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100 Best Places Where To Submit Your Vector Tutorials

A couple of days ago, I was trying to submit the latest tutorial we made at Tutorialshock, I thought that it was going to be simple and will only take a few hours, but suddenly I found that it was not that easy. Most of tutorial directories are focused on Photoshop or programming tutorials, being less the ones that are willing to accept vector tutorials from programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Gimp. That’s the reason why we decided to write this article, to help put people that are currently looking for high quality places to submit their vector resources, specially tutorials. We made a complete roundup around several places until we came out with this, we hope you enjoy it. vectors00 There are two different types of sites where you can send your vector tutorials. First there are the tutorials directories, which are places that features the entire tutorials and not just the links and take them as their center of attention; the second class is those websites that covers general design articles and offer the opportunity of send articles through their news area. In this countdown we will include both kinds so you can get a more open experience while you’re publishing your contents.

1. Good Tutorials

vectors01 This is probably the first place where you should submit your tutorial due to the fast submission process and the traffic that concurs down here.

2. Pixel2Life

vectors02 The submission process takes a little bit longer than Good Tutorials, but once you get to be featured, it probably will worth it.

3. Tutorialized

vectors03 Takes a while to complete your submission, but the big traffic it’s a reason for being patient.

4. Tutorial Outpost

vectors04 Elegant interface featuring different websites, including vectors.

5. Graphic Design Links

vectors05 This place is similar to those like Designfloat and The Web Blend, sure you can submit your vector tuts, but also articles and reviews.

6. Tutorial Center

vectors06 A resource center to submit and find a wide specter of tutorials, including vectors.

7. TutorialsGarden

vectors07 Great tutorials directory, covering from Linux tips to vectors and photo manipulation.

8. TotalTutorial

vectors08 Complete website, from Maya 3D to Illustrator tutorials can be submitted here.

9. CG Links

vectors09 Another tutorial directory, ready to receive your submission.

10. TutorialIndex

vectors10 A great source for finding free online, also works as a tutorials directory.

11. Pixel Groovy

vectors11 Pixel Groovy is a user controlled tutorial directory, vector tutorials included.

12. TipClique

vectors12 After completing the registration process, you can go and start submitting your tutorials.

13. Capital Tutorials

vectors13 The center of tutorials submissions, including vectors.

14. FaqPal

vectors14 About 21.000 members sharing around 8.500 tutorials, that is a signal that you should be there.

15. Tipstrs

vectors15 Fixing everyone’s doubts by providing useful tips all the time.

16. DesignBump

vectors16 DesignBump is one of the greatest design-related sites around, besides featuring great articles there’s the chance of posting things of your own.

17. t-Tutorials

vectors17 A simple design, lots of green, submissions are received.

18. DesignFloat

vectors18 Another good site, design float is a must-seen website for all the designers out there.

19. Tutorial Playground

vectors19 I absolutely love this site’s header, it’s beautiful, by the way, it’s also a tutorial directory.

20. All Tuts

vectors20 A large compilation of web design tutorials and resources.

21. 9Tutorials

vectors21 Nice website featuring plenty of articles and tutorials, vectors included.

22. 1stwebdesigner

vectors22 Freebies, inspirational galleries, resources and off course, tutorial submissions.

23. Abduzeedo

vectors23 Abduzeedo is a well known website inside the design community, it’s a good place to submit your contents.

24. 9Rules

vectors24 The essence of this site relies on promoting only independent web contents.

25. BenBlogged

vectors25 Ben’s website offers you the chance of posting your latest vector tutorials.

26. BittBox

vectors26 Freebies, quality articles and resources and a complete tutorials section.

27. Blog Spoon Graphics

vectors27 Great header, good contents in general, submissions free.

28. Designm.ag

vectors28 Pretty cool site, many great showcases and countdowns are posted everyday.

29. DesignReviver

vectors29 There’s currently none submissions forms on this site, but they affirm that after contacting them via email you have the chance of get featured.

30. Design Shard

vectors30 Design Shard is a well known website where many bloggers and designers are constantly sending their articles and resources.

31. Developer Tutorials

vectors31 Here you can submit almost every tutorial you made, from Ajax to Illustrator, the number of categories is considerable.

32. Desizn Tech

vectors32 A friendly design community showing useful tutorials, tips, freebies and more.

33. Creative Nerds

vectors33 The site itself is a good example of thoughtful web design, also works as a tutorial directory.

34. Dezinerfolio

vectors34 Beautiful header, you can start submitting after completing the registration process.

35. Digital Art Empire

vectors35 Graphic design, web resources, articles and showcases, that’s just a part, remember that it’s also a tutorial blog.

36. DigitalArts

vectors36 I like a lot this site ‘cause it’s an innovative design magazine that brings all the time excellent contents and reviews, including tutorials.

37. Eyesontutorials

vectors37 Yes, they focus on Photoshop, but there’s the option of submitting your vector tutorials.

38. Faq Pal

vectors38 Don’t want to miss a tutorial?, want to send yours?, this is a good place to start.

39. Grafpedia

vectors39 After completing the registration process, you can start submitting your articles and tutorials, vectors included.

40. GoMediaZone

vectors40 A well known site that ensures great exposure to submitters and bloggers.

41. Good-Tutorials

vectors41 As you can see on the screenshot, vector tutorials are well received.

42. Hongkiat

vectors42 Millions of web designers tend to visit this day monthly, which guarantees and increased amount of traffic.

43. IllustrationInfo

vectors43 Illustrations, Freelancing Advice, Illustrator Tutorials & more, great website to submit your vector tuts.

44. InstantShift

vectors44 Top recognized website that posts constantly top quality articles, resources, tutorials and more.

45. Loondesign

vectors45 A place by Kailoon design, covering themes such as tutorials, web design and news.

46. Vectortuts +

vectors46 The tuts+ series is one of the most important web design communities on the internet, in this case we recommend you vectortuts if you’re looking to submit your vector contents.

47. Queness

vectors47 Kevin’s website Queness is a good place for you to promote your blog and articles, tutorials included.

48. Think2torials

vectors48 With a brilliant title, this website is certainly a good place to start showing your tutorials.

49. Tripwire Magazine

vectors49 One of the most important weblogs around, the tripwire magazine features many quality articles and resources, it also offers the possibility of submitting your links.

50. Tutorial9

vectors50 It’s not as simple as registering or submitting your link, you need to contact this guys in order to get listed.

51. Tutorialsphere

vectors51 An extended collection of tutorials, from 2D graphics to video editing, this is a well done place for finding a lot of tutorials.

52. TutsBuzz

vectors52 Another tutorial directory where vector tips are accepted.

53. Vectorials

vectors53 Vectorials stands for vector tutorials. This guys have worked hard to collect and organize free Adobe Illustrator tutorials and other vector programs.

54. Web Design Library

vectors54 As they call themselves, this site is a designer’s one-stop resource.

55. LearnAI.com

vectors55 Pure Illustrator, this site definitely is looking to create an extend library of vector tutorials.

56. Vector Diary

vectors56 Good looking website that includes articles, free resources and of course, vector tips.

57. Adobe Illustrator Tutorials

vectors57 Quite minimal interface with all people may need when trying to find or send high end vector tutorials.

58. Illustrator World

vectors58 Instructive, inspirational and innovative tutorial directory.

59. Mike’s Sketch Pad

vectors59 Intriguing website, you can even find FreeHand tutorials in here.

60. iDesign

vectors60 iDesign Tuts is one of the most important sources for all of your tutorial needs.

61. Vecpix

vectors61 Pure tutorials, easy to read and understand for all the users, submissions are received.

62. Pxleyes

vectors62 A relevant design community built around web design both for amateurs and experts.

63. BioRust

vectors63 Interactive design community, tutorials, quality resources and much more.

64. Hacker News

vectors64 Many people like to submit to Hacker News because of its simplicity and effectiveness.

65. Skout

vectors65 Skout is an awesome website directory that gathers everything regarding the web design world.

66. Graphics Directory

vectors66 Useful web design directory, feel free to post your tutorials here.

67. Wow Web Designs

vectors67 I found this place by accident and it looks pretty cool, a good site to submit your links.

68. Tutorial Board

vectors68 This site should be easier to find, when using search engines it comes out in almost the bottom of the search results.

69. Kingtutz

vectors69 King Tutz is a group of learning/tutorial websites that hold a plethora of free knowledge and sharing.

70. TutCity

vectors70 Free tutorial resources, vectors included, both reading and submitting.

71. Designer Today

vectors71 You won’t find a submission form on this site, but you can surely contact this guys in order to get your tutorials promoted.

72. Blog Engage

vectors72 The bloggers’ community, there’s not an specifically tutorial’s section, but you can submit them as an article.

73. bloground

vectors73 Blogging resources, tutorials, freebies and many more.

74. Cre8ive Commando

vectors74 Once you fill the submission form, your tutorial or article will be reviewed and if it passes the exam, it can get to the homepage of this site.

75. CSS Brigit

vectors75 Yes I know it, the name suggests that it’s a CSS site, but you can still submit on the news section your vector tips.

76. Dawghouse

vectors76 Web design tutorials, quality resources and a whole community built around design.

77. Designm.ag

vectors77 There’s not only tutorials directories, many web design sites own a news section where they will be happy of publishing the link to your tutorials and articles.

78. Design Chair

vectors78 This site does focus on tutorials, including Photoshop and Illustrator, there’s even a vectors section.

79. DesignBeep

vectors79 Another web design blog where you can submit your tips via the news submission form.

80. FreshTuts

vectors80 This site is not easy to find, and it should be due to the great service that offers to all the web designers around.

81. Joyoge

vectors81 Another web directory to submit your articles through the story’s section.

82. Kaplang Blog

vectors82 We quote their words, this is “a place for designers & internet gurus who love to blog”.

83. nenunocreative

vectors83 Well done interface, lovely logo and off course, submissions available.

84. Reencoded

vectors84 Another website for our countdown, feel free to send your latest articles and vector tips.

85. Scarletbits

vectors85 Anyone can submit links with a short description which will then appear in the sidebar. Only high quality material is allowed to be posted on Scarletbits.com.

86. Skillz

vectors86 I like this site, it has a childish design without sacrificing functionality.

87. Spiral Design

vectors87 On this site only items directly relevant to web designers and developers will be published.

88. Tutorial Magazine

vectors88 Some of the best design tutorials in one place. New links are posted daily.

89. The Design Mag

vectors89 The Design Magazine offers useful, inspirational resources and information to web and graphic designers.

90. The Tutorialist

vectors90 This is a WordPress powered site featuring many good articles and reviews, including of course, tutorials.

91. The Web Blend

vectors91 This is another relevant site. The Web Blend is a must-seen place for all the web design lovers, you should take a look on it.

92. Web and Designers

vectors92 Web and Designers is a web based application which targets to solve problems for web developers, designers and audiences from similar other professions.

93. Webdev Codex

vectors93 Powered by WordPress, this site is constantly trying to provide tips and ticks for all web developers.

94. Box Model Junkie

vectors94 This is an awesome resource, from here you can submit to more than 40 popular blogs filling a single submission form, it’s also free.

95. Developer’s paradise

vectors95 Interesting page, good quality articles and reviews are posted here.

96. AnimHuT

vectors96 Our friends of AnimHut are constantly submitting some pretty cool articles, so regardless of the needing of submit your articles, which can be done, this is a very interesting page.

97. Area1

vectors97 We really appreciate this site, they have been receiving our submissions for a while, so the least we can do is to recommend them.

98. art>>code

vectors98 Web design directory, you can go ahead an send your links.

99. ArtfanDesign

vectors99 Nice guys the ones behind this site, we really appreciate their support.

100. GraphicTutorials

vectors100 Really nice website, some awesome tutorials are here, make sure that yours makes the cut. OK, that’s it for this countdown, we have gathered many of the most relevant websites where you can submit your vector tutorials and see how your site’s traffic increases. Please leave your comments so we can offer better contents every day, until the next time.

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