• Web Development Tools (171 submissions)

      Multiple purpose web development tools, ideal for improving daily workflow and adding extra functions to your projects.

      • Speed Monitor: Website Performance Reports fo...

        Using Node.js & Mongo DB, this is a script that sends reports of user performance on Slack, Rocket.Chat & Mattermost. The performance is captured using performance.timing.

      • Simple CSS Media Queries

        Simple CSS Media Queries is a tool that will return the media query necessary for the device you choose. It includes all the platforms and a variety of devices from small phones to desktop computers.

      • Ginger: Column Grid System

        Ginger is a minimal flexbox 12 column grid system. It gives you a solid lightweight grid system to make developing and designing your next site easy and quick.

      • GitHub Widget: Social Embedded Widget

        This is a widget that shows your GitHub details and that you can embed in any website. All you have to do is add the code to your HTML, replacing the value with your own GitHub username and your details will be displayed.

      • Mobi.css: Lightweight & Flexible CSS Fra...

        Mobi.css is a CSS framework that shows mobile pages in desktop with a sidebar on the left or right. It is lightweight, easy to use, and works on all major mobile devices.

      • Placeholder.js: Simple Image Placeholders

        Placeholder.js renders image placeholders for browsers. It can have custom colors, fonts, resizing behavior. It is pure javascript, that does not depend on jQuery or other javascript frameworks.

      • DuckSell: Digital Downloads Manager

        Ducksell is a PHP script that helps you sell products on your website and delivering them to the customer. It generates a secure download URL with a key that can be set to expire. It also includes real-time analytics for the user's activities.

      • CloudCannon: Jekyll Cloud CMS

        CloudCannon allows you to build static or Jekyll websites, with inline updates. Easy collaboration between developers and non-developers, and the option to sync files with GitHub, Bitbucket or Dropbox.

      • Simple Jekyll & Hugo CMS To...

        This is a simple CMS that allows non-coders to edit. Designed for Jekyll and Hugo sites, you can connect to a repo or upload a zip. The tool will Parse the project and automatically build a CMS.

      • Prototyp: Quick & Easy Interaction Proto...

        This tool allows easy and quick prototyping of interactions in Framer.js. It can be used in any browser, on any operating system, with mobile previews included.

      • Zig: System Programming Language

        Zig is a system programming language intended to replace C which prioritizes optimality, safety, and readability. Intended to port any existing .h files and directly use C types variables and functions. Zig includes a lot more useful features.

      • KDevelop: Coder’s Development Environme...

        KDevelop is a feature-full open-source, plugin extensible IDE for C/C++ and many other programming languages. Supported platforms include Linux, Solaris, FreeBSD, Mac OS X and other Unix flavors as well as Microsoft Windows.

      • Kanbanion: Kanban Board Tasks Manager

        A Kanban board. Simple, digital and local. With its JSON-based storage, Kanbanion is the perfect choice for keeping track of a single project's tasks. The Electron platform makes it feel and behave just like a native application.

      • Blisk: Web Development Browser & Tester

        This especial browser has a lot of useful features for development like the full emulation of smartphone devices and tablets for testing your projects and apps. Available for Windows, MAC and soon for Linux.

      • Lerna: JavaScript Projects Manager

        Lerna is a tool that optimizes the workflow around managing multi-package repositories with git and npm. It can be globally installed using just npm commands.

      • Online Icon Picker Tool

        This online tool is a vast collection of categorized icons where the user can select the one he likes and get a different sized preview. All the items are sort by a huge amount of categories and sizes, with the option to copy the code to clipboard.

      • Simpla: Plain HTML Website Editor

        Intuitively create dynamic content with a collection of HTML elements. Instead of admin areas or forms, you can edit inline, and it contains a JSON API for developers. No CMS needed.

      • Reliable Cronjob Monitor

        A quick and reliable monitor for cronjobs that uses five expression parameters for values such as minutes, hours, dates, months and weekdays. You can use specific values, alternative values, step values, and a range of values.

      • HyperTerm: Front-end Web Terminal

        Using open web standards, HyperTerm offers a beautiful and extensible experience for command-line interface users. A download is available for macOS, but builds for Windows and Linux are coming soon.

      • OpenShare: Social Platforms API Wrappers

        A completely customizable API wrappers for all major social networks and platforms that unlike other social sharing tools, it doesn't retarget and profit from customer's users.

      • CloudRail: Multi-platform Integrated API

        An inclusive tool that integrates multiple services with just one API into your applications, it is available for different platforms, Android, Java and iOS.

      • CodeComet: Front-end Version Control

        An interesting tool which aims online coding while offering a powerful text-editor and features such as version control, collaboration, compilation, hosting and much more.

      • Public JSON APIs List

        A great list of public JSON APIs to help people build applications for free quickly and easily, offering a wide range of options carefully classified by themes.

      • CSS Specificity Analyzer

        An online tool that analyses a CSS code placed in an input field, it generates then a graph that displays the degree of specificity of the code, showing with spikes the place where it's more specific.

      • Microlight.js: Code Highlighting Library

        A very tiny open-source library that showcases a highlighting feature to improve the readability of code snippets, and can be used for any programming language.

      • Holmes.js: Search Engine JavaScript Library

        Holmes is a library that offers a searching option inside any page, it features an easy installation using either npm or bower and including full documentation on its website.

      • Family.scss: SASS Mixins Tool Set

        A set of 16 SASS mixins which aims to unleash the power of the nth-child property, in an easy way, helping you to understand each and every mixin, literally, reading it.

      • GitHub Project Management Tool is a project management tool for GitHub which displays real-time updates, pursues a customizable workflow, and offers filtering options among other features.

      • Cuttlefish: Transactional Email Server

        Cuttlefish is a transactional email server that features an intuitive web interface and allows you to send lots of emails from your apps effortlessly using SMTP, monitor reaches and bounces, track which emails and inner links were opened and so much more.

      • NPM Frontend Tasks GUI

        A GUI tool for NodeJS based projects that allows you to easily work with package.json and node_modules folder, even for developers who aren't familiar with task runner-like Gulp and GruntJS .

      • Froont: Online Web Design Tool

        Froont is web page building tool that allows its users to see the real-time changes, alongside lots of functionalities like drag & drop, supports animations, and can export the automatically generated code.

      • Copper: Password-free Mobile Number Signup

        Copper is a script that allows the web pages or applications to implement a field to signup, without needing a social account or e-mail, just a cell phone number.

      • JWT Inspector: Browser Inspection & Debu...

        JWT Inspector is an extension to inspect JSON Web tokens in requests, cookies, and local storage that can be added to Chrome browser, and quite soon will be available for Firefox and Safari as well.

      • AOS: Animate On Scroll Library

        AOS is a CSS3 driven scroll animation library useful to animate elements on any website while the scroll is going on. It works in any direction either while scrolls down or up.

      • isMobile: Mobile Devices Detection JS Library

        A useful JavaScript library for detection of mobile devices in cases where responsive design does not solve problems of controlling web elements across several different screen sizes.

      • Push.js: JavaScript Notifications API Solutio...

        Push is a JavaScript library that eases getting up and running with javascript desktop notifications, which allow modern browsers to push notifications to a user's desktop.

      • Img2css: Convert Images To Pure CSS

        Img2css is a tool that converts any image into a pure CSS, it provides you in a single div with the code that you can use in your projects achieving a better performance when opening with browsers or any other need you may have.

      • Isotope: Magical Layouts jQuery Plugins

        Isotope is a truly powerful jQuery plugin for magical layouts that can readjustment themselves depending on the browser dimensions, along with filtering and sorting functionality.

      • Visual-center: Images Visual Center Locator T...

        Visual Center is an online tool that will help you find the visual center of any image, it shows first the center of the element and next to it the visual center of the image selected.

      • Botlist: Web Bots App Store

        A great App Store containing web bots from several known institutions, companies, services, and other internet tools, offering options to automate diverse tasks of your interest.

      • jQuery Cards: jQuery Plugins Repository

        A repository containing 1000+ jQuery plugins sorted in several categories, forms, media, navigation, UI, and many others, where some of them include a live preview.

      • CSS Centering Code Generator

        A fantastic online tool that will help you centering in CSS, a task that usually causes headaches to developers, by providing it information of what you need, it will generate the code, making easy the whole process.

      • Unstuck Webpack: Projects Creation Tool

        A web pack for quick project creation featuring a GUI tool that guide you through different options, and helping you to save time for project configuration that offers templates for Angular, React, Vuejs and Nodejs among others.

      • Aleut.css: Scalable CSS Framework

        Aleut.css is a CSS framework designed with scalability and performance in mind. It generates just the absolutely necessary lines of code, you can implement it in little or huge projects as you want, and letting you have the control all the time.

      • Modaal: Accessible Modal Plugin

        Modaal is a plugin to create accessible dialog windows that aims a mix of quality, flexibility, and accessibility that can be used in a wide range of projects.

      • Jam API: Websites API Access

        Jam API is a service to generate JSON accessible data using CSS selectors from any website, creating extra options for developers who want to interact with your site.

      • Vue.js: Web App JavaScript Framework

        A JavaScript web application framework that helps you compose your applications with decoupled and reusable components perfect for modern web interfaces, easy to install via NPM or Bower.

      • Google Chrome Web Development Tools

        A set of web developer tools for authoring and debugging into Google Chrome, providing to developers access into the internals of the browser and their web app, making it perfect for testing and solving issues that will help with obtaining the best code.

      • Caddy: Lightweight HTTP Web Server

        An alternative web server easy to configure and use, supporting http/2, IPv6, markdown, web sockets, fastCGI, templates and more, it is available for multiple platforms, Mac, Linux, BSD, and Android among them.

      • Atomic Docs: Front-end Component Manager Tool...

        Atomic Docs is a fantastic front-end toolkit and a SASS component manager, built in PHP, and ready to add to your local environment, it will let you manage all your components in an easy way using a clean GUI interface.

      • React: JavaScript UI Library

        React is a flexible JavaScript library for building user interfaces and is often used as the V in the MVC model, it can render on the server using Node, and can also power native apps using a new feature called React Native.

      • Polymer: JavaScript Web Components Library

        Polymer is a JavaScript software library used to define and style web components, implementing modern design principles to create custom HTML elements, it has reached version 1.0, and has begun to gain increasing recognition from the web development community.

      • DeckHub: GitHub Desktop Client

        A desktop client for GitHub with a stunning TweetDeck style, keeping you up-to-date with notifications, featuring a multi-user platform, custom columns, and mixing of different repos, users and organizations.

      • Codetasty: Powerful Cloud IDE

        An IDE in the cloud that includes all the features of a desktop one, it comprises several language tools, a file explorer, a terminal, and extensions. It is perfect for collaboration, sharing code with friends or colleagues.

      • Kite: Productive Development Environment Plug...

        An amazing code editors plugin which provides you with a floating dock-sidebar that aids your coding at all times by showcasing suggestions of functions and methods as you type organized by popularity. You can also see documentation on-the-go, examples, and even highlights syntax errors thus boosting your workflow.

      • Browser Package Management

        A JavaScript package manager that supports installing any module format from any registry, with GitHub and npm currently provided with flat versioned dependency management.

      • Popper.js: Useful Web Tooltips Javascript Lib...

        Popper.js is a useful library that aids in creating poppers in web development. Some featuring custom boundaries, GPU acceleration, offsets, and modifiers make of it an ideal tool.

      • WPDK: WordPress Development Kit PHP Framework

        A WordPress PHP framework aimed to make productive, solid and easy to maintain the creation of plugins and themes. This Development Kit includes downloadable several samples on their website.

      • Herbert: WordPress Plugin Framework

        Herbert is an effort to standardise and structure the process of building WordPress plugins, instead of the unorganised current approach, saving time to developers and making work in teams easier.

      • Stellar: Easy Scaffolding LESS Library

        A LESS library for easy and fast web app scaffolding, arranging in rows and columns, responsive design, and few lines of code. Learn how to use it with samples and tasks in their own website.

      • Superplaceholder.js: Input Placeholders Libra...

        A JavaScript library to carry your input placeholders to life showcasing multiple instructions in a single input placeholder, animating, providing extra information, and examples to fill them.

      • Mercury: Modular Front-end JavaScript Framewo...

        A Javascript front-end framework which aims to be modular, making it possible to combine along with other frameworks, written by Raynos who has created several other useful libraries and it seems to have got lots of interest from the community.

      • DesktopServer: Local WordPress Projects

        Create a locally installed WordPress site in seconds on Windows or Mac. Easy custom configuration with blueprints and tools to import or deploy your live website.

      • Rikulo: Web & Mobile HTML5 UI Framework

        Rikulo is a UI Framework in Dart language which allows code to be run at the client and server into the UI, is aimed to provide a structured model for cross-platform web and mobile programming using HTML5. Also provides capabilities to build native mobile applications.

      • Substance: Web Based Content Editing

        Substance is a JavaScript Library for web-based content editing platform, also can be used to build a sheets editor, web content, a notepad application and many more. Document authoring can be done in the browser, in a simpler and more collaborative way.

      • Awesome MongoDB Resources Collection

        A complete list of MongoDB resources with full documentation, libraries for several programming languages, many tools like Big data and Deployment, among others including some examples of applications ready to be used.

      • GitHub Importer: Migrate Your Code

        Github Importer allows you to migrate your code and repositories from Subversion, Mercurial, Team Foundation Server, or any other Git repository directly into GitHub.

      • Phoenix: Productivity Web Framework

        Phoenix is a productive web framework that does not compromise speed and maintainability by implementing the server-side MVC pattern and many of its components and concepts similar to the ones in other web frameworks like Ruby on Rails or Python's Django.

      • Visual Studio Code: Microsoft Debugging Code ...

        An open source code editor developed by Microsoft for Windows, Linux and OS X, it's redefined and optimized for building and debugging modern web and cloud applications. VS Code combines the streamlined UI of a modern editor with rich code assistance and navigation, and an integrated debugging experience, and has hundreds of extensions.

      • Simulacra.js: One-way Data Binding

        Simulacra.js makes the DOM react to changes in data so as to map those changes to the DOM by adding and removing elements after invoking mutator functions, which by default, assign plain text and form input values.

      • GrapesJS: Online Web Template Editor

        GrapeJS is an open source online tool that allows you to edit your website templates counting on a neatly crafted minimal UI toolkit for style, layers, code, and asset management, as well as local and remote storage, and default built-in commands.

      • imba: JavaScript Compiled Language

        Imba is a programming language development for the web that compiles to highly performant and readable JavaScript supports for defining, extending, subclassing, instantiating and rendering DOM nodes.

      • Touch Pressure Intensity Interactions

        Pressure is a JavaScript library that allows you to handle certain parameters on the web which values vary depending on the pressure you apply on the touch screen on new Mac and iPhone devices.

      • JavaScript list: one JS tip every day!

        Enjoy this short and useful resource to find JavaScript tips every day in order to improve your code writing. If you want to enrich the list you can also make your own suggestions!

      • Ally.js: Simpler Accessibility JavaScript Lib...

        A JavaScript library that simplifies certain accessibility features, functions, and behaviors by providing certain standard functions that the web platform should've provided itself for JavaScript applications to be made accessible more easily.

      • OS.js : JavaScript Cloud & Web Desktop P...

        OS.js is a completely free and open-source JavaScript web desktop implementation for your browser with a fully-fledged window manager, Application APIs, GUI toolkits and filesystem abstraction. Works in any modern browser and can be deployed on any platform using Node or PHP.

      • Appolo: Jekyll Plugins & Themes

        Appolo is a set of plugins and themes for Jekyll to create a static portfolio website for app developers to showcase their work. It has a minimalistic style and responsive design.

      • Iceberg: Front-End Boilerplate

        Iceberg is a front-end boilerplate to help you start your web projects from scratch in an easier way, so you don´t need to re-create everything every time.You can download it or install it via Bower.

      • CLImate: PHP Terminal Customizer

        CLImate allows you to easily output colored text, special formatting, and even animations. It makes output to the terminal clearer and debugging a lot simpler.

      • Awesome Development Interviews Collection

        An awesome collection of interviews about development regarding topics of several programming languages, databases technologies, operative systems, algorithms, coding exercises, and more.

      • OpenCampus: Professional Certifications Resou...

        OpenCampus is the biggest resource library regarding professional certifications for PMP, CAMP, ITIL Foundation, Big Data Developer, Hadoop Administrator, Six Sigma belts, Microsoft Excel, and more.

      • Lineman: Client-Side-Focused Utility

        Lineman is a command line utility that allows you to focus in the client-side part of applications development and also provides you with the most relevant server-side application development features.

      • JSONView: Mozilla’s On-browser JSON Vie...

        A Mozilla extension for visualizing JSON files directly on the browser nicely formatted instead of prompting to download it or rendering it as text featuring collapsible array and object sections.

      • Auth0: Angular 2 Authentication Library

        A service that abstracts how users authenticate to applications which can be using custom credentials, social network logins, enterprise directories or password-less systems.

      • Curated UI Design & Development Feed

        A curated feed of articles and resources regarding web applications UI design, and front-end, back-end and full-stack development. You'll find tutorials, tools, inspiration, and more.

      • BackstopJS: CSS Responsive Debugger

        BackstopJS takes screenshots of your website or web app in several sizes in order to find unwanted CSS regressions by reporting which and how many screen sizes failed.

      • Scrapy: A Powerful Web Crawling Framework

        Scrapy is a cross-platform and collaborative framework open-source developed in Python for extracting relevant data from websites.

      • Flask Micro: IDE Code-editor WordPress Plugin

        Flask micro is a WordPress plugin that implements CodeFlask.js as a shortcode for IDE code edition.

      • Telepat: Real-time Back-end Data Sync

        Telepat is an open source back-end stack that allows you to provide your clients in real-time with information and updates as well as flexible deployment and simple scaling.

      • Real-time Web Communication Demos

        WebRTC is an open source repository that consists of demos and experiments on real-time communication for web technologies.

      • Documentation-focused Curated Resources

        The Web Field Manual is an online curated list of resources focused on documenting only the best knowledge for designing experiences and interfaces on the web.

      • Fly: New Generator Build System

        Fly is a modern co-routines, generators and promises based built system for Node.js. It features concurrent tasks, robust error handling, cascading tasks and a simple API.

      • Lattice: Server Workload Manager

        Lattice manages containerized workloads on clusters which consist of a number of virtual machines that run containers, and a brain that monitors the cells.

      • UnCSS: Unused Styles Remover

        UnCSS is a tool for removing unused CSS code from your stylesheets that works across multiple files supporting JavaScript injected CSS.

      • Awesome Ruby Gems Collections

        A huge collection of ruby on rails gems classified by category and listed in GitHub by its author hothero.

      • Flarum: Modern Forum Software

        Flarum is a next-generation forum software that offers several UX features such as real-time discussions, moderation tools, touch optimization, and much more.

      • VueStrap: JavaScript-built Bootstrap Componen...

        VueStrap is a kit of Bootstrap components built with Vue.js completely independent of jQuery, bootstrap.js, or any other 3rd party plugin.

      • HTML5Sites: Curated HTML5 Sites Gallery

        A curated gallery that contains a collection of websites regarding HTML5. They are social ranked and allows submissions of new sites.

      • cssnano: A PostCSS-based Modular Minifier

        CSSnano is a modular minifier based on PostCSS plugins. It takes formatted CSS and optimizes it, ensuring that the final result is as small as possible for a production environment.

      • Bonsai: Freelancers Contracts Management

        Bonsai is an online web tool for freelancers to be able to generate secure contracts that feature eSignatures and integrated escrow.

      • Otto: Cloud Platform Web Development Environm...

        Otto is a cloud platform that automatically builds a development environment tailored specifically for your application and allows you to control it with a single consistent workflow in order to maximize the development productivity.

      • GoTTY: Terminal As Web Application

        GoTTY is a simple command line tool that turns your Command Line Interface tools into web applications. This tool was developed by Iwasaki Yudai and is available as an open-source project.

      • CSSfmt: A CSS Formatting Tool

        CSSfmt is a tool that automatically formats CSS and SCSS source code. It can format Vanilla CSS, SCSS syntax, and nested selectors syntax like SCSS, Less, Stylus and processor using post CSS-nested.

      • CSS & JavaScript Web App Store

        Eager is an open source built web app store initiated by Adam Schwartz and Zack Bloom that allows you adding to your website several web apps in CSS and JavaScript only by indicating where you want it. Some of the most used apps are photo galleries, latest tweets section, add a comment section and fancy underliner.

      • Device Metrics: Devices Screen Sizes Online T...

        A nice collection made by Google with every device's metrics like screen size, the aspect ratio, width, height and pixel density. It's a great tool for designers and developers to know the dimensions of the most relevant devices. This is a public list that can be used freely.

      • Kirki: WordPress Websites Customizing Toolkit

        Kirki is a website customizing toolkit for WordPress. It extends the customizer functionality. It makes it easier for everyone to create beautiful and meaningful websites. It is licensed under the GNU General Public License.

      • Nuclide: Unified Web & App Development I...

        Nuclide is an open source IDE for React for creating native, web, and mobile apps, made as a suite of packages on that based on Atom to provide hackability and the increasing support. It provides auto-completion and inline error highlighting, a JavaScript type checker and more. It was made by Facebook.

      • reactCSS: CSS Classes into React.js JavaScrip...

        A JavaScript tool that allows the inclusion of CSS classes into ReactJS. It allows class-based data, you can keep HTML and components styles together and easily attach the classes to the code.

      • Scut: Frontend Sass Utilities Pack

        Scut is a set of Sass utilities for improving the implementations of common style-code patterns. It takes away the pain of repeating code across a website; it makes things easy, helping you organizing your rules, and implementing best practices.

      • Vorlon.JS: JavaScript Debugging and Testing T...

        Vorlon is an open source, extensible, platform-agnostic tool for debugging and testing your JavaScript remotely. It was created with the help of node.js and It is easy to setup even as a desktop software for Windows and Mac, and it is extensible

      • xto6: Next-generation JavaScript Modernizer

        xto6 is a nice library made in JavaScript that keeps your JavaScript code clean and readable. Among its features, you can find function/prototype to class, string concatenation to template string and anonymous callbacks to arrow functions.

      • lightgl.js: WebGL Apps Prototyping JavaScript...

        A library to quickly prototype WebGL applications made in JavaScript. It re-implements OpenGL's modelview/projection matrix stack for similar functionality, making it perfect for creating cool 3D data showcases and visually appealing components.

      • CSS Dig: CSS Cheking Chrome Extension

        CSS Dig is an extension for Google Chrome that helps you analysing the CSS on your website. It shows you the CSS properties of your site, their frequency of use and variation. Also, it shows you the inconsistencies so the end user doesn't get confused.

      • Marx: Multipurpose CSS Stylesheet

        Marx is a CSS Stylesheet for developing simple web projects. It is not a framework, but a set of rules in CSS for easy styling. With it, all browsers render consistently thanks to Sanitize.css, was built with SASS, it's responsive and mobile friendly, has clean and beautiful photography and more features.

      • HTML Symbols, Entities and Codes

        A cool online collection of arrows and other symbols available as code. You can select among many types of arrows, and symbols like copyright, at, registered trademark and many more. After you're done, you can copy the Hex code, HTML ​or Unicode to use it on your projects.

      • Radium: Component Styling React Library

        Radium is a collection of tools for React elements' inline styles management. With it, you have powerful styling capabilities without needing to use CSS. It allows you to browse state styles to support and use media queries as well. It is a creation from Formidable Labs.

      • Browser Typeface Rendering JavaScript Engine

        Since fonts will look heavier on OS X and iOS than on other platforms, this useful JavaScript engine makes a specific typeface look nice in mobile devices, just as they look cool in desktop computers.

      • Predawn: Sublime and Atom Interface & Sy...

        Predawn is a set of styling features added to the Sublime code editor and also for Atom. The theme adds several improvements, like folder navigation and improved color distinction among elements, and more.

      • url.js: URL Manipulation JavaScript Library

        url.js is a lightweight library built with JavaScript to manipulate the page URL. It uses various parameters to find the name and encoding results, it can parse a string as querystring, stringifies a query object, and more. This library is licensed under the MIT license.

      • Cayley: Open Source Graph Database

        Cayley is an open-source graph database inspired by Freebase, using Google's Knowledge Graph. The idea of this is to help developers analysing Linked Data and graph-shaped data in semantic websites, social networks and more. It was written in Go, and it has a complete API, a built-in query editor and visualizer, modular design and it's fast. It was created by Google.

      • Google Prediction API: Predictive Analysis Bu...

        A tool for analysing data and make predictions based on Google's algorithms. It uses a very nice interface, helping you predict future trends using historical data, detect spam and recommend products. It is fast and reliable, has cloud integration, powerful development tools, and more. You can use it for free for a limited time.

      • cmder: Portable Console Windows Emulator

        cmder is a portable console emulator for Windows. It has a Monokai color scheme and a custom prompt layout, and it's a complete package that you can carry anywhere, in a USB drive or in the cloud, so you don't lose your settings and overall progress. It was developed by Samuel Vasko.

      • Online Microdata Snippets Generator

        An online microdata generator that helps generating rich snippets and graphs supported by Google. It supports a full list of structured data schemes, and it lets you aggregate offers, reviews, articles, business, events and contact info, software apps and more.

      • .resizr: CSS Media Queries Testing Online Too...

        .resizr is an online tool for testing any website's media queries to check if it is completely responsive. With it, you just add the URL of the site you wanna test and select the device, mode and other features. There are almost 30 devices to test your site on, and you can use it for free.

      • Open Source Large Files Versioning Github Ext...

        Git Large File Storage is an open source extension that allows you versioning large files. It replaces these large files (like audio and video), including text pointers inside Git, and at the same time stores the contents on remote servers. With it you have more repository space, faster cloning and fetching, access controls and permissions.

      • SaaS, PaaS and IaaS Free Software List

        A list of SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS software and offerings with free tiers for developers. It will be a really useful for infrastructure developers, like System Administrators, DevOps Practitioners, and more. The repository grows daily and it's carefully curated. It was created by R.I.Pienaar.

      • APIembed: Multipurpose Code Snippets Generato...

        An online tool for creating auto-generated code snippets in many programming languages for your website, blog or API documentation. With it you can embed your API request, customize your widget, generate the code and then grab the generated result to use it on your website.

      • WPSpeedster: Website Speed Testing Online Too...

        A website with Google PageSpeed test scores for 2500 free themes from the official WordPress theme repository. The tests were executed on the blogs sample page and the home page, both in mobile and desktop environments.

      • Nines: Web Development Performance Tool

        Nines is a web tool that helps developers find critical performance issues while developing. It intends to show developers and designers the impact their changes have on the performance of the site. It shows a bar at the bottom with the page speed, the median, and you can click on them and check more data.

      • Prepros: Multilanguage Programming Compiler

        Prepros is a compelling tool for developers that allows them to compile LESS, Sass, Compass, Stylus, Jade and many more languages thanks to CSS prefixing. You can download it for free and use it on Mac, Windows or Linux machines.

      • osquery: SQL-powered Analytics, Monitoring &#...

        osquery is a complete tool for operating systems made in C++, JavaScript and powered by SQL. It was created by Facebook and its goal is to provide strong and accurate analytics, monitoring and instrumentation. It can be downloaded for free and implemented in any web project.

      • Dust-Me Selectors: Firefox & Opera Code ...

        Dust-Me Selectors is a development tool for Firefox and Opera that scans the CSS code on your website and tells you which selectors are unused. Among its features you can scan any HTML page, add an XML or HTML sitemap and scan pages automatically (Firefox version only).

      • Online API Search Engine is an experiment that allows you to search APIs on the web. You can implement the search engine, which is also open source, and run it in your own projects. It crawls known APIS.json files, top domains on Alexa and follows include links.

      • Online UX Project Checklist

        The UX Project Checklist is an online tool that helps developers check their process while creating a website, helping them to create a user-friendly and goal-focused website. The tool helps you check if you have accomplished the research, plan, explore, communicate, create, feedback and more stages of the UX process. This tool is free and you can connect it with Google+ to save your progress.

      • Scala: Object Oriented Programming Language

        Scala is a scalable language for creating apps, it is Object-Oriented, supporting advanced component architectures through classes and traits; functional, efficient, integrated seamlessly with Java, future proof and more. It is open source and ready to implement in any project.

      • Screen Sizes: Complete Devices Charactistics ...

        Screen Sizes is a complete table of sizes for every mobile device known. It includes information about the operating system of the device, the physical size, its width, height, the pixel density, aspect ratio, and more. This table is a starter point for any type of design, if you want to implement a creation that reaches more people.

      • Nitrous: Multilanguage Browser IDE

        Nitrous is a complete IDE for your browser that lets you program in Ruby, PHP, Python, Go, NodeJS and other languages. You can synch it with your favorite code editor such as Atom, Sublime Text or Textmate, allowing you to work from anywhere in a shared or private workspace and do it fastly.

      • Tweene: JavaScript Animation Proxy

        Tweene is a JavaScript library proxy that allows you to control and switch between several types of different JS libraries, created for multiple purposes. It is a great way for avoiding so much coding, providing flexibility and stability in the process. It works with GSAP, Velocity.js, Transit (CSS transitions) and jQuery.

      • ngrok: Localhost Secure Tunneling Multiplatfo...

        A tool that creates a tunnel from the public internet to a port on your local machine with download available for several OS platforms. It is useful in the case you are developing a website, and you want someone outside to see how's it going without deploying it. You just pass the URL and grant access. ngrok also captures all traffic through the tunnel.

      • Frontend: Web Development Boilerplate

        The Front-end Boilerplate is an easy to use development tool for creating attractive and useful web projects. It has a tasks manager, you can use your dependencies, you can choose what preprocessor to use, and it includes many features that can make your development a great experience. You must have Node and npm installed to use it.

      • Subtext: Web and Desktop Code Editor

        Subtext is a code editor for Chrome browser and Chrome OS; an offline tool that you can use on your browser and desktop. It lets you edit local files thanks to a simple user interface. Among its features you can find: - Project management - Fuzzy search for opening files - Versatile layout - Fullscreen mode It supports several types of syntax, including HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, LESS, Stylus, Coffee, Ruby, Python, Markdown, Mustache, and many more. You can download it for free.

      • Webplate: Website Building Front-end Framewor...

        Webplate is a useful front-end framework that allows you to focus your attention exclusively on building your website or mobile app. It is a UX experiment that you can download and use for free, or improve since it is open source. Inside you can find: - A robust and responsive layout engine - Global buttons and elements - Customizable forms - Simple modals - Icon fonts support Also, it includes two types of "starter kits": the Quill UI and the Stripe UI. The first one created for writers and the other one for quick creations. This framework was created by Chris Humboldt and was uploaded …

      • Website Development Starter Kit

        This is a web starter kit that will help you not only create a compelling and useful website that can be viewed in any desktop or mobile device, but to know how you can improve it at all levels. Among its features you can find: - A responsive boilerplate. - An up-to-date style guide. - Cross-device synch. - Live browser reloading. - Performance optimization. - Insight reporting. - SASS Support.

      • Scotch: Off Canvas Menus & Panels jQuery...

        Scotch Panels is a jQuery plugin for easily creating off canvas menus, navigation, and other panel types such as images, videos, and iframes. They have lots of features and different options for every skill-level to tweak and implement into almost any project. They work from any container so you can put your side navigation on any element you want. It even provides excellent browser support via a JavaScript fallback.

      • Omega: Python Web Platform

        Omega is an attempt to bring back innovation to Python web frameworks. Its goal is to be more than a web framework since it aims to be a platform on which any type of web application can be built, batteries included. That means  this tool ships with support for creating ORM-backed CRUD applications, NoSQL REST APIs, real-time applications using Websockets, and simple, mostly static page applications.

      • ScrollAdvance: Scrollable Backgrounds jQuery ...

        This jQuery plugin allows the user to move the background in any cardinal direction thanks to values that can be changed, adding useful functions for the scroll position as scrollBottom() or scrollTop(). It is published under the MIT License.

      • heatmap.js: Dynamic Web Heatmaps

        A JavaScript library will help you make three-dimensional data speak up. Heatmap.js v2.0 adds new value to your project, and you can build a business based on it, study and visualize user behaviour, and much more. Whether you want to have an aggregated overview of your users behaviour or look at thousands of events distributed on a map, this tool covers all your heat map visualization needs.

      • CSS Layout Generator

        This is a supremely useful tool that will generate column layouts including footer, header and menu. You can set the measurements by either pixels or percentages. The inclusion of sidebars can also be controlled. Take a look and create the right foundation for your project. It was created by Generate It!

      • Online CSS Validator

        ​This online tool created by the guys at CSS Portal helps you validate your CSS files with a simple form. Validating your CSS is the first step (before optimizing it) since it allows you to find errors in your CSS that can make your page display incorrectly. After that, a good optimization is required and can help you website load faster and smoother than ever.

      • CSS Code Optimizer

        ​Optimizing your CSS code is crucial if you are running a large site. CSS has a tendency to get cluttered, just like HTML does. This generator will format and optimize your CSS code using a variety of different compression settings. Once you're done with your CSS codes just upload them to your web hosting service provider and see the results of your CSS design online.

      • Online Password Generator

        ​This online password generator will allow you to create a range of strong and secure passwords using a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters, numbers and punctuation symbols. Within you can select the password length, lowercase letters, capital letters, numbers, punctuation, and avoid similar characters to create a powerful password. Then just click on generate, and you are done.

      • Orson: Online Tool for Creating Themes

        Orson is a great tool for creating your own Bootstrap theme. And after all, you can save it. It takes advantage of the latest version of Bootstrap; you can preview your work, import variables, pick colors easily, choose from lots of Google Fonts and many more features.

      • -prefix-free: Use Only Unprefixed CSS Propert...

        -prefix-free lets you use only unprefixed CSS properties everywhere. It works behind the scenes, adding the current browser’s prefix to any CSS code, only when it’s needed. Among its features: - Processes every stylesheet in or elements and adds a vendor prefix where needed. - Processes elements with a style attribute and adds a vendor prefix where needed. - Takes care of new or elements, style attribute changes and CSSOM changes (requires plugin). - Lets jQuery’s .css() method get and set unprefixed properties (requires plugin).

      • Bonfire: Easy PHP Web Applications

        Bonfire helps you build CodeIgniter-based PHP web applications even faster than ever by providing powerful tools and a beautiful interface you won’t be ashamed to show your client. With it you have built in users, enhanced debugging and a significant set of developer tools.

      • Screenhero: Easily Review your Code

        Screenhero is awesome for code review and pair programming. With simultaneous control, both sides can switch seamlessly between driving and navigating, with zero overhead. Works with every IDE. Instantly present your ideas to your clients, without having to send multiple files back and forth.

      • sachet: Handcraft your Own Development Enviro...

        sachet allows you to handcraft your development environment. By allowing you to select features and functionality that you are comfortable with, it generates you a small package with the appropriate configuration files, plugins, and theme so you can leverage the potential of your Vim editor.

      • Chronos: Fault-tolerant Schedule

        Chronos is airbnb's replacement for cron. It is a distributed and fault-tolerant scheduler which runs on top of mesos. It's a framework that supports custom mesos executors as well as the default command executor, thus executing SH (on most systems BASH) scripts.

      • Scriptular: JavaScript Regular Expression Edi...

        Scriptular is a JavaScript regular expression editor. Inspired by Rubular, it gives you a simple way to test JavaScript regular expressions as you write them.

      • js-sequence-diagrams: Turn Text into UML Diag...

        Here we have a simple JavaScript library to turn text into vector UML sequence diagrams. This tool was heavily inspired by the website, which offer a serverside solution. You can use Jison to parse the text, and Raphaël to draw the image.

      • Log: Console with Style

        Log is a simple utility to add style to the browser’s console output. It makes developing for the web and debugging easier by adding colors, ordering content, and more.

      • VisualOps: Cloud Management for AWS

        Here we have a drag and drop real AWS resources to a canvas to quickly design your application architecture. It features several improvements like: - Drag-n-drop to build. - Built-in modules to configure instances. - One click to launch. - Easy exporting. - Realtime cost estimation.

      • TogetherJS: Collaborate in Real Time

        TogetherJS (formerly know as TowTruck) lets users communicate, co-author, co-browse and guide each other. It’s is implemented in Javascript; no software or plugins to install, and it’s friendly with existing web pages, while still letting developers customize the experience.

      • csxs: App Development Tool

        csxs is a command line tool written in node.js for creating, compiling, packaging, debugging, and deploying extensions for Adobe Creative Suite. It’s easy to use and it is powerful.

      • xctool: Easy App Creation

        xctool is a replacement for Apple's xcodebuild that makes it easier to build and test iOS and Mac products. It's especially helpful for continuous integration. It runs the same tests as, and provides a structured output of build and test results, human-friendly, ANSI-colored output, and faster & parallelized test runs.

      • Yeoman: Web Tool For Building Apps

        Yeoman helps you kickstart new projects, taking into account the best practices and tools to help you stay productive. It provides a generator ecosystem, which is  a plugin that can be run with commands to scaffold complete projects or useful parts.

      • Brunch: Lightweight HTML5 Application

        Brunch is a lightweight approach to building HTML5 applications with an emphasis on elegance and simplicity. This builder is not a generic task runner, but a specialized tool focusing on the production of a small number of deployment-ready files from a large number of heterogenous development files or trees.

      • Deployd: Build APIs Easily

        Deployd is an open source platform that allows you design, build, and scale APIs for web and mobile apps in minutes instead of days. After you've set it up, you can deploy to a high-performance cloud, or host it yourself. You have an API just with one click, manage its resources through a web-based platform.

      • Viewport Resizer: a Responsive Bookmarklet

        Viewport resizer is a browser-based tool to test any website’s responsiveness. Just save the bookmarklet, go to the page you want to test, click on your created bookmarklet and check all kinds of screen resolutions of the page. It features full customization, add & customize sizes on the fly, manual orientation toggle by click, automatically device window orientation in "Auto Size" mode, media query support, viewport animation, adapt meta viewport tag from the current page.

      • Emmet: Optimized Snippets for the Web

        Emmet takes the snippets idea to a whole new level: you can type CSS-like expressions that can be dynamically parsed, and produce output depending on what you type in the abbreviation. Emmet is developed and optimised for web-developers whose workflow depends on HTML/XML and SSC, but can be used with programming languages too.

      • Vagrant: Development Environments Creator

        Vagrant allows you creating and configuring lightweight and portable development environments. It is a tool you can install on Mac OS X, Windows, or a popular Linux distribution. After that, create a single file to describe the type of machine. It creates identical development environments for everyone involved in the project.

      • Adobe Edge Animate CC: HTML Animation Authori...

        ​The Adobe Edge Animate CC is a great tool for creating animated, interactive content for the web. It allows web designers create HTML for web and digital publications, as well as sophisticated ads for media that can be viewed on any device.

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    • Web Design Resources (57 submissions)

      A list with design resources, including articles, tutorials and demos for learning purposes.

      • The Design Superpower: Design Course

        The Design Superpower is a free email course, it teaches design in business. The lessons are daily and from one of the top experts in the field. The course is for design beginners who want to learn things quickly.

      • MadKit: Low-fi Prototypes UX/UI Kit

        An excellent UX/UI kit for low-fi prototyping, visually crafted in a flat style offers a great opportunity to create the perfect scheme using thumbnails and UX flowcharts.

      • Realgraphy: Authentic Non-stock Photos

        Realgraphy gives you hundreds of authentic non-stock photos. These photos are public, this means that you can copy, modify, distribute and use the photos for free, including commercial purposes.

      • Pixambo: Weekly New Stock Photos

        Pixambo is a library full of stock photos for your use. It comes with sixteen different categories to choose from. This photos can be used for personal or commercial websites, blogs, articles and other projects.

      • Low Poly Family Car: 3D Model

        This a 3D model of a family car. It comes with four views: frontal, back, right side, and left side as well. It also comes with a version without color and with topographic lines. Fully customizable and with editable colors.

      • Stocky: Stock Photo, Video, Graphics & M...

        Stocky is a library filled with stock photos, video, graphics, and music. You can download everything absolutely for free and use it for commercial and personal purposes.

      • Geometric Gradient Backgrounds

        These backgrounds use a combination of gradients over a background of similar color to make impresive designs. This pack includes 8 high resolution (3000px x 3000px) JPG files.

      • Magic Watercolors: Watercolor Texture Bundle

        A bundle that contains 7 different handmade texture backgrounds of water-like color made for creative designs, it's based on a cold blue tones palette mixed with warm colors as well.

      • Dramatic Color Grunge Textures Pack

        A great pack containing 10 textures in JPG, featuring dramatic color grunge style which allows you to add some stunning and dramatic effect to your designs, perfect for backgrounds, posters, flyers and much more.

      • Visual-center: Images Visual Center Locator T...

        Visual Center is an online tool that will help you find the visual center of any image, it shows first the center of the element and next to it the visual center of the image selected.

      • Origami: Apple Devices UI Design Prototyping

        Origami is an awesome tool for creating modern user interfaces that were developed to help engineers by quickly putting together a prototype for Apple devices and exporting the code, featuring components for scroll, swipe, tap and much more. Install it using Quartz Composer.

      • Showbox: Online Quality Video Maker

        An amazing service of video editing for the web that allows you to create professionally produced videos for your sites completely effortlessly.

      • Illustrated Glossary Typographic Terms

        A fantastic well-illustrated glossary of terms which was expertly compiled to give readers a deeper understanding of the beautiful world of fonts and typography, including some beautiful illustrations to make learning typography more fun and creative.

      • Web Design Starter Kit

        A useful and complete kit for free to help you with the creation of your first project, it contains several templates in PSD, logos, documents, and includes 5 icon packs, without copyright restrictions. All the packages weight in total about 147 MBs.

      • Design Methods & Research Toolkit

        A complete design methods toolkit for multidisciplinary design research, aimed at understanding and improving design processes and practices, it comprises 62 tasks that will help you improve your design skills.

      • Designer’s DPI & PPI Resolution Gu...

        An amazing guide that will clarify all of your doubts about DPI and PPI explaining with actual devices as examples, it also tells you how it affects your designing, what is 4K, what Retina display is, and so much more.

      • Gratia: Restaurant Website PSD Template

        Gratia is a stunning PSD template nicely layered and organized that includes 4 files, showcasing high-quality graphics, it is easy to customize, and perfect for a restaurant website.

      • Icon: PSD Landing Page Template

        A great PSD landing page template focused on mobile app featuring 55 cards in 11 categories, pixel perfect design, perfect layer organisation, and using a 12 column Bootstrap grid.

      • Stylish Magazine PSD Mockup

        A recently updated magazine mockup that comes in 5 PSD files showcasing refined smart objects, improved lighting, and enhanced quality, perfectly customizable to add a different background or using the template to suit any design.

      • Old Weathered Wood Material Design

        A wonderfully set of 18 images in JPG format, featuring old weathered wood including a mix of textures and colors that can be used as background or reference for your designs.

      • Dtail Studio: Amazing Web Design Resources Co...

        Dtail Studio is a page that compilates 3 nicely-done website designs featuring topics such as e-commerce and blogs. It also features some web resources such as social media apps, interface kits and smartphones mockups with SVG graphics.

      • CodePen Spotify Artist Page

        Spotify artist page design pretty similar to the original one, in dark tones and a highly visual interface in JavaScript.

      • Social Media Avatar Pic Set

        A necessary and useful avatar profile pic set for Social Media projects, available in 3 sizes, the kit contains 50 cropped user avatars ready to be used.

      • Ecommerce Showcase: Best E-Commerce Design Si...

        Ecommerce Showcase is a website that contains a curated gallery showing some of the best e-commerce site designs. Stunning and clean styles are featured on the gallery including topics such as fashion, cooking and fitness.

      • Phone Styled iFrame

        An amazing concept of iFrame that allows you to feature in a live mode your website on a virtual phone from 3 different perspectives: front, leaning, and horizontally tilted.

      • Apple Devices Responsive View

        An amazing responsiveness checking tool online that features your website in several Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads, and iMacs

      • Angular Material: Material Design Reference I...

        Angular Material is a reource for developers that use AngularJS to have reference of the implementation of Google's Material Design Specifications providing a set of reusable, well-tested, and accessible UI components based on Material Design.

      • 101 Ways to Make Your Website More Awesome

        An amazing article that will provide you with invaluable tips to make your website more awesome. It contains topics such as branding, typography, layouts, user interfaces, user experience, development, SEO, and stacks more.

      • DesignGate: Web Development & Design Ins...

        DesignGate is a website that finds and shares other amazing websites that offer a clean and memorable user experience to give both designers and developers inspiration through their wide range of resources ordered by several specific categories.

      • Bootstrap Boutique: Bootsrap Framework Librar...

        Hand picked controls, design elements and widgets for Bootstrap framework. Each element comes with a clear example for easy copy and use. Visit their GitHub profile for repositories.

      • GrapesJS: Online Web Template Editor

        GrapeJS is an open source online tool that allows you to edit your website templates counting on a neatly crafted minimal UI toolkit for style, layers, code, and asset management, as well as local and remote storage, and default built-in commands.

      • HackMyResume: Code Résumés and CVs

        HackMyResume is a useful tool to generate résumés and CVs in HTML, Markdown, LaTeX, MS Word, PDF, plain text, JSON, XML, YAML, smoke signal, and carrier pigeon for Windows, OS X, Linux y Node.js.

      • Loud Links: Javascript Interactive Sounds Lib...

        Loud links is a simple Javascript library to add interaction sounds to your website, it creates HTML5 audio element and uses it to play mp3/ogg audio files, currently supported in all browsers.

      • MMXV: 2015’s Best Website Designs Revie...

        A review of 2015's best website designs in which you'll find stunning new concepts for all kind of purposes organized in a mini rank done month by month.

      • Pixture: PSD Website Template

        Pixture is a unique and creative layout, using a mixture of card design styles along with large hero image areas to show case these awesome pain textures. It comes with both a 1600px wide desktop design and iPhone 6 750px wide mobile design version.

      • Structor: A React User Interface Builder

        React is a fast and handy tool for the visual construction of User Interface from a pre-created components. UI developer is able to configure the existing code generators or create his own code generator, all components in Structor have built-in documentation.

      • Jukedeck: Create Royalty-free Soundtracks

        Jukedeck is a platform to create your own unique tracks to use in your videos, games, or anything else you’re making. You can make a track in seconds, and you don’t need to be a musician to do it. Every track is unique and completely royalty-free.

      • OmniGraffle: Shape Recognition Tool

        OmniGraffle is for creating precise and perfect graphics like web wireframes from a sketch. It is an application compatible with Mac and iOS. Buy it for $99.99 or download for free the .dmg file.

      • Placemat: Simple Placeholders

        Some pretty nice placeholder nouns for your site (people, places, and things), powered by imgix. Simple and flexible, everything is controlled via a few query string parameters clearly specified on their website.

      • Colorify.js: Image Main Color Detector

        A script developed in JavaScript that allows you to detect the main color of an image and then generate gradients for nice and smooth revealing effects.

      • Build 3D Transforms Without Code

        An online tool offered by Webflow framework that allows you to apply 3D transforms for moving, rotating, and applying perspective to web elements requiring no code at all.

      • Ultimate CSS Gradient Generator

        This is a Photoshop-like CSS gradient editor from ColorZilla. You'll need a recent version of Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera or IE to use this Gradient Generator, the resulting CSS gradients are cross-browser.

      • Free Avatars Pack

        A complete pack of 77 avatars released in PSD format by Grzegorz Porada in a resolution of 200x200 pixels each.

      • Curated UI Design & Development Feed

        A curated feed of articles and resources regarding web applications UI design, and front-end, back-end and full-stack development. You'll find tutorials, tools, inspiration, and more.

      • Abduzeedo: Design Inspiration Feed

        A daily feed of design resources for inspiration featuring collections of architecture, illustrations, logos, typography, as well as several tutorials.

      • Landingfolio: Inspiration Landing Page Design...

        An online collection of landing page designs for inspirational purposes that can be sorted by category or popularity.

      • User Submitted Sketch App News is an online curated user-submitted news about Sketch. It is also crowd ranked so you can sort news by date or popularity.

      • Flat UI Elements Daily Feed

        A website that features a daily feed of UI elements in a responsive tiled infinite-scroll layout.

      • Frontify: Brand & Style Guideline

        Frontify is a style guide that includes rules and values to help you compose and produce exciting designs with a high degree of creative flexibility and to transform the documentation and the usage of brand guidelines into the digital age.

      • UX Handy: Daily Handpicked UX Articles

        UX Handy is a crafted and curated collection of articles covering al sorts of UX topics like user research, user testing, UI design and more. The site focuses on readability, and it takes articles from sources like Medium, UX Magazine and the site itself.

      • Using Images in HTML Email (Article)

        A complete article which makes part of a book on HTML email design. The article covers mainly the use of images in emails created with pure HTML, going through the formats, how to code images, the almighty retina and many more useful topics.

      • Spec: Designers and Developers Curated Podcas...

        Spec is a cool gathering of the best podcasts for web designers and developers. The website includes two podcasts: Design Details by Bryn Jackson Brian Lovin, and Developer Tea by Jonathan Cutrell. They have 40+ and 100+ episodes, respectively, and the can be listen to or downloaded.

      • Ways We Work: Design & Development Exper...

        Ways we work is a website that interviews several experts in website design, UX design, marketing, company founders and more. The team has interviewed company executives like Mark Dicristina from Mailchimp and Anthony Thomas, CEO of StickerMule. This resource can be used as inspiration by entrepreneurs and freelancers.

      • HTML Email Templates Building & Coding A...

        A cool article on the best practices on creating and coding templates for images in HTML. It covers email clients and rendering engines, MIME Multipart and plain text, why using tables instead of divs is better in email design, use of inline CSS, conditional targeting, media queries and more.

      • Curated Web Design News Aggregator

        At Web Designer News, you'll find plenty of the latest curated news and feed, not only are they described upfront with each individual article's image, title, source and rating but you can also filter your feed by date, votes, shares, clicks and save favorites of your own.

      • Mobile-friendly Online Social Buttons Generat...

        A cool online tool for generating social buttons to add to your website. They can be created step by step selecting the style, the networks you want to be featured and your website's information. After that, you can preview the code and grab it.

      • Sally Blocks: Compelling Blocks and Elements ...

        ​​Sally blocks is a set of PSD blocks and elements for responsive pages. Within, you can find blocks with descriptions, features, contacts, portfolio and more that let you quickly construct any kind of landing page. It includes more than 200 components for free.

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    • Web Development Tutorials (41 submissions)

      A huge set of resources and online tutorials / guides for learning web development.

      • RESTful API Creation & Deploy

        This is a guide to learn how to create a RESTful API and then deploy it on Heroku. It has a repository on GitHub for an overview on how to use generator-rest and to collaborate with users.

      • iLoveCoding: Full Stack JS Development Course

        This is a course by iLoveCoding of the fundamentals of JavaScript. The course has 11 lessons that go from the fundamentals to crafting practical web applications.

      • PHP Web Crawler: Link Grabbing Script

        This is a guide on how to build a web crawler in PHP, this will search for all the links from a website and create a file with those links. Web crawlers are used by sites like Google and Bing to find and index content on the web.

      • The Thumb Zone: Designing For Mobile Users

        This article from Smashing Magazine shows how to create mobile content that is always accessible to the customer by identifying the 'Thumb Zone'. It has key points about navigation, keeping it friendly, and gestures and movement.

      • Cubcats: Git & GitHub Course

        Cubcasts brings a course to learn how to use Git and Github. This will add “versions” to the projects and show the changes made to the code over time. This is very useful on large projects or group projects.

      • CodeDammit: Code Samples & Snippets Repo...

        A fantastic repository of code samples and snippets with their sources, and classified in 3 categories web, mobile and snippets along with three grades of difficulty: easy, medium and hard.

      • Bootstrap vs Foundation

        This informative article will explain the main characteristics of the CSS's Bootstrap and Foundation frameworks. Ranging all the way from the CSS basic structure of each one to their unique features and how to implement each one.

      • Journey To Become A Web Developer

        This tutorial/life-story is a useful starting guide for those willing to start in the web development world. Contains a lot of information about languages, frameworks, plugins and more. What they're and how to use them.

      • Writing Less Damn Code – Tips

        An article that contains a lot of useful and well-explained tips and tricks to enhance the quality of the codification process without sacrificing any time.

      • Flexible Typography With CSS Locks

        This short tutorial for CSS is about how to implement an enhancement for a formula for “molten leading”, or fluid line spacing. So that our text not only would be scalable at width but also the line spacing will be responsive.

      • Web Application Security Basics

        A great and professional article that contains all the basics and current information for starting the development of a security network for any web application, with lots of different options to choose from.

      • A Definitive & Complete Guide to WordPre...

        The definitive guide for WordPress newcomers! If you're interested in building a website of your own, but you don't have any idea about it, don't worry. Robert Mening created this complete and detailed guide starting from the basics things and moving on to analytics, traffic acquisition and site security. This guide is a must-read for all the folks out there looking for a little extra help in launching a site with the basic trends up to date.

      • HTTP/2: The Ultimate Guide

        A great guide featuring key aspects of HTTP/2 from basic information to more advanced topics, highlighting the way it has reached its simplicity, high performance, and robustness.

      • Cocycles: Code Functionality Search Tool

        An amazing search tool that allows you to search by functionality code, currently available for JavaScript, and soon to be available for Ruby, Java, PHP, and Python.

      • Designer’s DPI & PPI Resolution Gu...

        An amazing guide that will clarify all of your doubts about DPI and PPI explaining with actual devices as examples, it also tells you how it affects your designing, what is 4K, what Retina display is, and so much more.

      • Beginners PHP Course

        An amazing course for learning PHP and geared to make you a PHP pro, the most popular scripting language on the web, starting from all basics, it will help you create your very own Opinion Poll application at the end.

      • Dropdown Menu Tutorials Examples & Demos

        A fantastic resource containing several tutorials to build dropdown menus along with code example and demos, using mostly CSS and HTML and some of them JavaScript or jQuery.

      • Coders Game Collection

        An amazing collection of games for coders to practise and improve their skills, it contains games for all levels of programmers, from beginners to advanced Google or IBM contests. Find games, puzzles, training apps, and pre-interview practice ones.

      • URL Shortener Creation Tutorial

        Explicative tutorial about creating a URL shortening service similar to sites like using NodeJS, Express, and MongoDB, completed with useful visual helps, examples and demo. Post created by

      • Bookmarking App Building Tutorial

        Complete and useful tutorial in building a cross-platform, real-time Bookmarking Application using Electron, Firebase, and VueJs. It's a well structured and organized article, accompanied by several screenshots and examples. Posted by

      • Js-bits: JavaScript Concepts Code Examples

        A repo with several contributors that comprises concepts of JavaScrip explained through the use of code samples, every example includes detailed commentaries, external references and some summarized concepts.

      • Starting a New Web Dev Company

        Here we're bringing an interesting discussion on Reddit about the perks, difficulties and some advice when starting a new web development company.

      • Ruby on Rails-Built Instagram

        Build an example of Instagram from scratch and reach advanced concepts about Ruby on Rails, use this great free edition book that drives you to the core learnings that create the foundations for any Ruby on Rails developer.

      • 101 Ways to Make Your Website More Awesome

        An amazing article that will provide you with invaluable tips to make your website more awesome. It contains topics such as branding, typography, layouts, user interfaces, user experience, development, SEO, and stacks more.

      • W3Schools: Online Web Tutorials

        Extensive website with detailed tutorials where you will be able to learn HTML and CSS, JavaScript, graphics and web building with examples and try-it-yourself exercises.

      • LCodeTHW: Learn Coding With Books

        Learn Code The Hard Way is a well-known book among programmers, written by Zed A. Shaw. His website contains learning material for purchase. This guy has also launched more books for other programming languages: Python, Ruby, Regex and SQL.

      • iLoveCoding: Learn JavaScript

        iLoveCoding is a startup focused on Javascript. Their lessons are short videos that teach a specific technical concept. You may learn about jQuery functions, Javascript Clousers, Arrays and many small concepts, they have free and paid options.

      • The CodePlayer: Learn Watching Others Coding

        Online learning platform that teaches you code by playing it in videos. Their library contains videos on specific projects such as effects, animations, templates and other CSS, HTML, JQuery and Java elements.

      • Studytonight: Learn Programming Overnight

        Online learning platform that provides simple and easy to understand tutorials for Computer Programming subjects. They are also building a collection of Online Video courses. After studying test yourself by taking Topical Tests and get prepared for an exam using Flashcards.

      • Bento: Learn Professional Coding

        Beautifully designed tutorial library, categorized by topics. It gathers a good collection of videos and other learning material around the web and gives it to you in a comprehensively and organized way.

      • Quackit: Free Web Development & Design T...

        Quackit is a portal with free web development/design tutorials; they are descriptive, complete and easy to understand. Includes CSS, Javascript, AJAX, ColdFusion, and HTML tutorials, code examples, layout help and references.

      • Curated UI Design & Development Feed

        A curated feed of articles and resources regarding web applications UI design, and front-end, back-end and full-stack development. You'll find tutorials, tools, inspiration, and more.

      • Hacking Video Tutorials

        A collection of video tutorials for hacking purposes sorted out by categories such as process monitoring, security, MySQL, discourse, SSL certificates, Linux permissions, and more.

      • Tutset: Web Design & Development Tutoria...

        Tutset is an online collection of web design and development tutorials sorted out in the categories web fundamentals, frontend development, backend development, mobile development and design.

      • CSS3 Loading Animation Loop Tutorial

        A tutorial that tells you how to create animations for loading loops based on three examples featuring rotative differential speeds and blinking transitions, as well as pumping-like effects.

      • Online Programming Tutorials &... is an online library with tutorials and courses to learn programming languages and other techniques. It is really simple, allowing you to share and access educational resources in an easy way. To add a course, you just add a link and people will up or down-vote depending on the quality.

      • Complete Jekyll Get Started Guide

        A very complete started guide for Jekyll, a highly intuitive and functional tool for your websites to quickly be generated upfront by simply serving static files. You'll find how to set it up, manage several features such as layouts, GitHub, Photo Galleries, blogging, among others.

      • What is Code? Programming Learning Guide

        A 38.000-word article, in which founding partner of Postlight Internet platforms building company of New York Paul Ford, gives a supremely complete and explained-to-detail description of what coding is, what it involves, what it takes to do, what is used, what languages are... Anyway, Enjoy reading his article and wipe away any doubts you have about coding.

      • Scroll Motion Effect jQuery & CSS Tutori...

        A tutorial including code example featuring web design elements, that move slowly and change their positions with animations as the user starts to scroll the website, using jQuery and CSS.

      • jQuery & CSS Notification Bar Tutorial

        A tutorial and code example with jQuery and CSS of a simple notification bar, used in modern websites to display offers and updates to users, through a fast and easy information bar without sending the user to a different page.

      • Checkboxes JavaScript Tutorial

        A simple tutorial and code example showcasing how to build checkboxes using JavaScript, showing the creation of an HTML file and define markup, scripting, and styling.

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