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This list includes several designs of characters made in EPS, SVG and other vector formats.

  • A bundle containing 16 vector cartoony looking characters in SVG format, designed by User Insights and released as a freebie.

  • This versatile collection of 7 user icons that are suitable for avatar use come as a fully layered, editable, and vector-made psd.

  • A pack of 50 Vector Illustrations for onboarding screens, landing pages, marketing websites, as Illustrator, Sketch, SVG and Adobe XD files.

  • A beautiful set of 110 cute avatars that can easily be edited using Photoshop and Illustrator. The pack comes with editable vectors, allowing you to modify and scale the hair, eyes, mouths, arms and more from each character.

  • An avatar pack with more than 2000 items you can use to customize your avatars with. All of the elements of the pack are vectorial, made in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. It has 12 categories and tons of expressions.

  • A cute avatar and icons set designed for boys and girls made in Adobe Illustrator. It has a nice kawaii style, including hundreds of possible combination. It has 150 icons, 150 avatars and all of them are fully editable.

  • An avatar pack made in Material and flat, focusing on diversity. The pack has 500 flat and 500 material characters, totally editable in Adobe Illustrator.

  • A monster avatar pack made in vector format, great to create different types of monsters. The pack includes eyes, heads, mouths, noses, bodies, arms and legs. The pack is fully editable and you can make thousands of combinations.

  • This package includes 2 sets of cartoon characters. These are the characters of the survey State of Stack. They represent different specialties in development (web, mobile, DevOps, front-end) and are available for illustrator and Sketch.

  • A pack of vectors for Illustrator that is a carefully crafted set of materials for your graphic design projects, containing 50 brushes of varying materials like pipes, chains, ropes, wood and many others.

  • This set of fully editable Ai vectorial characters includes over 1000 possible combinations of all the body shapes, expressions, eye designs, mouths, eyebrows and more.

  • Here’s the second version of cute cartoon avatars and characters generator, much more dynamic and expressive, with 1200 new elements, 560 updated items and 40 built characters, vectorial & PSD files 100% editable, so play and build whatever you feel.

  • A set of over 3000 characters crafted in a flat style that can be combined with 200 flat elements and icons for you to create amazing scenes, totally suitable for any kind of project. All of the characters and extra elements come in both PSD and AI vector files making this set be very useful in regards to scaling and exporting.

  • A stunning kit for generating cartoon-like vector characters including 600 pre-built avatars. This kit comes in Ai format with plenty of body parts and clothing items ready to combine and create uncountable avatars to your taste.

  • A huge set of 1000 avatars crafted in both flat and material design style that come in Illustrator source file and sorted out in 6 different categories; professions, ethnic groups, gender, movie & TV, personalities and web status. All of the avatars were created in vector format preserving their graphic integrity and well-defined guidelines.

  • For manga fans, here we have a big set of manga cartoon guys’ characters, 32 in total, each with a different expression, stance, color and hairstyle that you can recolor, resize and mix any way you like within Illustrator and use as characters or avatars.

  • A set of 300 avatars and icons crafted in flat kawaii style completely editable, scalable and combinable in vector format featuring masks, 3 different line weights (1pt, 3pt and 5pt), a pastel, bright and base color ASE palette, and extra elements regarding sports, food and more.

  • A pack of 450 vector elements in Ai format for Halloween decoration including icons, avatars and generators for both scenarios and characters.

  • A humongous set of more than 1000 business characters that come in fully editable and scallable AI vector format and on top o that over 70 add-on elements come along with this amazing set to feature your characters with them. You’ll get preset characters as well as body and face parts to combine and create your own.

  • A big set of manga cartoon girl characters, 32 in total, each with a different expression, stance, color and hairstyle, that you can recolor, resize and mix at your will within Illustrator and use as characters or avatars. This is a follow up to our original male manga avatar vector characters set. You can also mix up faces, hair, arms, position to create your own unique avatar.

  • A pack of fully editable and combinable monster characters that can be put together by 6 essential parts: head, eyes, mouth, nose, body, and arms and legs of which 10 of each are contained in this pack. You’ll also get a PSD generator to assist you put together your own monster mascots.

  • Free vector mascot creation pack of super boys and girls to create and customize your very own cartoon mascot which you can create by picking pieces from here and there out of the many super kids included. Within the ZIP file, you can find EPS and AI formats.

  • A set of vector-based characters mainly crafted for tutorial purposes. This set comes with nine different positions, in both EPS and AI single files.

  • A set of 8 nice mascot characters that come in individual Ai files each. In this set, you’ll find the mascots in the image shown above.

  • This set of several cute Kawaii characters was entirely made in vector shapes, using Corel Draw X6. However, it is available as AI, EPS, CDR and PDF. You can download it for free to use even for commercial purposes. The vector characters were created by DeviantArt’s user pzuh.

  • A set of flat robots that allows you to create over 1000 different robot characters by combining bits and pieces. This set consists 20 heads, 20 eyes, 20 arms, 20 legs and 20 bodies fully color-customizable in 11 different colors. On top of all this, you’ll get 20 preset robot bases for you to start combining and creating cool characters.

  • Sometimes we need to give life to our creations, and what can be better than doing this with kids’ characters! This set of 15 vector kids characters from different countries and races will help you show different sections of your website or mobile app, while doing it the fun way. The zip file, which you can download for free, includes the AI file that you can edit, JPG and PNG versions, and a PDF version.

  • Here we have a free vector mascot creation pack with a robotic theme to create and customize your very own cartoon robot mascot or character by combining, changing the colors and resizing heads, bodies, arms, eyes, mouths and accessories. The EPS and AI files for editing them are included in the ZIP file.

  • An Illustrator generator of over 1000 possible combinations for vector characters representing business men and women featuring 22 extra non-business related characters, different body types, hairstyles, and several sorts of eyes, mouths, noses, glasses and clothing and body gestures.

  • A set of flat characters made in PSD and EPS formats, perfect to be used as profile pics in comments or as a user that has no profile picture. This set includes characters for woman and men, and they are totally editable.

  • A free set of 7 Business Vector Characters directly from Free PSD Files. The pack features 7 friendly Business characters featuring smart objects that can be easily customized in Adobe Illustrator. The characters can be resized as much as wanted without losing quality, an appealing choice when searching for free characters for either printed or web projects.

  • An illustration set of cute wild animals made of geometric shapes only.

  • A versatile pack of 14 cartoon businessman characters, ideal for illustrating any product, service or software feature. A new guy can be assembled from the available items, expressions, colors. The pieces themselves can be edited or modified in shape or color.

  • The Geek Pack is a beautiful set of geeky designs that come in SVG format. It includes geek faces and other cool elements that can also be considered hipster. The faces have some cool variations as well, like hair styles, facial expressions, glasses in different shapes, noses, mustaches and beards, face shapes and mouths that you can combine to create your own personalized face.

    Also, you can create a badge for geek boys and girls, and share it as a logo or your personal signature. This set was created by Agata Kuczmińska.

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