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A collection of different restaurant WordPress themes that will make your food stand out on your website to attract more customers.

  • A complete theme for WordPress, totally responsive and beautifully designed in a minimal style. The template is perfect for bakeries and coffee shops, focusing the template images so users have a more visual experience.

  • A cool theme made in Bootstrap for WordPress, perfect for food stores and restaurants. It has theme options, a responsive layout, homepage and blog page design. This theme has a GPL license.

  • A SEO friendly WordPress theme focused on bakeries and sweets stores. It is really simple, including pastel colors, making it and interactive and visually appealing website.

  • A beautiful and responsive WordPress theme perfect for any kind of restaurant. It has a free and an extended premium version, and among its features you'll find a big header, specials and staff areas, blog, reviews and reservations, among others. This theme can be used only for personal projects.

  • FrozenFood is a responsive Wordpress organic store and bakery website theme. It is an e-commerce one-page layout theme with an integrated WooCommerce plugin.

  • A superior WordPress Theme featuring performance and incredible detail crafting. Includes totally responsive and pixel perfect layouts, full adaptative images, impressive media libraries, module variations and a lot more. Unicode is an excellent choice to create the perfect site using WordPress.

  • An ideal choice to save time by creating a perfect site, X offers multiple features such as Cornerstone, which is a complete real-time page builder and multiple Stacks that you can totally modify at your own will giving you the freedom to build multiple and unique sites. X comes also with more than 20 free different useful extensions and much more functionalities to enhance your experience.

  • A modern, free and responsive WordPress theme crafted for restaurants. It'll help you attract food lovers to your restaurant with its super flexible and easy to use interface. The theme has a header logo, a sticky header menu option, an awesome slider and a custom CSS, among many other features.

  • Dyad is a WordPress Theme perfect to anyone who is looking for a strong photographic presence on their website. It dynamically displays text and images in the perfect balance depending on the size of the screen.

  • Veggie Lite is a WordPress theme perfect for creating food-related websites, it is a great fit for recipe websites, blogs, magazines and more. Veggie Lite is built mobile first and is a pleasure to view on devices of all sizes.

  • Brasserie is a WordPress theme designed to target restaurant menus. It features high-resolution images, cursive typeface and labels, animated images, and a full-width showcase header. It was created by Template Express.

  • Foodeez Lite is a responsive restaurant WordPress theme that can be used by hotels, top cooks, chefs, cafés or bars to feature products in its big header with featured image, products slider, and add info in about, specialties, reviews, dish of the day, directions and footer widgets.

  • A beautiful theme for restaurants, especially nightly focused places, cafes and pubs. The theme has a nice dark style, and includes elements like a big logo on top, followed by a menu, and a big image with a caption. Also, the theme features a characteristics bar, products and footer. This theme is free.

  • Impero is an attractive WordPress theme that focuses on keeping things simple and minimalist. Proof of this is the slider on the upper side of the home screen, featuring awesome opacity effects and smooth animations. Below, a neat grid arrangement shows previous posts with thumbnails.

  • Auberge is a free restaurant theme for WordPress, perfect for food services' websites. It has a nice responsive layout, a big featured image with a logo, a top menu, news area, a digital menu and some widgets on the footer. It is supported by Chrome, Safari, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+ and you can use it for free.

  • Give your business a modern look with Italian Restaurant. This theme can suit various concepts thanks to the multiple customization options offered and its responsive design..

  • Mia Ittalonni is a free restaurant theme for WordPress sites, made with a responsive layout and a simple flat style. It is really sharp, uses cool typography to give it a familiar feeling. The theme makes use of pastel tones, beautiful imagery and smooth buttons, including a gallery, a special area, and a community area. This theme can be downloaded for free, it weighs 214MB.

  • Perfettaa WordPress theme is an excellent one for food websites, cafes, bars, restaurants or other intimate locations that like to stand out from the crowd and offer a lightweight, speedy and friendly site-experience for visitors. This theme has all theme-specific options built-into the Theme Customizer for live previews of changes, whether this means changing colors and layout options or placing and modify...

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