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    • WordPress Social Plugins (41 submissions)

      Use a WordPress social tool to spread the word about your website by letting users share it on their profiles; retrieve social data and more. Easy and simple.

      • InstaNOW Lite: WordPress Instagram Feed

        InstaNOW is an easy to setup WordPress plugin for displaying clean, customizable, and responsive user or hashtag Instagram feeds on your website.

      • Social Icons WordPress Plugin

        Social Icons plugin is an easy way to display various popular social icons via widgets in your blog. You can drag the widget in your sidebars and change the settings from the widget form itself.

      • Open Source Click-to-tweet WordPress Plugin

        Better Click To Tweet is a WordPress plugin that allows you quite easily add click-to-tweet boxes in a very appealing way into your websites. It features fully customizable CSS and optional URL removal. Created by Ben Meredith.

      • Ultimate Social Media Icons WordPress Plugin

        A really easy to use and totally free plugin for adding social media elements and buttons really easy to customize. Add icons for RSS, Email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, "Share" and more than 200 social networks.

      • Facebook Page Widget & Shortcode Plugin

        A plugin for WordPress sites to add and extend the functionality of the Facebook page widget. It uses Facebook Graph API v2.3, allowing user to like your page directly, as well as customize your like box. The plugin is free and well reviewed.

      • Facebook Video Embed WordPress Plugin

        Here we have a plugin for WordPress that allows you embedding public facebook videos to any WordPress site by using the fbvideo shortcode. In order to use it, you just need to install the shortcode, activate it and add the shortcode in your posts, adding the URL of the public video as well and a size with the parameter "height".

      • Plugin for Showing Lattest Facebook Posts on ...

        Here we have a small plugin with the purpose of showing on your website the latest Facebook posts made on a group, page or timeline. It retrieves the posts made public within facebook in an easy way. It doesn't use shortcodes, scripts or additional libraries, making it tiny. To install it you need to upload the "fb-last-posts" to the plugins folder in WordPress, activate the plugin in the plugins tab, and lastly use the fb_get_last_posts() function to retrieve the posts. The plugin is in its initial stages, and its creator, WordPress user vitalikaz will be updating it regularly.

      • Easy Social Icons

        With this WP plugin, you can set a desired social URL, add your own social icons to your website and customize them in many different ways, for example: - Select icon orientation (vertical or horizontal)- Drag and drop in the right order- Add/edit/delete icons individually with convenient options- Arrange them in a determined amount of rows and much more

      • Social Media Tabs Plugin

        With this plugin,  you can add boxes with feeds from Twitter, Facebook, Flickr galleries, YouTube subscriptions with embedded video and more in the form of static or slide out tabbed widgets.  Each social network has its own tab which you can switch to at any point by clicking on the respective icon.

      • Lazy Social Buttons

        This plugin will improve website performance when using social icons with Lazy Loading. The idea is simple, when the page loads initially, the plugin will only load a small sprite, delaying the loading process. Once the user hovers over the icon, it will load the real component which is about 300KB.

      • !Share: Free Social Share Plugin

        Created by Cunjo, !Share allows you to create your own social floating bars in order to give more media audience to your website. Once that happens, the plugin also provides the tools to monitor that audience and make it grow. Also, add-ons with extra widgets can be installed to improve functionality.

      • WP Socializer Plugin

        This plugin adds all kinds of social sharing and bookmarking buttons to your site in the form of floating bars (vertical or horizontal), widgets or shortcodes. It includes template functions which allows advanced users to arrange their own placements at will. Moreover, the use of Smart Load improves speed and performance.

      • WordPress Social Login Plugin

        Social Login allows your visitors to log into your site using their credentials from social networks like Twitter, Facebook, G+ and so on. You can use the plugin in different situations apart from logging in, for example, comments, registration, sidebar, and more.

      • Floating Social Media Icons for WP

        This plugin enables you to add floating social media icons to your site in order to link users to your different accounts. The icons follow you around as you scroll, making sure that they are always available. It comes in both commercial and free versions, although the latter should suffice in most cases.

      • Social Media Feather Plugin for WP

        Social Media Feather is a simple, lightweight social plugin focused on simplicity and performance, this ensures that visitors who are not interested in social media do not suffer with these features. It adds social sharing buttons that users can utilise to spread the word about your site, raising awareness on your work and your overall global reach.

      • Social: Keep Up with the Conversation

        Social is a WordPress plugin that integrates your website with social networks in order to spread your content throughout the web. Automatically broadcast your new posts to sites like Facebook and Twitter, turn their tweets and mentions into comments and let them log in with those identities to continue the conversation.

      • BePro Listings: Organize All Media

        This plugin allows you to search, filter and display all kinds of media including images, documents, audio, videos and even Google Maps, in order to create a neat directory website. Setup is made simple through a one page/shortcode option with AJAX features or you can choose to configure your own architecture.

      • Askupa Twitter Feed for WordPress

        This powerful plugin enables you to display Twitter timelines with a wide variety of options. Its skins are fully responsive and, in order to improve performance, it features a great caching system. There is also a commercial version of the plugin which brings additional abilities like search bars, lists and more. 

      • Simple Twitter Plugin for WordPress

        This complete tool adds a widget that allows you to display Twitter feeds according to your requirements (lists, users, hashtags, search queries, etc.). Users are able to reply, retweet and favorite tweets right from the interactive sidebar, they can even write new tweets or reply thanks to the included tweet box. Tweets can also be expanded to display favorite and retweet count and expand media.

      • Facebook Like Box

        Facebook Like Box enables you to display the Facebook page likes in your website. Display like button for the posts.

      • Twitter Follow Me Box

        This WordPress plugin creates a small floating box with a follow me on Twitter button without having to modify the template in any way. Moreover, it is also possible to change different attributes for the box like color, height, side, turn and, of course, your Twitter ID.

      • Styled Facebook Like Box

        Displays a Facebook Like Box with nice CSS style options.

      • Facebook Like Box Widget

        Facebook Like Box Widget is a social plugin that enables Facebook Page owners to attract and gain Likes from their own website. Now you can enable additional social network buttons such as Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and it is floating on the left side.

      • Twitter Tweets Box WordPress Plugin

        This is a beautiful Twitter tweets box, a widget that lets you display Twitter updates on your website. It has complete integration and smooth adaptation to WordPress blogs and sites. This plugin was created by Vinoj Cardoza.

      • WP MashSocial Wigdet

        A good-looking widget inspired in Mashable intended to be used as a sidebar. It allows you to add your Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Pinterest and feed subscriptions in it. Created by the Freakify team, it has now evolved into a responsive widget, perfect for mobile devices.

      • Pinterest Badge Widget

        This WordPress widget adds a box that displays your recent activity on Pinterest, including thumbnails to recently pinned images and a follow button. The widget is fully customizable and includes caching so it can avoid checking Pinterest on every page load.

      • Janrain Engage: Social Login and Sharing

        Janrain's Social Login improves referral traffic and site registrations by allowing visitors to log in quickly using their social media accounts and skipping the sometimes tedious registration process. It allows users to share comments or activities to multiple social networks at the same time. You can customize your share buttons, too.

      • Simple Social Share Buttons

        This plugin helps you display share buttons for all of the most common social networks available right now (Facebook, Twitter, Google’s “+1″, etc.) at the beginning or the end of your posts. Customization of active buttons and their position is quite simple through the settings menu.

      • Social Login, Sharing and Commenting for WP

        This plugin enables users of your WordPress site to login, share and post comments using their social network accounts. It will gather users' social profile data and automatically create a profile for them. Also, each user will have their own Social Analytics according to the information collected.

      • One-Click Retweet, Share and Like

        Improve traffic and interactivity with this plugin that allows you to add eight different social sharing buttons on your WordPress site for the most common social networks (Facebook like and share, Twitter, Google +1, etc.) plus Facebook recommendations in the Widgets Sidebar. Additionally, you are able to publish your posts to 20+ sites.

      • Social Sharing Toolkit for WP

        With this plugin,  it is possible to add social sharing and connecting for a vast amount of sites in a simple way. On Twitter buttons you can append your username to the sent tweet, you can also decide which networks to support, the positioning of the buttons through drag and drop as well as their sizes and styles.

      • Socialize: Efficient Social Sharing

        Socialize is designed to efficiently add social sharing buttons to your site. You are able to control which buttons and networks appear on your posts in order to find the right combination. It is also possible to add a box at the bottom of every post that encourages readers to subscribe and comment with a customizable text.

      • Digg Digg: The Floating Share Bar

        Digg Digg is a WordPress plugin that allows you to add a Mashable-like floating bar with share buttons to all common social networks. If you are not convinced with the cool floating style, you can still choose between many different positioning and size options. Moreover, it supports lazy loading for improved performance.

      • Shareaholic: Share Buttons and Related Posts

        Shareaholic is a powerful tool designed to improve user engagement and sharing on your site. It provides floating share buttons, shareable images, social analytics for tracking, related content (vital for content discovery, which leads to more sharing by users) and more in over 15 languages.

      • Sociable: A Popular Sharing Plugin

        Sociable is a well-known set of tools aimed at improving social sharing in your website. Apart from the classic share buttons, sociable offers tools like Skyscraper, a plugin that helps you set up customized rating systems on your site and Slider, that reminds users to let everyone know about what they are reading.

      • Share Buttons with AddToAny Universal Button

        This plugin provides a quick, easy experience for content sharing thanks to its universal share button which, when clicked, brings a dropdown with all the available social and email sharing options (includes 100+ services containing all common social networks). Additionally, it is optimized for mobiles and can be customized and extended at will.

      • GetSocial WordPress Plugin

        GetSocial is a lightweight, easy plugin that allows you to add floating social bars to your websites. Among its features we can find:- Follows the user as they scroll- Responsive width- The bar hides partially and displays in full after hovering- Customizable colors to match your theme

      • Slingpic: Make Image Sharing Simple

        Slingpic is a tool created specifically to share images across multiple social platforms. Once installed, users just have to hover on an image, click on the share icon and select the desired service (over 15 available). Once shared, Slingpic will automatically go to the page and scroll the user to the specific location of the image, keeping copyright intact and also aiding you in getting people to see the rest of the site!

      • iiRe: Social Icons WordPress Plugin

        This WordPress plugin puts a giant icon collection at your disposal, including CSS3 animation effects. Among other features, we highlight drag and drop reordering and deleting, horizontal and vertical orientation and real-time editing.

      • Twitter Widget Pro

        This widget can display multiple Twitter feeds including profile pictures and customization options regarding how much information about tweets and feeds is shown. It also parses @usernames, #hashtags and URLs into links. This tool was created by the Range team.

      • Genesis Social Profiles Menu

        Intended for use with the Genesis Framework, this advanced plugin adds a special stylesheet for social icons in WordPress' custom menu system. It provides many advantages over other competitors due to its flexibility and the ability to use CSS classes for customization. Custom links and social profiles can be added to give the site a unique functionality and feel.

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    • WordPress Chat (9 submissions)

      If your WordPress project requires realtime interaction, these chat tools are just what you need to get that contact going.

      • Wp AJAX User Chat WordPress Plugin

        This is a simple user-to-user, AJAX-based chat plugin for WordPress. If you have a platform with registered users, they can chat with each other within the platform. The users need to be registered and logged in; then, the plugin creates a private chat session between the two users. This plugin have tested on the latest major browsers, and works correctly.

      • wpsc, Open Source Plugin for Creating Support...

        This is an open source help desk and support ticket system for WordPress using jQuery. It is easy to use for both users & admins, and it works as an open source WordPress support ticket system. This isn’t some port of another ticket system that has been hacked to run inside WordPress: it is a new plugin designed from the ground up specifically for WordPress. Its features are:- Users can create support tickets and reply to their own tickets- Guests can use tickets as well by just adding their email address.- Admins, and any user granted managing capability can reply …

      • Chat, Plugin for Adding a Chat to your WordPr...

        A plugin for adding chat to your blog, which lets you chat with your readers and also lets them chat with others. You can host your own live chat sessions, interact with your visitors and boost your sales without needing any third party javascript. It works great with BuddyPress and Multisite too.

      • MyLiveChat, Live Chat Plugin for WordPress

        My LiveChat is a free, fast, and user-friendly live chat software solution. It allows you to live chat with website visitors, monitor site traffic, and analyze visitors web activities, including their search engine and keyword usage. It is completely free, has a great conversion rate, can be customized easily and it can be hosted on MyLiveChat's servers for maximum performance.

      • WP Live Chat Support WordPress Plugin

        WP Live Chat Support is a cost effective live chat solution. The free version includes the following features:- Initiate live chats with your visitors- Easy to use interface for both the admin and the visitor- Users can drag the live chat box around their page- No advertising or links- No "Powered by" links on the live chat window- No monthly live chat subscriptions needed

      • OggFlow’s Live Chat WordPress Plugin

        Live Chat is a customer support software and help desk suite created by OggFlow which includes a live chat, social media, and ticketing). The first user you have is always free, and the plugin easily lets you add a beautiful live chat to your website or blog so you can communicate directly with your readers or clients. It lets you handle all of your customer service issues via live chat, emails, tickets, Facebook feeds, Twitter feeds, and Gmail shared folders, in just one place.

      • Magnumchat, Live Chat WordPress Plugin

        Magnumchat is a live chat and conversion software. This plugin will allow you to add real-time live chat interaction, website visitor tracking, and help you increase your lead generation, sales and customer service on your blog and website. To get started, you need a Magnumchat account.

      • Formilla Live Chat WordPress Plugin

        The Formilla Live Chat Platform offers free live chat and premium services for your WordPress site. With it you can allow your visitors to chat with you live if they have any questions or need support. You can use the plugin web interface to begin a live chat immediately, respond through your iPhone or Android mobile phone, you can add multiple users to the conversation and much more.

      • Casengo Live Chat WordPress Plugin

        The live chat from Casengo is a customer support software from the cloud, with the first user always free. This plugin allows you to add live chat to your blog or website quickly and easily. With it, you can handle enquiries via email, social media and live chat directly from your website. It also helps you respond to customer queries faster than ever, and to improve their satisfaction with a combination of live chat and email.

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    • JavaScript Data Management (15 submissions)

      • embed.js: JavaScript Embeding Plugin

        Embed.js is a pure JavaScript plugin to help you embed several features into your website, such as audio and video files, online code editors, social media elements and more analyzing URLs inside a text and embedding them in a new line.

      • SqlPad: NodeJS SQL Handling Web App

        A NodeJS based web application that allows you to run SQL queries and visualize the information in several types of charts.

      • Nipple.js: Touch Screen Joystick

        Nipple.js is a virtual joystick developed for touch-capable devices. It retrieves useful data for UX controlling.

      • Modernizr: Feature Detection JavaScript Libra...

        Modernizr is a JavaScript library that detects next-generation web technologies in your user's browsers. It uses feature detection to allow you to easily tailor your user's experiences based on the actual capabilities of their browser.

      • AnyToJSON: Data-to-JSON JavaScript Converting...

        A JavaScript library for converting any data repository to JSON. It converts flat-file JSON, flat-file CSV, REST JSON, REST CSV and Databases(via ODBC) to JSON with the help of a simple set of snippets. This library was made by Ganesh Iyer.

      • Papa Parse: Powerful CSV JavaScript Parsing L...

        A powerful parser for CSV documents. It is a JavaScript library that allows you to convert from JSON to CSV and vice-versa, autodetects delimiters, open local files, download remote files, skip commented lines, handle errors and more. This library is licensed under MIT and it was created by Matt Holt.

      • Timesheet.js: HTML, JavaScript & CSS Dat...

        A beautiful data visualizer that uses HTML, CSS for styling and JavaScript for data and events handling. To use it, just include the library and your data, and that's it. It doesn't need dependencies like jQuery and Angular.js. It was created by Sebastian Müller.

      • Dug.js: JSONP to HTML JavaScript Snippet

        Dug.js is a JavaScript snippet for retrieving data from different websites to your own. With it you can grab photos from Flicker or 500px, bring Github commits or any kind of media data like songs or video data. It was created by

      • OpenUI5: Web Application Development JavaScri...

        OpenUI5 is a JavaScript library for creating nice web applications with enterprise capabilities, responsive, which also run on any browser you want. It eases the HTML5 rendering including a set of controls for supporting data binding.

      • Sift.js: MongoDB & JavaScript Queries Fi...

        Sift is a library made in JavaScript and MongoDB that allows you to filter queries. It is a lightweight creation that allows function filtering, subobject and dot notation searching, and custom expressions. It was created by Craig Jefferds.

      • dgrid: Complete Data Grids JavaScript Library

        dgrid is a grid component that allows you creating lightweight and complete data grids. It helps you take advantage of mobile and desktop browsers, making modular and easily extensible grids and data tables. It is also open source, allowing you to improve it any second. It was created by SitePen.

      • exceljs: Spreadsheet Data Management JavaScri...

        A library for reading, manipulating and writing spreadsheet data with the help XLSX and JSON. With it you can create a workbook, add a worksheet, access worksheets, merge cells, styling and more. It was created by Guyon Roche.

      • aja.js: Asynchronous Ajax Calls JavaScript Li...

        A JavaScript library that allows you to make several server calls without refreshing the page. It works with the power of AJAX. It is lightweight, robust, tested on several platforms, totally free and developer friendly. It was created by Bertrand Chevrier.

      • zip.js: Zipping and Unzipping JavaScript Libr...

        A library made in JavaScript for zipping and unzipping files. It has a low-level API for writing and reading large zip files (up to 4GB), and it depends on Typed array and other APIs like Web workers, File, File writer and File directories and system. It is compatible with Chrome, Firefox, Safari 6 and Internet Explorer 10. It was created by Gildas Lormeau.

      • marty.js: App State Management JavaScript Lib...

        marty.js is a JavaScript library for managing applications' states. It implements the Flux architecture, invented by Facebook to help developers building client-side web applications. It helps storing states in memory and then binding them to your React components. It was created by James Hollingworth.

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