round ends and consistent curves that give it a warm feel to it's modern mood. Available in four styles: regular, bold, italic and bitalic bold, for personal and commercial use.

  • Righteous was initially inspired by the all-capitals letterforms from the deco posters of Hungarian artist Robert Berény for Modiano. Grid-based and geometric in execution, the letterforms are highly readable at a range of point sizes. The font has a full lowercase to increase flexibility of use. It comes under the SIL Open Font license, version 1.1.

  • A modern font featuring 7 weights in its premium version, high quality, carefully crafted with a free sample distributed especially for non-commercial use only.

  • Eiforya is an experimental futuristic icon-like monoline geometric font inspired by alien's language spreading over sci-fi films. Includes a large variety of alphabets to fit everybody's necessities.

  • Phenomena is a beautifully designed sans font family, suitable for everybody in almost every situation. It includes 7 weights and supports Cyrillic and Latin alphabets.

  • A fantastic stylish mono-spaced font that features beautiful futuristic looks carefully crafted by Jon Carlos Morales to be delivered in TTF format totally free for personal and commercial use.

  • Quite a cool and modern looking typeface that features rather alienist shapes for its narrow uppercase, numeral, special glyph, and accentuated characters.

  • Razor is a display typeface inspired by the eighties. The thin multi-lined characters get the best result when used in bigger sizes and a static version of Razor is available as Regular Bold Italic.

  • Paralines is a free font with a retrofuturistic vibe to it, inspired in both modern day fonts and 70's retro design, available in uppercase, it's characterized by a multiple vertical lines design, rounded and overlapped.

  • Coves is a neatly crafted sans typeface in two different weights available in both uppercase and lowercase as well as glyphs and accents.

  • Fenton font family comes with 6 weights; each weight contains 370 glyphs. It has a higher lowercase structure than the normal ones, a modern, rounded and squared character.It is a type family good to use in brand and model names of technological devices, newspaper and magazine ads.

  • Stereo is a flat, dual colored typeface created in illustrator, with a stereoscopic and geometrical design in a Bauhaus vibe.

  • Duwhoers is a fancy thin brush font designed with a handwritten feel that comes available in both TTF and OTF format containing both uppercase and lowercase characters.

  • BlowBrush is a free font that features a nice handwritten thick brush look and that is available in uppercase characters, numbers, 23 ligatures, a selection of special characters and some variations.

  • A typeface inspired by nature featuring 4 different styles for each of its latin alphabet characters each based in an uppercase letter.

  • Stoked is a creative font that features a line offset and square-end serifs in a regular width line design and that is available in uppercase characters.

  • A slab serif typeface that features right-angled edges and ends as well as uniform curves. This typeface is available in Roman, Cyrillic, and Bashkir alphabets including numeral and glyph characters.

  • Sensei is a font that features a Japanese paintbrush handwritten style fully suitable for restaurants or posters. It comes available in both Latin and Cyrillic alphabets.

  • Measure is a typeface that comes with the perfect features to suit technical plots and documents. This typeface was crafted with over 530 glyphs, which enables it to cover 40 different languages.

  • Banthers is a font that features a chalk style and several special characters with ligatures and extended ends only available in uppercase.

  • Rex is a modern typeface that features bent ends and overlapping lines as well as curved right angles and clean cuts. It comes in both uppercase and lowercase.

  • Genome is a typeface that features an ultra thin, regular-width line and includes several accentuations which make it compatible for plenty of languages.

  • Relancer is a regular-width thin line typeface that was crafted inside a static grid which makes it be perfectly regular and proportional.

  • Novu-M is a modern font that features a rather rectangular narrow design. It comes with uppercase, numeral and some special characters.

  • A creation of Veronika Burian and José Scaglione from TypeTogether. Jockey One provides a symmetric font with interesting details around the edges, best suited for headlines and titles.

  • GEOM is a typeface that is crafted out of complex compositions of basic geometrical figures such as circles, semi-circles, rhombuses, squares, triangles and single angled parallel lines. This font currently comes in AI format and is quite suitable for modern and futuristic fashion and artistic projects.

  • Cansiparane is a font with a rather futuristic feel and look that features straight corners and wide curves, as well as carved in squared accentuations. It comes has uppercase, numeral and special characters and is quite suitable for posters and events advertising.

  • Shock is a very stylish handwritten-like typeface that features a smooth thin-line design and comes in both uppercase and lowercase, as well as numeral and special characters.

  • New Industry is a bold-line typeface that features trimmed corners and defined curves which give it a very industrial-like look and sense featuring uppercase, numerals and a few special characters. This font was crafted by Emil Boye in both Illustrator and InDesign and it is delivered in OTF format.

  • Zefani is a font that features glyphic serifs by segments and monoline strokes. It comes in 2 different styles, stencil and sans, this last one featuring 3 different weights. This typeface is available for uppercase, numeral and special characters.

  • Break is a thin line segmented typeface that features uppercase, lowercase, numerals and special characters in five different weights, from extra light to bold. This font was crafted by Rajesh Rajput under an Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported license.

  • Lombok Regular is a thin-line freestyle futuristic typeface that that breaks characters into straight geometric-shaped sections. This typeface is very suitable for modern event posters and similar projects.

  • Bemount is a freestyle typeface that comes in 2 types, decorative filled and hand written bold outlined. It also features both Latin and Russian alphabets all in uppercase, and numerals. This typeface crafted by Anton Chernogorov is quite suitable for light and dark backgrounds highlighting it by contrast.

  • A beautiful yet ominous font made free by graphic designer Tano Veron. It is based on the original novel written by Robert Louise Stevenson published in 1886. It has a particular style, tracing an aura of mystery and adventure. Font comes in two variations, and includes uppercase characters and numerals.

  • Aquatico is a rounded typeface made in Illustrator by Andrew Herndon inspired in the sea and its creatures. It features uppercase, numbers and alternative letters and four different types: regular, oblique, light and light oblique. It is licensed for non-commercial use.

  • Modeka is a regular thin width modern typeface fully featuring uppercase, lowercase, special characters and numbers licensed as free for personal or commercial use.

  • Phage is a sharp font with a futuristic look. The font has square borders and it's perfect for futuristic posters or advertising banners for movies. It comes in OTF format as regular and rough, has only uppercase characters, numbers and some special glyphs.

  • A futuristic typeface with sharp edges in TTF format, perfect for big printed designs like posters, t-shirt and advertising banners. It has uppercase characters, numbers and punctuation symbols. Its design is geometric and it also includes a version with rounded edges, a lighter version and one with outlines, which looks even more beautiful.

  • A web font that simulates a speeding effect. It is a complete font that includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers and glyphs in Latin and Latin Extended. However, the Latin Extended weighs a lot and it is not recommended unless you really need it. The font is really nice for posters on racing events and auto shows. Works in printed, but it's intended for web.

  • Tresdias is a sharp font perfect for futuristic posters and stationery design, t-shirts, and related printed design. It is an outlined font, although it includes a version with fill. It includes numbers and special characters. Available as OTF, made by Asclê de Oliveira.

  • Metrica is an uppercase, sharp and mechanical typeface. It found its inspiration in architecture, and it is designed with a flat, geometric style. The font is free for personal and commercial use. It looks perfect in printed projects. Created by Oliver James.

  • Troika is a modern bold font that resembles those old times in Soviet Russia. The font has sharp edges and puffy appearance, making it perfect for posters and advertising, especially printed. It comes in OTF format and it was made by Joël Carrouché and Panagiotis Chatzigeorgioi.

  • A modern typeface inspired by the aircraft industry of the 1940 decade that can be used only in personal projects. The font comes in TTF format and it can be used both for Mac and PC. It is perfect for headlines and printed designs.

  • Moderne is a free font with sharp edges. It is a sans-serif creation that comes as TTF and you can use it in both web and printed design. This font has uppercase, lowercase, numbers and some special characters. It can be used personally or commercially.

  • Velodroma is a wide font, perfect for advertising purposes and large posters with a modern style, sharp edges and wide characters. This font comes as OTF, And has three weights: Regular, SuperWide and Wide.

  • A compelling modern typeface with multiple weights that includes ligatures, fractions, alternate characters, case-sensitive forms, superscripts and subscripts. This font has 20 weights, that range from hairline to heavy. It includes italics, and it comes as OTF and TTF. It's free for personal and commercial projects.

  • Fabiolo is a sober multi-purpose font family with 6 variations, including light, regular, semibold, smallcap light, smallcap regular and smallcap semibold. It was created by Fabien Despinoy.

  • A simple rounded font family that includes four variations (regular, italic, bold and bold italic). This is a carefully created font with a cool rounded style that adapts to printed and web design. This font is free for personal purposes.

  • A beautiful rounded edge typeface created as uppercase and lowercase. This font includes numbers and some special characters, complemented by three different variations. It fits logos and headlines perfectly. included in a .ttf file.

  • A font family that comes in three different variants, standard glyphs, uppercase, lowercase, punctuation, numbers and some symbols. The variants are light, regular and bold, and it can be used in both printed and web design. This font family was created by Arwan Sutanto.

  • Simplifica is a nice typeface that relies on thin shapes to make it look professional as well as modern. This is a complete creation, composed of uppercase, lowercase, special characters and numbers. This font is perfect for both web and printed design, but it works better on web environments.

  • A beautiful and elegant typeface perfect for web environments created by designers Pablo Impallari and Rodrigo Fuenzalida. It was tailored with the purpose of demonstrating elegance while being modern. The font includes various styles, uppercase and lowercase variants, special characters and numbers. It is a free font, and personal and commercial uses are allowed.

  • This typeface, created by Alex Bizon, is a sans serif font that suits printed design and posters perfectly. It is a bold, uppercase-only font that includes a few additional glyphs like question and exclamation marks and some others. It is free and handmade. You can use it commercially and personally.

  • A beautiful font made with a simple style, handwritten shapes and cool endings in most characters, the font includes Latin and Greek characters, numbers, symbols, additional glyphs. The font is totally downloadable and free to use in both commercial and personal ways. It was created by Anastasia Dimitriadi.

  • Jaapokki is a beautiful and complete font face, perfectly readable and ready to be used in any website or mobile app. It includes both uppercase and lowercase, as well as numbers and many more glyphs. It is a font that works for headlines and paragraph texts, but it looks a bit strange thanks to its spacing. This font was created by Mikko Nuuttila, and you can download it for free.

  • Maddac is a free font with a strange style. It can qualify as a modern font, but its glyphs have irregular shapes and sharp tails or swashes. It comes as an uppercase and lowercase creation, including regular characters and numbers. This font was created by Isaac Taracks and it's licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike license.

  • The Manteka free font comes from the curiosity that its designer, Edu Araya, had for typography and its design process. It is thought for printed media, although it works on mobile and web design correctly. This free font has now more than 200,000 downloads and has been highlighted in several specialized design websites. This font includes only uppercase letters, numbers and some of the most important especial chara...

  • A cool typeface, the first creation of Michael McMillan. It's called Baffled, and it is based on the movie The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou, featuring low x-heights and compelling serifs. The font includes uppercase and lowercase characters, as well as some latin characters. It is free to download.

  • As his first font, designer Floris Voorveld created a compelling font that thanks to people at Dribbble, he got inspired to release the font for free instead of selling it. It is a beautifully created font only includes uppercase letters, and the free version does not include latin characters or any other than regular.

  • Rimouski is a rounded geometric font family that allows you to use the OpenType "stylistic alternates" feature to unleash a spate of strangely slanted characters. This font has a free version that is the Semi-Bold, but there are four other weights available which aren't free: Ultra-Light, Light, Regular and Bold. This font is free for personal and commercial uses.

  • A display font designed by Phenom, which has a beautiful set of accents and symbols. It is a futuristic and squared font, making it perfect for movie posters and other printed design related to the future. Its format is TTF.

  • Oko is a display geometric typeface designed by the young artist Hugo Portinha. This font includes a beautiful set of accents and symbols, which make them look like something an alien would use, very futuristic and such. The download is free for personal use only.

  • Kilogram Font is a free font based on the Anagram Font. This is a fun and quirky font, ideal for print projects such as flyers, posters, and magazines. The package comes with a TTF file. You can use it in graphic applications very easily.

  • The Anaheim font family is a free font family designed to be used across the internet by web browsers on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices. All source files for this font family are hosted at GitHub. SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE Version 1.1.

  • Rollmops is a modular, experimental typeface that plays with the idea to fold a line of text from a continuous strip of paper. In spite of its technical and contemporary appearance, the overall impression of the typeface is unusual. It works well to create grid-based, geometric layouts with large letters or to design logotypes This is a free font for commercial and personal works.

  • Code Pro is a font family inspired by the original sans-serif fonts like Avant Garde or Futura, but with a modern twist. It is clean, elegant and straight-to-the-point. The font is applicable for any type of graphic design — web, print, motion graphics, etc. — and perfect for t-shirts and other items like posters and logos. This is a free font for commercial and personal work.

  • A fantastic font applicable for any type of big design, which includes logos, t-shirts, prints and much more with a rounded, fat design. The font is freeware so you can use it for any kind of project.

  • Source Sans Pro was Adobe’s first open source typeface family, created and designed by Paul D. Hunt. It is a sans-serif typeface intended to work well on user interfaces. It supports the Latin, Latin extended and Vietnamese character sets and is licensed under the SIL Open Font License 1.1.

  • Initially conceived as a single thin weight design, it has now evolved into a family with nine different variants. It features multiple details that make this a rich typeface. Created by Matt McInerney, Pablo Impallari, Rodrigo Fuenzalida and Igino Marini.

  • A quite comfortable font to read thanks to its geometric approach. Its tabular numbers give a neat final touch to the typeface, while full circles decorate the actual letters on the project. Heavily influenced by Swiss design, similar to Helvetica.

  • An audacious font face in TTF format with details of Art Deco and constructivism with a geometric grotesque look. It has only one variation, and it includes uppercase, lowercase, special characters and numbers. It serves well on big projects such as logos and t-shirts or to headline texts in websites.

  • A font created entirely with parts of geometric shapes, very similar to the one used for the famous Sony Play Station's logo. It masterfully mixes a corporative and friendly appearance, while providing a comfortable reading rhythm.

  • An open source font coming from the project "Public Types of Russian Federation" that created fonts that the Russian people could use to consume content in their native language, therefore, it supports multiple alphabets and special characters.

  • A fantastic typeface that features improved legibility thanks to its optimization for print, web and mobile interfaces. It supports the entire 897 character set that includes Latin, Greek and Cyrillic characters, useful for writing content for international audiences.

  • A beautiful font named after a neighborhood in Buenos Aires, in which the posters display a similar style. It features good legibility in small sizes, and it has two weights. This font can be used freely.

  • A uniquely styled typeface featuring sharp curves and flowing rhythm, making it easy to distinguish and very legible when in context. Its modern design has touches of multiple great fonts and works well with any platform.

  • A geometric and elegant sans-serif typeface with a distinguishing x-height measuring half of the cap height, in both roman and italic, offering five weights; it contains the most familiar glyphs from the Latin script, including numbers and special characters. A serif brother is also available.

  • Inder is an interesting typeface coming from Europe, based on the German Art Noveau and the Amsterdam School of Architecture styles. It has been adjusted to the restrictions of the screen and features a wide array of sizes.

  • Inspired in the cemetery art found in Buenos Aires, Argentina, it provides a grotesque and narrow style that saves in size without sacrificing its imposing features. Managed under the SIL Open Font License, 1.1.

  • An 180-degree turn for Exo, a font that displays a modern look while keeping a classy shape. It includes a record nine weights, each with its own italic variant.This font's organic flow makes it a good choice for long texts and smaller sizes.

  • Duru Sans is low contrast a classic 20th century style sans design. It is a new take on mixing the humanist urge with the modernist one. This font also manages to be elegant and workhorse-type at the same time. It works under the SIL OPEN FONT LICENSE, version 1.1.

  • Mostly aimed at large text, Comfortaa provides a rounded, geometric sans-serif design that makes for attractive headlines and headers. This font is completely free for using across the Web or over multiple devices.

  • This futuristic font consists of soft corner tubular forms that give it an edgy look. It does not sacrifice readability with its design thanks to a clean layout. Created by Brian J. Bonislawsky, it provides support for multiple Unicode languages.

  • A typeface family that features four fixed-width fonts conceived with a particular focus for coding. Thanks to its international Unicode support, it can create text for most Western and European Latin-based languages. It comes in four different weights to adjust to different situations.

  • This font creates an interesting mix of square and rounded elements that perform tremendously well on the screen. Inspired in the early 20th Century gothic styles, they count with a solid position and mono-weight strokes.

  • Designed for both web and print usage, Advent Pro takes the classic touches of a sans-serif font and combines them with modern styling, providing an edge to the typeface. It supports multiple languages including Geek, Turkish, English and German.

  • Abel was initially conceived as a font for newspaper headlines and posters, but it is also useful for Web writing. It contains sufficient flair to be attractive in bigger sizes and a comfortable design to read in smaller and longer texts.

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  • beautiful fonts, modern and stylish to renew my collection!! thanks for sharing!
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    • You're welcome :) Very glad you like them :D
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  • Fantastic collection... Thanks a lot! Great work. Very useful.
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    • Glad you like it! Stick around and find more awesome bundles of resources ;)
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