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    • Bootstrap Themes (34 submissions)

      Various Bootstrap themes for WordPress and non-WordPress environments, designed according to the latest web design trends.

      • Agency Portfolio Bootstrap 3 Web Template

        A Bootstrap 3 web template which features an introductory Hero area, a short services area, a filterable portfolio powered by Shuffle.JS plugin, and an about section. It also features the testimonials area, a short blog section that displays the latest 3 blog posts and a contact area. The theme also has a tutorial documenting the theme creation process, from Photoshop to HTML/CSS.

      • Emrah Demirag: Bootstrap One-page Portfolio W...

        A minimal Bootstrap one-page template for websites which fits portfolios for designers perfectly. The template includes areas for works, about, contact form and more. It is free it implementation is really simple. Use it and modify it for any project.

      • Jonaki: HTML & Bootstrap Job Board Templ...

        Jonaki is a one-page template built using Bootstrap 3 and HTML, perfect for creating a corporate job board. The template has a clean layout and code, it's W3 validated, responsive and easy to install. The template has a top bar with logo, menu and login, featured image slider, extended search, work, users, available jobs, testimonials and footer.

      • KreFolio: Startup Agency Landing Page Templat...

        KreFolio is a responsive one-page template made with Bootstrap and HTML, specially made for newly created businesses or startups. It was built on Bootstrap 3, including Font Awesome 4 and jQuery. It has 3 color variation (Blue, Blue-nutshell, Green), a "Back to top” button, optimized images and .htaccess file for improved caching.

      • eNno: Free Simple Bootstrap Template

        A free template for Bootstrap, perfect for small business and stores in need of a simple site to show their products and services. The template has a simple layout with menu, featured image slider, features area, services and products area and more. The template is free to use in any way.

      • Lucid: Free Bootstrap Landing Page Template

        A beautiful free HTML5 Bootstrap landing page with 3 different variations: App Launch, Contact Form and Subscribe Form Variation. This template includes PHP for the contact form to work right out of the box.

      • Oleose: Mobile Bootstrap App Landing Page

        Oleose is a beautiful Bootstrap template made with Bootstrap (CSS), specially created for mobile devices as an app landing page. It has areas for featured images, about us, features, reviews, screens, demo, get app and support. It was created by Moe Shaaban and it is licensed under MIT.

      • Cyrus Studio: Free HTML Bootstrap Portfolio T...

        A free Bootstrap theme made for events, startups and small endeavours. The theme includes a logo header that includes a menu, thumbnails with captions, about, clients testimonials, contact and footer. The theme is free to download and use in any project.

      • AppLand: Bootstrap App Landing Page Template

        Appland is a beautiful landing page template for showcasing apps built with Bootstrap. It features a logo area and a menu at the top of the page. Also, it includes animations for the elements on the page, buttons for download, icons for features and more. The template includes thumbnail for showcasing creations (or parts of the same creation). It was created as a free template that you can download and use.

      • Roots: HTML5 WordPress Starter Theme

        Roots is a WordPress starter theme based on HTML5 Boilerplate & Bootstrap that will help you make the best themes. Its markup is accessible and minimal, and  along with ARIA roles and microformats. WordPress code output is aggressively cleaned up. The template markup is controlled by a theme wrapper and is handled by one file instead of being scattered across all template files like typical themes. It is Bootstrap ready, optimized for production use and it has clean URLs, even with WordPress.

      • Trendy: Responsive Bootstrap Theme + PSD + HT...

        This is the Trendy GUI, a complete Graphic User Interface that includes PSD, icons, HTML and Bootstrap theme versions. As you can see, it's a huge pack of resources for designers and developers who want different and trendy options for their next projects. This is a full design pack that you'll get to download completely free! This is what you'll find within the freebie pack: 1. A Trendy GUI (Click to Preview) with a flat and colorful style. It is a fully editable and pixel perfect creation that includes vectors in a PSD format file, and even tough pink and purple are its …

      • Flat Bootstrap Landing Page Web Template

        The Landing is a web template created with Bootstrap and HTML. The color that dominates is blue, giving it a professional appearance without losing its freshness. Among the design elements, we can find: – Logo area – Menu area – Big image slider – “About” area – “Services” area – Content widgets – Portfolio with thumbs – “Team” area – Contact form – Social buttons It has a responsive design and works perfectly in any mobile device out there. It was created by Dawid Dapszus.

      • Material Design Bootstrap Theme

        A Bootstrap theme that allows you to use the Google Material Design in any front-end framework. It works on Bootstrap 3, and you just need to add the CSS containing the Bootstrap and Include the JavaScript at the end of you document. With this theme you will be able to create: – Navbar with effects – Buttons in default, flat, raised, and disabled states – Typography – Icons – Forms – Tables – Indicators – Progress bars – Sliders – Containers – Dialogs

      • Flubia: Mobile App Bootstrap Web Template

        Flubia is a beautiful blue focused layout created with Bootstrap, perfect for displaying an app or related categories. It places the most relevant elements you need to show when advertising your app, in a position where the regular user cannot escape. Among the design elements this template has we can find: - Logo area. - Menu area. - Big featured image with a blue layer. - Mobile phone image. - Big caption with a description. - Bubbly icons in the "features" area. - Thumbs with hover effects. - Team area. - Latest posts widgets. - Contact form. - Footer with social. This template was created by Arda Gündoğdu.

      • Responsive, Flat and Bootstrap Portfolio Temp...

        Daisy is a beautiful corporate web template based on Bootstrap. It has a flat style with a design that favours companies and freelancers, and help them get the best of them. It is responsive, allowing you to view it from many different mobile devices. It has a great color scheme and grid layout. Among the features we can find in this template: - Logo area. - Main menu area. - Big featured image / slider with caption. - Icons for featured products or services. - A "Process" area. - "What we do" area with images and caption. - Responsive widgets. - Thumbnails. - "Team" area. - Company location. - Image footer. This template …

      • Squad Free: Free Bootstrap Web Template

        Squad Free is a simple HTML template created for adventurers and travelers who want to share their magical experiences with the rest of the world. Also, it is built with the Bootstrap 3 framework and includes cool CSS3 animations on each section, besides using wow.js to animate elements easily. Among the characteristics of this template we can find: - Logo area. - Main menu area. - Big featured image as the header. - Title and caption. - About section with widgets and thumbnails. - Services section with icons and little descriptions. - Contact area. - Go to top button.

      • Lonely: Free HTML Bootstrap Template

        Lonely is a compelling Bootstrap template made for personal bloggers or biography sites. It was crafted with HTML and CSS, and includes several design elements in a gorgeous minimal layout. These minimal elements are: - Big logo area in the middle of a featured image. - Simple menu right below featured image. - "About" area with a title, description and button. - "Interests" area. - Photo thumbnails. - "Contact" area. - Footer. This template is a free-to-download creation, and it was created by Bootstraptaste. You can use it in any of your upcoming projects.

      • Corporate and Responsive Bootstrap Portfolio

        A template is called Green Design, and it’s a corporate portfolio created in a flat style with a Bootstrap foundation and a responsive layout. This model works in any type of project; it comes with icons and other design elements, it’s organized under a grid system and includes a particular color scheme. It comes in HTML and CSS version. Ian Barnard created the PSD version of this theme, which includes: – A fully layered layout. – Logo area. – Menu. – Featured image / slider with caption. – Three content widgets – One full-width widget. – Contact area with a map. – Social and Additional icons.

      • AngularJS and Bootstrap Responsive Dashboard

        ​This dashboard was created as an accessible, responsive and certainly good-looking alternative to other admin panels out there. It starts out pretty simple, providing you with a small number of modules to keep things clean, but you can always add more as the project goes along.

      • Grayscale: One Page Bootstrap Theme

        Grayscale is an elegant, modern Bootstrap theme that will allow you to present a project or brief and concrete piece of information in a one page layout. The visualization experience is dynamic thanks to smooth animations. Its name comes from its color palette, which features black, white and gray tones for a sober look.

      • Full Width Pics Template for Bootstrap 3

        This is an elegant full width background template with compelling images based on Twitter Bootstrap. This stylish template features placeholder images, and with some custom font stylings and awesome photos, you will have a beautiful website up and running in no time! Also, the two different full width images are defined in the CSS. They aren't the same: one has a defined height, and one does not.

      • Business Casual: Full Website Theme for Boots...

        Business Casual is a beautiful Bootstrap 3 simple template. It is a fully functional 4 page website, with home, about, blog and contact sections. It has custom menu bar, content boxes, a Bootstrap carousel built-in, customized typography, and it can be improved just by adding your own fonts. It also has a Google Map included, which you can modify using the API.

      • Stylish Portfolio: Full Website HTML Bootstra...

        Stylish Portfolio is a bootstrap theme with huge images background images. Among the things you can do with it: - It can work as a home page or as a one-page website. - The map uses of an iframe.  - You can redesign the map using the Google Maps API. - The template uses Font Awesome icon fonts. - Use decent quality images for the full page background images. - Custom fonts and colors will go a long way with this template. - Adjusting the line height on the paragraph text will help with legibility. - You can add as many full-width sections as you want.

      • Spacelab: Silver and Slick Bootstrap Theme

        Spacelab is a silvery and sleek Twitter Bootstrap theme. It has subtle bevel effects so the elements get a little realistic, using silver and grey tones. It includes lots of elements like navbars, buttons, typography, badges, progress bars, pagination, pager, tooltips, breadcrumbs, and the list continues, giving you the choice to create unique websites or blogs.

      • United: Clean and Flat Bootstrap Template

        This theme is an Ubuntu inspired theme with a unique font template based on Twitter Bootstrap. It has the look and feel of Ubuntu, so you provide a familiar sensation to your audience. It is composed of modals, pop-overs, navbars, blockquotes, tables, forms, navs, indicators, alerts, labels, buttons, typography, badges, progress bars, containers, list groups, panels, dialogs, pills, breadcrumbs, pagination, pager, tooltips, and more, all with clean and flat style.

      • Cyborg: a Dark and Elegant Bootstrap Theme

        Jet sample black and electric blue colors bootstrap theme, ideal for showing creative work. These theme includes several elements that you can use independently or as a group. For instance, you can use its different navbars, buttons, typography, blockquotes, tables, forms, navs, pills, breadcrumbs, pagination, pager, indicators, alerts, labels, badges, progress bars, containers, list groups, panels, wells, dialogs, modals, pop-overs, tooltips, and more.

      • Journal: Crisp Theme Based on Bootstrap

        This is simple and elegant template was developed on top of Twitter Bootstrap, crisp like a new sheet of paper. It has a set of elements including progress bars with different styles, pop-overs, tooltips, badges, containers, panels, dialogs, forms, navs, tabs, pagers, alerts, typography, tables, navbars, buttons, breadcrumbs, labels, and pagination, among many more.

      • Cerulean: Calm and Blue Bootstrap Theme

        The Cerulean bootstrap theme is a complete and calm blue sky style set of elements made possible thanks to the power of Bootstrap. It is composed of lots of design elements, like badges, progress bars with different styles, pop-overs, tooltips, navbars, buttons, containers, panels, dialogs, pagers, alerts, labels, typography, tables, forms, navs, tabs, breadcrumbs, pagination, and more.

      • Amelia: Bootstrap Inspired Theme Elements

        Amelia is a sweet and cheery bootstrap inspired template, composed of a gigantic set of elements ready to be implemented for your website. It allows you to grab the code for the particular piece of content you need. This includes navbars, buttons, typography, tables, forms, navs, tabs, pills, breadcrumbs, pagination, pagers, alerts, labels, badges, progress bars with all sorts of styles and animations, containers, panels, dialogs, pop-overs, tooltips and many more elements.

      • Alissa: Free and Responsive Bootstrap Coming ...

        The resource you see here is a responsive coming soon template built with Twitter Bootstrap named Alissa. You can use it if you’re planning to launch a new project or service soon and you want to begin creating your email list before launching it. Alissa comes with some features like an images slideshow, countdown timer, a minimal and light design, an AJAX email subscription form with form validation and social icons.

      • Produkta: Free Responsive HTML Bootstrap Prod...

        A responsive HTML and CSS theme built with Twitter Bootstrap and called Produkta. It is a template that can be used commercially or personally, and it's perfect for launching your new product or service, and it comes with four different templates: video, mobile, eBook and coming soon. The theme has all you need to set up your landing page quickly, launch your new product and begin getting clients and subscribers. It comes with pricing tables, a background slideshow, AJAX subscription and contact forms, image gallery, etc. You can also use it just as an “under construction” page.

      • Andia: Responsive HTML & CSS Portfolio T...

        A free web design resource with a responsive agency/portfolio HTML & CSS template named Andia, which has been built with Twitter Bootstrap. Andia comes with five fully responsive pages, including home, portfolio, services, about, contact, and it’s perfect for creating a website for a small business or a personal portfolio.

      • Flatstrap: Free and Open Source Framework for...

        FlatStrap is an always free, always open source, sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end framework for faster and easier web development. Sometimes a project does not need gradients and drop shadows, so that is why this framework exists: to code easily.

      • WP-Bootstrap, Compelling Theme for WordPress

        WP-Bootstrap is a compelling theme created under Bootstrap, which takes advantage of WordPress capabilities. Amongst its features you can find: - It’s built on Bootstrap v.3.0.3 - It’s built with LESS - Has a homepage carousel - It’s responsive - Has four different page templates - Has Bootstrap shortcodes - Has two different sidebars - It’s FREE!

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    • CSS Editor (11 submissions)

      • SiteOrigin: CSS WordPress Editor Plugin

        A powerful CSS editor for WordPress that provides the necessary controls for editing the look and feel of your site in real time. It includes a inspector, visual editor, CSS editor and it's free. Created by Greg Priday.

      • Janvas, Interactive Graphic Editor for Design...

        Janvas allows you to create graphics, websites, widgets and games that run in all browsers and devices using SVG, CSS, HTML and Javascript. With it you can:- Draw Vector Graphics Online- Create Interactive Contents in SVG- Store your files in Google Drive- Collaborate Online- Use it on your iPad- Edit CSS, HTML and JS code

      • Xeo CSS, Web Based Styling Tool for Web Desig...

        Xeo CSS is a web-based styling tool for web designers. With it, you can design web pages in detail with no coding required. Beginners in CSS and web design will find this web app very useful, you’ll have a desktop-like experience, a live preview, an in-browser HTML editor, CSS3 properties and gradients generator included, and more. Beginners in CSS and web designing will find this Web-App very useful

      • dabblet, Interactive Playground for Testing C...

        dabblet is an interactive playground for quickly testing snippets of CSS and HTML code. It uses -prefix-free so that you won't have to add any prefixes in your CSS code. It is an open source software and is distributed under a NPOSL-3.0 license.

      • Mozilla Thimble, HTML and CSS Online Editor

        Mozilla Thimble is an HTML and CSS online editor that allows you easily test your code fragments so you can later implement them on your website. With it, you can see what parts of the live preview are selected to edit their code easily.

      • CSSDesk, Online CSS Sandbox

        CSSDesk is a collection of awesome CSS and JS creations to help out frontend developers and designers. It contains a lot of nice code experiments which can be downloaded for free to implement in any website or mobile app.

      • Tridiv, CSS Editor for Creating 3D Shapes

        Tridiv is a web-based editor for creating 3D shapes using CSS. Use it and edit the code to create realistic mockups for presenting proposals to clients or to show them on your own website or portfolio. The concept, code, and design were created by Julian Garnier, and it is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

      • QrONE CSS Designer for Styling your HTML Comp...

        This CSS online editor allows you to transform any HTML component into a beautiful creation. Modify the color, the background, the border characteristics, the width, height and overflow, the padding and margin, the font; properties like clear, float, text-align, letter-spacing, text-transform, vertical-align, display, visibility, position, and many more features of any of your components.

      • CSSFly, Design with HTML and CSS on the Fly

        CSSFly is a simple HTML and CSS editor, which allows easy creation and modify fragments of code in no time. It has a minimal interface which let you focus on the really important things: coding and testing!

      • Edge Code CC, Light Editor for Developers and...

        Edge Code is a light code editor for developers and web designers who work with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. It has been built to integrate with browsers smoothly, speeding up the development time by showing every change on the screen. It includes visual tools for color edition, Web Font and Kuler integration, more than 50 extensions from developers all around the world, image previews …

      • TopStyle 5, Powerful HTML5 & CSS3 Editor ...

        TopStyle 5 supports the newest versions of core standards that drive modern web experiences. With it, you'll get access to all the latest tags and properties, including assistance from built in tools like Insight, Inspector & validators. This tool supports the IE, Chromium, Firefox and Safari rendering engines.

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    • Website Performance Tools (8 submissions)

      • Instant Articles: WordPress Posts Preloading ...

        The Instant Article plugin for WordPress allows the posts to load instantly with page pre-render and DNS prefetching. It is not recommended to use more than 4-5 URLs for DNS prefetching. The plugin is well rated and reviewed and it's licensed under GPLv2.

      • BreakpointTester: Responsive Design Testing T...

        A bookmarklet which scans website stylesheets to find user defined media query breakpoints. It helps you establish the breaking points to know in which devices your website works nicely. Just add it to your browser and activate when your website load.

      • JPEG & PNG Images Compressing WordPress ...

        A plugin for WordPress that allows you to compress images in PNG and JPG, reducing its size and improving the site performance without losing that much image quality. The plugin is lightweight, and it has been created by TinyPNG, one of the leading image compression services available.

      • Nines: Web Development Performance Tool

        Nines is a web tool that helps developers find critical performance issues while developing. It intends to show developers and designers the impact their changes have on the performance of the site. It shows a bar at the bottom with the page speed, the median, and you can click on them and check more data.

      • Useful htaccess Snippets Collection

        A set of htaccess snippets joined as a complete library so you don't have to look any further. These snippets work for several purposes like the Apache Server configs, rewrite and redirection, security, performance and custom management. This collection was created by Phan An.

      • InstantClick: Web Links Preloader JavaScript ...

        A library made in JavaScript which improves the velocity of your website's initial load, allowing users to engage quicker and not leave your site. It achieves this magic by preloading links the users are likely to click on. You can download it for free.

      • DareBoost: Web Performance Test Tool

        DareBoost is a web test tool that allows you to improve web performance with a single click. You can get a full and customized report about your website's quality and performance, with step-by-step guidelines for optimization. Among the features it includes, you have: - Monitoring & Alerts - Installation-free tool - Integrated admin dashboard - Constant advice and tips This tool can be used to test your site for free, and you can download a free plugin, but you can also get additional functionality by selecting a premium option.

      • Pegasus: JavaScript Parallel Data Loading

        Pegasus is a simple JavaScript library that enhances the loading time of elements on a page thus improving the overall loading time. It is great for static websites where server-data bootstraping or rendering is impossible. It works in major browsers and IE8.

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