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    • Web Chat Tools (8 submissions)

      A complete list of tools for creating a chat for websites.

      • Rocket.Chat: Collaborative Open Source Chat T... is a nice tool for creating web-based chat boxes. It is an open source solution with cool features like multiple users and avatar addition (profile customization). You can login directly with some popular social networks, and start collaborating with your team.

      • Let’s Chat: Small Teams Self-hosted Cha...

        Let's Chat is a Node.js and MongoDB tool that creates a chat hosted on your own server, perfect for customer support, or even to be used as a work tool among employees of a company. It can be easily deployable and fits well with small, intimate teams.

      • Converse.js: Open Source Chat Client

        Converse.js is an open source, and free chat client based on XMPP for websites. It run on any browser and can be integrated into any website easily. It works like the Facebook chat, but you can create multiple chat rooms. It can connect to any XMPP/Jabber server whether it is public or one you set up yourself. Among its features you can find: - Single user chat - Multiple user chatrooms - vCard support - Contact subscriptions - Accept or decline contact requests - Chat statuses (online, busy, away, offline) - Custom status messages - Typing notifications - Third person messages - 14 languages This chat client was created by JC Brand …

      • Kandan App: Open Source Chat Server

        Kendan App is a private chat server ready to set up in minutes. It is fast, free and stable. It includes a web based client, support for emoji, and it works on both self or shared hosting. Other features are live team chat, desktop notifications and file sharing via drag and drop.

      • jquery-chat: Simple Chat Interface and Functi...

        This plugin is a JavaScript realtime chat that resembles those from Facebook and Gmail. It was built with jQuery, Node.js and Socket.IO, and among its features you can find: - Multiple themes support with jQuery-UI. - It's 100% javascript (client and server side) - Includes configuration file. - Support multiple languages. - Has message pop-up notifications. - Chat for multiple users - Users search - Sounds - Complete browser support (Opera, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer) It was created by Ezequiel Lovelle and hosted on Github.

      • Ajax IM, Instant Messaging Framework

        What is Ajax IM?Ajax IM (“Ajax Instant Messenger”) is a browser-centric instant messaging framework. It uses AJAX to create a real-time (or near real-time) IM environment that can be used in conjunction with existing community and commercial software, or simply as a stand-alone product.

      • Candy, A JavaScript-based Multi-user Chat Cli...

        here are plenty of web-based chat clients out there. Most of them are built to emulate your instant messenger. They offer you tons of settings. They can join multiple networks, let you edit your profile, and even manage your message history. …

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    • WordPress Newsletter Plugins (13 submissions)

      Collection of the best plugins for treating newsletter made ​​for multiple languages​​.

      • MyMail, WordPress Plugin for Sending Newslett...

        With MyMail,  you can create, send and track, add different modules and build your layout, change the text, images and buttons, link them, change colors and add background images, specify subject and preheader, preflight your mailing with a click of a button, schedule your campaigns to send them right on time.

      • Citrus Email, Email Marketing Services

        Citrus Email is a user friendly email marketing service. With it you can manage contact lists, have rich high impact templates, send campaigns, view the performance and reporting of your newsletters, and much more.

      • SendPress, Easy WordPress Newsletters

        With SendPress,  you can build and send your WordPress newsletters in just minutes. Configure your options, and style your template to start adding content. Based on the WordPress editor, you can easily edit content, change colors, add images and build awesome emails. It also gives you the option to overview your emails' opens, clicks and unsubscribes.

      • phpList: Subscription Management Tool

        phpList is an open source, one-way digital subscription management tool. It is used to deliver information to a large number of subscribers who sign up to receive content, this content is sent out by an administrator via emails known as campaign messages. phpList’s additional features include: - Keep sending messages even after you shut down your computer. - A web interface that lets you write, send messages and manage phpList over the Internet. - Throttling to avoid server overloads. - Bounce processing keeps databases clean of unused or non-existing addresses.

      • Email Newsletter Subscribe WordPress Plugin

        This email newsletter plugin enables you to put a newsletter sign up or email subscribe form onto your WordPress site in just seconds, making it easy to collect newsletter subscribers or sales leads for your email marketing campaigns.

      • Newsletter Sign Up WordPress Plugin

        Newsletter Sign Up, a compelling WordPress plugin, adds various sign up methods to your WordPress website, like sign up checkboxes in your comments form and a sign up form to show up in posts, pages or widget areas. With it, you can:- Add a "sign up to our newsletter" checkbox to your comment form or registration form- Easily customize the Widget- Embed a sign …

      • Newsletter Manager WordPress Plugin

        Newsletter manager allows you to create and send HTML, plain text or multipart email newsletters to your subscribers. The plugin supports unlimited email campaigns, unlimited email addresses, double opt-in anti-spam compliance, hourly email sending limit and much more. The opt-in form is available as HTML code, and a shortcode, as well as standard WordPress widget, the import and export tools allows to create and …

      • Knews, Multilingual WordPress Newsletters Pl...

        Knews is a powerful multilingual plugin that allows you to build professional looking newsletters, segment subscribers in different mailing lists as well as segment them by language, all in a matter of minutes. It includes a custom, unique modular WYSIWYG editor and it is based on templates, with no need to know HTML.

      • ALO EasyMail Newsletter WordPress Plugin

        ALO EasyMail Newsletter is a plugin for WordPress that allows to write and send newsletters, and also gather and manage the subscribers. Among its main features it supports internationalization and multilanguage, you can write and send HTML/text newsletters, just like writing a post, select the recipients you want to send it to, import and export subscribers, create different mailing lists and more.

      • MailPoet Newsletters WordPress Plugin

        With MailPoet Newsletters, you can create newsletters, post notifications and autoresponders; just drop your posts, images, or social icons in your newsletter and change the fonts and colors on the fly. Also, you can manage all your subscribers and get stats for each newsletter, like opens, clicks, unreads, unsubscribes, and more.

      • Newsletter Plugin for WordPress

        This plugin adds a real newsletter system to your WordPress blog. it is perfect for list building, and you can create cool emails with the visual editor, send and track them. You can have unlimited subscribers, and send unlimited e-mails. Among its features, we can find a subscription widget,  integration with WordPress user registration, single and double opt-in plus privacy acceptance checkbox, HTML and text version messages to avoid getting into the spam folder, multilanguage capabilities.

      • poMMo

        poMMo is versatile mass mailing software. It can be used to add a mailing list to your Web site or to organize stand alone mailings. Unique Features such as the ability to mail subsets of your subscribers set it apart from alternatives. poMMo is written in PHP and freely provided under the [GPL].Designed to be easy to use and powerful, poMMo provides flexible Mailing Management that everyone needs -- from Software Projects to Shoe Stores, to Marketing Firms, to pioneers of the Blogosphere... Let us know where you are using poMMo by visiting our In the Wild page.

      • Followthis, Topic Box Plugin for Fresh Conten...

        The plugin, installed in few minutes, will help you gain frequent readers and visitors. When a user follow topics on your page, they will be alerted frequently if you do have new content they are interested in. Your readers then receive an email journal with short teasers linking directly to your page. Users can follow without a new registration just by signing in with any social network.

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    • CSS Modal (21 submissions)

      List modal windows and pop ups made ​​in pure CSS.

      • CSS & HTML Flat Payment Modal

        A flat payment modal made by Andy Tranin which can be customized, debugged, forked, downloaded as zip, shared in social networks and embedded online.

      • Remodal: Modal Window CSS and JavaScript Plug...

        A responsive, lightweight, fast and fully customizable modal window plugin made in CSS and JavaScript. It is compatible with all modern browsers like IE8+, and also, jQuery, jQuery2, and Zepto support. Be sure to download the latest release.

      • Fancy CSS and JS Animated Information Modal

        A cool animation modal made in CSS and JavaScript. It consists of a menu, and a big area for text including an icon, title and a chunk of text. The modal is minimal and it animates when clicked. You can alter the code to fit your website or use it as is.

      • basicModal: CSS and JavaScript Web-apps Dialo...

        A nice modal system intended for mobile apps. It includes several options to display information, ask questions or request feedback from the user. Modals can be chained, so you can easily build a setup assistant or show messages in a predefined order. Invalid input can be highlighted and handled and more. It works in major browsers.

      • Responsive CSS and JavaScript Modal Design

        A set of three modals made with CSS (Stylus) and JavaScript, in a material fashion. The modals are responsive, and they can be used in any project freely. The modals can include only text, text and images, links and more. They were put together by Codepen user Ettrics.

      • Animated Material Design CSS & jQuery Bu...

        A simple button animation made in CSS and JavaScript with a Material style. The first thing you'll see is a simple button with a plus sign that, when clicked, displays the modal with cool animations. This code snippet is free to use and modify, and it was created by XavaSoft.

      • CSS and JavaScript Flappy Confirmation Box

        A fascinating box made with CSS and JavaScript for a confirmation dialog. It is beautifully styled, made of three parts: one on top with a simple label for status messages, the one in the middle with the confirmation message and a little description, and the last part with the yes and no buttons that move as flaps. This box was created by Codepen user Alex.

      • Simple CSS Notification Modals

        A simple set of modals made in CSS for notifications or alerts. These include the regular success, warning and error messages, along with icons for easy understanding. The modals also include descriptive text and action buttons.

      • Avgrund: JavaScript & CSS3 Modal

        A modal that provides a layer of depth by using blurred backgrounds made with CSS3 and JavaScript. When you activate the modal, it highlights it, using a slide effect and blurs. It was created by Hakim El Hattab and it's licensed under the MIT.

      • CSS Material Design Morphing Modal

        A morphing modal made with CSS and some jQuery based on the Material Design guidelines. It is a simple snippet that shows a shadow when hovered over, and when clicked, it changes the color of the background and shows the buttons for "OK" and "Cancel". It is a code snippet created by Mattia Astorino.

      • Animated CSS Dialog Effects

        A set of effects for modals created with CSS. They animate thanks to CSS transforms and animations that are supported by several modern browsers, and some effects use SVG animations of morphing paths with the help of Snap.svg. The resource is free and it comes with an article explaining the process.

      • Nifty Modal Window Effects

        There are some ideas for modal window effects. There are infinite possibilities for transitioning the appearance of a dialog box and these examples give some ideas of how to show dialog boxes and provide some inspiration. The idea is to have a trigger button (or any element) which will make a modal window appear on click using a simple transition (or animation). There are …

      • Accessible Modal Pop-ups Using CSS3

        This is a pure XHTML and CSS3 modal pop-up with zero JavaScript. It requires the use of modern browsers like Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera, or IEv9+. Early versions of IE require JavaScript workarounds as usual, which are not included here but should be simple enough to create. It also has a design that can be improved.

      • CSS3 Modal Popups Toturial

        This tutorial created by Andrey will tell you how to create cool CSS3 modal pop-up windows (or boxes). Literally, not so long ago, in order to achieve such effects, we used jQuery. But, as it turned out, CSS3 has all the necessary tools for making modal windows too. In this demonstration, the author have prepared single page with two pop-up elements: join form and …

      • Creating a Modal Window with HTML5 & CSS3

        This simple tutorial guides you through the steps of creating  nice modal windows with the help of HTML5 and CSS3. It shows you how to add the HTML, start the styling, add functionality and looks, and lastly, how to add the close button. You can use the modal window to embed a login or register form, display images or videos, get users' feedback, place ads and more.

      • Sleek Black Modal Created with CSS

        This code snippet is a pure CSS Modal in Black theme. Add some JS to make the make the buttons functional. The author has done a lot of improvements to the old code (since it was taken from somewhere else) to make the creation a lot more cross browser compatible, clean and semantically better. It’s a good blend of some of the new CSS3 features like text-shadow, linear-gradient, box-shadow and border-radius.

      • Neat Lightbox Effect Using Only CSS3

        This tutorial created by Mary Lou wants to show you how to create a neat lightbox effect using only CSS. The idea is to have some thumbnails that are clickable, and once clicked, the respective large image is shown. Using CSS transitions and animations, the large image can appear in a fancy way.

      • CSS Modals Built Out of Pure CSS

        This is a CSS Modal is built out of pure CSS, with JavaScript only for a few tweaks; it is optimized for mobile, and you can use it as a Sass plugin, applying it to your custom classes, and making them perfectly accessible. It is also cross-browser, media-adaptive, small and fast.

      • File Uploading Modal Window

        Inspired by Mark Bauer’s work on Dribbble, this is a little simple modal window with a progress message at the bottom. It was created with HTML and SCSS, and this specific code snippet was created by Hugo Giraudel on Codepen.

      • Custom iFrame Source with Dailymotion Suppor...

        This is a magnific pop-up example that adds Dailymotion support. It allows you to embed any video from Dailymotion and display it on a modal window, very useful for explanatory videos about a product, which do not let the user leave the page where they are, or don't leave at all (if the website has a one page layout).

      • Modal With Error Alerts

        This clean alert window was created by Lewis Rodgers, and shared on CodePen, it includes a little error message on the top and two buttons.

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