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    • Vector Icon Sets (73 submissions)

      Resizable SVG icons sets

      • Wired Line Vector Icons & Font

        A cool wired-line icon font crafted by Josh Somers that includes an Ai file containing the icons vector format, as well as TTF format and all necessary files for using the font in CSS.

      • Huge Line Mail Vector Icon Set

        A huge line mail vector icon set of over 1500 icons in vector format, crafted in a line style, and delivered in SVG format and PNGs ranging 24px to 512px.

      • Vector Web Icons Pack

        A pack of 44 free vector icons in a minimal style about miscellaneous regards that come available in Ai, EPS and PSD formats.

      • Material Professions Icons Set

        A set of almost 3500 icons regarding people professions or jobs crafted in a nice material design style that are available in Ai format and several PNG sizes ranging 24px to 512px.

      • General Office Line Icons

        A cool set of 280 line icons regarding office general items available in PNG, EPS, SVG, and Sketch formats.

      • Huge Line Database Icon Set

        A huge set of line style icons regarding database items and concepts available in Ai, SVG and PNG formats.

      • Windows 10 Icon Set

        A set of 300 Windows 10 icons finely crafted in its original grid, all of them being pixel-perfect and editable vectors available in Ai and SVG formats as well as PNG samples in 5 different sizes.

      • Inkallicons: Free Water Icons Set

        Inkallicons is a free set of 150 icons traced with a watery ink brush line featuring clean and realistic minimal effects. These icons come in Ai, SVG and PNG formats.

      • Halloween Vector MultiPack

        A pack of 450 vector elements in Ai format for Halloween decoration including icons, avatars and generators for both scenarios and characters.

      • Cosmo Color Icon Set

        A set of 100 color vector icons available in both PSD and Ai featuring miscellaneous things like phones, fruits, smileys, weather conditions and more.

      • Bitsies: Free Outline Icons Set

        Bitsies is a set of over 140 free for personal and commercial use icons in colored outline style. The icons come in icon font, Ai, SVG, PSD, PNG and EPS format.

      • Office & Business Vector & PSD Icon...

        A set of 92 icons regarding office and business topics that come in Ai, EPS, PSD, PDF, PNG, SVG formats. The whole pack weighs over 170MB

      • Huge Security Material Icons Set

        A set of almost 2000 icons in material design regarding security topics. These icons come in both Ai and SVG format, as well as several PNG previews ranging from 24 to 512 pixels.

      • We Love SVG Beta: SVG Icons Collection

        An open-source project that features several types of SVG icons such as flat color, Windows 10, FontAwesome, Octicons, Fontelico, and many others.

      • Prestashop Icons Official Pack

        An open source icon pack crafted by the PrestaShop design team that comes in a single EPS file and can be used under the conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. It contains several categories such as user interface, commerce, user, food, items, and more.

      • Food Flat Vector Icons

        A set of 8 fully editable and scalable flat style icons that represent food ingredients. They all come in a single vector AI file in which you'll find a carrot, steak, wheat flour bag, cheese, fish, and more.

      • Colorful PSD & Sketch Icon Set

        A set of 6 icons that come in 10 different style such as flat, line, black, among others and combinations. This set crafted by Sam Mountain is delivered in both AI and EPS formats.

      • Touch Gesture PSD & AI Icons Set

        A set of 15 icons crafted by Rena One representing touch gestures in outline style that come in both PSD and AI formats. All of the icons contained in this set are fully editable and scalable.

      • Hipster Vector Pack: Massive Vintage Design C...

        A huge pack of 530 retro and vintage hipster elements including 320 icons, 40 posters, and 170 badges. All of them come in fully editable vector format featuring 2 different versions of icons, 3 types of badges, 4 poster kinds with which you can get up to 3700 possible combinations. You'll also get 22 high-resolution photos and 4 realistic PSD templates.

      • Flat Kawaii Icons & Avatars Set

        A set of 300 avatars and icons crafted in flat kawaii style completely editable, scalable and combinable in vector format featuring masks, 3 different line weights (1pt, 3pt and 5pt), a pastel, bright and base color ASE palette, and extra elements regarding sports, food and more.

      • Socialoha Icons: Huge Social Media Icons Set

        Socialoha Icons is a very fresh, pixel perfect crafted set of 756 icons of all the most relevant social media networks nowadays. You'll find 6 different styles of Icons (clean, flat, material, black, filled and outline) in several formats (SVG, AI, GIF and PNG).

      • Outline Web & Mobile Icons Set

        A set of 46 universal web and mobile outline style icons that mainly contains office theme icons, like paper sheets, folders, books, among others. This set contains the icons in both SVG and PNG formats.

      • Vacation Flat Vector Icons Set

        A set of 12 nicely done and completely scalable icons regarding vacations and beach elements. These icons are designed in flat style and delivered in both EPS & AI formats.

      • Outline Sports Vector Icons Set

        A set of 100 sports icons set that come in SVG and PNG format. These icons are completely editable and scalable allowing you to get them ready-to-use for any project.

      • Editable Icon-patterned Illustrator Pack

        A pack with downloadable 5 icon-patterned tiles for Illustrator, the icons used to create them, and a bunch of ready to use wallpapers for desktop and iPhone. It has been created by Darius Dan using Swifticons, can be used with any CS version and weighs 15 MB.

      • Free Vector Gesture Icons Pack

        A pack of over 50 gesture vector icons in AI format with an outlined style. The pack includes fully editable and organized layers. They're licensed for non-commercial use. Created by Wassim Awadallah.

      • Freebie: Cinema-themed SVG Icon Set

        An icon pack consisting of various objects related to cinema and movies. It includes 200 vector icons in two different styles: Windows 10 and flat color icons. The best of all is that they're really lightweight, giving you the possibility to use them across your website without worrying about page load.

      • SomeIcons: Free EPS, PNG and SVG Designers &#...

        A collection of 152 line icons perfect for web developers and designers. The icons included range from user avatars, devices, arrows, e-commerce icons and many more categories in SVG, PNG and EPS for easy edition.

      • Multiple SVG Company Logos Collection

        SVG porn is a big collection of logos, growing daily, made in SVG format, the logos are editable and scalable, making it a good option to add effects. There are logos for multiple design and development companies and services. To download just click and save as SVG.

      • Free Retina Vector Icons Pack

        A set of 200 free icons, carefully crafted following Apple’s iOS guidelines and perfect for your next web and mobile design projects. They can be used nicely on status bars, nav bar, tab bar and tables. All icons are layered, they are scalable, has 36 categories, and is optimized for iOS.

      • Glyph: Semantic Versatile SVG Icon Set

        Glyph is a collection of editable SVG icons. The icons are carefully hand-coded with semantic naming so you can change all or some icons color with simple CSS snippets. To use just copy the sprite.svg to a public folder of your project and start styling. They are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International.

      • Aiconica: Free Vector Icons Collection

        Aionica is a big collection of more than 1000 icons divided in several categories. The set includes tons of icons, including animals, books, buildings, decorations, emoticons, food, nature and more. The icons can be downloaded freely as PNG and SVG.

      • Foundry: Complete Vector Assets Collection

        Foundry is a collection of vectorial assets free for download. The collection includes creations specialized in web, technology and design, although you can find all types of vectors for multiple uses. The design of the items is flat and can be downloaded individually as SVG.

      • Happycons: Beautiful Cartoonish Icons Pack

        A gorgeous set of icons in multiple formats like AI, Sketch, PNG, SVG, and EPS. The icons were created with pale colors, and they have really thin outlines. the icons cover several topics, they're fully editable, and they come in 180px.

      • Ego: Sharp Outlined Vector Icons

        A beautiful and unique set of vector icons with an outlined style and sharp edges. The set includes 100 editable icons, with categories like nature, animals, people, technology and more. The set is free and comes in SKETCH, AI, PDF, EPS, SVG formats.

      • Free SVG Journalism Icons

        A pack of 200 free journalism icons in SVG file format. The style is flat, resembling those old style system icons we used to see. You can download and use for free these icons in your personal and commercial projects.

      • Foody: EPS Food Icons Pack

        A set of beautiful with 24 icons for food websites, apps or printed design. The icons are outlined including themes for breakfast, main dishes and desserts. They come in a single EPS file that you can open with any vector editor. Created by Kalina Giersz and Studio Smacznego.

      • Colorful Flat SVG Icons

        A set of 312 free icons for personal and commercial projects in SVG format. The set is flat and colorful, including icons for multiple purposes, from the tiniest aspect of life to the most relevant. It is licensed under the Good Boy License.

      • Free Maps & Location SVG Icons

        An awesome pack including 240 maps and location icons available in PNG and SVG file formats. The icons are fully editable and rasterizable, and they come in full and outlined versions. Within you can find buildings, animals, signals, food, sports, clothes, audiovisual, technology, vehicles, public places and more.

      • Free Spa SVG Icons Set

        A collection of 100 free spa icons in SVG file format. This set can be used for free in your personal and commercial projects. you can even modify them. They weight 4MB and it also includes JPG files.

      • Organic Food Vector Icon Set

        A simple and useful icon set focused on organic food created in multiple formats (AI, PNG, SVG and EPS), totally editable and ready to use. In it you'll find fruits and vegetables with a beautifully outlined style. This set was created and released by Wojciech Zasina and it has a Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license.

      • Gorgeous Real Estate PNG & SVG Line Icon...

        A pack with 150 awesome icons in both PNG and SVG, where you get to choose a wrench from swimming pools to faucets for your brochure or web design. As always the icons are free for personal and commercial use for your next design project!

      • GraphicsFuel: Free Outlined Educational SVG I...

        A set of 100 educational icons made in SVG, with outlined shapes and fully editable. They can be used in education websites as support or by teachers in their classes, on any printed material. These icons were created by Freepik.

      • Free AI, EPS & PSD Photography Icon Set

        A set of 36 beautiful icons for photography purposes made in various formats, including AI, EPS and PSD. The icons are totally editable in every software or app that supports vector files, and they are free to use in any way like portfolios, apps, photography logos or watermarks.

      • AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, PSD and SVG Essential Icon...

        A free icon set designed by Bryn Taylor. 77 icons in a minimal, outline style to satisfy all of your design needs. These icons are free to use for your personal and commercial use with attribution. Among its features you'll find: - Scalable vectors - Pixel-perfect precision - Easy colour modification of any icon - AI, EPS, PDF, PNG, PSD, SVG and icon font included - Free download

      • Free Vector Line Icon Set

        A free set with 144 vector line icon set for your personal and commercial projects. You can scale or edit icons without losing quality using the vector source files.

      • Free Flat AI Social Icons

        A pack that contains 80 free flat social icons made in AI format, perfect for modern websites. The icons are flat and they have a long shadow. All icons are 100% vector so their edition and modification must not be a problem.

      • Free Outlined AI, EPS, SVG & PSD Icons

        A gorgeous set of 100 free outlined icons for multiple purposes, made in three sizes and several formats like AI, EPS, SVG, PSD, so you can edit them (although they already look really nice). These icons can be used in wheather, travelling, presentations, and many more projects. This set was created by Zlatko Najdenovski.

      • Puppet: Outlined Vector Icon Set

        The PuppetScientists icon set is a compilation of 100 icons with an outlined style and simple rounded shapes. It includes vectors in AI, EPS and PDF formats, and it includes 24px, 32px, 64px and 128px sizes. The set is free for non-commercial uses without attribution.

      • Vans: Free EPS Illustrations Kit

        A set of illustrations in EPS format inspired by Vans. It includes lots of elements like shoes, skateboards, badges, t-shirts and shirts, glasses and all you can imagine. They have a really nice flat style and uses pastel colors. The kit was created by Sofia Drogoudi and Katia Tsikrikonaki, and it's free to use personally.

      • Kameleon Taster Pack: Multi-format Flat Icons...

        A pack with 120 SVG icons ready to be implemented in any web or mobile project. They come in multiple colors and a flat style, comprising several industries and topics. The colors are blue, yellow, green, red and the set includes .AI, .SKETCH, .EPS, .KEY, and .SVG files. You can use it for any commercial and personal works.

      • SVG Multiple Style Web Icons

        A set of SVG Icons ready to be implemented in your next project. All you need to do is to choose the icon you need, and copy and paste into your HTML file. These sets are created by several designers, including various sizes, shapes and styles. You can also include your own icons.

      • iOS Retina Vector Icons

        A free set of 120 retina-ready icons for iOS 7 and iOS 8 design projects, fitting nicely into the native style. They're quite simple, with an outline look and sharp gradients. This free package comes in PSD format, while the whole 1350+ bundle offers the content in more than five formats.

      • Vector, PSD & PNG Retro Shopping Icons

        A free set of vector shopping icons with a retro style. They are flat, but the pale color tones used make them look like from another age. Of course, the design of the icons also matters, for instance, they resemble those old adverts from WW2 and post war. These icons can be edited with Photoshop, Illustrator and any other program that admits working with vectors.

      • Free Vector Online Store Badges

        A set of badges for the App Store, Google Play market and Amazon store created with a nice minimal style, loosely based on the one Apple provides for developers and designers. They have a black background, complemented with the logos of the respective stores. They are set to be used and edited with Sketch, but they are vector creations so you can edit them in other software like Illustrator and Photoshop as well.

      • Hand Drawn Vector Social Icons

        A set that includes 56 beautiful vector icons for social networks. They are hand made, which can be used in children sites or as part of the portfolio of an illustrator. It includes icons for the most relevant social networks, some news aggregators, video providers, and it even includes icons for social communications. they come in EPS, PDF and SVG formats.

      • 130 Free Hand-drawn Interface Icons

        This set contains 130 beautiful icons in a flat style and puffy shapes. They have irregular shapes, almost as if they were vectorized automatically in AI. They can be used in personal and commercial projects, made in SVG format so they can be easily edited. The set also contains versions in PNG. These icons were created by Freepik, and they are totally free to use.

      • Touch Gestures Icons in PSD, AI, SVG, PNG and...

        This is a set of more than 100 icons showcasing different touch gestures, perfect for mobile application introductions or guided tours. The icons are unicolor and they have an outlined design that works perfectly with photography and blurred backgrounds, just like those effects in iOS. The icons were designed by Jeff Portaro and they come in different formats like AI, EPS, CSH, PSD, PNG, SVG. They are free to download but you need to add your mail.

      • One div: HTML and CSS Icon Database

        One div is an initiative that aims to show the power of CSS by providing a full set of scalable icons with only one HTML div. Additionally, it provides a neat alternative to SVG. Some of them come with nice animation effects, while a lot of elements are created and uploaded by the community. Downloadable one by one

      • Stackicons: Multicolor Icon Fonts

        Stackicons is a vast collection of icon fonts for Web and app design. One thing that makes this set different from others is the multi-color option, which lets you use icons with colors instead of the regular unicolor SVG. There's also an icon construction kit based on SASS, open-source as well.

      • Google Material Design Icons

        This is a release of over 750 icons created by Google as part of the Material Design project. Is is part of the system icon pack that has lots of different icons used in many mobile and desktop devices. Among them, you can find playback icons, communication, connectivity, content editing and more. It includes as well: - SVG versions of all icons in both 24px and 48px sizes - SVG and CSS sprites of all icons - 1x, 2x icons targeted at the Web (PNG) - 1x, 2x, 3x icons targeted at iOS (PNG) - Hi-dpi versions of all icons They can be downloaded but …

      • Free Geek Characters Pack

        The Geek Pack is a beautiful set of geeky designs that come in SVG format. It includes geek faces and other cool elements that can also be considered hipster. The faces have some cool variations as well, like hair styles, facial expressions, glasses in different shapes, noses, mustaches and beards, face shapes and mouths that you can combine to create your own personalized face. Also, you can create a badge for geek boys and girls, and share it as a logo or your personal signature. This set was created by Agata Kuczmińska.

      • 35 Free Advertising Icons in Different Format...

        This resource is an exclusive icon set created by Vecteezy, who have provided a complete advertising icon set with a fresh retro-look. There are over 35 useful icons, and they all come as full AI, PSD, and EPS files. You can download the whole icon set for free.

      • 220 Vector Icons: Freebie in AI

        ​The following is a set with 220 Handmade vector icons created with Illustrator. The files included: AI, EPS & transparent PNG. It's sizes are 48 x 48px, 64 x 64px, 128 x 128px, and they are great for websites, devices, apps or other presentations. You can use these icons for your personal or commercial projects.

      • Drupalize.Me Free Icon Package

        ​The set we can see here includes two beautiful creations inspired by Drupal. It is composed of flat-styled icons within drops and circles. The first group of icons uses drops and two colors (and its variations), and the second group is multicolor. They are in AI format.

      • Free Mega Pack Vector Icons Set – 129 Clean...

        This time there's a great from Designmodo collection of vector icons that you can easily integrate in your design and the cool thing is, that there are so many of them, you will definitely find something you need in here.

      • Gcons: Open Source Icons

        An interesting icon pack designed by Sarfraz Shoukat for Smashing Magazine. These 100 icons come in four different formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF and PSD. They showcase a rather general selection with common UI elements, ready to be added into your next piece.

      • PICOL, Pictorial Communication Language ̵...

        Creative Commons SVG icon set created by Alessandro Gubitosi

      • Iconmonstr

        Free simple icons for your next project

      • Open Iconic: Vector Webfont Icon Set

        Open Iconic is a huge package with over 200 icons for use in web or design projects. They come in a wide variety of formats, including SVG, PNG, OTF and others. It's meant to be extremely legible on any size and lightweight, taking almost a quarter of the space Font Awesome does.

      • JustVector Social Icon Font

        An awesome set of social icons in vector format (perfect for high-resolution displays and responsive projects). This is actually a rework of the first version, utilizing much better techniques to make the process faster and produce a polished result in the end.

      • Modern UI Icons

        Handcrafted pixel perfect icons tailored for the Modern UI style. Each and every one of the icon is carefully crafted in Expression Design with vector in mind.

      • Maki

        Maki is a clean point of interest icon set made for web cartography. We designed Maki with the goal of creating an international, comprehensive, and stylistically unified point of interest icon set. In order to maximize crispness and clarity, we've made three size variations for each symbol.

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    • JavaScript Animation Libraries (32 submissions)

      Series of animation libraries and plugins for jQuery framework and also for pure javascript.

      • Motion: Stunning JavaScript Sound & Anim...

        An amazing JavaScript library for animations on the web featuring nice and perfectly suited sound effects that boost your web elements to a different level of animation.

      • Nipple.js: Touch Screen Joystick

        Nipple.js is a virtual joystick developed for touch-capable devices. It retrieves useful data for UX controlling.

      • Popmotion: A Lightweight JavaScript Motion En...

        Popmotion is a 12kb JavaScript motion engine that can be used for animation, physics-like responsiveness and input tracking.

      • Spectacle: ReactJS Presentation Library

        Spectacle is an open source JavaScript library based on ReactJS for making online presentations featuring very smooth combinable transitions, user interaction, full-width adjustable opacity background imagery, among others. It was made by formidablelabs and it is under an MIT License.

      • Dynamics.js: JavaScript Physics-based Animati...

        Dynamics.js is a JavaScript library that applies physics to animations. It can create different types of animations like spring, bounce, gravity, bezier, easy in-out and more. You can apply the results to any design element, basically. The library can be installed via NPM or Bower and it was made by Michaël Villar.

      • ramjet: JavaScript and CSS DOM Elements Morph...

        A library in JavaScript to morphing DOM elements from one state to another with smooth transitions. It is quick to install, and you can generate different types of animations, like transforming shapes into images, apply colors and more.

      • CSS & JavaScript Animations and Transiti...

        A library made in CSS and JavaScript for animating elements and creating cool transitions between blocks. It can be used in different situations for enhancing the appearance of your website or navigate between pages mobile applications. This plugin is licensed under MIT.

      • Animate Plus: CSS Properties Animation JavaSc...

        Animate Plus is a JavaScript library for animating CSS properties and SVG attributes. It helps you generate quick UI interactions and longer animation sequences. It was created by Benjamin De Cock.

      • iconate.js: Icon Animations JavaScript and CS...

        iconate.js is an animation library for icons made in JavaScript and CSS, allowing to transform one icon into other. It uses Font Awesome icons, but it also can use Glyphicons. It was made by Jignesh Kakadiya.

      • jQuery Image Player Library

        A jQuery player that displays images with control similar to those video players. it allows you to play, pause and resume, among others. It also lets you modify the animations, the effects (including fading, hiding, sliding, custom text, and more). The plugin can be used in any kind of project and it works in every major browser.

      • Spring: iOS Swift Animations Library

        Spring is a simple library to improve the quality, performance and usability of Swift animations in iOS devices. Among its features you can find autostart, autohide, chained animations, and more. To use it, just add the library into your Xcode project. It has been released under the MIT license and created by Meng To.

      • Anima: CSS Animations JavaScript Library

        A simple plugin for animating all kinds of elements at a time. It uses CSS transforms and 3d-transforms along with Javascript to create animations. It weighs 5k gzipped, it's free and it was created by Yehor Lvivski.

      • Velocity.js: Accelerated JavaScript Animation...

        An animation engine that works with or without jQuery. It's fast, and it features color animation, transforms, loops, easings, SVG support, and scrolling. The library is compatible with modern browsers. It was created Julian Shapiro and it is free to use and implement in your next project.

      • snabbt.js: JavaScript Animation Library

        A library made in JavaScript for animating HTML elements with the minimal requirements. It is fast, easy to use, and you can animate more with less coding. It does not handle colors, padding, margin or line height animations. This library can be downloaded for free and used in any project. It was created Daniel Lundin.

      • Tweene: JavaScript Animation Proxy

        Tweene is a JavaScript library proxy that allows you to control and switch between several types of different JS libraries, created for multiple purposes. It is a great way for avoiding so much coding, providing flexibility and stability in the process. It works with GSAP, Velocity.js, Transit (CSS transitions) and jQuery.

      • Rekapi: JavaScript Keyframe Animation Library

        A library that helps you create canvas and DOM animations with the help of JavaScript. It also uses CSS animations for modern browsers. With it you can create animated graphs, confetti, tweening Octocat, iOS7 riff (JavaScript DOM animation); you can even make pie charts.

      • particles.js: Particles Creator JavaScript Li...

        particles.js is a simple JavaScript library for creating particles. It makes the particles flow automatically, and whenever a particle comes close to another, it creates a smooth connector that illuminates the more the closest the two dots get from one another. It was created with a bit CSS for styling. It was created by VincentGarreau and hosted on GitHub.

      • Swing: Swipeable Cards JavaScript Library

        A swipeable cards interface. It is a swipe-left / swipe-right for yes and no input as seen in apps like Jelly and Tinder. To use it, just drag the cards out of the stack, and into the stack again. If you drag to little, the cards come into place until you do that correctly.

      • AniJS: UI Interaction JavaScript Library

        AniJS is a cool JavaScript library for interacting with UI elements without worrying about coding. It is meant for designers, so the semantics are written in plain english, so anyone can understand. With this library, you can animate single elements of a user interface or entire sets of them, and you can apply the effects to be triggered with different events, like hovering over or clicking. This experiment was created by Dariel Noel, who upload this to GitHub for everyone to edit and use.

      • SwishJS: CSS animations Creation JavaScript L...

        SwishJS is a JavaScript library that applies CSS transitions to elements. With it, you can create different effects like fade, zoom, slide, 3d rotate and more. Swish seems like the show and hide jQuery methods, which toggle the display property for transitioning elements. Swish transitions elements using CSS instead of JavaScript. The project is hosted on GitHub and it was created by Jordan Ranson.

      • Mobile Dynamic Interactions JavaScript Librar...

        Impulse is a lightweight JavaScript library for building dynamic interactions based on physics, mainly focusing on mobile web. Other animation libraries animate from one state to another in a fixed period. Impulse bases the animation on the initial velocity. It weighs about 9k minified and gziped, disregarding any significant dependencies, and works with jQuery.

      • jQuery Plugin to Exhibit Web Designs in Multi...

        Prezento is a plugin that lets you exhibit web designs. You can showcase your designs on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and more. It automatically scrolls, so the user doesn't have to do anything but looking. Among the features this jQuery plugin includes you have: - It uses CSS animations to scrolling from top to bottom. - Allows you to choose the devices for showcasing your website. - Choose how fast the animation will go. To use this plugin, include jQuery, include the plugin and declare a Prezento placeholder. If you forget to declare a device, you'll see an error message indicating you should add …

      • Cross Browser CSS3 Animations jQuery Framewor...

        jQuery-animations is an animations framework made with jQuery that work in any browser making use of CSS3. By using it, you will be sure your animation works in every browser, and also that it will look the same in every one of them. There are animations like fades, shake, bounce, slide, fly, rotate, zoom, scale and flip. GitHub's user emn178 created this experiment, allowing it to be downloaded for free.

      • CSS Animated Page Transitions jQuery Plugin

        Animsition is a jQuery plugin that helps you create animated transitions with CSS. With it, you can make 18 different animations, in which we can include: - Fade - Rotate - Flip - Zoom The plugin supports browsers as IE10+, Safari, Chrome, Firefox and Opera and its process of installation is really simple, as follows: - Link the required files. - Create the HTML markup. - Add the respective code to apply the transition. - Call the plugin. - Done! It has been released under the MIT license, was created by blivesta and uploaded to GitHub for anyone to fork and improve.

      • jQuery.smoothState.js: Plugin for Adding Tran...

        smoothState.js lets you add transitions to eliminate the hard cuts and white flashes of page loads that deface the beauty of the user experience.

      • bricklr: Create Brick-walls with JavaScript

        bricklr is a JavaScript code snippet that lets you create brick-wall effects in different styles. You can build regular blocks with random colors, pattern repetition, circular bricks, particular and multicolor color, big and small, and many more. You can modify whatever you want by typing different values to the code.

      • Particleground jQuery Plugin for Snazzy Backg...

        ​Particleground is a compelling jQuery plugin for snazzy background particle systems. It includes an optional parallax effect controlled by the mouse on desktop machines and gyroscope on mobile devices. Also, it works in any browser that supports HTML5 canvas.

      • GSAP: Professional-Grade HTML5 Animation

        The GreenSock Animation Platform is a suite of tools for scripted animation. It includes:TweenLite: the core of the engine which handles animating just about any property of any object. It is relatively lightweight yet full-featured and can be expanded using optional plugins (like CSSPlugin for animating DOM element styles in the browser, or ScrollToPlugin scrolling to a specific location on a page or div, etc.)TweenMax: TweenLite’s beefy big brother; it does everything TweenLite can do plus non-essentials like repeat, yoyo, repeatDelay, etc. It includes many common plugins too like CSSPlugin so that you don’t need to load as many files. …

      • Shadow Animation jQuery Plugin

        With this jQuery plugin you can extend the animate function to support the CSS box shadow-property. You can animate the color, the x- and y-offset, the blur-radius and spread-radius, among other functions and properties.

      • Collie, High Performance Animation Library fo...

        Collie is a Javascript library that helps to create highly optimized animations and games using HTML 5. Collie runs on both PC and mobile using HTML5 canvas and DOM.Collie can stably process multiple objects using rendering pipelines and supports useful features including sprite animation and user events. Stably supports iOS and Android, and renders with an optimized method for each platform. Also easily responds …

      • Transit, CSS transitions and transformations ...

        Super-smooth CSS transitions & transformations for jQuery.

      • Anima, CSS animations with a soul

        With Anima it's easy to animate over a hundred objects at a time. Each item can have it's mass and viscosity to emulate reallife objects!

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    • jQuery Audio libraries (6 submissions)

      • Motion: Stunning JavaScript Sound & Anim...

        An amazing JavaScript library for animations on the web featuring nice and perfectly suited sound effects that boost your web elements to a different level of animation.

      • Free jQuery Audio Effects Plugin

        EasyAudioEffects.js is an open-source plugin that allows you to set audio effects to any web element in the page. It has several default audio effects which are user-interactive. Licensed under MIT and created by RM.

      • Blip: Audio Editing JavaScript library

        This is a lightweight JavaScript library that simplifies node creation and audio routing. It provides flexible methods for looping and manipulating samples with a temporal precision and musical expressiveness. Downloading and installing it is as easy as it sounds. You can load it in samples, create clips, looping, basic looping, better looping and other random cool things. It was created by John Shanley.

      • LeanBack Player: Video and Audio Player JS Li...

        LeanBack Player is a simple UI created with JavaScript that uses the video and audio HTML5 tags to create a simple media player for your website. It takes advantage of all the qualities of browsers, platforms and devices. Its integration is really easy; it's lightweight, its appearance can be modified easily with CSS. Also, it doesn't depend on other JavaScript libraries to work properly. This library is free for non-commercial uses.

      • jPlayer: Audio and Video jQuery Plugin

        jPlayer is open source media JavaScript library. As a jQuery plugin and also a Zepto plugin, jPlayer helps you integrate into your web pages both audio and video easily and smoothly. It has a powerful API for innovative media solutions and a growing community to support you in every step of the integration process. It is released under the MIT license, which makes it totally free.

      • audio.js: Audio JavaScript Library

        This is a lightweight JavaScript library that allows the audio tag of HTML5 to be used anywhere in the web. The library uses the native audio whenever it's possible, and an invisible flash player to emulate it in browsers that do not support it (very few if none nowadays). Additionally​, it can be styled with CSS.

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