• CSS Frameworks (46 submissions)

      An extensive compilation of CSS frameworks for web development, so you can choose the right foundation to begin new designing endeavors.

      • Shine CSS: Lightweight Easy-to-use CSS Framew...

        A lightweight and easy to use CSS Framework perfect for improving the design of your site. It weighs just 5.7 Kb when gzipped and includes elements like responsive grid, buttons, form, tables, lists, texts, spacing and colors. The tool can be downloaded for free from Github.

      • Cutestrap: Tiny Minimal CSS Framework

        A tiny CSS framework based on Sass that features extremely minimal elements allowing you to build beautiful clean sites and apps. It weighs only 8kb.

      • Aleut.css: Scalable CSS Framework

        Aleut.css is a CSS framework designed with scalability and performance in mind. It generates just the absolutely necessary lines of code, you can implement it in little or huge projects as you want, and letting you have the control all the time.

      • Grd: Flexbox CSS grid framework

        A CSS grid framework using Flexbox, it contains easy to use Flexbox features, provides just 2 base classes Grid, Cell and some other modifiers. It is included in a lightweight file.

      • Min: CSS Smallest Framework

        A tiny framework written in LESS and Sass, and compiled to CSS to make pretty websites, it includes buttons, inputs, navbars, tables, icons, grids, headings, and standardization of these elements across the "Big 5" browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Internet Explorer).

      • Bulma: Flexbox CSS Framework

        Bulma is a modern CSS framework based on Flexbox with several features such as a simple grid system, flexible navbar that will remain vertically align no matter what, versatile media objects, easy vertically align in fullscreen and you can compose your elements with modifier classes.

      • Feather: Minimal CSS Framework

        Minimal CSS framework that is as light as a feather. Comes with a simple grid system, buttons, components, animations, AND some minimal styles and typography.

      • Milligram: Minimalist CSS Framework

        Milligram is a CSS framework featuring a minimal setup of styles for a fast and clean start, specially designed for better performance and higher productivity with fewer properties to reset. Milligram is available to install using Bower and npm.

      • Office UI Fabric

        Office UI Fabric makes easy to create a new app or updating an existing one. You can apply the Office Design Language this responsive, mobile-first, front-end framework and it's meant to be consumed as CSS. All JavaScript is presentational.

      • Neutron: Website Lay-outing Sass Framework

        An effortless Sass framework that allows you to create layouts with simple and clean semantic commands reducing to zero the amount of litter in your code.

      • Foundation: Responsive CSS Framework

        Foundation is a CSS framework that provides you with plenty of tools for your website and web application projects including mailing features.

      • Bootstrap CSS Framework

        Bootstrap 4's main updates are the use of Sass instead of Less, improved grid systems to better target mobile devices, Opt-in flexbox support, consolidated reboot function, and plenty more features.

      • Lightning Design System: CSS Framework

        Design System is a CSS framework which you can build custom applications with. It features several sorts of layouts, spinners, stencils, tabs, trees, modals, plenty of motion effects and a huge collection of components and utilities.

      • Outline: Clean and Simple CSS Framework

        Outline is quite a complete, clean and simple CSS framework which features Sasy grid add-on, Font Awesome, several mixins, media embedding among other features.

      • Material Design Lite Web Component Kit

        Google's very complete kit provides you with web components to put together in your website, such as templates, menus, loading bars, tables, among many more fully guided, stylable, customizable elements in CSS, HTML and JavaScript.

      • CSSPlus: A Flexbox-based CSS Framework

        cssPlus is a CSS framework that provides you with a way to make a flexible layout based on flexbox modeling. It features extensiveness, table approach, alignments and overflow designation.

      • Thao: Powerful Responsive CSS Framework

        Thao is a lightweight, powerful and simple CSS framework which features grids, layouts, lists, menus, tables and several sorts and styles of callouts, buttons and inputs. This framework was released under the Apache 2.0 license.

      • Baseguide: Lightweight CSS Framework

        Baseguide is a lightweight and robust CSS framework powered by Sass. It basically gathers components such as list types, forms, buttons, embedded media, among others into a small package.

      • Scally: Sass, BEM, and OOCSS Framework

        Scally is a CSS framework that uses Sass, BEM, and OOCSS. It allows responsive layouts, and you can build solid, stable and reusable user interfaces fastly. It is licensed under the Apache v2.0 license.

      • Penguin: Lightweight & Extensible Sass F...

        Penguin is a lightweight and extensible framework made out of Sass for beautiful front end development. It is focused on developers, including a small Gruntfile for compiling SCSS easily and several Sass mixins.

      • Primer: CSS Web Development Framework

        Primer is a CSS toolkit for creating websites and platforms. It is the base of Github itself, including several tools, elements and guidelines for easy web development and scalability.

      • Blackhole: Minimalistic & Powerful SCSS ...

        Blackhole is a minimal SCSS framework that focuses on semantics and intends to provide a clean way of writing code. It is modular, flexible, scalable, responsive and lightweight.

      • Ratchet: Mobile App Web Development Framework

        Ratchet is a minimal framework for crafting mobile apps using CSS, HTML, and JavaScript components. Its ease to use allows you to compile websites in no time.

      • Turret: Semantic Front-end CSS Framework

        Turret is a front-end framework that helps you create beautiful websites that are accessible, semantic, and responsive. It features browser behaviour normalisation, giving the possibility to accessible websites rapidly.

      • Papier: Responsive Web Elements CSS Library

        Papier is a responsive and semantic library made in CSS for styling web elements. It is lightweight, non-intrusive, and it uses normalize.css. Moreover, it has rapid prototyping and has no custom styles for elements.

      • Materialize: Material Design Front-end Framew...

        Materialize is a Material Design front-end framework that's also responsive. It helps accelerating the development of websites, it is focused on usability, it's really easy to implement and use, and it is constantly updated.

      • Skyline: CSS Frameworks Building Starter Kit

        Skyline is a compelling kit for starters that helps you in the process of creating CSS frameworks. It allows and maintains a robust CSS architecture that can be used as a base of your newly created designs. It is written in SCSS using the BEM notation, and it’s object-oriented. It is licensed under MIT.

      • Bootflat: Bootstrap-based CSS UI Framework

        Bootflat is an open source project UI kit CSS package in a flat, simple design. It is based on Bootstrap, offering support for Sketch users since the original comes in PSD formats only.

      • UIkit: Modular Front-end Framework

        UIkit is a modular front-end framework that allows easy use and implementation of elements. It is written in LESS featuring small and responsive components to fit across multiple devices screens.

      • Material UI: Material Design CSS Framework

        A CSS framework inspired in Google's Material Design and React that allows you to add custom styling to your elements for resembling the Material Design appearance.

      • Semantic UI: Frontend Development Framework

        Semantic UI is a development framework that uses Less and jQuery to create, style, animate and manipulate user interface elements that focus on visual interaction to achieve results.

      • One Nexus CSS Framework

        Nexus One is a front-end development framework that allows you to create modern and responsive websites created for developers who want to make simple websites, providing the most commonly used features.

      • Kickstart: CSS Framework

        A cool CSS library that uses semantic CSS mixins or CSS classes for styling. It is an extendable library that comes with basic functionality, but can be improved via the Kickstart Store, and it can be used along with popular technologies like Rails, NodeJS, HTML5 and others.

      • Schema UI Frontend Framework

        Schema is a lightweight and responsive modular front-end framework that allows you to build complex web interfaces. Schema gives you the foundation and components to design a responsive web project quickly.

      • Kouto Swiss: Stylus CSS Framework

        Kouto Swiss is a CSS framework for stylus that provides lots of mixins, utilities and functions so anyone can develop projects faster. It includes Grunt and third-party tools like CodeKit or Prepros.

      • Pure: Responsive CSS Modules Set

        Pure is a set of CSS modules that are responsive and lightweight, fitting any web project with neat design elements. It also has mobile devices in mind, letting you create responsive environments quickly and effortlessly.

      • CSS Library for Stylizing Web Elements

        Picnic CSS is a library for creating HTML5 and CSS3 elements by integrating semantic code. This library was built in pure CSS featuring the usage of Normalize.css and UI elements as plugins.

      • Gumby: Flexible and Responsive CSS Framework

        Gumby is a flexible, responsive CSS framework built with Sass which gives you new tools to customize quickly and build on top of the Gumby Framework. It is flexible and simple to use and up to date since changing the entire design of our UI kit is as simple as adding a few Sass variables and assigning the appropriate classes to your markup structure.

      • HTML KickStart

        An open source framework that enables you to quickly build templates and web designs putting performance as the main objective. It supports HTML, CSS and jQuery elements that allow countless possibilities with little customization.

      • Topcoat: Clean and Fast CSS Apps

        With Topcoat, you can design clean and quick CSS web application. Performance is the key, so every component has been benchmarked in order to achieve the best results. Among it's many options, we can highlight the possibility to customize the theme, the inclusion of a PSD file with all its components, open source fonts and much more.

      • Almost Flat UI

        Almost Flat UI is based on the Foundation framework containing tons of design elements for websites and apps, that feature a nice minimal stylized design.

      • Metro UI CSS

        Metro UI CSS is a group of styles that will help you develop projects with an interface that resembles the one seen in Windows 8, the now-famous Metro style that bases itself on the global flat design trend that's taking over the modern web.

      • Kube CSS Framework

        Kube is a CSS framework that lets you focus on your creations with a great capability for customization​ and control in order to make the projects as functional and beautiful as possible.

      • Fbootstrapp Toolkit

        If you are a Facebook developer, this toolkit will help you with the creation of iFrame application for multiple devices, in the classic Facebook look and feel. Fbootstrapp offers base CSS and HTML for buttons, navigation, tables, grids and many more elements.

      • BootMetro Framework

        BootMetro is a framework that allows you to develop web projects in a stripped-down and intuitive way, using the clean look and feel of Windows 8's Metro design style, including the flat grids and one-color icons.

      • InK: Quick Development of Web Interfaces

        Ink is an interface kit for quick development of web interfaces, simple to use and expand. It is used for building layouts that are content-focused and user-friendly.

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    • Bootstrap Themes (46 submissions)

      Various Bootstrap themes for WordPress and non-WordPress environments, designed according to the latest web design trends.

      • RISE: Multipurpose Modern HTML5 Template

        A modern multipurpose template made in HTML5 and Bootstrap. Among its features, you'll find a one-page design, SASS & compass, Google Fonts, mobile adaptability, cross-browser compatibility, line icons & FontAwesome, among many more.

      • Synthetica: One-Page HTML5 & Bootstrap W...

        Synthetica is a modern and responsive Bootstrap one-page website template. You can use it to start a website for an agency or art collective. Designed and coded by Peter Finlan, this template is free to be used on both personal and client projects.

      • Life’s a Beach: Customizable Travelling...

        Life's a Beach is a beautiful and useful theme for Bootstrap 4 focused on travelling, yet start-ups can use it as well thanks to its predefined portfolio layout. Among the features we'll find flexibility and ease of use, and you'll notice how lightweight and fast-loading it is. The theme is free.

      • Prevailing: Corporate Bootstrap Template

        A free bootstrap template designed to comply with the standards of corporate business websites, it features easy-on-eye colors, hover animations, flat grid design pattern and alignment, and much more. It can be used by start-ups and small companies, and works perfectly to display portfolios for freelancers.

      • Classic Interior: Flat Bootstrap Template

        A clean web template showcasing elegant evident visual effects designed using HTML5, CSS, and Bootstrap. It features an elegant banner image, classy logo, hover effects, and alignment of each and every element. The theme has a big header and areas for services, team, clients, contact, newsletter and map, fully functional as well, making it perfect for an interior design firm or related industies.

      • Health & Fitness Website Template

        A free template that uses bootstrap 3 featuring a tab schedule, pricing table, contact form, google map which is perfect for any health or fitness websites. The template is lightweight, making it load really fast, and includes all the elements to start working on your content, instead of worrying about developing.

      • PSD & HTML Business Bootstrap Template

        An awesome Bootstrap template featuring a corporate website with a complete set of elements, sections, and diverse features. It includes a PSD file with the design which can be modified, along with the fonts and the images used on it. The template is perfect for a business site.

      • Flexible: Simple & Elegant Bootstrap The...

        Amazing landing page suitable for professional websites that showcases modern features, it is easily customizable through bootstrap and Less.js and counts on a responsive layout. As well, the main color of the template can be changed by replacing one variable at the top of the file. Created by Andrei Dorin.

      • Mountain King: HTML Bootstrap 3 Template

        A free HTML template built on Bootstrap 3, it offers a clean and responsive layout and includes 336 vector icons by Typicons, masonry picture galleries, off-canvas menus and CSS3 animations, making it an ideal template for portfolio sites and travel blogs.

      • Treviso: Clean Portfolio Bootstrap Theme

        A modern and clean bootstrap theme for creative agencies, artisans or business professionals to showcase services and portfolio. It is fully responsive, including its navigation, and offers several fonts and icons to customize your site.

      • Paper Kit: Colorful Bootstrap UI Kit

        Paper Kit is a UI kit for Bootstrap that features nice and smooth pastel colors, being completely different from the common flat, iOS or material styles.

      • Meetup: Free Responsive Bootstrap Template

        Meetup is a one-page responsive bootstrap template built with Bootstrap v3.3.5 for several device types and client-side validation using JS for contact form.

      • Maxima: Business Bootstrap HTML Template

        Maxima is a one-page website template powered by Twitter Bootstrap 3.0 totally suitable for any business company, blog, portfolio or agency.

      • Ascend: One Page Bootstrap Template

        Ascend is a Bootstrap-based one-page template that features a static top navigation bar and a static background covered and shown by gaps between full-width containers. It is suitable for digital agencies, creative portfolios or personal sites and you can easily modify it for any purpose.

      • Immovable: Real Estate Bootstrap Theme

        Immovable is a one-page Bootstrap theme that features full-width and background-less, hover animated elements, a big thumbnail gallery. It is designed in a minimal style and released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported.

      • Run Charity Lite: Single-page Bootstrap Templ...

        Run Charity Lite is an appealing single-page theme for Bootstrap that features full-width images and containers with parallax effect and transitional animations, full responsiveness, hover effects, and more. You can use both personally and commercially.

      • Aries: Free Multi-page Bootstrap Template

        A multipage Bootstrap template that features screen-size header for each one of its pages, it is completely suitable for presenting a portfolio through photos. This clean and responsive template can be used for free in personal and commercial projects.

      • Agency Portfolio Bootstrap 3 Web Template

        A Bootstrap 3 web template which features an introductory Hero area, a short services area, a filterable portfolio powered by Shuffle.JS plugin, and an about section. It also features the testimonials area, a short blog section that displays the latest 3 blog posts and a contact area. The theme also has a tutorial documenting the theme creation process, from Photoshop to HTML/CSS.

      • Leroy: Events & Catering Bootstrap Templ...

        Leroy is a responsive one page HTML template based on the Bootstrap Framework. The design is suitable for catering services, events, restaurants, but it can be easily modified for any purpose. It was released by Wowthemes, licensed free for personal and commercial use.

      • Konefix: Portfolio Bootstrap Theme

        Konefix is an HTML Bootstrap theme for freelancers' portfolio. Upfront it features transitional effects and a screen-size header-like home section, the other sections are in a retractile menu with social icons. This theme was crafted by PanKogut free for personal or commercial use with attribution.

      • Kuntitled: Free Responsive HTML Bootstrap The...

        Kuntitled is a single page theme for Bootstrap, fully responsive, featuring a few graphic effects. It was crafted by PanKogut. An e-mail is required for downloading and contribution is optional. It is licensed for personal or commercial use.

      • Lattes: One Page Bootstrap Theme

        A multipurpose Bootstrap theme with modern component, one-page design and lots of white space to give focus to content. It's mobile and developer-friendly thanks to its customization capabilities. Includes all the necessary HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap elements for developers to save time.

      • Emrah Demirag: One-page Portfolio Web Bootstr...

        A minimal Bootstrap one-page template for websites which fits portfolios for designers perfectly. The template includes areas for works, about, contact form and more. It is free it implementation is really simple. Use it and modify it for any project.

      • Jonaki: HTML & Bootstrap Job Board Templ...

        Jonaki is a one-page template built using Bootstrap 3 and HTML, perfect for creating a corporate job board. The template has a clean layout and code, it's W3 validated, responsive and easy to install. The template has a top bar with logo, menu and login, featured image slider, extended search, work, users, available jobs, testimonials and footer.

      • KreFolio: Startup Agency Landing Page Templat...

        KreFolio is a responsive one-page template made with Bootstrap and HTML, specially made for newly created businesses or startups. It was built on Bootstrap 3, including Font Awesome 4 and jQuery. It has 3 color variation (Blue, Blue-nutshell, Green), and .htaccess file for improved caching.

      • eNno: Free Simple Bootstrap Template

        A free template for Bootstrap, perfect for small business and stores in need of a simple site to show their products and services. The template has a simple layout with menu, featured image slider, features area, services and products area and more. The template is free to use in any way.

      • Lucid: Free Bootstrap Landing Page Template

        A beautiful free HTML5 Bootstrap landing page with 3 different variations: App Launch, Contact Form and Subscribe Form Variation. This template includes PHP for the contact form to work right out of the box.

      • Oleose: Mobile Bootstrap App Landing Page

        Oleose is a beautiful Bootstrap template made with Bootstrap (CSS), specially created for mobile devices as an app landing page. It has areas for featured images, about us, features, reviews, screens, demo, get app and support. It was created by Moe Shaaban and it is licensed under MIT.

      • Cyrus Studio: Free HTML Bootstrap Portfolio T...

        A free Bootstrap theme made for events, startups and small endeavours. The theme includes a logo header that includes a menu, thumbnails with captions, about, clients testimonials, contact and footer. The theme is free to download and use in any project.

      • AppLand: Bootstrap App Landing Page Template

        Appland is a beautiful landing page template for showcasing apps built with Bootstrap. It features a logo area and a menu at the top of the page. Also, it includes animations for the elements on the page, buttons for download, icons for features and more.The template includes thumbnails for showcasing creations. It was created as a free template that you can download and use.

      • Roots: HTML5 WordPress Starter Theme

        Roots is a WordPress starter theme based on HTML5 Boilerplate & Bootstrap that will help you make the best themes. Its markup is accessible and minimal, and  along with ARIA roles and microformats. WordPress code output is aggressively cleaned up. The template markup is controlled by a theme wrapper and is handled by one file instead of being scattered across all template files like typical themes. It is Bootstrap ready, optimized for production use and it has clean URLs, even with WordPress.

      • Trendy: Responsive Bootstrap Theme + PSD + HT...

        This is the Trendy GUI, a complete Graphic User Interface that includes PSD, icons, HTML and Bootstrap theme versions. As you can see, it's a huge pack of resources for designers and developers who want different and trendy options for their next projects. This is a full design pack that you'll get to download completely free! This is what you'll find within the freebie pack: 1. A Trendy GUI (Click to Preview) with a flat and colorful style. It is a fully editable and pixel perfect creation that includes vectors in a PSD format file, and even tough pink and purple are its …

      • Flat Bootstrap Landing Page Web Template

        A responsive Bootstrap single-page template designed by Dawid Dapszus that features a full-width opaque header with a transitional title change. This template offers a very clean and simple look allowing you to summarize your information in a few sections of itself, such as about, services, portfolio, and team.

      • Flubia: Mobile App Bootstrap Web Template

        Flubia is a beautiful blue-themed template laid out in a single page. This template, created by Arda Gündoğdu for Bootstrap is perfect for displaying services and portfolios by businesses or freelancers. It also features a blog section and a sign in link.

      • Responsive, Flat and Bootstrap Portfolio Temp...

        Daisy is a appealing one-page template for Bootstrap created designed in a flat style and based on hexagonal shapes and elements. This template features minimal improvements and page scrolling effects for each section.

      • Squad Free: Free Bootstrap Web Template

        Squad Free is a clean template themed for adventurers and travelers and aims to be used for services information, quite suitable with tourism agencies and similar businesses. Moreover, it is built with the Bootstrap 3 framework and includes cool CSS3 animations on each section, besides using wow.js to animate elements easily.

      • Lonely: Free HTML Bootstrap Template

        Lonely is a compelling Bootstrap template made for personal bloggers or biography sites. It was crafted with HTML and CSS, and includes several design elements in a gorgeous minimal layout and transitional effects between sections, which are linked on a static top bar.

      • Corporate Responsive Bootstrap Portfolio

        Green Design is a multi-page Bootstrap template designed in a clean flat style with. it features an animated tiles layout. This template is suitable for any type of project; it comes with icons and other CSS design elements, it’s organized under a grid system and includes a particular color scheme.

      • Grayscale: One Page Bootstrap Theme

        Grayscale is an elegant, modern Bootstrap theme that will allow you to present a project or brief and concrete piece of information in a one page layout. The visualization experience is dynamic thanks to smooth animations. Its name comes from its color palette, which features black, white and gray tones for a sober look.

      • Full Width Pics Template for Bootstrap 3

        A full-width background Bootstrap template totally suitable for starters land pages. This template allows you adding a Logo onto the header background which changes among images by lorempixel every time the page loads

      • Business Casual: Full Website Theme for Boots...

        Business Casual is a beautiful Bootstrap 3 multi-page template that features a static close-up brick wall background and is composed by simple barely translucent white containers in four different section pages in which all your website info is summarized. these section pages are home, about, blog and contact.

      • Stylish Portfolio: Full Website HTML Bootstra...

        Stylish Portfolio is a single-page Bootstrap theme that features a scree-size header and a retractile corner menu that allows you navigating along the page by smoothly scrolling as you click each section link.

      • Spacelab: Silver and Slick Bootstrap Theme

        Spacelab is a silvery and sleek Twitter Bootstrap theme. It has subtle bevel effects so the elements get a little realistic, using silver and grey tones. It includes lots of elements like navbars, buttons, typography, badges, progress bars, pagination, and many more components, giving you the choice to create unique websites or blogs.

      • Alissa: Free Responsive Bootstrap Coming Soon...

        A responsive coming soon template for Bootstrap named Alissa. It comes with some features like an images slideshow, countdown timer, a minimal and light design, and email subscription form with form validation and social icons.

      • Produkta: Free Responsive HTML Bootstrap Prod...

        A set of 4 responsive Bootstrap landing page templates of different sorts called Produkta. This set contains templates for featuring videos of upcoming products, new iPhone application promotions, and for announcing eBooks and assorted coming soon projects. All of the templates can be used for both commercial or personal projects.

      • Andia: Responsive HTML & CSS Portfolio T...

        A free responsive minimal style Bootstrap template named Andia. This template comes laid out in several fully responsive pages, including home, portfolio, services, about, contact, and it’s perfect for creating a website for a small business or a personal portfolio.

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